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VyprVPN Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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Overall Score:
8.25 / 10

In this review of VyprVPN, I put my years of experience in the VPN industry to use by thoroughly testing the service, including its features, speed, and security.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my results – VyprVPN is a reliable VPN that will keep your data and identity safe.

And it’s based in one of the most privacy-friendly jurisdictions (Switzerland)! 

But I’ll discuss everything in this VyprVPN review.

So, if you want the details on its logging policy, security features, proprietary protocol, torrent capabilities, and more, keep reading!

vpnAlert Rating: 8.25 of 10 ⭐
Jurisdiction: Switzerland
Logging: No logs – but personal info might be stored (and deleted upon request)
Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption
Security Features: VyprDNS, Public WiFi Protection, Block Malicious Sites, Kill Switch
Servers: 700+ servers in 70+ countries, 300,000+ IP addresses
Protocols: Chameleon, WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP
Average Speed Loss:  -17.51 Mbps
Streaming: Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime
Torrenting: P2P allowed on all servers
Supported Devices: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, routers, Smart TVs, game consoles, Chrome
Simultaneous Connections: 30
Customer Support: 24/7 live chat
Usability: User-friendly apps
Monthly Price: $10.00
Discount: Exclusive VyprVPN Offer
Official Website: https://www.vyprvpn.com/

Overview of VyprVPN

VyprVPN promises to offer “effortless security, built by experts.”

So I put that claim to the test during the review process.

Spoiler alert: the provider delivered.

If there’s one thing VyprVPN does right, it’s security.

In fact, it rivals NordVPN in that category, another VPN known for its premium security features. 

But security isn’t the only thing VyprVPN excels at.

When you purchase a VyprVPN subscription, you’ll get all of its high-tier features, including VyprDNS, Chameleon (a proprietary protocol), 24/7 chat support, and user-friendly apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

And while VyprVPN isn’t as great at streaming as Surfshark and ExpressVPN, you’ll still get access to most streaming services, like Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Max.

However, my favorite thing about VyprVPN is that all of its servers are P2P-friendly, making it an excellent choice for torrenting.

But if you want a better picture, here’s a glance at my VyprVPN review results:


Score Out of 10:

Privacy & Jurisdiction




Countries & Servers


Speed & Performance


Media Streaming




Multi-Platform Compatibility


Customer Support


User Experience & Usability




All in all, if you’re looking for a secure VPN to torrent with, VyprVPN is an excellent choice.

But if your primary reason for needing a VPN is to stream geo-locked content, you should look elsewhere.

Don’t worry, though.

I’ll discuss all of this (and more) in my VyprVPN review, including VyprVPN’s important bits and alternative VPNs that excel at streaming.

Let’s dive in!



Privacy & Jurisdiction

Rating: 8.5 / 10

In this section, I’ll discuss in-depth VyprVPN’s current logging policy, past logging policies, parent company, and jurisdiction – plus its 2018 audit!

Current Logging Policy

VyprVPN is a no-logs VPN.

As stated in the provider’s Privacy Policy, they do not “record or retain any data” when you use their service.

In other words, VyprVPN doesn’t log:

  • Your source IP address (typically assigned by your ISP)
  • The IP address assigned to you when using VyprVPN
  • Connection start or stop times
  • Your traffic or any content sent during communications

Additionally, VyprVPN doesn’t log any DNS requests when using its VyprDNS service.

And while the provider might ask and store your personal data (like your name, email address, phone number, payment info, and/or physical address), they won’t share that data with any third parties.

Better yet, you can “correct, amend, delete, or limit the use of your Personal Data.”

Or, if you’re unable to do so, you can contact VyprVPN’s support team to make any necessary changes.

That said, VyprVPN (possibly) collecting your personal data is my one gripe with its logging policy.

Even if you can delete or request deletion of that data, if the authorities subpoena that information first, VyprVPN is legally obligated to give it to them.

But, on the bright side, there’s only so much the provider can turn over – and I doubt it’s enough to satisfy a criminal investigation!

Has VyprVPN’s Logging Policy Been Audited?

vyprvpn no log assessment report

In 2018, VyprVPN became the “world’s first publicly audited no log VPN service.”

The catch?

The provider hasn’t been audited since.

Still, when the reputable security company, Leviathan Security, performed the independent audit on VyprVPN’s logging policy in 2018, the results were astounding.

Leviathan confirmed that the VPN provider holds to its promises – no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is collected!

Aside from the information mentioned above, of course.

That’s one reason I’d like to see VyprVPN undergo another audit.

Past VyprVPN Logging Policies

I used the WayBackMachine to peek at VyprVPN’s past logging policies.

The oldest capture was from December 28, 2009, where VyprVPN admitted storing “VyprVPN sessions” for 90 days.

This information was used for “billing, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed over the service,” though what was stored was never specified.

I then jumped to another screen capture from November 5, 2017.

At this time, VyprVPN retained “the following information for 30 days: the user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address used by the user, the start and end time of the connection, and the total number of bytes used.”

Fortunately, we know from previous sections that this is no longer the case!

Who Owns VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog, a global service provider that supports a “private, secure, and open internet.”

The company was founded in 2009 by “internet veterans” Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis in response to Room 641a, where the NSA was caught spying on AT&T’s networks.

timeline infographics

The founders reported this activity to the FCC but were ultimately ignored.

