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5 Best VPNs for ViX: Stream Spanish-Language Content Anywhere

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ExpressVPN is the best VPN for ViX, given its ability to unblock ViX in regions where it’s inaccessible, access specific ViX libraries, and offer servers in the majority of ViX-supported regions.

I tested 21+ other VPNs to unblock ViX, and only NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, and AtlasVPN impressed me for varying reasons.

These VPNs also feature relevant servers in some ViX-available locations, offering fast streaming speeds and reliable unblocking.

Still, there’s much to unpack from my tests and comparisons of these VPNs.

So, continue reading to understand how these VPNs fare and make the best buying decision.

Top 3 VPNs for ViX (March, 2024)

NordVPN devices

NordVPN offers servers in the US, Argentina, Spain, and other ViX-supported regions. It’s also fast enough to stream content in HD and offers great money value.

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ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN offers extremely fast streaming speeds and unblocks local ViX libraries from most supported locations. It also provides fast obfuscation to bypass VPN traffic blocks to ViX.

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Surfshark Devices

Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections with access to all ViX-supported servers make it the best budget VPN to stream ViX anywhere by multiple users. You also get decent speeds to prevent lag when streaming sports, movies, or series on the ViX network.

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ViX might have expanded into the US and more Latin America regions, but interested users from other parts of the world might have to wait a long time, or indefinitely, to get this streaming service in their region.

This is also a big issue for fans of ViX content who travel to other regions where it’s unavailable.

On top of that, viewers in ViX regions don’t have it all rosy, either.

For example, you can’t watch En La Mira in all other markets outside the US or stream La Liga MX outside the US and Mexico. That’s due to the content geo-blocks on the platform that restricts content by region.

Thus, you need to travel to the country where your preferred content is streaming or go virtually with a VPN.

Trust me; the VPN route is cheaper and better for your money! So, I’ve researched several VPNs and tested them with ViX to find which works best.

If you’re in a hurry to catch the next episode of Pena Ajena on ViX from the USA (where it’s not playing), read my top VPN summaries below.

Access ViX Content Libraries, Unblock All Sports, and Stream ViX From Anywhere With My Top VPNs

vix unavailable in your location
ViX geo-blocking message if you try watching from an out-of-market region

You don’t have to enjoy only a part of ViX or ViX+ when you can access all that’s on the platform in various regions. Here’s how my top VPNs help.

  • ExpressVPNFast obfuscation over ViX-supported servers in the USA, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and 10+ other locations to unblock ViX anywhere.
  • NordVPN – Get decent HD streams on ViX without lag from 5 supported ViX server locations.
  • Surfshark – Share Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections with family and friends, all getting access to 13 server locations to stream ViX in HD.
  • CyberGhost – Connect to streaming-optimized servers in the US, Spain, and beyond to get high-quality ViX streams from anywhere.
  • AtlasVPN – Get a reliable free VPN to unblock ViX streams from abroad over tested and trusted USA servers.

These summaries sound promising, but which one of these VPNs should you go for?

I help you make the best choice via the report of my ViX-streaming tests on these VPNs and thorough comparisons to know which performs best in certain tasks.

Thus, continue reading to make the best VPN for ViX selection.

Tests and Comparisons of My Top VPNs to Watch ViX Anywhere

I looked for VPNs with the most supported ViX server locations, reliable unblocking over these VPN servers, fast streaming speeds, device support, and simultaneous connections to stream ViX on multiple devices.

After testing 21+ free and paid VPN providers, here are my top five and why they made the cut.

ExpressVPN – Fast Obfuscation in the US & 12+ Other ViX Supported Countries

stream vix with expressvpn
ExpressVPN streams Tapatio vs Venados FC match on ViX

At 3000+ servers, ExpressVPN has the second lowest server count on this list. In fact, that’s almost thrice lesser than the server haul on CyberGhost.

But why does it make the first slot on my list?

That’s mostly because this VPN provider offers servers in 94 countries, including regions where ViX is locally available such as

United States Mexico Argentina
Bolivia Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Ecuador Guatemala
Panama Peru Uruguay

This makes ExpressVPN the largest offering of ViX-supported servers from all the VPNs I tested.

