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How to Watch Pornhub With Surfshark?

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You can watch Pornhub with Surfshark in restricted regions and networks by connecting to a server like Los Angeles, where Pornhub is accessible.

On top of this, Surfshark hides your Pornhub streaming from network administrators at school and work and even from government surveillance through its solid encryption.

Itching to know how you can safely access the porn site with Surfshark? Then, read this to the end.

How to Unblock Pornhub Using Surfshark?

You can unblock Pornhub with Surfshark anywhere worldwide with the following quick steps.

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark through these unbeatable deals.
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  1. Download and install Surfshark on your streaming device. I used a MacBook.
get surfshark for mac
  1. Ensure you have IKEv2 or WireGuard protocols selected for the best buffer-free speeds.
selecting wireguard protocol on surfshark
  1. Connect to a server where Pornhub is not blocked. I recommend using a US server but avoid Mississippi, Utah, and Virginia since Pornhub is blocked there.
unblocking pornhub with surfshark on us server
  1. Launch your browser and open Pornhub. You can now stream all the adult content you want.

Can the Surfshark Kill Switch Protect Me When Watching Pornhub?

The Surfshark kill switch can protect you when watching Pornhub by preventing your IP address from accidentally leaking.

The VPN connection can sometimes drop when you change networks or there’s a power outage, and this triggers the kill switch to disconnect your internet immediately.

That stops anyone snooping around from seeing your IP address and what you’re browsing.

You can activate the kill switch in the app settings on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

enable kill switch on surfshark

Does Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode Unblock Pornhub in the Middle East?

Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode unblocks Pornhub in the Middle East, where both the VPN and the porn site are illegal.

Camouflage Mode is an obfuscation feature that disguises your VPN traffic as a regular internet connection to avoid VPN detection. Considering the heavy penalties for using VPNs, this keeps you from any trouble with authorities.

The Camouflage Mode on Surfshark is automatically activated when you switch to the OpenVPN protocol, and it’s available on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Can Surfshark’s CleanWeb Block Ads on Pornhub?

Surfshark’s Cleanweb is a reliable ad blocker that stops pop-up ads from loading on Pornhub. It is available on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux and can be activated from the app settings through the following quick steps:

  1. Open “Settings.”
surfshark settings icon
  1. Click on “VPN settings” and scroll to “CleanWeb.”
  2. Toggle the button at the furthest end to green.
enable cleanweb on surfshark

I conducted an adblocker test for Cleanweb, recording 71/100. True to that, the tool stopped many ads from interrupting my Pornhub streaming.

running adblocker tester with surfshark on us server

Is Using Surfshark’s Split Tunneling Necessary for Pornhub?

Surfshark offers a split tunneling feature called Bypasser that you can use to only encrypt Pornhub traffic. This would be ideal if you have other apps or software incompatible with VPNs.

For example, I frequently use PayPal on my Android and MacBook Air, and suddenly changing my location to another region can lead to my PayPal account being flagged for suspicious activities.

By only routing Pornhub traffic through the VPN with a separate browser, the Bypasser ensures all other apps operate normally using a regular internet connection.

This also boosts your porn streaming speeds.

However, Surfshark’s Bypasser is only available on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 and Android apps.

To activate it on Windows:

  1. Launch Surfshark and go to “Settings.”
surfshark settings window
  1. Click “VPN settings.”
vpn settings on surfshark
  1. Scroll and click “Bypasser.”
bypasser feature on surfshark
  1. Surfshark for Windows offers three options. There’s Route via VPN and Bypass VPN for adding or excluding specific apps (like your browser to access Pornhub) to and from the encrypted tunnel. You can also use the Bypass VPN for websites to exclude certain domains from the VPN traffic.
bypasser settings on surfshark

To activate Bypasser on Android:

  1. Launch the VPN and open “Settings.”
surfshark settings on android
  1. Tap “VPN settings.”
vpn settings on surfshark android app
  1. Scroll down and tap “Bypasser.”
bypasser feature on surfshark android app
  1. Choose between Bypass VPN and Route via VPN, depending on whether you want to add apps to or exclude them from the encrypted tunnel.
bypasser options on surfshark android app
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Stream Pornhub Without Paranoia

There you have it, an easy and secure way of watching Pornhub with Surfshark from anywhere worldwide.

The encryption takes care of any external threats, while the IP masking keeps your Pornhub traffic from surveillance. Always activate the kill switch and Camouflage Mode in countries with heavy censorship!

Grab your Surfshark subscription today to keep enjoying Pornhub content.

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