So, they took matters into their own hands by founding the company to preserve an “open and secure internet experience while respecting user privacy.”

Where Is VyprVPN Based?

vyprvpn internet score

VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, a country known for its user-friendly internet.

In fact, Switzerland scored 96/100 on Freedom House, earning it a “FREE” rating.

This is likely thanks to the country’s freedom of speech and press, which is (generally) respected by the government, and lack of internet restrictions and (credible) reports of government surveillance.


Rating: 9.5 / 10

Security is essential, so in this section, I’ll discuss VyprVPN’s security – including security features and tests verifying those features work properly.

I’ll also test the provider’s encryption and perform a series of leak tests.

Let’s get started!

How Secure Is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is one of the most secure VPNs on the market.

It offers 256-bit AES encryption, secure protocols, and a suite of premium security features, including VyprDNS, public WiFi protection, and a reliable kill switch.

On top of that, VyprVPN passed all of my security tests (discussed below), from the kill switch and leak tests to encryption and malware.

But for now, let’s take a look at what features make VyprVPN an excellent choice for security.


vyprvpn network

VyprDNS is Golden Frog’s proprietary DNS service designed to enhance your online privacy and combat worldwide censorship.

When you connect to VyprVPN, VyprDNS is automatically applied, replacing your ISP’s DNS server (that likely logs your activities and/or censors websites) with the privately-owned VyprDNS.

vyprvpn vyprdns

This negates all types of online censorship, whether through DNS man-in-the-middle attacks, DNS filtering, or other censorship methods.

Public WiFi Protection

VyprVPN’s Public WiFi Protection detects when your device connects to an unknown WiFi network and automatically turns your VPN on.

This ensures your connection is secure at all times, even if you forget to connect.

The feature also lets you register WiFi networks, so you can avoid the automatic connection when using trusted networks, like your home network.

Block Malicious Sites

The Block Malicious Sites feature references an index of malicious sites and prevents access to them, even if it’s an accidental click.

This ensures your safety at all times, whether from phishing sites, viruses, or other online threats.

vyprvpn malicious site pop-up

Kill Switch

VyprVPN’s Kill Switch feature kills your internet if your VPN connection is interrupted.

It’s also customizable!

You can choose between “App” and “System,” with the former deactivating the kill switch when you close the VyprVPN app and the latter keeping the kill switch active.

You can also enable an additional feature to “stop all LAN traffic” when the kill switch is active on the Windows and macOS apps.

vyprvpn configure kill switch
vyprvpn automatic reconnect

BONUS: Connection Per App

While not necessarily a security feature, VyprVPN offers a version of split tunneling called “Connection Per App.”

This lets you choose which apps you want to be affected by the VPN.

Android & iOS App Permissions

I wanted to investigate what permissions VyprVPN requests for its Android and iOS apps.

Android was easy; I used the exodus tool.

The last report was created on June 6, 2021, and updated on October 9, 2021.

At the time of writing, the VyprVPN app contains four trackers: Adjust (analytics), Google Analytics, Google CrashLytics (crash reporting), and Google Tag Manager (analytics).

vyprvpn trackers permissions

These are pretty good results, as the only trackers are used for analytical purposes, though I’d prefer a completely tracker-free app, like Private Internet Access (PIA).

However, there is something a little more concerning: the VyprVPN Android app asks for 11 permissions, including “ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION.”

VyprVPN addresses this in a help article, saying the permission is “required in Android OS 10+ due to a new operating system limitation that does not allow the app to view available SSID’s.”

vyprvpn permissions

The provider also confirms that they don’t collect your GPS location data.

Additionally, they’re looking for an alternative way to optimize VPN functionality while “limiting Android permissions.”

The VyprVPN iOS app was harder to gauge, as there’s no tool like exodus that you can use.

I was unable to find any information on trackers.

However, I did check app permissions and verified that VyprVPN doesn’t have access to any of my apps/services, including my location.

VyprVPN Security Tests

I performed a series of security tests on VyprVPN, which I’ll discuss below.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at my results:

  • Kill Switch Test: Pass
  • Leak Test(s): Pass
  • Encryption Test: Pass
  • Virus & Malware Test: Pass

Read the next sections for the full details!

Kill Switch Test

I tested VyprVPN’s kill switch on my Windows and Android devices.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. I went into the app and confirmed the kill switch was enabled. For Windows, I chose the “System” kill switch.
  2. I connected to a VyprVPN server and then disconnected.
  3. During my Windows test, I quit the VyprVPN app as an additional step.
  4. I checked my internet connection to see if it was still accessible – it wasn’t!
internet connection blocked

Leak Test(s)

I tested VyprVPN for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, starting with an in-depth DNS leak protection test.

My results showed no leak, though the ISPs were listed as Google Cloud and Amazon.com.

This was a bit concerning, so I reached out to VyprVPN’s support team for clarification.

The agent I spoke to explained that their DNS servers use a relay system, and when you perform a DNS leak test, it shows the last server in the DNS relay chain.

This is done to ensure the websites you visit can’t see that you’re using VyprVPN – which is a good thing!

As for the rest of my leak tests, take a look:

ip and dns address leak test

For reference, I’m in Slovakia – so, needless to say, VyprVPN passed my leak tests with flying colors!

Encryption Test

To go the extra mile, I used Wireshark to analyze individual TCP, UDP, DNS, and HTTP data packets and tested VyprVPN’s encryption (using the Chameleon protocol).

