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About vpnAlert.com

Welcome! I’m Bram and I’m here to help you keep your online activities private.

We started vpnAlert because we believe that privacy is a right that shouldn’t be infringed.

Unfortunately, governments and tech companies are increasingly doing just that.

A VPN service can help with that.

And at vpnAlert we can help you find the right VPN. Whether you need a VPN for everyday use, work or accessing content when you travel, vpnAlert can help you make an informed choice.

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Why Should You Trust vpnAlert?


These three pillars define vpnAlert.

As a thought leader on online privacy, vpnAlert is your one-stop-shop for thoroughly-researched VPN resources – from reviews to guides, tutorials, and cybersecurity trends.

We leverage our experience, insight from industry professionals, and feedback from everyday users like you to provide comprehensive information.

Your safety is our priority, and you can rest assured, we will continue to deliver information that you can trust.

Our team

Bram Jansen

Bram Jansen

Chief Editor/Co-founder

Bram Jansen is a cybersecurity expert and the chief editor of vpnAlert. A self-proclaimed privacy nerd, Bram has been quoted on internet security by news outlets around the world. He handles the VPN research process and presents his findings to readers in fun to read yet informative articles. When he is not working, Bram enjoys riding his bike along the beach and hanging out with his family.
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Kevin Parker


Kevin Parker co-founded vpnAlert in 2017 and mainly handles the business side of things. A cybersecurity enthusiast at heart, Kevin’s mission is to make online privacy simple and understandable to the everyday internet user. Kevin holds a degree in Computer science, and prior to vpnAlert, he worked as a cybersecurity consultant.

Our Reviews Are Unbiased and Thorough

Unfortunately, we’re aware of many review websites accepting payments for favorable reviews of VPN services.

Such reviews are far from trustworthy and are of no help to you. Which is where vpnAlert’s unbiased approach comes in.

vpnAlert takes its thought leader position very seriously. That means:

We Care About Your Safety and Privacy

We spend hours testing and examining the different VPNs to provide you with 100% objective and unbiased reviews.

Every VPN is put through a thorough 9-step review process involving hours of security tests and performance evaluation.

This test includes, amongst others:

  • DNS Leak Test.
  • Review of Ts and Cs and policies, and due diligence of applicable laws.
  • Speed-testing.
  • Value-for-money review.

Each step is integral in us making our conclusions about whether a VPN service is secure, reliable and convenient.

In addition, privacy laws aren’t set in stone and malicious hackers keep coming up with new methods all the time. That’s why we also regularly retest the VPNs we feature and update our guidelines accordingly.

After posting a VPN review, we go a step further.

To keep our reviews up-to-date, we regularly retest the VPNs as well as keep track of the changing trends in online privacy.

We also go the extra mile to provide easy-to-read guides so you can avoid trials and errors.