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Does PrivateVPN Work in Cyprus?

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PrivateVPN works in Cyprus to unblock geo-restricted content. 

Thus, you can access international streaming platforms like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer, gambling websites, and more.

You also get P2P-friendly servers that hide your torrenting activities from Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (Cyta), Primetel, and other Cyprus ISPs.

Keep reading to learn how to use PrivateVPN in Cyprus!

How to Set Up PrivateVPN in Cyprus?

Follow these steps to set up your PrivateVPN app in Cyprus:

  1. Get a PrivateVPN subscription. It’s best to go for the multi-year plan to save more. (Grab discounts)
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Download and install the PrivateVPN app on your preferred device. I’ll use macOS for this guide.
download privatevpn app for mac
  1. Launch the PrivateVPN app and log in with your account credentials.
  1. Click “Advanced View” on the bottom right of your PrivateVPN app to view more options.
  1. Open “Connection Guard” from the sidebar. Turn on Kill Switch and IPv6 Protection.
privatevpn connection guard options
  1. Search for the appropriate server, and click the power on the app’s main menu to connect.
  1. There you go! Enjoy secured internet and geo-locked content with PrivateVPN. I streamed The Duchess on BBC iPlayer while connected to PrivateVPN’s UK-Manchester server.
streaming bbc iplayer with privatevpn uk server

What’s the Best PrivateVPN Server for Cyprus?

PrivateVPN offers 200+ servers in 63 countries, including in Limassol, Cyprus. 

Thankfully, many of these servers are optimized for unblocking international content, security, and P2P activities.

Thus, the best PrivateVPN server to use in Cyprus depends on your needs.

For instance, connect to the Cyprus server for the fastest speeds. If the server is congested, choose nearby servers in Greece, Istanbul, or Romania.

If you prioritize speed over security, you can also switch from PrivateVPN’s default protocol (OpenVPN) to L2TP.

privatevpn l2tp protocol

However, note the L2TP protocol is considered outdated and unsecured due to its vulnerabilities and lack of robust encryption mechanisms.

Plus, I streamed To Proino on ANT1 using the Limassol server and OpenVPN UDP and experienced no buffering. So, any speed buff L2TP offers is negligible.

streaming to proino using privatevpn

Meanwhile, I recommend PrivateVPN Dedicated IP servers in the Netherlands and Switzerland for torrenting, as they’re the closest to Cyprus, so you’ll get fast speeds.

For example, I downloaded a book from Archive.org. The download speed was around 3 MiB/s, and it took 35 seconds to complete.

privatevpn connected to netherlands server

Finally, you can also connect to servers in the region where you want to unblock a streaming platform or website. I tested the UK-Manchester server and streamed Snowfall on BBC iPlayer with zero buffering.

streaming snowfall on bbc iplayer with privatevpn
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PrivateVPN pricing plan starts at £1.86 per month. You can choose from three plans:

  • 36 months at £1.86 per month
  • 3 months at £4.63 per month
  • 1 month at £9.29 per month

PrivateVPN also supports payment in euro, dollars, or SEK. You can visit the PrivateVPN website to see the current pricing for Cyprus.

Use PrivateVPN in Cyprus

PrivateVPN offers unrestricted access to your favorite Hulu and BBC iPlayer shows in Cyprus. You can also confidently unblock gambling sites and torrent safely without being monitored by Cyta, Primetel, and other ISPs in Cyprus.

So, try PrivateVPN in Cyprus with my HUGE PrivateVPN discount.

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