If you’re unfamiliar with Wireshark, you can use the program to test your network’s encryption by viewing it in plain text.

When capturing traffic, simply right-click on one of the appropriate packets and select “Follow…UDP/TCP stream.”

If the live capture shows as gibberish, it’s encrypted!

Here’s a sample of a UDP stream:

All in all, my test results showed all my traffic types – TCP, UDP, DNS, and HTTP – were encrypted.

Virus & Malware Test

As my last test, I ran the VyprVPN installation file through my favorite virus and malware checker, VirusTotal.

I’m happy to report it came back clean!

virus malware test

Countries & Servers

Rating: 9.0 / 10

Next up, I’ll go over VyprVPN’s server network in-depth, including its server locations, protocols, and ability to bypass censorship.

Plus, you’ll get the full scoop on the provider’s proprietary protocol, Chameleon!

VyprVPN Owns Its Servers

Unlike many of its competitors, VyprVPN “owns, engineers, and managesall of its servers – so no third-party ever has access to your activities.

Specifically, the provider coded its own server infrastructure and actively maintains it, thanks to its in-house team of network engineers.

Furthermore, by operating its own “server clusters,” VyprVPN eliminates network overload, protocol incompatibilities, and other issues associated with third-party servers.

Countries & Cities

VyprVPN’s server network isn’t as extensive as some VPNs (like PIA and NordVPN), but you’ll still get 700+ VPN servers in 70+ locations around the world.

This includes 10 locations in North America, 4 in South America, 30 in Europe, 14 in Asia, 2 in Africa, and 5 in Oceania.

Here’s a glimpse of all the locations:

But my favorite thing about VyprVPN’s server network is that it offers 300,000+ IP addresses.

You won’t find many other VPNs offering such a selection, including the aforementioned two.

There is one more downside, though.

The US and Australia are the only countries with more than one city to choose from.

The US servers include:

  • Austin
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington, D.C.

And Australia servers include:

  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

This is a bit disappointing, as most VPNs offer more city-level server options.

However, considering the amount of IPs VyprVPN has, I can’t complain too much.

Does VyprVPN Utilize Virtual Server Locations?

VyprVPN uses virtual servers (vs. physical ones) in countries with restrictive internet.

This negates the risk of an untrustworthy third party (like the government) gaining access to the servers while still allowing users to connect to local IPs.

VyprVPN also uses virtual servers when testing new locations to calculate where to utilize physical servers.

However, when I asked VyprVPN’s customer support in what countries virtual servers are used, they couldn’t tell me.

Chameleon Protocol

As promised, you can connect to VyprVPN’s servers with any protocol, including the provider’s proprietary protocol, Chameleon.

Not many VPNs offer proprietary protocols, but out of all of them, VyprVPN offers one of the best.

vyprvpn chameleon

Chameleon uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to scramble OpenVPN packet metadata, making it appear gibberish (as shown during my encryption tests).

Additionally, Chameleon utilizes “Smart IP” by changing your VPN server periodically while connected.

This protocol is especially helpful if you’re located in a country with strict censorship laws or invasive data privacy laws – for example, China, Russia, Iran, Thailand, and Syria.

Chameleon also boasts fast speeds (discussed later).

You can use the protocol on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and routers.

Other Protocols

VyprVPN also offers additional protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, and PPTP.

Here’s a rundown of what VPN protocols are offered for what devices: 


Compatible Protocols


OpenVPN, WireGuard, Chameleon, IKEv2


OpenVPN, WireGuard, Chameleon, IKEv2


OpenVPN, WireGuard, Chameleon, IKEv2


OpenVPN, WireGuard, Chameleon




PPTP, OpenVPN, Chameleon, WireGuard

Does VyprVPN Bypass Censorship?

Thanks to its Chameleon protocol and use of deep packet inspection, VyprVPN excels at bypassing censorship.

This means you can access free internet regardless of your location – even if you’re in a country with strict censorship laws, like Russia or Iran.

For example, if you want to use VoIP apps to chat with your friends or torrent without your ISP knowing, VyprVPN can help you do so.

Does VyprVPN Work In China?

VyprVPN can easily bypass the Great Firewall of China, helping you enjoy unrestricted internet from the comfort of your home.

Just make sure you use the provider’s proprietary protocol, Chameleon, to keep your activities hidden at all times.

The Chameleon protocol is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and routers.

Additionally, ensure your kill switch is turned on at all times.

Speed & Performance

Rating: 6.5 / 10

It’s time to discuss VyprVPN’s speeds.

I tested numerous servers and compared the provider to other top VPNs, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, so stay tuned!

VyprVPN Speed Tests

VPN speeds are hard to gauge.

Many factors influence speed tests, such as your location, device, how far you are from the server, how many users are on the server, etc.

So, to get the most accurate results, I did two sets of speed tests using the same protocol (Chameleon).

For the first series, I tested VyprVPN’s speeds on the five locations closest to me.

Here they are (from closest to furthest):

  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

For the second series of tests, I used the fastest servers according to the VyprVPN app.

These were (from fastest to slowest):

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Schaan, Liechtenstein
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Algiers, Algeria

As you can see, there’s some overlap of servers – namely, Slovakia and Austria.

However, I was surprised to see Liechtenstein and (especially) Algeria as my “fastest” servers, as neither are nearby.

vyprvpn servers speed

So, how did my results fair?

