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How to Download the GoodAccess App for Any Platform?

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You can download the GoodAccess App from the provider’s official website.

They provide a download link for supported platforms.

However, note that the Linux app is still in development, so users must manually configure it.

How to Download the GoodAccess App on PC & Mobile?

To download the GoodAccess app on your PC or Mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the GoodAccess website and create a free account.
goodaccess website
  1. Click on the “Resources” drop-down menu.
  2. Choose your preferred platform and select “Download app.”
device compatibility of goodaccess
  1. Once downloaded, follow the install wizard instruction to install the app.

How to Download GoodAccess App on Linux?

goodaccess for linux

The GoodAccess Linux app is still in development. Therefore, users must manually configure it using the Linux Network Manager or the Linux Terminal.

How to Configure GoodAccess Using Linux Network Manager?

To configure GoodAccess VPN with the Linux Network Manager, you should:

  1. Obtain your OpenVPN login information and config file. If you don’t already have this, request them from your GoodAccess Admin.
edit member on goodaccess
  1. Open Network Manager and click the (+) symbol next to VPN.
  2. Select “Import from file” and locate the OpenVPN config file.
  3. Input your name, OpenVPN username, and OpenVPN password. The rest of the information will be filled in automatically.
  4. Click Add, then enable the VPN connection. You will eventually see a tiny VPN symbol close to your Network Manager icon, indicating that GoodAccess VPN is active.

How to Configure GoodAccess Using Linux Terminal?

Like the Linux Network Manager, configuring GoodAccess on your Linux Terminal is also easy. However, the process is more technical. Here are the steps:

  1. Obtain your OpenVPN login information and config file, or request them from your GoodAccess Admin.
  2. Locate your directory to /usr/local/bin and download the goodaccess.sh script using the following command:
					cd /usr/local/bin/

sudo wget https://cdn-volume.samohyb.com/linux/goodaccess.sh
  1. To establish a new connection, execute the command with the -s parameter and the location of your OpenVPN config file:
					sudo sh goodaccess.sh -s /path/to/file.ovpn

Once executed, you will be asked for your OpenVPN login information and to create a custom network connection name.

  1. Finally, execute the script with the -r argument and your new connection name as follows:
					sudo sh goodaccess.sh [-r [name of your connection]]

There’ll be a terminal window open during the connection process.

Be prepared for numerous information lines outlining the connection process.

If you see the following message, your connection is successful:

					"Initialization Sequence Completed"

How to Configure GoodAccess App With 3rd Party Apps?

3rd party app configuration on goodaccess

The GoodAccess app also supports third-party authentication with apps such as Azure AD, Google Workspaces, and Okta. To configure Good Access with a 3rd party app, simply:

  1. Download and install the GoodAccess Client Application.
  2. Set up a single sign-on in the Control Panel to log in using your desired third-party identity provider.
  3. After logging in successfully, click the connect button. The IP of your personal GoodAccess Gateway should match that of your public IP address exactly.
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It’s not safe to download the GoodAccess APK + Mod. You should only download the GoodAccess app from the official website.

Using a modified APK can result in downloading viruses and malware to your device. For instance, Luckymodapk, a site offering the GoodAccess APK + Mod, has mixed reviews and is often referred to as untrustworthy.


GoodAccess is an amazing tool for safely logging in to business websites from public networks, such as airports and hotels.

Best of all, the download process is easy for most devices – just click the link and install! And while the setup for Linux users is more technical, it’s still easy if you follow the guides above.

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