Open Positions

Cybersecurity Content Creator

Join our passionate team in the VPN industry where your vital role will be crafting impactful articles that empower our readers to overcome their cybersecurity challenges.

Who claimed that geeks can’t be the trendsetters? We believe the world is too mundane without us. 😎

Are you a driven individual ready to take the helm? Is writing not merely a skill but your passion? Do you aspire to join a highly skilled team that consistently shatters the barriers of SEO, copywriting, and marketing expertise?

If so, we are birds of the same feather!

We invite innovative minds to immerse themselves in the VPN universe, where your valuable contribution will be producing insightful articles that enable our readers to navigate their cybersecurity issues.

You need not aspire to be the next Edward Snowden, but you must possess a fervor for writing, a resilient work ethic, a basic understanding of the cybersecurity industry, and an eagerness to learn, adapt, and evolve with us!



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