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Does Surfshark Have a Kill Switch?

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Good news, Surfshark does have a kill switch! The feature’s included in the VPN provider’s Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android VPN apps.

What I like most about Surfshark’s kill switch is that it’s easy to enable.

My tests below also prove its efficiency, making it a VPN feature you can trust.

Continue reading to find out more!

Is Surfshark's VPN Kill Switch Safe to Use?

Surshark’s kill switch VPN is safe to use.

I find it reassuring that the VPN kill switch is automatic and that it deactivates an internet connection the second the VPN connection fails. It’s also convenient that it automatically reactivates again once the connection’s stable!

Surfshark’s approach is strict and uses the kill switch to block all internet traffic unless you’re connected to a VPN server. While this functionality can be a nuisance, especially since there’s no alert to notify you, it securely closes all gaps, so no traffic leaks while the VPN reconnects.

surfshark vpn kill switch

Plus, if you’re a Windows user, you get the benefit of choosing between the “strict” switch feature and the “soft” setting.

Essentially, the strict option functions like every other kill switch and disconnects your internet as soon as there’s any disruption. The “soft” setting only disconnects you from the network when the VPN service is disabled by accident.

kill switch disable internet connection to prevent ip leaks

Of course, accidents come in all shapes and sizes. So, for optimal VPN network protection, stick to the strict version.

Overall, I’m happy with how Surfshark’s VPN app kill switch function works.

But that didn’t stop me from doing a quick test for reassurance!

Surfshark Kill Switch Test

Testing Surfshark’s kill switch was a quick and easy process that gave me peace of mind.

I’m sure my results will clear any doubts you have, too.

Here’s how I tested:

  1. I enabled the Surfshark VPN kill switch.
surfshark kill switch enabled
  1. I clicked on the “VPN” menu and connected to the “Fastest location.”
  2. I successfully opened the Surfshark website in my web browser.
get surfshark vpn
  1. Next, I disconnected from the VPN server and tried to access the Surfshark website again. This time I was met with a pop-up message, “Your Internet access is blocked.”
google chrome internet access blocked

Surfshark’s kill switch works! The feature successfully blocked my connection, proving its automation and efficiency!

Does Surfshark's Kill Switch Feature Allow Leaks?

Surfshark’s VPN kill switch doesn’t allow leaks – hooray!

The VPN service uses leak prevention technology to prevent exposing your real identity and physical location.

But I wasn’t going to just take Surfshark’s word for it.

To find out how effective the VPN service is, I connected to the USA-New York server and tested for DNS, WebRTC, and IP leaks.

Surfshark DNS Leak Test (With Kill Switch Enabled)

I used dnsleaktest.com to run a DNS leak test.

I selected the “Extended test” option for the most thorough results.

Here’s a screenshot of my feedback:

surfshark dns leak test

There’s no mention of my real location or ISP in South Africa, which means no leaks were detected! However, I also ran a quick WebRTC leak test using ipleak.org to confirm the first results.

surfshark ip leak test

Again, only the public IP Surfshark issued me was detected.

Also, no IPv6 leaks were found. This is good news since, according to Surfshark’s blog and support team, the provider still doesn’t offer full support for IPv6.

Another plus is the test didn’t pick up that I was connected to a VPN.

This is great if you want to bypass ISP throttles and unblock geo-restricted content while using a kill switch-enabled VPN!

How Do I Use Surfshark's Kill Switch?

Surfshark’s kill switch feature is incredibly easy to use and is activated by enabling a toggle switch.

But the process can differ between apps.

Let’s look at how to enable kill switches in the following devices.

How Do I Use Surfshark’s Kill Switch on Windows?

Enabling a VPN kill switch on Surfshark’s Windows app is simple.

  1. Open and log in to your Surfshark app for Windows.
  2. Click on the “Settings” cog.
  3. Click on “VPN settings.”
surfshark windows vpn settings
  1. Click on the toggle switch found to the right of the “Kill Switchsetting. When it’s green, it means the feature’s enabled.
surfshark kill switch enabled on windows
  1. Choose between a “Strict” or “Soft” internet kill switch.
surfshark kill switch actions

Now you can connect to a Surfshark server and benefit from a secure connection!

How Do I Use Surfshark's Kill Switch on Android?

