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How to Get the GoodAccess Free Trial?

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You can get the 14-day GoodAccess free trial by creating an account and following this guide.

With the free trial, you’ll get public Wi-Fi protection and SSO. 

You’ll also stay safe when checking your company’s internal resources at an airport or a coffee shop.

Read on to learn how to get your GoodAccess free trial and its benefits!

How to Get the GoodAccess Free Trial?

Here’s how you can the GoodAccess 14-day free trial for your business, with no credit card required:

  1. Go to the GoodAccess website and click “Create a Free Account.”
goodaccess web home
  1. Enter your email in the input box and click “Create Free Account.”
create goodaccess account
  1.  Check your email for a verification link and click it.
verify goodaccess account
  1. Fill out the pop-up form and click “Continue.”
goodaccess account registration
  1. Create your team and click “Get Started.”
create goodaccess account team
  1. To activate your Gateway, click “Please validate your company details.”
goodaccess account dashboard
  1. If the system doesn’t recognize your company, enter your company name and business email address in the pop-up window. Then click “Validate.”
goodaccess company validation
  1. Verify your business email or if you don’t have one, click “Don’t have a work e-mail?” and enter the requested details.
verify goodaccess business email
  1. Once your details are validated, that’s it! You can now enjoy GoodAccess for free for 14 days.
goodaccess account validated

How to Cancel Your GoodAccess Free Trial?

In addition to GoodAccess free trial, you can use the 14-day money-back guarantee to get a refund if you accidentally bought the subscription.

goodaccess money-back guarantee

Additionally, you can cancel your GoodAccess subscription if you don’t want to pay to use GoodAccess after the free trial. Here’s how:

  1. Contact support@goodaccess.com, stating your intent to cancel. 
  1. Once you receive the confirmation from GoodAccess, go to your account and click “Account Info.”
goodaccess account info menu
  1. Click “Close Account.”
close goodaccess account
  1. If you didn’t email GoodAccess beforehand, as specified in Step 1, this message will appear. If you did, your account will be deleted.
goodaccess account closing notice
  1. That’s it! You’ve successfully canceled your GoodAccess free trial.
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You can use GoodAccess on all compatible devices during the free trial: Windows, macOS Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and routers.

You can also add up to 100 team members to GoodAccess during the free trial, and they can use up to 100 devices in its course. So, if you add 100 team members, everyone can use GoodAccess on one device.

GoodAccess is a freemium business VPN, so some of its features, such as mobile and desktop clients, always-on connectivity, and public Wi-Fi protection, are free forever. 

However, all premium features work with the GoodAccess free trial, including a dedicated VPN gateway with static IP, split tunneling, Zero Trust Network Access, custom domain names, and custom domain blocking.

Use GoodAccess for 14 Days for Free - Or Forever

You can get GoodAccess free trial for its premium features for 14 days. 

But if you want to keep using its basic features like public Wi-Fi protection, you can do so indefinitely, free of charge.

However, if you want permanent access to premium features like split tunneling and Zero Trust Network access, you must get a paid subscription after the free trial expires.

Want to try out GoodAccess for free? Click here to claim your free trial!

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