Thus, you

  • Have a better chance of connecting to a server in your country to keep getting local content and enjoy internet encryption on untrustworthy networks.
  • Can unblock specific ViX content unavailable in your country.
  • Stand a better chance of unblocking ViX content in your country when traveling abroad.
  • Can access ViX from anywhere, especially where it’s not available at all.
expressvpn server locations
ExpressVPN's healthy server spread across multiple regions

Besides that, ExpressVPN doubles with fast obfuscation, making a stronger case for its first position. This obfuscation feature makes it impossible for ViX to detect you’re using a VPN. Thus, it can’t block your device from streaming content due to its VPN traffic.

But my other VPNs (except CyberGhost and AtlasVPN) also offer obfuscation. So, what’s the catch here?

Well, ExpressVPN’s obfuscation is miles faster than what the others manage. So, you don’t lose speed to enjoy this new level of private streaming quality.

To be sure, I tested the VPN on my 45Mbps connection and got 19Mbps speeds back on the US server. This is enough to stream in HD 1080p quality, which I got with the LaLiga MX league games I watched on ViX.

expressvpn speed test

I recommend choosing the Lightway – UDP protocol when streaming ViX via ExpressVPN to get the best speeds and security.

Thankfully, ExpressVPN provides a kill switch that prevents ViX from finding out that I wasn’t streaming from any of its regions whenever my internet connection dropped. That was important when I was streaming games on my local pub’s public Wi-Fi network, which can sometimes be unstable.

expressvpn network lock

Speaking of, ExpressVPN also features public Wi-Fi protection.

Thus, you can stream movies, shows, and sports on ViX using any network without worrying about losing sensitive internet data to the network admins.

However, it doesn’t automatically trigger protection on public Wi-Fi networks like the rest of my listed VPNs (except AtlasVPN too).

If you’re willing to look past that, you should know that ExpressVPN supports PCs and mobile devices, which are devices most of us stream ViX with.

expressvpn compatible devices

If you want to unblock ViX or ViX+ on your smart TVs or other streaming devices, though, ExpressVPN has two answers:

  • The router software
  • Smart DNS support (known as MediaStreamer)

On top of that, ExpressVPN offers five simultaneous device connections. Since ViX+ allows you to watch on 3 devices simultaneously and the free ViX supports unlimited devices, multiple family members can unblock different content libraries without waiting.

Even so, ExpressVPN offers the least simultaneous connections on my list. So, that’s worth considering if you have a bigger family/group that wants ViX access.

Likewise, ExpressVPN is the most expensive VPN provider listed.

This is mostly because of its reliably fast obfuscation, impressive unblocking, streaming speeds, and massive server coverage.

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Luckily, you can bring down the price with these fantastic discounts.



NordVPN – 5500+ Servers in the US and 3+ Other ViX Supported Locations

stream vix with nordvpn

NordVPN looks more impressive than ExpressVPN, with 5500+ servers, but I only cared about the servers I could stream ViX on. Thus, ExpressVPN’s reach of 94 countries made it a better choice than NordVPN’s presence in 59 countries.

Still, it managed to cater to some countries with extensive ViX libraries, as shown in the table below.

United States Mexico Argentina
Chile Costa Rica  

It’s even more shocking that it doesn’t have servers in Panama, even though it’s based in the country. Thus, you don’t get to access the exclusive ViX content that you’ll find in other countries.

Fortunately, all ViX sports are shown in the US and Mexico.

So, you’re in luck with NordVPN if that’s what you’re mostly on ViX for.

stream vix with vpn tweet
Many are using NordVPN to stream ViX sports and other content too

I ensured that the NordVPN servers weren’t just there to change my IPs but capable of streaming content on ViX. So, I tested them and watched a little of Tráfico de Mujeres, Asesinos de Élite, Callejón Sangriento Momentum, and El Experimento. None of these gave me any issues, and I didn’t experience any content lags either.

So, NordVPN must also be fast enough. That led me to the speed tests where this provider recorded an impressive 19Mbps on the same 45Mbps connection. This is the same score as ExpressVPN. But I’ll rate ExpressVPN higher, considering its active obfuscation.

nordvpn speed test

If you want minimal speed drops on NordVPN, use its proprietary NordLynx protocol. This lightweight WireGuard alternative is fast, secure, and doesn’t consume too much mobile data.

One aspect where NordVPN outshines ExpressVPN, though, is with automatic public Wi-Fi protection. So, whenever my devices connect to my coffee shop Wi-Fi to stream La Liga matches or watch a ViX movie on my break, the VPN automatically activates.

nordvpn connection settings

On top of that, NordVPN also supports the same devices as ExpressVPN. Thus, the VPN service doesn’t leave you hanging if you prefer to stream ViX movies and sports on your PC, mobile device, smart TV, or other streaming devices. Even so, it offers one more simultaneous connection slot than ExpressVPN for a total count of six devices.

