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GoodAccess VPN Not Connecting? 7 Solutions

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GoodAccess is an excellent cloud-based VPN that often works without any issues. However, as with every other software, GoodAccess isn’t flawless. 

You’ll sometimes have trouble connecting to the GoodAccess VPN client.

Fortunately, there’s no connectivity problem with GoodAccess without a solution. 

In this guide, I’ll point out several reasons your GoodAccess VPN client isn’t connecting, along with quick solutions to restore the connection.

Reasons Why GoodAccess Is Not Connecting (+ Fixes)

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The majority of GoodAccess connection issues are often software-related. 

However, we can’t rule out the possibility that it could be a browser or internet-related problem. Therefore, to solve the GoodAccess not working issue, we’ll have to use the process of elimination.

Here are some of the reasons and fixes for GoodAccess connection issues:

Outdated VPN Application

The GoodAccess team works extra hard to ensure its VPN app remains safe, secure, and more efficient. Therefore, the team regularly sends software updates to enhance features, patch up security flaws, add new security features, fix bugs, and even improve device performance.

Hence, skipping or postponing your software updates may cause GoodAccess connectivity problems.

Quick Fix: Manually update your software as soon as an update is available. Alternatively, enable auto-updates, so the app checks for updates automatically and installs them in the background without disrupting your work.

Active Firewall/Antivirus

An active firewall or antivirus can block or prevent the GoodAccess VPN from connecting to a server.

Therefore, you must check whether your antivirus or firewall is blocking the GoodAccess VPN connection.

An easy way to know if your firewall/antivirus is blocking your GoodAccess connection is to try deactivating those software temporarily. If your VPN is now working, one or both of the firewall and antivirus are the culprit.

Quick Fix: Add GoodAccess to the list of software that can communicate through your firewall or antivirus by whitelisting the VPN app.

Misconfigured VPN Settings

There’s a chance that the protocol or server you’re using on the GoodAccess app is causing connectivity and speed issues. It might also be that the protocol or server you’re using isn’t working due to problems at the provider’s end.

At the moment, GoodAccess offers two types of VPN protocols: OpenVPN and IKEv2

If you don’t understand any of these protocols, check out our VPN protocols guide.

Quick Fix: Switch to a different protocol. I recommend switching to OpenVPN if you’re using IKEv2. OpenVPN is known for its reliability. 

Additionally, switch to the server closest to your location for the best results.

Blocked VPN Ports

All VPNs require certain open ports to work. However, if these ports are blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or by your network, you’ll experience connectivity issues.

Quick Fix: Find out what port numbers GoodAccess recommends in its documentation and try one. Or, confirm whether the necessary ports are open and change to default port settings.

Unstable Internet Connection

There’s also a chance that your GoodAccess’ connectivity is suffering because you have an unstable internet connection. It’s common sense that a connection that keeps dropping in and out will affect the functionality of your VPN.

Quick Fix: There are several things you can do to restore your VPN and internet connection:

  • Disconnect and reconnect your WiFi connection.
  • Check your Ethernet cable connection.
  • Check your Ethernet cable for damage.
  • Contact your ISP to restore your internet connection.
  • Switch and connect to a different network.
  • Connect with another device.

Memory & Misconfiguration Errors

Sometimes, memory and misconfiguration errors might lead to GoodAccess connectivity issues.

Quick Fix: Restart your device/router. A restart forces your device/router to clear its RAM and gives it a fresh start. It also forces the device/router to initiate and make a new stable connection.

Contact GoodAccess Customer Support

goodaccess customer support

If you’ve tried all the quick solutions and nothing works, contact GoodAccess customer support.

Luckily, the GoodAccess customer support team is helpful, friendly, and available 9am – 5pm CET.

They might have a few questions concerning your setup, such as the router you’re using, your internet connection, your operating system, or any error messages you may have received. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t have any problem finding a solution for you.

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GoodAccess VPN connectivity issues can be a headache. Fortunately, they rarely happen.

However, if they do, something as simple as switching to a different protocol or updating the app can quickly fix the issue.

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