vpnAlert never accepts money in exchange for positive reviews.

Our entire platform is based on honesty, which is what makes out reviews so useful to our readers. When reading reviews on vpnAlert, you can rest assured that the information provided is honest and completely unbiased.

How We Make Money

We earn money in one simple way – through affiliate partnerships.

vpnAlert is in affiliated partnerships with some of the companies that we review. This means that if you sign up for one of those services and purchase a paid plan, we may earn a commission.

This does not apply to all of the companies we review. We are not partnered with every company featured on our platform, which may lead you to believe that we will bias reviews in favor of those that brings us commissions.

Our Reviews are 100% Unbiased and Here’s Why:

There are thousands upon thousands of companies waiting to be reviewed and each one of those companies are eager to get your business. We don’t mind which services you use and we don’t mind losing out on a commission if it means providing you with a better service. In the end, this simply means that you will appreciate our reviews that much more, causing you to return to our site. Readers will also be much more likely to share our reviews when they see that we provide honest information, which in turn creates much more traffic for our website.

Our Writers Don’t Even Know

One of the best ways to ensure that we get totally unbiased reviews is by keeping our writers in the dark. We do not tell them which companies we are affiliated with, so they have no clue who we earn commissions from.

Furthermore, we don’t tell them to write positive or negative reviews – our writers do their research and write honest information according to their findings only.

We Never Accept Money for Writing Positive Reviews

Although we get approached on a daily basis for writing positive reviews in exchange for money, we never accept these offers. Accepting money for reviews would ruin our website and would cause us to lose traffic in the long run due to dishonest information. Our visitors would be able to pick up on such things and the last thing we want to do is lie to our readers.

vpnAlert is in it for the long run and the only way we can ensure that we will still be going strong for years to come is by providing honest information that keeps our readers coming back for more.

Open to Suggestions

With that being said, we are always open to suggestions on how we can improve our website and our reviews. If you notice that our reviews lack information that you would like to know about or even if you feel like our reviews poorly reflect a company’s quality, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and we will definitely take them into consideration.

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