Top Free VPN for Kodi on Android in 2020

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best free VPN for Kodi on Android device is, then we recommend the NordVPN’s free trial as the best one.

If you haven’t heard of Kodi, then get ready for a game changer!

Kodi is changing the way individual’s access and consume media allowing you to stream a multitude of various content thru one convenient app.

If you love sports, you have a great chance of finding them on Kodi.

Movies are also really well represented. You can even watch all kinds of TV shows, basically replacing the old “hunt around and hope something good is on” method many people grew up with.

And for the studious learner, Kodi opens up a world of educational and entertaining options to keep you up late at night.

Top 5 VPN Service Providers for Kodi Android:

PlaceProviderFeaturesBest Price
1NordVPNThe Best All-Around VPNGet Discount
Number twoSurfsharkThe Affordable AlternativeGet Discount
3ExpressVPNGreat for High SpeedsGet Discount
4CyberGhost VPNPerfect for StreamingGet Discount
5IPVanishGreat for SecurityGet Discount

Watching from Anywhere

Kodi has been busting down the doors of traditionally viewed content in the same way ride sharing services have broken down the doors to getting a cab.

Kodi is even more powerful when you consider that you can use your Android device to access Kodi from pretty much anywhere.

Forget having to go home to watch TV, movies, sports and on-demand content – now you can watch pretty much anything from wherever you happen to be during a little downtime.

There have been issues in the past with Kodi being blocked based on geographic restrictions and censorship. The Internet is supposed to be a free place where anyone can say whatever they like, but some people have tried to put up barriers to this freedom because it somehow offends them.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around artificial barriers to free expression and enjoyment.

You just have to know what to look for.

VPN: What's That?

The Internet is still kind of a lawless place, despite the fact that it has existed for the better part of 30 years. At any moment, someone could be preying on your data to do whatever they want with it.

Some companies hire “tiger teams” to test their security, but for the most part, harmless uses are the exception instead of the norm. For most Internet usage, many experts recommend using a VPN to access the web.

A VPN (or virtual private network), serves as an encryption tool that safeguards your privacy and identity. A VPN is also one of the safest ways to bypass geo-restrictions and secure your privacy from copyright attorneys.

Although you might be able to access many of the TV channels for free, all US and most UK-based streaming channels (especially live TV) like ESPN and BBC Sport will be blocked without a VPN.

VPNs also provide a safe way to do your banking online, check your email, keep up with your social media accounts, and do pretty much anything else you might want to do without having to fear that your information or data is being recorded or spied on by another third party (i.e. your ISP).

VPNs are also useful when you want to use Kodi.

While we don’t advocate the use of Kodi to stream bootleg or stolen content, many users do. And while we’re not here to judge, if you value the privacy of what you watch (even as a normal law abiding consumer), then using a VPN is a safe and highly recommended way to enjoy media on Kodi thru your Android devices.

On Kodi, a VPN is required in order to watch popular broadcasting channels such as iTV, BBC, Fox, Channel 7, 4oD, HBO, ESPN, and other geo-restricted channels.

Sure, it’s possible that none of the above categories sound right to you. But still, there are multiple benefits you can enjoy by using a VPN service.

You’ll likely need one when traveling or working on untrusted networks. Using your laptop to scroll through Facebook posts at a coffee shop or checking your email with a smartphone at an airport can put you at a critical risk.

Setting Up Your Kodi VPN

It may seem like a hassle, but setting up your VPN is worth the time spent.

You can use an add-on VPN directly through Kodi, which can be as simple as checking out the Kodi VPN Manager.

This is available through OpenVPN, and it allows you to take your pick of the different VPN providers available for Kodi on your Android devices.

The overview

1. NordVPN

The first on our list is NordVPN, offering a broad server range across many GEOs allowing for unblocking of various Kodi add-ons.

In performance tests NordVPN performed well, unblocking streaming add-ons and securing privacy.

One issue when using Kodi is that many streaming feeds used by Kodi are from pirated or copyrighted sources.

This means protecting your privacy could mean the difference between getting a DMCA notice, fines or worse. Its still a legal grey area, and while streaming is “probably” ok so long as you don’t download or host the content, we’re not lawyers and our advice is to err on the side of caution.

This is where NordVPN’s double VPN and P2P feature support comes is a benefit.

2. ExpressVPN homepage

Known as a leading VPN provider, ExpressVPN offers numerous features to help you safely secure your privacy and security on any device, Android included.

With both Austraila and UK VPNs, this provider is great option to consider. However, we would like to note that their pricing is among the higher of the providers available for Kodi.

3. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN website

A newer provider to the VPN space, PrivateVPN has gained a substantial following due to their robust feature base.

User friendly apps and software, compatible with Android as well as iOS, Windows and Mac make this provider an attractive one.

Another big draw is their low pricing, offering one of the cheapest solutions for a Kodi VPN out there.

4. PureVPN website

PureVPN is one of the best VPNs available for Kodi on your Android devices.

It is available on the VPM manager for OpenVPN as an add on (making set up a breeze). This means you can set up PureVPN directly onto Kodi without any additional setup or hassle.

PureVPN also has a Kodi app that can be installed on any Android device. Testing didn’t reveal any IP leakage or buffering delays and performance seems rock solid.

5. IvacyVPN website

Last on our shortlist of VPN providers for your Android device running Kodi is IvacyVPN.

Ivacy has an outstanding set of user guides and a robust knowledge base to help you get started with any integration issues you might have and to make sure you get the most out of your VPN service.

Again, while robust in features, IvacyVPN is one of the higher priced VPNs but is nevertheless worth a try.

Other Kodi Add-Ons


Use any of the three virtual private network providers

Caught in traffic and not going anywhere? Still got a while on the stationary bike until you burn off all the holiday treats? You might as well load up a movie to pass the time enjoyably.

Exodus is an amazing resource for making the most of your movie and TV experience, with it being the very best for movies. The interface is extremely clean, the security built in is up to snuff in 2020, and you can easily find just about any movie you might want to see.


Sports are a great escape from the humdrum details of everyday life.

Finding sports streams can be challenging, especially securely. Luckily, Phoenix is the best add-on Kodi has for finding any kind of sporting event you might want to watch.


Exodus is the best for movies, and is okay for finding and streaming TV shows successfully. But sometimes you want to employ a specialist instead of a generalist.

USTVNow has a six-tier freebie starter you can use to try it out, to see if it fits your lifestyle. If you love it, the full version is not free, but having a free option is good.

  • Kodi lets you watch anything
  • VPNs are crucial for staying secure
  • Exodus and USTVNow are perfect for watching movies and TV anywhere
  • Phoenix streams sports like nobody's business

Not interested in Android devices? Get free VPN for Kodi on other devices.

Kodi is amazing for watching whatever you want whenever you want. Just be sure to keep it secure with a solid VPN.

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