Let’s discuss.

Speed Test Results

The three fastest VyprVPN servers were Poland, Slovakia, and Liechtenstein.

But before we get into that, here’s a picture of my base internet speed for comparison:

base internet speed

Now, here are my speed test results for Poland:

speed test result of vyprvpn poland server

And for Slovakia:

speed test result of vyprvpn slovakia server

And, finally, for Liechtenstein:

speed test result of vyprvpn liechtenstein server

Overall, my results were…confusing.

Poland was the fastest server, though Slovakia had a lower ping.

And Liechtenstein placed third, but its ping was quite high.

I was also surprised to see my neighbor, Czechia, at the bottom.

Furthermore, there was a huge drop between Slovenia and Algeria.

Here’s a table for better perspective:

VyprVPN Server Download Speed Speed Subtracted from 207.60 Mbps
Warsaw, Poland 189.54 Mbps -18.06 Mbps
Bratislava, Slovakia 186.25 Mbps -21.35 Mbps
Schaan, Liechtenstein 172.89 Mbps -34.71 Mbps
Vienna, Austria 164.79 Mbps -42.81 Mbps
Ljubljana, Slovenia 152.15 Mbps -55.45 Mbps
Algiers, Algeria 89.64 Mbps -117.96 Mbps
Prague, Czech Republic 64.79 Mbps -142.81 Mbps

All in all, you’re likely to get decent speeds on at least one server, though I can’t say if it’ll be a nearby server or one of VyprVPN’s recommended “fastest” servers.

Either way, I’m not happy with my results – especially considering VyprVPN boasts 300,000+ IPs.

Other VPNs also offer much better speeds.

Let’s discuss that next.

VyprVPN Speeds Compared to Other Top VPNs

Compared to other top VPNs, VyprVPN falls behind.

So, to gauge just how bad the discrepancy is, I tested five of the provider’s competitors using their fastest available servers.

I also retested VyprVPN using its Poland server.

My base internet speed was 202.12 Mbps.

Here are my results:

VPN Provider Download Speed Speed Loss Difference
ExpressVPN 196.17 Mbps -5.95 Mbps
Surfshark 193.46 Mbps -8.66 Mbps
NordVPN 189.92 Mbps -12.20 Mbps
Private Internet Access 187.13 Mbps -14.99 Mbps
VyprVPN 184.61 Mbps -17.51 Mbps
PrivateVPN 180.89 Mbps -21.23 Mbps

In the end, the only VPN VyprVPN beat was PrivateVPN – and by a small margin.

But, on the bright side, most server speeds are still fast enough to enjoy your favorite online activities, whether streaming, gaming, torrenting, or something else.

Why Is VyprVPN So Slow?

As with any VPN, your network traffic is routed through VyprVPN’s servers and encrypted before it reaches your device.

As a result, your speeds are slower.

However, VyprVPN is explicitly slower than other top VPNs.

This might be due to its smaller server network, the protocol or server you’re using, the device you’re using, or another unmentioned factor.

Try speeding up your VyprVPN connection by testing different protocols with different servers on several devices.

Media Streaming

Rating: 8.0 / 10

In this section, I’ll discuss if VyprVPN works with major streaming platforms.

I tested the provider with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

Is VyprVPN Good for Streaming?

VyprVPN is suitable for streaming but not great.

It unblocks popular streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

However, at the time of writing (November 2021), it doesn’t unblock Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Furthermore, VyprVPN’s speeds are slow enough that streaming in 4K might be a problem.

But streaming in HD shouldn’t be! 

Does VyprVPN Work With Netflix?

netflix popular movies

At the time of writing (November 2021), VyprVPN doesn’t work with Netflix.

This is likely due to Netflix’s recent anti-VPN updates.

If you try accessing country-specific content using a VPN, Netflix will show you its worldwide content library filled with Netflix originals.

It will also take away any content specific to your home country (until you disconnect from the VPN).

Unfortunately, VyprVPN isn’t the only VPN struggling.

And, eventually, I expect it will unblock Netflix again.

However, when that happens, you’ll only be able to access Netflix US, UK, CA, and DE.

Does VyprVPN Work With iPlayer?

At the time of writing (November 2021), VyprVPN doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer.

In fact, the website doesn’t load at all.

This is disappointing, considering the VPN has 300,000+ IPs and promises to reliably unblock the service.

But to be sure, I reached out to VyprVPN’s customer support.

Unfortunately, they confirmed there’s an ongoing issue with iPlayer (and Netflix):

Hopefully, they’ll fix the issue soon!

Does VyprVPN Work With Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus?

VyprVPN works with Hulu (US and JP), Disney Plus (US and CA), and HBO Max.

hulu vyprvpn

I used the provider’s New York server for my screenshots.

streaming disney plus with vyprvpn

But I also tested the provider’s other US servers during my tests and accessed all three streaming services every time.

Likewise for VyprVPN’s CA and JP servers.

streaming hbo max with vyprvpn

This is great news, as these three streaming services are some of the hardest to unblock.

In fact, some of my top VPNs (like CyberGhost) struggle to unblock them!

Torrenting (P2P)

Rating: 9.0 / 10

If you’re wondering whether VyprVPN supports torrenting, this section is for you!

I discuss the provider’s Copyright Policy – and perform a series of P2P tests to gauge the VPN’s torrent speeds!

