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Is Atlas VPN Premium Good?

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Atlas VPN Premium is a good paid-for VPN, but it’s not without its shortcomings.

So, like with everything in life, you need to weigh the good with the bad to determine if it’s right for you.

Saying this, it certainly does come with a full list of pros that make up for any small drawbacks – and my research indicates that many users feel the same way.

But what makes Atlas VPN Premium such a good option?

First, it’s good value for money.

It sits at the lower end of the price range yet delivers quality features you’d expect from a VPN that deems itself as “premium.”

It’s also fast, which is always good.

It offers an impressive level of security – and it gets my thumbs up for being easy to use (no degrees in computer science needed here).

Need to bypass geo-blocks to watch the best of Netflix in a foreign location?


The VPN is good for that, too. 

Oh – and if you find that AtlasVPN Premium isn’t tickling your fancy, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But let’s carry on and delve a little deeper into why you probably won’t be asking for your money back – keep reading.

So, What Is AtlasVPN Premium Good For?

AtlasVPN only came into existence in 2020, making the provider an ambitious new kid on the block.

It’s easy to see that they’re rolling out features that accommodate new technology.

They’ve also made sure they’re compatible with the most popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), which is a GOOD start.

But what makes AtlasVPN Premium a worthy online safety tool?

Let’s see!


AtlasVPN is safe to use.

It keeps information secure by encrypting the data exchanged between a user and a server using an AES-256 bit military-level algorithm.

For data transfers, it relies on SSL / TLS based encryption.

I did a few tests for my own peace of mind, and the results were reassuring.

No dangerous data losses occurred (even when downloading torrents).

According to AtlasVPN, they only keep a customer’s purchase information and do not log data associated with the movement of your sessions.

So, privacy is a key feature.

atlas collected info

And then there’s the Kill Switch function.

This prevents users from browsing the internet when the connection to the VPN server drops, ensuring that the user’s identity is never exposed.

Taking safety to another level, you’ll also get SafeSwap Servers.

This means you’ll have access to a pool of IP addresses that continuously change as you browse (without any connection interruptions).

Let’s Talk Speed

I decided to test the speed over a period of 2 weeks to determine its consistency during browsing, streaming, downloading, and online gaming.

While it’s not listed in the fastest VPNs guide, overall, it performed very well.

There was hardly any lag, even for streaming.

There was also no issue with downloading torrents, and large files were delivered within 20 minutes.

Even when gaming, the speed remained fast.

My speed before activating the VPN:

speed test result without atlas vpn

Testing the AtlasVPN speed on a London server:

speed test result with atlas vpn london server

A second round of testing on a US server:

speed with atlas us

The speed did vary a bit between servers (just something to keep in mind), and there was a vast difference while connected to Atlas VPN.

However, this difference wasn’t enough to significantly hinder performance, and the lag was hardly noticeable.

It’s Easy to Use

Using AtlasVPN Premium is a breeze and signing up for the VPN is just as simple.

Once it’s installed, launch it, and click on the server you want to connect to.

There’s no lengthy registration procedure, and the user interface is uncomplicated.

If you are experiencing a problem, then AtlasVPN customer service can easily be reached via email.


Hmm, price is always a deciding factor, right?

Let’s just say that AtlasVPN Premium is not the cheapest, but it’s far from being the most expensive paid-for VPN.

Without beating around the bush, I’ll share the current price options with you:

Sign up for Atlas VPN account Google Chrome 2022

AtlasVPN Premium is excellent value for money – you won’t feel short-changed!

Take advantage of this coupon code to get 72%+ OFF on AtlasVPN.

AtlasVPN Pros:

  • Safe and uses military-level encryption
  • Keeps a strict no-logs policy
  • No-fuss registration
  • Fast speeds, even when streaming and downloading large files
  • Supports P2P/BitTorrent
  • Can be used for Netflix
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable (good value for money)
  • Covers many countries
  • Easy to cancel

Just short of being added to the list of best VPNs, this service can be a perfect fit if you’re looking for a safe and reliable VPN with no complex strings attached.

Give it a try!

What Is Atlas VPN Premium Not Good For?

Nothing in life is perfect, and even a quality VPN can have its flaws.

It’s up to you to weigh the good with the bad to see if this VPN will be a good fit.

OK, so – I played around with the VPN a bit and did some research to see what past and current customers have said about their experience using AtlasVPN Premium.

The consensus is that mobile AtlasVPN users were happier than desktop users.

This is probably because the mobile app version has a broader range of features, and it’s a tad easier to use.

There are also no dedicated IP addresses, which means you may be subject to more downtime, and you won’t be able to run your own applications and scripts (which is not ideal if you’re looking for a VPN for business).

While the customer support isn’t bad and a brief email will get you a quick response, some users, including me, would enjoy the convenience of a live chat feature, which tends to get a problem sorted faster.

And I already mentioned the “wonky” speeds between servers.

AtlasVPN Cons:

  • Speeds can vary between servers
  • No dedicated IP addresses
  • No live chat option

Consider these cons to determine if they’ll have a huge effect on your VPN expectations.