And that’s not all.

You save more with NordVPN’s rather affordable pricing.

Even though it’s not the cheapest provider I reviewed, it’s cheaper than ExpressVPN. Despite that, remember it covers fewer locations and doesn’t offer fast obfuscation, which may come in handy one day.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Grab these HUGE discounts if you’re going with NordVPN and get a better value on your purchase.



Surfshark – 3200+ Servers Spanning 10+ ViX-Supported Locations

stream vix with surfshark

Surfshark comes close to ExpressVPN in Vix-streaming location servers.

So, although its 3200+ server count pales compared to NordVPN’s 5500+, it’s a better bet on ViX-supported locations.

I checked, and you can watch ViX content exclusive to the regions below on Surfshark.

United States Mexico Argentina
Bolivia Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Ecuador Panama
Paraguay Peru Uruguay

These 13 locations put it on par with ExpressVPN. In fact, it only misses out on Guatemala, replacing it with a Paraguayan server which ExpressVPN doesn’t have either.

So, I connected to one of these servers to unblock and watch romantic comedies on ViX. I wasn’t disappointed, unblocking titles like Off the Menu, Shirin in Love, Amo la Cocina, and Just One Time.

Unlike my other recommended VPNs, I got some buffering on multiple days when I watched ViX content over Surfshark’s servers. So, this called for a speed test, where I discovered that Surfshark had some issues to fix.

Connecting to the United States – New York server to perform the tests under WireGuard, Surfshark’s fastest protocol, was problematic on my Windows PC.

surfshark vpn connection error

I had to switch to the automatic protocol selection, after which it took a few minutes to connect me to the server. Even then, I could only get OpenVPN (UDP), an obfuscation protocol.

Testing over this server, I barely got sustained 5Mbps speeds, which would have been more with either WireGuard or IKEv2.

Fortunately, the connection issues weren’t there on my iOS mobile device, and neither did I get it with my friend’s MacBook. But this should tell you what to expect from Surfshark sometimes.

surfshark speed test

If you’re willing to look past that, Surfshark is one of those providers that’ll protect you on public Wi-Fi networks when streaming ViX.

As I’m writing this part of the review, I connected to the local Starbucks Wi-Fi, and Surfshark came running to encrypt the connection before I went online.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll always get a server that can unblock ViX.

So, check the app to be sure you’re getting the desired server location.

Once that’s set, you’ll find that you can stream ViX over Surfshark on PCs, mobile devices, smart TVs, and other streaming units that support the service. Even if your preferred streaming device can’t download a native VPN app, Surfshark has router support and Smart DNS offering to help you.

surfshark apps and extensions

That puts it on par with ExpressVPN and NordVPN, offering Smart DNS options and router support.

Furthermore, it beats both VPNs on connections, offering unlimited simultaneous device connections with unlimited bandwidth.

Thus, you don’t have to manage five or six devices streaming ViX at once, as you get with the other two providers so far.

With that, you’ll expect Surfshark to be rightfully expensive.

Surprisingly, it’s the second cheapest VPN provider I listed.

Once you get to a higher number of simultaneous users, the lower cost/user or cost/device makes it the cheapest option.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Guess what? You can save more with these Surfshark deals.



CyberGhost – Unblock ViX Content From Servers in 8 Supported Locations

stream vix with cyberghost

CyberGhost boasts the largest server count on this list, hauling a massive 8900+ servers in 91 countries. However, how does that make it suitable for unblocking ViX?

This VPN provider has relevant ViX-unblocking servers in the locations below.

United States Mexico Argentina
Chile Colombia Costa Rica
Panama Venezuela  

These are fewer locations than you get with ExpressVPN and Surfshark, but this range is better than what NordVPN offers. Also, the US and Mexican servers mean you get access to most of the content on ViX and ViX+ anyway.

The best part is that CyberGhost has some of these servers optimized for streaming, so you can get better speeds on them. However, not all ViX-supported locations have streaming-optimized servers. Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a poor streaming experience on them.

cyberghost for streaming servers

With that out of the way, I connected to CyberGhost’s Venezuelan servers to stream NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitsu, La Perla Del Dragon, Bailey, and Izzie’s Way Home to ensure they’re safe before my niece watches them.