Is VyprVPN Good for Torrenting?

VyprVPN can be a great choice for torrenting.

All of its servers are P2P-friendly, it offers premium security features to keep you safe (like a reliable kill switch), and it’s located in one of the best jurisdictions for torrenting.

In fact, downloading copyrighted content is legal in Switzerland for personal use.

On top of that, VyprVPN’s Chameleon protocol promises decent torrent speeds and the utmost privacy if you’re in a country with heavy censorship or invasive data privacy laws.

However, I wanted to be certain that VyprVPN ticks all the boxes for torrenting.

So, I started a small investigation.

I’ll discuss my VyprVPN torrent test results and VyprVPN’s copyright policy in the following sections.

VyprVPN Torrent Tests & Results

To double-check VyprVPN’s P2P compatibility, I used my three fastest servers (Poland, Slovakia, and Liechtenstein) to download a Rust update file using qBittorrent.

Surprisingly, my fastest server was Liechtenstein!

It gave me a max download speed of 34.1 MiB/s and an average of 24.1 MiB/s.

My download finished in roughly 5 and ½ minutes.

torrenting rust with vyprvpn

My second fastest server was Poland, with an average download speed of 16.5 MiB/s and a max of 22.9 MiB/s.

This download finished in 7 minutes.

torrenting rust with vyprvpn poland server

And, finally, Slovakia was my slowest server, with an average download speed of 12.2 MiB/s and a max of 15.6 MiB/s.

It also finished last for download time, coming in at 11 minutes.

torrenting rust with vyprvpn slovakia server

Overall, these results were extremely impressive – especially the Liechtenstein ones – as even VPNs like NordVPN and PIA are on the same “playing field.”

However, we need to discuss VyprVPN’s copyright policy before I can recommend it as a P2P-friendly VPN with fast torrent speeds.

VyprVPN’s Copyright Policy

VyprVPN’s Copyright Policy doesn’t follow in the steps of its updated, privacy-friendly Privacy Policy.

Instead, it remains unchanged, claiming to “take copyright and other intellectual property rights very seriously.”

But what does it mean by “very seriously?”

Well, the provider says it will “block access to or removecopyrighted content while discontinuing the offending user’s subscription.

This is a bit concerning, as VyprVPN shouldn’t know what activities you’re up to online, including torrenting.

However, this could be to satisfy copyright trolls, especially as there aren’t any recent reports of DMCA notices or account closures due to torrenting copyrighted content.

So, for now, I’ll give VyprVPN the benefit of the doubt and wholeheartedly recommend it as an excellent torrenting VPN.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Rating: 8.0 / 10

VyprVPN supports a lot of devices, and I’ll discuss all of them in this section – along with the provider’s simultaneous connections limit!

Additionally, I specify what devices are supported by apps and which require manual setups.

What Devices Does VyprVPN Support?

VyprVPN supports the following devices with apps or manual setup guides:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Router
  • TV
  • QNAP
  • Blackphone
  • Anonabox
  • DD-WRT
  • AsusWRT
  • Synology NAS
  • OpenWRT
  • Boxee
  • Blackberry
  • Roku
  • Chrome
  • Linux

Let’s go into a bit more detail.

PC, Mobile, & Miscellaneous Devices

VyprVPN offers native apps for Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11), macOS, iOS, and Android.

There are also apps for QNAP (any firmware version below 4.3.5) and Blackphone, and manual setup guides for Linux (Ubuntu and Mint), BlackBerry 10, Boxee, and Synology NAS.


VyprVPN offers dedicated apps for Tomato (by Shibby) routers, specifically MIPS (K26RT-N or K26RT-AC) and ARM (K26ARM).

There’s also an app for the Anonabox router and manual setup guides for DD-WRT, AsusWRT, and OpenWRT routers.

Consoles & Smart TVs

VyprVPN offers dedicated apps for Android Smart TVs and Amazon Fire TVs, along with a manual setup for Kodi.

However, the only support it offers for other Smart TVs (like Apple TV) and game consoles (like PS4 and Xbox) is via its router setup.

How Many Simultaneous Connections Does VyprVPN Allow?

VyprVPN allows 30 simultaneous connections – a massive upgrade from its previous limit of five.

This puts the provider up there with VPNs like Surfshark and IPVanish, both of which offer unlimited simultaneous connections.

And it surpasses other top VPNs like NordVPN (six connections) and ExpressVPN (five connections).

This means you can use VyprVPN on your smartphone to surf the web and torrent with the app on your PC at the same time!

Where Can I Download VyprVPN?

You should only download VyprVPN from its official website, found here.

In fact, even if you’re downloading the iOS or Android app, you should still use the official VyprVPN website (instead of searching for the app in the App Store/Google Play Store), as you never know when you’ll come across a fake VyprVPN app.

Can I Use VyprVPN on My Apple TV?

There are three (technically two) ways to use VyprVPN on your Apple TV.

The first method is sharing your VPN-protected connection with your Apple TV by creating a hosted network using your WiFi adapter’s drivers.

It requires a WiFi network adapter.

Optionally, you can also use an Ethernet cord.

The second and third methods involve using a VyprVPN router app or manually setting up VyprVPN on your DD-WRT or Tomato router.

Unfortunately, there is no standalone app for Apple TV.