How to Purchase & Install AtlasVPN?


You’ve done your diligent research.

Good on you!

If you decided that AtlasVPN Premium is THE one, then you can purchase and install it by taking the following steps:

  1. Head over to the Atlas website and click on “Get Atlas VPN.”
atlas vpn website
  1. You’ll be directed to a fresh page. Click on “Buy Atlas VPN.”
buy atlas vpn
  1. Choose your plan.
atlas vpn subscription plans
  1. Enter your email address and select a payment option (choose between credit card, Google Pay, or PayPal)
atlas vpn email information
  1. A window will appear once you have completed the payment process. Click on “Go Premium.” You’ll then be directed to the download page.
atlas vpn go premium
  1. Scroll down to a section titled “Compatible Devices.” Select the device you want to use the VPN on. Select “Download Now.”
compatible devices with atlas vpn
  1. Open the downloaded file on your device by double clicking it. Follow the on-screen prompts until the installation is complete. Then, press “connect” to secure   your connection.
atlas vpn connect

Just 7 EASY steps!

How To Cancel Your AtlasVPN Subscription?

I’m sure AtlasVPN will be sad to see you go, but most good things do come to an end.

You’ll be happy to discover that you won’t have to jump through hoops to cancel your subscription (another pro).

Subscriptions can easily be cancelled by emailing the Atlas support team.

atlas vpn cancel recurring subscription

How to cancel your Atlas VPN subscription on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open your app to access settings, then select your name.
  2. Select “subscriptions.” If you don’t automatically see this tab, select “iTunes & Appstore” to find the “Subscriptions” button.
atlas vpn cancel subscription on iphone or ipad
  1. Next, select Atlas VPN and click “Cancel.”
  2. If you no longer see the “Cancel Subscription” button, then it’s been canceled and won’t be renewed.

How to cancel your Atlas VPN on your Android device:

  1. Launch Google Play Store (make sure that you’re signed in to the right account).
  2. Select “menu,” then click on “Subscriptions.”
atlas vpn cancel subscription on android
  1. Choose the AtlasVPN service you wish to cancel and then select the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  2. Once you complete this process, your future subscriptions will no longer be renewed unless you change the settings.

How to cancel your Atlas VPN subscription on a Mac:

  1. Access the Mac store and then select your name (at the bottom of the sidebar).
  2. Select “View Information” at the top (you may need to sign in).
  3. Then, scroll down until you see the “Subscriptions” tab. Select “Manage.”
atlas vpn cancel subscription on mac
  1. Now, select “Edit.” This is where you’ll find the “Cancel Subscription” button (select to activate the cancellation).

How to use PayPal to cancel your Atlas VPN subscription:

  1. First, sign in to your PayPal account.
  2. Select “Settings” (found next to the logout option).
  3. Select “Payments” from the dropdown menu.
  4. In the next menu, select “Manage Automatic Payments.”
atlas vpn cancel subscription via paypal
  1. Now, click on “Atlas VPN: Secure & Fast VPN” to be directed to a confirmation page.
  2. On this new page, select “Cancel Automatic Payments” to confirm your cancelation request.
  3. Remember to click “Done” to complete the process.


Is AtlasVPN Safe?

Yes, AtlasVPN offers a solid foundation with military-grade encryption, a kill switch, safety protocols, and a strict no-logs policy to back up its tight security.

This covers the most important bits.

However, it lacks an ad and malware blocker – so there’s still room for improvement.

What Is the Difference Between Atlas VPN and Atlas VPN Premium?

The quick answer is that one is free while the other is a paid-for product.

It makes sense that the paid version (Premium) will perform better, and, of course, it comes with bonus features.

Premium offers access to over 500 streaming-optimized servers in 17 locations around the globe, with higher speeds and unlimited bandwidth to boot.

A free Atlas VPN, on the other hand, is limited to 3 locations only (USA, Japan, and Australia) – although the bandwidth and speeds are pretty much on par with premium.

Unlike the free version, Premium also allows users to run a VPN on several devices simultaneously and includes SafeBrowse and Safety Check-Up as added features. 

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” – or in this case, you don’t get what you don’t pay for.

Does AtlasVPN Work With BBC iPlayer?

I checked – AtlasVPN does work with BBC iPlayer!

What’s more, is that I experienced absolutely no buffering.

This is good news if you’re not living in the UK, but you want to stream BBC content that’s too tempting not to watch.

Plus, AtlasVPN also unblocks Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max.

What Countries Does Atlas VPN Premium Cover?

AtlasVPN Premium covers more than 27 countries worldwide.

These countries include the USA, UK, Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.

atlas vpn servers

Do I Recommend AtlasVPN Premium?


Yes, I do.

The free version of Atlas’s VPN is great, but this paid premium version is even better.

And, as I said, it offers amazing value without taking your wallet for a ride.

Need more convincing?

Read an in-depth overview of Atlas and its services.

Here you’ll learn more about the provider and compare the free version with the raved-about Premium option.

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