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How to Use IPVanish With Spectrum?

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You can use IPVanish with Spectrum by installing the VPN app on your PC or mobile device.

Or if you’re using Apple TV, Xbox One, or a device that doesn’t support VPNs, you can use IPVanish with Spectrum through a home router or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

Both methods offer full IPVanish protection, ensuring Spectrum can’t track your online activities. This also allows safe torrenting without exposing your Spectrum IP to copyright trolls.

Keep reading to learn how to use IPVanish with Spectrum on your device.

How to Use IPVanish With Spectrum on PC & Mobile?

IPVanish has VPN apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS, making it easier to use with Spectrum.

I’ll walk you through using a Windows PC, but the setup process is similar across all compatible platforms.

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for IPVanish.
  1. Go to the App section on the IPVanish website to download the VPN application.
ipvanish app download
  1. Launch the IPVanish app, and log in with your account username and password.
ipvanish account log in
  1. Go to Settings > Connection and enable the Kill switch to prevent IP and DNS leaks.
ipvanish kill switch
  1. Click the Server Locations icon and double-click on your preferred IPVanish server to connect.
ipvanish connected to chicago server
  1. You are now using IPVanish with Spectrum and can browse privately and avoid DMCA notices from the ISP for downloading torrents.

You can also use IPVanish with Spectrum on Linux. You won’t get a native GUI for Linux, but the provider offers OpenVPN configuration for Ubuntu and other distros.

How to Set Up IPVanish With Spectrum on a Smart TV or Gaming Console?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a router to use IPVanish with Spectrum on a Smart TV or gaming console.

Unfortunately, most Spectrum routers don’t support IPVanish (or VPNs in general), so you’ll need a third-party router.

Here’s a quick list of popular brands that work with IPVanish.

Asus Belkin Buffalo Linksys (Cisco)
D-Link Logilink Microsoft Motorola
Netgear Nokia Siemens Toshiba
Toshiba Sparklan Fuki

You can click here for a detailed list of IPVanish-compatible router brands and models. The provider also has setup guides for all supported routers.

After configuring the VPN on your router, connect your smart TV or gaming console to the resulting WiFi network.

But if you don’t have a compatible router and can’t purchase one, you can also use IPVanish with Spectrum on Smart TVs and consoles through Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Launch the IPVanish app and navigate to Settings.
ipvanish app settings
  1. Click Protocol and select OpenVPN.
ipvanish openvpn protocol
  1. Connect to your preferred IPVanish VPN server to overcome Spectrum throttling while downloading/uploading on MEGA or playing bandwidth-intensive games.
ipvanish connected to chicago server
  1. Go to Windows Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot and turn on “Share my internet connection with other devices.”
windows pc mobile hotspot
  1. Select the Status tab and click Change adapter options.
windows pc change adapter options
  1. On the Network Connections window, find the IPVanish connection. Right-click it and select Properties.
  2. Select the ”Sharing” tab and click the box next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”
ipvanish properties sharing tab
  1. Click “Select a private network connection” and select your Windows mobile hotspot from the connection list.
ipvanish properties private network connection
  1. Click OK to save the changes, and that’s it.
  2. Connect your smart TV or gaming console to your Windows hotspot.

And with that, you’re using IPVanish with Spectrum with every connected device. 

You can watch Friends, Fargo, Twin Peaks, and other Netflix shows that are blocked in the US using your Spectrum home internet.

Best IPVanish Alternatives for Spectrum

IPVanish works reliably with Spectrum. Its super-fast servers allow you to retain most of your Spectrum Internet Gig speeds for speedy downloads, 4K streaming, and seamless gaming.

But the VPN doesn’t support port forwarding, and as a result, it’s not suitable for remote access and hosting game servers. It also doesn’t offer Smart DNS, making it less intuitive to use with Spectrum on Apple TV, Xbox One, and PlayStation.

If this ruins the deal for you, I recommend the following IPVanish alternatives for Spectrum.


If your pain point with IPVanish is its lack of port forwarding, PrivateVPN is a fantastic alternative for Spectrum. It offers dynamic and static port forwarding for fast torrenting and remote access.

Plus, it makes it easy to forward all your ports by simply connecting through its dedicated IP servers.

Furthermore, PrivateVPN’s Swedish jurisdiction makes it a better choice for privacy and torrenting with Spectrum than IPVanish, a US-based provider.


NordVPN offers an excellent Smart DNS service that works with Spectrum on Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV, and similar devices.

But compared to IPVanish’s unlimited devices, NordVPN only allows 6 simultaneous connections, making it less suitable for the office and large households.

On the bright side, it boasts the fastest results of all the VPNs I’ve tested with Spectrum.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access supports port forwarding, allowing you to reliably host a Minecraft server from your home using your Spectrum Internet.

PIA also offers a Smart DNS service to unblock BBC iPlayer, Joyn, and other overseas streaming platforms on your smart TV in minutes.

Unlike most providers (including NordVPN), PIA Smart DNS has servers in multiple countries – the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan.

PIA also goes toe to toe with IPVanish by retaining over 90% of my Spectrum Mobile speed during my tests.

Interesting Reads:

Protect Your Spectrum Connection With IPVanish

IPVanish allows you to reclaim your online privacy from Spectrum without sacrificing too much on speed.

You can block DDoS attacks and download files on uTorrent without revealing your Spectrum IP to prying eyes on torrent swarms.

On top of that, IPVanish’s low ping with Spectrum makes it reliable for playing Counter-Strike and other intensive games.

Grab our exclusive IPVanish discount and block Spectrum from keeping tabs on your browsing activities!

But if its lack of port forwarding and SmartDNS are dealbreakers, try PrivateVPN, NordVPN, or PIA instead.

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