Does VyprVPN Have Browser Extensions?

vyprvpn chrome extension

VyprVPN offers a proxy browser extension for Google Chrome that’s included for free with any VyprVPN plan, though it’s unavailable for other browsers.

The browser extension is also still in beta.

Its primary function is unblocking content.

It does not offer the same security as the VyprVPN app.

That said, it’s great at its intended purpose – I effortlessly unblocked Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Max.

streaming disney plus with vyprvpn austin server

VyprVPN Customer Support

Rating: 6.0 / 10

Throughout my review process, I contacted VyprVPN’s customer support team many times, and a few things stuck out to me:

  • The agents always followed the same script, albeit a polite one.
  • A lot of their answers seemed “copied and pasted” from a set of commonly asked questions.
  • It sometimes took 5+ minutes to get a response after I asked my question(s).

The script doesn’t bother me, as I’m sure the agents have to follow it for reasons given by Golden Frog.

However, the “copied and pasted” answers bother me a little – mostly because some users, especially anyone new to VPNs, might need their questions answered in layman’s terms (as opposed to VPN lingo).

This also plays into my problem of agents taking 5+ minutes to answer my questions.

They should know the service they’re offering support for – to the point that they can immediately start answering the question(s) in their own words.

Furthermore, if you take 5+ minutes to copy and paste a preset answer, you’re wasting time better spent helping another customer.

But let’s set that aside for now and discuss a few good points:

  • I always connected to a support agent at the beginning of an inquiry very quickly.
  • Even if the answers were copied and pasted, I still got the info I needed.
  • The 24/7 live chat support was 24/7 (some VPNs lie about this).

However, for transparency, I wanted to perform a few tests.

I’ll discuss those next.

VyprVPN Customer Support Tests & Results

I was curious if a VyprVPN support agent could put a preset technical answer into layman’s terms – and if so, how long it would take them.

My first step was to ask a question I already asked earlier to verify if the answer really was copied and pasted (I used a different name this time).

Rayden responded within 2 minutes, but their response was a little confusing – I’m not sure they read my question properly:

The rest of their answer wasn’t exactly the same as the previous one, but it was…all over the place:

I tried to clarify again that it wasn’t a DNS leak but rather an inquiry about the DNS servers (specifically the hostnames).

Instead of explaining how VyprDNS works, Rayden took me through several steps that didn’t make much sense.

I was asked to enable VyprDNS and use the Chameleon protocol – which I was doing already.

I tried to clarify again that I was just asking about the Amazon and Google hostnames.

Unfortunately, Rayden just repeated previous messages (after a 5+ minute wait), along with a bunch of unnecessary information.

At that point, I gave up.

This experience was worse than the previous one – it was clear Rayden didn’t know how to answer my question.

In fact, someone on Reddit answered the question much better:

reddit forum on vyprvpn hostnames concerns

So, yes, VyprVPN offers 24/7 chat support and always quickly connects you to an agent.

But there’s also a chance your question remains unanswered, which isn’t great, considering other VPNs offer better (and more comprehensive) support.

User Experience & Usability

Rating: 9.5 / 10

In this section, I’ll explain step-by-step how to use VyprVPN on Windows, iOS, and Android, including what features to enable (and how to enable them)!

How to Use VyprVPN?

In better news, VyprVPN’s apps are easy to use!

The interface is clean and user-friendly.

The settings are easy to locate and enable.

And if there’s not an app for your device, the provider’s manual setup guides are easy to follow.

My only complaint is that it sometimes takes upwards of 1 minute to connect to a server.

In any case, I tested VyprVPN on my Windows, iOS, and Android devices, which I’ll discuss next (including step-by-step instructions for setting up VyprVPN).


Setting up the VyprVPN Windows app was super easy.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already, purchase a VyprVPN subscription. You can get a major deal here.
  2. Download and install VyprVPN for Windows.
vyprvpn for windows pc
  1. Open the VyprVPN app and log in using the credentials you set during sign-up.
  2. Click “Customize.”
  1. Ensure “Public WiFi Protection” is on and the “Kill Switch” is enabled.
vyprvpn customization
  1. Choose your preferred “Protocol.” I recommend Chameleon.
  1. Click “DNS” and switch to “VyprDNS.”
  1. TAP Adapter” should be set to “OpenVPN.”
  1. Finally, “Automatic Reconnect” should be on.
vyprvpn automatic reconnect feature
  1. Click “Connection” or “Servers” and connect to your preferred server.
  1. Check your connection for leaks. I use IPLeak.
  2. Enjoy VyprVPN on your Windows device!

My experience with VyprVPN on Windows was great, though connecting to a server seemed to take the longest on Windows vs. my iOS and Android devices.


Installing VyprVPN on my iPhone was also easy.

Here are the instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already, purchase a VyprVPN subscription. You can get a major deal here.
  2. Follow the provider’s official website link to download and install the iOS app.
vyprvpn for iphone and ios devices
  1. Open the VyprVPN app and use your credentials to log in.
  2. Tap “Customize” and turn “Public WiFi Protection” and “Automatic Reconnect” on.
enabled vyprvpn public wifi protection and auto reconnect feature
  1. Choose your preferred “Protocol.” I recommend Chameleon, WireGuard, or IKEv2.
  1. Tap “Connection” or “Servers” and connect to your preferred server.
  1. Check your connection for leaks. I use IPLeak.
  2. Enjoy VyprVPN on your iOS device!

