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How to Use NordVPN With Spectrum?

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You can set up NordVPN for Spectrum by downloading and installing the VPN on your device and routing Spectrum internet traffic through it.

Best of all, NordVPN unlocks the full benefits of your Spectrum One plan without any speed throttling. Furthermore, the setups aren’t complicated and work on non-VPN-compatible devices like smart TVs and game consoles.

If you’re a Spectrum subscriber in the US and want to unlock more, keep reading!

How to Setup NordVPN for Spectrum?

The step-by-step guide for setting up NordVPN for Spectrum is the same for all PC and mobile devices. I’ve used macOS in this guide.

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN with these fantastic discounts.
  2. Go to the NordVPN download page and choose NordVPN for Mac.
nordvpn download page
  1. Alternatively, you can search for NordVPN on the App Store on your MacBook.
nordvpn app on macbook app store
  1. Sign in to NordVPN using your login credentials.
nordvpn account log in
  1. Launch the VPN and go to “Settings” by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left corner.
nordvpn settings icon
  1. Tap the “General” tab and go to the “VPN Protocol” option. Set it to NordLynx. This is the fastest protocol for stutter-free streaming and gaming on Spectrum Internet Gig or Ultra.
nordvpn vpn protocol
  1. Next, tap the “Kill Switch” tab on the left panel and toggle it on. If the VPN connection drops, the kill switch stops Spectrum from seeing your “prohibited” activities like gambling in unlicensed states or torrenting.
nordvpn kill switch settings
  1. Now tap the global icon at the top left corner to open the server list. Tap a location once to connect. For example, use a UK server to access SkySports to watch English Premier League highlights anywhere in the US.
streaming skysports using nordvpn uk server

How to Bypass Spectrum NordVPN Blocks?

Whether using Spectrum Internet Gig or Spectrum Mobile, the network doesn’t block NordVPN. However, if you encounter connectivity issues using any Spectrum internet plan with NordVPN, try these reliable troubleshooting tips:

Disable Spectrum Security Shield

Spectrum Security Shield is a built-in feature that monitors internet traffic and blocks threats before they reach your WiFi devices. As such, it can mistake your NordVPN traffic as a threat and block it. Fortunately, you can manage the feature through My Spectrum App and allowlist NordVPN or disable Security Shield entirely.

Purchase Another Router

Most Spectrum routers and modems aren’t compatible with VPNs. 

However, you can purchase a VPN-compatible router that works with Spectrum.

Examples of VPN-compatible routers and modems include ASUS RT-AX82U and NETGEAR Nighthawk AX5300. Read this guide on installing NordVPN on routers for more information and setups.

Alternatively, check these detailed setup guides for other NordVPN-compatible routers.

Bind NordVPN to Your P2P Client

torrent network settings

Some Spectrum users report getting DMCA notices when torrenting with NordVPN active. This is likely due to human error, which can be solved by binding NordVPN to your P2P client.

This eliminates the risk of IP leaks by stopping torrent downloads until a NordVPN connection is active. Read our guides on how to bind NordVPN with Deluge and Vuze.

Enable NordVPN’s Kill Switch

nordvpn kill switch

NordVPN’s kill switch stops Spectrum from seeing clandestine internet activities (like torrenting) if your VPN connection drops. For example, if you’re using PokerStars in a state like California, Spectrum can’t report your gambling activities to the authorities.

I tested the kill switch by activating it in the app settings with the VPN running. 

Then, I disconnected from the VPN. Upon refreshing, I saw the “no internet connection” page.

no internet connection page

Luckily, the page immediately reloaded after reconnecting to NordVPN, confirming that the kill switch works!

Use Obfuscated Servers

nordvpn obfuscated servers

NordVPN’s obfuscated servers are a reliable way to bypass Spectrum NordVPN blocks.

For example, if your workplace uses Spectrum Business and forbids access to certain sites, NordVPN’s obfuscated servers bypass these blocks while disguising your VPN traffic as normal HTTPS traffic. This is especially necessary if VPNs are forbidden on your Spectrum network.

However, note that obfuscated servers can negatively impact speeds.

What Is the Best NordVPN Server for Spectrum TV?

The best NordVPN server for Spectrum TV is any New York server

I tried three servers, each working with Spectrum TV on my first attempt. 

Better yet, I didn’t experience buffering when streaming Beacon 23 in HD.

This wasn’t limited to my Android TV. It also worked on the Spectrum TV app on my Android smartphone. I used the NordLynx protocol, which is usually the fastest.

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NordVPN works with Spectrum routers that have an OpenVPN client built in. However, most Spectrum routers lack this setting, so purchasing a Spectrum-recommended router that supports NordVPN is the best alternative. 

For example, many Asus routers work with Spectrum WiFi and support NordVPN firmware.

NordVPN doesn’t support IPv6 for Spectrum since it disables IPv6 automatically. 

This means if your device uses IPv6, it will default to IPv4, keeping your web traffic encrypted and preventing IPv6 leaks.

Use NordVPN With Spectrum for Untapped Internet

NordVPN works with Spectrum Internet Ultra, Gig, and other internet plans across different devices. It bypasses Spectrum blocks on restricted business networks and eliminates DMCA notices when properly set up.

Plus, if you can’t use NordVPN with Spectrum, my troubleshooting guide above walks you through reliable tips to get things running.

So, grab a NordVPN subscription today to unlock the full potential of your Spectrum network.

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