The Ultimate NordLynx Guide

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Imagine having the security and reliability that OpenVPN provides, but at a much better speed.

It sounds excellent, doesn’t it?

The good news is that you no longer have to imagine this because NordVPN made it possible.

Last July, NordVPN introduced its new project, the NordLynx.

It’s an advanced VPN security solution from NordVPN that’s much faster than the OpenVPN security protocol, yet equally secure.

Until recently, NordLynx was only compatible with Linux devices.

However, from now on, you can also use NordLynx on your Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices.

That’s good news for VPN users around the world, especially if you want to have a speedy VPN without having to sacrifice your privacy and security.

What Is NordLynx?

Wire Guard Protocol
Image credit: NordVPN

NordLynx is a project developed by NordVPN. Its purpose is to enable the best of both worlds – the speed of WireGuard, or outdated security protocols like PPTP, with OpenVPN’s reliability.

NordLynx is built on WireGuard, a protocol that delivers high-speed connections.

According to Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN, WireGuard could become a new standard in VPN technology.

However, because of its unique configuration, for now, WireGuard falls to enable complete privacy.

"WireGuard's simplicity and encryption speed significantly surpass OpenVPN and IPsec, the protocols that are now common in the VPN market. However, it doesn’t dynamically assign IP addresses to everyone connected to a server. Thus, it requires storing at least some user data on the server, compromising their privacy. That’s why we implemented the double NAT system and came up with the new NordLYnx technology."

- Daniel Markuson (digital privacy expert at NordVPN)

For the purposes of the project, back in 2018, NordVPN gathered a small group of users to do a test drive on WireGuard.

A year later, in July 2019, NordVPN launched NordLynx for Linux users only.

And now, the company is making its latest VPN solution available for other devices as well.

In other words, you can now set up NordLynx on WindowsAndroidmacOSiOS, or Linux devices.

How Does NordLynx Work?

NordLynx technology
Image credit: NordVPN

NordLynx utilizes the double NAT system to create two local network interfaces for each user.

Through the first one, you are assigned the same IP address as the rest of the users on that server.

Then, once NordVPN establishes a secure tunnel for your traffic, the second network interface with a dynamic NAT system kicks in.

Thanks to the dynamic local IP address that NordVPN assigns you with, as long as the session is active, no personal data will be stored on the server.

How Fast Is NordLynx?

One very important thing you might be interested to hear about is the speed.

The claims about NordLynx’s excellent speed were backed up by more than 250,000-speed tests. They show that NordLynx performs better than both the OpenVPN and the IKEv2 security protocols.

"Speed is the true reason why we are really excited to launch NordLynx”, says Markuson, further explaining that NordVPN took an academic approach on measuring the speeds, and used statistical methods to analyze the results."

You can now expect twice as good upload and download speeds when you are connected on a nearby VPN server.

How To Get And Start Using NordLynx?

To use NordLynx, you first need to get the latest update on your NordVPN application or VPN client.

Keep in mind that NordVPN will do the update gradually, so you might not be among the first ones to get it. But if you are, after the update, you can choose the protocol from the Settings menu.

By April 24th, the NordLynx update will be available for all users.

Currently, OpenVPN is the default security protocol for all NordVPN users.

This won’t change as long as you choose the automatic VPN protocol selection.

Perhaps, in the near future, we will see NordLynx taking over and becoming the default security protocol.


I am very excited about NordLynx, and I warmly recommend everyone to try it out for themselves.

It was about time a VPN created such a convenient security solution, and I am glad than NordVPN found an excellent way to utilize WireGuard to improve our experience with its latest VPN technologies.

Overall, I hope that you enjoyed the article and that you found it useful.

If you have any questions or opinions on the topic, don’t hesitate to share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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