My only complaint about the iOS app is its lack of features like the Kill Switch and Block Malicious Sites feature.

But, on the bright side, that makes the app even easier to use (perhaps too easy)!


Finally, the VyprVPN Android app was also easy to install and use – just follow these instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already, purchase a VyprVPN subscription. You can get a major deal here.
  2. Follow the provider’s official website link to download and install the Android app.
vyprvpn app for android devices
  1. Open the app and sign in using your credentials.
  2. Tap “Customize” and ensure “Public WiFi Protection” and “Kill Switch” are turned on.
  1. Choose your preferred “Protocol.” I recommend WireGuard or Chameleon.
  1. Ensure “DNS” is set to “VyprDNS” and “Automatic Reconnect” is on.
vyprvpn android app features
  1. Optionally, enable “Connection Per App” to choose what apps are affected by VyprVPN.
  1. Tap “Connection” or “Servers” and connect to your preferred server.
  1. Check your connection for leaks. I use IPLeak.
  2. Enjoy VyprVPN on your Android device!

The Android app is my favorite – it has the most security features and is the fastest to connect.

It’s also very user-friendly, making for an overall enjoyable user experience.


Rating: 8.5 / 10

What are VyprVPN’s prices and how do they compare to other top VPNs?

And can you get the provider for free?

Find out in this section, along with VyprVPN’s refund policy and payment methods.

VyprVPN Pricing & Plans

VyprVPN’s prices are very affordable, though the best deal is its yearly plan.

Take a look:

vyprvpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

But no matter your plan, you’ll get all of VyprVPN’s features included for free.

This is great, as the provider used to have different tiers with only some features included.

Don’t forget – you can get a HUGE discount on top of VyprVPN’s existing deals by using my exclusive sign-up link.

Payment Methods

VyprVPN accepts the following payment methods: Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, UnionPay, and PayPal.

I was disappointed not to see any cryptocurrency options, especially as most of VyprVPN’s competitors at least accept Bitcoin.

Can I Get VyprVPN for Free?

You can try VyprVPN risk-free for 30 days by utilizing its 30-day money-back guarantee.

While it does require payment upfront, it’s the perfect choice for temporary VPN use – for example, to access local content while traveling abroad.

Just make sure you cancel your subscription and request a refund before the 30 days are up.

What Is VyprVPN’s Refund Policy?

VyprVPN gives users a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing them to test the service before committing.

If you’re unsatisfied, you can request a refund before the 30 days are up.

That said, if you purchased VyprVPN through the iTunes or Google Play Store, VyprVPN can’t refund you – you’ll need to ask for a refund through the respective store instead.

How Does VyprVPN Compare to Other Top VPNs?

VyprVPN falls somewhere in the middle when likened to other top VPNs.

Here’s a table to help you compare:

VPN Provider: Monthly Plan: Best Deal: Payment Options: Refund Policy:
VyprVPN $10.00 12 Months ($60) – Save 50% Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, UnionPay, PayPal 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
NordVPN $11.95 2 Years ($89) – Save 68% Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, ACH Transfer, Cryptocurrencies 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Surfshark $12.95 24 Months + 3 Months Free ($59.76) – Save 83% MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Cryptocurrencies 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
ExpressVPN $12.95 12 Months ($99.95) – Save 35% Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, WebMoney, iDeal, UnionPay, and more 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Private Internet Access $11.95 3 Years + 3 Months Free ($79) – Save 83% Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Cryptocurrencies 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

BONUS: VyprVPN Business

vyprvpn for business

VyprVPN also offers a business solution for companies and organizations.

There are two plans to choose from – VyprVPN for Business and VyprVPN for Business Cloud.

Prices start at $299 and $349, respectively.

Here’s a preview of what’s included:

VyprVPN for Business:

VyprVPN for Business Cloud:

Multiple user management

Dedicated IP

Global business servers

Your own dedicated server (using VyprVPN Cloud and Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, or VirtualBox)

Dedicated VyprVPN account manager

Fast and easy deployment

All features included in VyprVPN’s standard plan

All features included in VyprVPN’s standard plan

Both plans are more expensive than VyprVPN’s standard plan, but they’re an excellent option if you’re looking for a VPN solution for your whole company.

What Do Customers Think About VyprVPN?

I didn’t find many recent reviews for VyprVPN.

The dedicated subreddit is mostly filled with complaints, feature requests, and questions.

There’s also a TrustPilot page for VyprVPN with 180 reviews, but the provider only scores 2/5 stars.

The most recent reviews are flooded with complaints about VyprVPN listing its prices in euros and then charging in GBP (which converts to a higher amount).

Here’s one example:

vyprvpn trustpilot review

And another:

trustpilot review for vyprvpn

I did find a 5-star review from September 2021, though.

Simone says she can’t understand the bad reviews and appreciates VyprVPN’s reliable service.

Although, she mentions the “kill switch on iOS,” despite VyprVPN not offering a kill switch for iOS.

Perhaps she meant the Automatic Reconnect feature.

vyprvpn 5 star review

Meanwhile, Refortify left a 3/5 star review in June 2021, saying the staff was helpful, and VyprVPN was good for bypassing VPN blocks.

However, they also complain about slow speeds and “confusing software.”

vyprvpn 3 star review

All in all, I’m not impressed with VyprVPN’s customer reviews, especially considering many of them could be avoided if the provider was honest about its prices.

