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How to Watch Pornhub With Private Internet Access?

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You can watch Pornhub with Private Internet Access by connecting to a secure server in a PornHub-supported location.

This also allows you to unblock the site in areas where it’s censored by the government or blocked by network admins.

So, you retain access to your favorite models, genres, and live cams from anywhere.

How to Watch Pornhub With PIA on Mobile/PC?

Watching Pornhub on your PC or smartphone with PIA is easy. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Get your PIA subscription (get discounts here).
  1. Download the PIA app on your smartphone or PC. You can get the smartphone app on your mobile app store or download the PC app from the PIA website.
pia vpn apps
  1. Install and launch the PIA app. I’ll use the Windows PC app for this setup, but the steps are similar.
  2. Log in with your account username and password. Your username usually starts with a “p” and can be found in your PIA email communications.
  3. Connect to the WireGuard protocol for buffer-free Pornhub streaming. Go via the menu icon > Settings > Protocols and enable “WireGuard.”
pia wireguard protocol
  1. Return to the VPN home page and click the power button to connect to the nearest server.
pia power button
  1. Or click the “VPN Server” and search for a preferred location to unblock Pornhub. I recommend Canada, the USA, and Portugal.
pia london streaming server
  1. Click the big power button to connect.
pia connected to milano server
  1. Open your browser in an incognito window.
  2. Visit the Pornhub website and watch all your favorite compilations, models, and categories anywhere.
stream pornhub with pia on milano server

Does PIA Block Pornhub Ads?

Private Internet Access blocks ads on Pornhub once you enable the MACE feature before connecting to any server. This in-built ad-blocker works on all servers and protocols, so you don’t have to restrict your Pornhub-unblocking.

For context, I unblocked Pornhub using PIA without MACE and got all the sidebar ads.

pia mace feature test on pornhub

However, I only saw the ad placeholders the next time I unblocked PIA with MACE active.

pia blocks ads on pornhub

The best part is that MACE is free with PIA VPN, so you don’t have to pay extra to get it. Here’s how to enable PIA’s MACE before unblocking Pornhub:

  1. Open your PIA app.
  2. Click the menu icon, then Settings.
pia privacy settings
  1. Click “Privacy.”
  2. Check “PIA MACE.”
  3. Return to the VPN home page and connect to a server.
  4. Unblock Pornhub and enjoy it without pesky ads.

Can You Use PIA’s Split Tunneling for Pornhub?

You can use PIA’s split tunneling to unblock Pornhub without letting the VPN affect other apps and programs on your device.

This is best for work and school connections where you want to bypass network restrictions to Pornhub without passing your other apps through the VPN tunnel.

Here’s how to set up PIA’s split tunneling to unblock Pornhub:

  1. Open the PIA app.
  2. Click the menu icon, then “Settings.”
pia split tunnel options
  1. Click “Split Tunnel,” then check the “Split Tunnel” box.
  2. Click “+ Add Application.”
add application to pia split tunnel
  1. Search for the browser you use to access Pornhub. I’ll search for “Chrome” in this example.
adding chrome to pia split tunnel
  1. Click the browser, then “OK.”
  2. Click the dropdown menu in front of “All Other Apps.” Then, choose “Bypass VPN.”
bypass vpn split tunnel option
  1. Click the dropdown in front of Google Chrome, then select “Only VPN.”
pia app split tunnel options
  1. Connect to a VPN server. I’ll choose Norway for this example.
  2. Unblock Pornhub without worrying about the VPN impact on your sensitive work apps, school programs, banking services and other location-specific programs.
unblock pornhub with pia connected to norway server
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Unblock Porn Anywhere With PIA

Whether you’re in Egypt, Qatar, the UAE, or the red states of the USA where Pornhub is blocked, PIA’s reliable unblocking on all servers and protocols will get you access. 

Add that to its ultra-fast WireGuard protocol, and you can get channels like Brazzers in 4K or HD!

Don’t forget to set up the PIA MACE to block ads and trackers while watching Pornhub for an even more private and secure experience.

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