The experience was buttery smooth, showing no lag or buffering throughout. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that CyberGhost managed 24Mbps on the 45Mbps connection, making it capable of sustained HD 1080p streams like I got all through.

cyberghost speed test

CyberGhost doesn’t have an in-house protocol like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but it does wonders on its WireGuard protocol. So, connect to this (especially if you’re using mobile data) for fast speeds, great security, and better data consumption.

I also liked that CyberGhost uses the same AES 256-bit encryption as my other recommended VPNs to

  • Ensure the protection of your actual IP address when streaming ViX from non-supported regions
  • Ensure better unblocking ability when accessing ViX libraries not in your region
  • Improve your protection against public Wi-Fi hacks and attacks
  • Safeguard your data from ViX and the third-party advertisers it works with

In line with that, CyberGhost’s automatic public Wi-Fi protection is also a breeze. Set it up once, and you’ll always have the VPN kicking into play whenever your device connects to a random Wi-Fi network to stream ViX.

cyberghost saved wi-fi networks

This works best for travelers who may be using hotel Wi-Fi or people like me who stream on the nearest coffee shop Wi-Fi I can find.

Likewise, I don’t have to disconnect my CyberGhost iOS app for my niece to unblock ViX on her Android tablet. That’s thanks to seven simultaneous device connections covering iOS, Android, MacOS, Chromebook, Windows, Linux, and other streaming devices!

In fact, CyberGhost also has a Smart DNS service to unblock ViX content on devices that can’t use a native VPN app. But, like the other VPNs, the Smart DNS would likely only unblock the US library for you.

Finally, CyberGhost is relatively affordable. And it allowed me a 45-day money-back guarantee to test it for ViX, during which I could have gotten a full refund otherwise. This was the longest test period I got since the other VPN providers offer 30 days at most.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

So, grab these CyberGhost discounts to save more and enjoy the money-back guarantee.



AtlasVPN – Free VPN to Unblock ViX USA Library From Anywhere

stream vix with atlasvpn

AtlasVPN is your best bet if you stream only the free ViX platform and you’re not looking to pay for a VPN to get it. Since most free VPNs are shady, AtlasVPN is a fresh breath with its reliable encryption, premium unblocking, and other relevant features.

But how does this one fare for unblocking ViX too?

For starters, the freemium VPN plan gets you access to three servers: two in the USA, where you can unblock ViX.

I quickly connected to these servers to test if they leaked my IP address, and they were reliable enough not to.

atlasvpn ipleak test

So, I continued streaming tests and got Metastasis (the Spanish adaptation of Breaking Bad), Bitten, Rookie Blue, and K-Dramas like Righteous Love.

Like the others, except Surfshark, I didn’t get any buffering.

Thus, I wasn’t surprised when AtlasVPN returned 22Mbps on the 45 Mbps connection, showing it can unblock ultra-HD streams.

atlasvpn speed test

However, this comes at a price, not one you pay in dollars.

For example, you can’t get Mexican ViX content or unblock specific videos only available in regions outside the USA (like the Pena Ajena series).

On top of that, there’s a 5GB monthly bandwidth limitation, making it impossible to enjoy unlimited streams on AtlasVPN.

atlasvpn streaming bandwidth

So, at some point, you’ll have to disconnect the VPN to keep streaming.

And if you’re not in a supported region, or the video you’re watching isn’t available in your country, that means waiting another month to continue that stream.

Of course, AtlasVPN compensates for that by offering unlimited simultaneous device connections. This works across PCs and mobile devices, but you won’t enjoy it if you quickly hit that bandwidth limit.

Likewise, you’ll notice that I left out smart TVs and streaming units from the supported devices to stream ViX via AtlasVPN. That’s because the provider lacks router support and SmartDNS options.

atlasvpn openvpn and router support

Thus, defer to any of my other VPNs to stream ViX on your Apple TV, Samsung, and LG smart TVs or other setups that can’t download a native VPN app.

If you’re ready to unblock ViX from 3 other server locations (including Mexico) on your PCs and mobile devices, consider the AtlasVPN premium plan. Fortunately, it’s inexpensive, and you can also test it risk-free for 30 days.

Atlas VPN black friday prices
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Here are some AtlasVPN discounts to help you save more.



How to Setup a VPN for VIX?

The easy way to set up a VPN for ViX is to enable the VPN kill switch to prevent accidental IP leaks, choose the VPN’s fastest protocol and connect to a preferred, ViX-supported server.