That said, I still recommend VyprVPN as a whole and I’m certain the misunderstandings about prices are only temporary.

Remember – if you think you’ve been slighted, reach out to the provider.

As long as you request a refund within 30 days, you can get your money back in full.

VyprVPN Alternatives

If you’re growing skeptical after reading some of VyprVPN’s customer reviews, you don’t have to forsake VPNs entirely.

There are a few VyprVPN alternatives I can recommend that offer excellent service.

Here are three of my favorites:

NordVPN – Best for Security

NordVPN is my recommendation if your primary concern is security.

It has everything you need, from military-grade encryption, two kill switches, and a proprietary protocol (NordLynx) to double VPN, split tunneling, and obfuscation features.

You’ll also get super-fast speeds, 5,200+ RAM-only servers with dedicated P2P servers, and a verified no-logging policy.

Grab your exclusive deal here.

ExpressVPN – Best for Speed

ExpressVPN regularly places first in my speed tests, making it a top contender if you do intense online activities like gaming, torrenting, or streaming in 4K.

ExpressVPN also offers automatic obfuscation on all of its servers (which are also P2P-friendly), a kill switch, proprietary protocol (Lightway), and 3,000+ RAM-only servers.

Plus, it unblocks all major streaming services (like Disney Plus)!

Grab your exclusive deal here.

Surfshark – Best for Unblocking Content

Surfshark is the best VPN for unblocking content, whether VoIP apps, websites, streaming services, or something else.

It also offers blazing-fast speeds, unlimited simultaneous connections, two obfuscation features, a kill switch, and super affordable long-term plans.

And let’s not forget its 3,200+ RAM-only servers and no-logging policy!

Grab your exclusive deal here.

All VPNs Compared

To help you compare VyprVPN to NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark, here’s a table:

Criteria NordVPN ExpressVPN Surfshark VyprVPN
Jurisdiction Panama The BVI The BVI Switzerland
Security Features Obfuscation, Double VPN, two Kill Switches, Onion Over VPN, CyberSec, 256-bit AES encryption Automatic Obfuscation, Kill Switch, Private DNS, 256-bit AES encryption Camouflage Mode, NoBorders Mode, Kill Switch, MultiHop, CleanWeb, Kill Switch, VyprDNS, Public WiFi Protection, Block Malicious Sites, 256-bit AES encryption
Logging No logs No logs No logs No logs
Protocols NordLynx, OpenVPN, IKEv2 Lightway, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN Chameleon, OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, PPTP
Servers 5,200+ servers in 60 countries 3,000+ servers in 94 countries 3,200+ servers in 65 countries 700+ servers in 70+ countries
Speed Loss Difference -12.20 Mbps -5.95 Mbps   -8.66 Mbps -17.51 Mbps
Torrenting Dedicated P2P servers P2P support on all servers P2P support on all servers but no seeding P2P support on all servers
Streaming Unblocks BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more Unblocks BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more Unblocks BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more Unblocks Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and more
Devices Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Smart TVs, game consoles, Chrome, Firefox Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Smart TVs, game consoles, Chrome, Firefox, Edge Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Smart TVs, game consoles, Chrome, Firefox Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Smart TVs, game consoles, Chrome
Simultaneous Connections 6 devices 5 devices Unlimited devices 30 devices
Best Deal 2 Years ($89) – Save 68% 12 Months ($99.95) – Save 35% 24 Months + 3 Months Free ($59.76) – Save 83% 12 Months ($60) – Save 50%


Is VyprVPN Better Than NordVPN?

VyprVPN and NordVPN both offer premium security features (including proprietary protocols).

However, NordVPN pulls ahead of VyprVPN, thanks to some of its additional security features.

For example, it offers an obfuscation feature, a double VPN, two kill switches, and an Onion Over VPN feature.

It’s also faster and supports more devices.

That said, NordVPN is missing VyprVPN’s Public WiFi Protection and DNS service, so VyprVPN at least holds its own.

Is There a VyprVPN Promo Code?

While there are no special coupons for new customers, you can get an exclusive promo code by using my sign up link.

Not only will you get the best possible deal, but VyprVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee still applies, so if you’re unhappy, you can get a full refund.

However, I recommend opting for VyprVPN’s 1-year plan when checking out to save the most money upfront.

Does VyprVPN Offer a Free Trial?

VyprVPN offers a free trial via its money-back guarantee.

While you have to pay upfront, you can still test the service risk-free for 30 days.

If you’re unsatisfied, contact VyprVPN’s customer support and ask for a refund.

The provider’s money-back guarantee covers all subscription plans (though the 30-day period is unchanging).

Can I Get a VyprVPN Hacked Account?

I don’t recommend trying to get a VyprVPN hacked account.

For starters, it could be filled with malware, infecting your device once you install it.

It could also be ransomware, locking up your device, and demanding money.

Or it might contain bloatware or adware.

Instead, I recommend utilizing VyprVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

You have to pay upfront, but it’s better than risking your personal data, and you can still get a refund if you cancel within 30 days.

Final Verdict

All in all, VyprVPN is a great choice for users who want top-tier security features (like VyprDNS and Public WiFi Protection) to protect their data.

It’s also a great option for unblocking content from countries with strict censorship laws, like China, thanks to its proprietary Chameleon protocol.

Plus, with P2P-friendly servers and a verified no-logging policy, VyprVPN is a great choice for torrenting as well.

Ready to get started?

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