Easily use Surfshark’s VPN kill switch on your Android device and protect yourself from potential VPN disconnections.

  1. Open and log in to your Surfshark Android app.
  2. Tap on the settings cog icon on the bottom right.
  1. Tap on the “VPN settings” tab.
  1. Tap on the toggle button displayed next to the VPN Kill Switch option. If the toggle’s green, it means it’s enabled.

Connect to one of Surfshark’s 3200+ VPN servers in 99+ countries and enjoy an encrypted VPN tunnel PLUS extra kill switch protection. 

How Do I Use Surfshark's Kill Switch on macOS?

Surfshark’s kill switch option on macOS is basic and uncomplicated, which is good news if you’re looking for an easy kill switch solution!

  1. Open the Surfshark app and log in with your credentials.
  2. Click on the settings cog.
surfshark app setting icon on macos
  1. Click on “VPN settings.”
surfshark vpn settings on macos
  1. You’ll see a toggle switch next to the Kill Switch feature. Click this toggle to enable the kill switch. If it’s green, it means it’s enabled.
surfshark kill switch enabled on macos

Now, if your VPN connection suddenly drops, you’ll benefit from the added convenience of kill switch protection on your macOS!

How Do I Use Surfshark's Kill Switch on iOS?

Surfshark’s iOS kill switch is another internet safety tool that’s easy to use and impressively effective!

  1. Open the Surfshark app and log in with your credentials.
  2. Tap on the settings cog.
  1. Tap on “VPN settings.”
surfshark vpn settings on ios
  1. You’ll see a toggle switch next to the Kill Switch feature. Click this toggle to enable the kill switch. If it’s green, it means it’s enabled.
surfshark kill switch enabled on ios

Hooray! You’ve learned how to toggle Surfshark’s kill switch feature!

What Are the Risks of Using Surfshark Without the Kill Switch Enabled?

Even a quality VPN like Surfshark isn’t foolproof, and security risks can expose your IP address and sensitive data.

Your connection is especially vulnerable in those split-second moments when your connection unexpectedly drops.

Some of the biggest risks of not using the VPN’s kill switch:

  • No back-up. Most VPNs rely on third-party technology to work. If something happens where this technology isn’t syncing, it could leave you vulnerable. For example, your ISP and other authorities can see what you’re doing online and follow your movements.
  • Dangerous Wi-Fi experiences. Wi-Fi hot spots and public connections pose several online security risks and are easy targets for hackers. A solution is a VPN. But we’ve already established that VPNs aren’t foolproof and that a kill switch will seal gaps to protect you from unstable public networks.
  • Exposed locations. If your VPN fails, it’s possible that your real IP can be exposed and even shared. This is especially problematic if you’re an activist or journalist who needs to remain under the radar. By not enabling Surfshark’s kill switch, your location could be traced if the VPN network fails.
  • Traceable online activity. If your VPN cuts out and a kill switch isn’t enabled, third parties can track your activity and build a profile on you. So, you’ll be a target for advertisers, businesses, and even worse – cybercriminals!

The moral of the story – protect yourself and your devices by using kill switch VPNs like Surfshark!

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Yes, Surfshark’s kill switch can easily be disabled by clicking on the Kill Switch toggle.

The kill switch toggle can be found under “VPN settings” and is displayed in grey when disabled and green when enabled.

Remember, VPN kill switches offer extra online security. So, only disable it if you feel it’s absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, Surfshark doesn’t allow the option to set the kill switch for specific apps or websites only.

It does have a split tunneling feature called Bypasser that allows you to choose which apps to run through or bypass the VPN. However, if the VPN connection drops, the kill switch will still affect all apps not connected to the VPN.

NordVPN is an option if you’re looking for the best customizable kill switch for apps.

That’s a Wrap!

Surfshark is an affordable and reliable VPN service that offers users all the best VPN security features, including military-grade encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and CleanWeb to avoid ads, trackers, malware, and phishing attempts.

As a plus, it also caters to an unlimited number of devices. So, one account can cater to your entire office or household!

But the fact it features a VPN kill switch that works easily and effectively makes it a VPN service that’s hard to resist! Purchase a Surfshark plan now to benefit from watertight online security!

Still not convinced Surfshark’s the best VPN for you? Read a full review on the VPN here for more insight.

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