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How to Set up Atlas VPN on a Router?

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Atlas VPN does not support routers or the OpenVPN protocol.

This is a major issue, as most routers require an OpenVPN configuration to support a VPN.

Nonetheless, there is a workaround!

Don’t worry. This workaround isn’t complicated, nor will it require you to spend extra cash. Keep reading for the details!

Atlas VPN Router Setup Alternatives

To protect all your devices using Atlas VPN without a router, you’ll need to use one of these techniques:

  1. Use Atlas VPN’s dedicated apps.
  2. Set up Atlas VPN via Ethernet cable.
  3. Set up Atlas VPN via a virtual router.

I’ll discuss everything below!

Method 1: Use Atlas VPN's Dedicated Apps

atlas vpn compatible devices

Atlas VPN is compatible with MacOS, Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

A premium subscription also allows you to use it on Android TV, Fire TV, and Linux.

The Atlas VPN development team promises that the VPN will also be available on other operating systems.

In the meantime, here’s a full list of operating systems you can install Atlas VPN on

  • Windows 10
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Android 6 and later versions
  • Fire OS 6 and later versions
  • iOS 13
  • MacOS 10.15

Method 2: Set up Atlas VPN via Ethernet Cable

This technique requires a Windows PC, an Atlas VPN premium subscription, and an Ethernet cable.

If you don’t have an Atlas VPN premium, get one at a discount today.

Here’s how to set up Atlas VPN via Ethernet cable:

  1. Open Atlas VPN.
atlas vpn app home
  1. Click Settings > Protocols.
  2. Select “IPSec/IKEv2.”
atlas vpn protocols
  1. Connect to your desired location. You can do this in two ways:
  • Click “Quick Connect.” You’ll automatically be connected to a suitable server.
  • Click on a specific country in the list of servers. You’ll be connected to a server within that area.
atlas vpn us server locations
  1. Right-click the network icon at the bottom right of your computer. Click “Open Network & Internet Settings.”
windows os network and internet settings
  1. Select  “Change adapter options.”
windows os change adapter options
  1. Right-click on “Atlas VPN network adapter” and click “Properties.”
atlasvpn ikev2 connection
  1. Click on the Sharing Tab and enable the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”
atlasvpn ikev2 connection properties
  1. Select the name of the network you want to share. Click OK once you’re done.
windows os home networking connection options
  1. Connect your device (must have an Ethernet port) to your PC using the Ethernet cable. At this point, you will have to configure the settings on the connected device.
  2. Enjoy Atlas VPN’s benefits on your connected device(s).

Method 3: Set up Atlas VPN via Virtual WiFi

This technique will require you to create a virtual WiFi hotspot connection from your Windows PC. Here are the steps:

  1. Follow steps 1-5 above. Next, select or click on “Mobile Hotspot.”
windows os mobile hotspot settings
  1. Under “Share My Internet Connection with Other Devices,” toggle the switch to the on position to activate the hotspot. It will enable internet sharing from your PC.
enable mobile hotspot on windows os
  1. You will notice a section with “Network Name” & “Network Password.” Click on Edit to make changes or use it as is (optional).
windows os mobile hotspot details
  1. Go to Settings >> Network and Internet >> Advanced Network Settings >> Change Adapter Options. You should see a new network configured for the hotspot you just enabled/activated.
atlasvpn network connection
  1. Right-click on the Atlas VPN IKEv2 network adapter & select “Properties.”
  1. In the new window, select the “Sharingtab and checkmark the first option >> Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.
atlasvpn ikev2 connection sharing properties
  1. In the dropdown menu, select the name of the hotspot connection you enabled/activated. Click OK to save the settings.
local area connection 3 for atlasvpn ikev2 connection sharing properties
  1. Connect to the created network and conduct a DNS leak test to see if the connection was successful.
atlas vpn dnsleak test

How Do I Know if My Atlas VPN Connection Is Working?

Knowing whether your Atlas VPN connection is working is a straightforward process. Once you connect to a VPN server via the app, you will see your status as protected.

atlas vpn connected to dubai server

Additionally, you can visit the Atlas VPN website and check your connection status at the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can do this:

  1. Open the Atlas VPN.
atlas vpn disconnected
  1. Select a server location and click to connect. Wait for it to display a green checkmark next to your chosen server location.
atlas vpn press to cancel server connection
  1. Visit this page or any other website that can help detect & display the location of your IP address.
  2. If you use the first option, wait for the website to load & click on the “Extended Test button.”
atlas vpn extended dnsleak test
  1. Check the results to see if the IP Address of the location you are connected to is displayed. If the IP address displayed doesn’t resemble your IP address, you have successfully connected to Atlas VPN servers.
atlas vpn connected to tokyo server
atlas vpn extended dnsleak test results

If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact Atlas VPN support through an email at support@atlasvpn.com. Alternatively, suppose you are a premium customer.

In that case, you can reach them via live chat by logging into your Atlas VPN account.

Best Alternative Router Compatible VPNs


Unlike Atlas VPN, Surfshark supports routers through its OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. Not to mention, Surfshark has a dedicated page with excellent setup guides for several types of routers.

The process is a little technical for routers whose default firmware isn’t supported by Surfshark. However, you should bypass this huddle by getting a Surfshark-compatible router.


You can also install NordVPN on a router. However, you will notice that not all routers are compatible. NordVPN recommends Asus as the best router type for their service, as it supports OpenVPN.

Find more information about NordVPN in our “how to set up NordVPN on a router” guide.

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Final Words

Atlas VPN is fairly new. Therefore, it hasn’t gotten around to introducing key features such as OpenVPN that are necessary to work on routers.

If you are a newbie at using VPNs, I doubt you will mind the OpenVPN omission.

Atlas VPN’s streamlined list of protocols means less confusion & risk for you.

Nonetheless, if you want a VPN with router support, I recommend Surfshark!

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