Below, I’ve detailed how to do this over my top VPN, ExpressVPN.

  1. Choose your preferred ViX VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Enable the VPN kill switch. Go to Menu > Options > General > toggle Network Lock.”
expressvpn network lock
  1. Choose a preferred VPN location. I’ll connect to Mexico for this example.
  1. Wait for the VPN confirmation and test for leaks.
  2. Access the ViX website, or log in to ViX+ if you have a subscription.
  3. Stream any content you want from anywhere.

So, know the kill switch condition for your VPN before you start the setup process.

Can I Stream ViX From Anywhere With a Free VPN?

You can stream ViX from anywhere with a free VPN. However, it’s not advisable since free VPN providers often lack reliable encryption, unblocking ability to access ViX, and the relevant servers to unblock all ViX libraries abroad.

Likewise, free VPNs are notorious for speed and bandwidth throttling and may even collect your internet data to sell to third parties.

streaming vix

Thus, I recommend choosing an affordable VPN like NordVPN if ExpressVPN’s costs scare you away from a premium VPN. Otherwise, ExpressVPN is just perfect, given its stellar streaming speeds, impressive automatic obfuscation, and reliable unblocking over 10+ ViX-supported locations.

How to Unblock ViX With a VPN on Multiple Devices?

You can watch ViX on smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, and streaming devices like Apple TV+. However, you can’t unblock ViX the same way on these platforms with a VPN.

Likewise, some VPNs allow you to watch ViX on all these devices, while others are limited on what platforms they can unblock ViX access.

So, I compiled the table below to show you the different ViX-supported devices and how best to unblock access with a reputable VPN.

Platform Devices VPN Unblocking Method Recommended VPN
Mobile iOS and Android VPN app ExpressVPN
PC Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chromebook VPN app ExpressVPN
Android TVs LG, Samsung, etc. VPN app; Router ExpressVPN
Smart TVs (non-Android) Samsung, LG, etc. Router app; Smart DNS ExpressVPN
Streaming devices Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc. Router app; Smart DNS ExpressVPN

What Content Can I Watch on ViX?

You can watch news content, stream movies, catch up on episodes of your favorite series and watch live content on the ViX app. It also supports sports content for the US and Mexican markets, so you can connect to those locations to watch some La Liga MX matches live.

The table below gives an insight into some of my favorite content and categories on ViX.

Category Content
Live News The Voice of the Morning.
Cinema Step Up: Revolution: Chain of Command, Toy Soldiers, American Beast, etc.
Series Metastasis, The Rose of Guadalupe, Baywatch, Test of Faith, etc.
Comedies A Family of Ten, Profesión Hogar, Beyblade, 40 y 20, etc.

Luckily, the content on ViX is sectioned into channels to enable you easily find what you’ll like to stream.

What’s the Difference Between ViX and ViX+?

ViX+ is the premium version of the ViX platform, which grants you access to even more shows, movies, and sports content.

Besides, ViX+ shows live sports content, including highlights, and is scheduled to cover the FIFA World Cup 2022 for Mexican audiences. It’s also the version that requires users to create an account before they can start using the platform.

stream sports on vix+

However, you still get a lot of fantastic content for free on the ad-supported ViX freemium platform. On top of that, you don’t even need to create an account to unblock the service with a reliable VPN from anywhere.

So, only choose the paid plan if you want some content that you’re not getting elsewhere but is available on the ViX platform.

Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions

ViX doesn’t block VPN traffic but may blacklist IP addresses from free, poorly engineered VPNs. The platform may also introduce safeguards against out-of-market streamers to stay in line with content licensing laws. Luckily, such mild tactics only affect free/unreliable VPNs and won’t be an issue for capable providers like ExpressVPN.

ViX+ won’t ban your account for using a VPN to access the service from an out-of-market region or gain access to content unavailable in your region.

So, you can pay for the ViX service to get the full 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup from outside Mexico, stream US-specific shows, and access live news anywhere.

Enjoy Your Favorite Spanish TV Content

You can now stream and enjoy your Spanish TV news, cinema, some La Liga sports matches, and more on ViX from anywhere. Follow the instructions in this guide, and you’ll be good to go in less than 5 minutes.

If in doubt, I stick with ExpressVPN as the most impressive provider to unblock ViX.

It has never failed me, doesn’t induce streaming lags, and protects my data on public Wi-Fi when streaming ViX.

Also, don’t forget to grab these ExpressVPN discounts and test the provider risk-free for 30 days.

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