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How to Use Private Internet Access With Discord?

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The best way to use Private Internet Access with Discord is to download the VPN app for your preferred device, log in to your PIA account, and connect to a nearby server before accessing Discord.

PIA has servers in 84 countries, so you can access Discord even in blocked countries like Egypt, Iran, United Arab Emirates, and more.

Continue reading to learn how to set up and find the best Private Internet Access Discord server.

How to Setup PIA for Discord?

Discord is available on PCs, mobile phones, consoles, and browsers

Each device has different steps, so I made a guide for each one below:

How to Setup PIA for Discord on PC?

Follow these easy steps to use Private Internet Access with Discord on your PC:

  1. Check out PIA’s deals and choose an annual or multi-year plan to save the most money.
Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Download the PIA app for your preferred PC. I’ll get the Windows PC app for this demonstration.
private internet access app on pc
  1. Launch the PIA VPN app and log in.
  2. Click the large power button to auto-connect to the nearest server or choose a specific server to unblock Discord.
  1. Open the Discord website and start discovering new servers!
discord website

How to Setup PIA for Discord on Mobile?

You can download PIA and Discord for Android and iOS devices. 

Follow these easy steps to use Private Internet Access with Discord on your mobile device:

  1. Sign up for PIA (get discounts here).
  2. Download the PIA app from your device’s app store. I’ll grab it from Google’s Play Store for my Android device.
  1. Open the PIA app and sign in.
  1. Tap the yellow power button and wait until it becomes green to connect to an automatically-chosen nearby server.
  1. Optional: Click the displayed location to open the server list and choose a different server location.
  1. Once connected, open Discord. PIA will have a notification icon to show you’re connected to the VPN while using Discord.

How to Setup PIA for Discord on Browsers?

PIA has Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser extensions. Follow these easy steps to use Private Internet Access with Discord on Chrome:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the PIA extension.
  2. Click the extension, then click “Add to Chrome.”
pia chrome extension
  1. Click the extension on the top right of your webpage. Then, log into your account.
private internet access chrome extension log in
  1. Keep the automatic server selection or choose one that best suits you, then click on the yellow button to connect.
pia connect to server button
  1. Open the Discord webpage and log in.
discord webpage

Can Private Internet Access Unblock Discord in China?

Yes, PIA will allow you to access your Discord account while connecting from a restricted country like China, Russia, and Vietnam.

However, PIA doesn’t unblock Discord flawlessly in China since some IPs can be detected and blocked. Thus, you may have to disconnect and reconnect to multiple PIA servers to find one that hasn’t been blocked from accessing Discord in the region.

Why Isn’t Private Internet Access Working With Discord? (And How to Fix It)

discord connections problems with pia connected to us east

You’ll see Discord in a constant loading state or with all your servers unable to load if it’s having connection issues. Here are some common problems that cause PIA to not work with Discord and how to fix them:

Blocked IP

Discord will sometimes block the IP of a user who broke its Terms of Service (which could have been an IP posted by PIA). Restricted countries will also block IPs from VPNs they haven’t authorized.

The best fix is to disconnect and reconnect to a new PIA server before you connect to Discord.

Firewall Issues

Your PC or antivirus firewall may block Discord or PIA, making it challenging to connect. So, ensure PIA and Discord are allowed on your firewall’s exceptions list.

Low Speeds

Discord may not work when connected to PIA due to slow speeds. 

Such slow speeds may be from overcrowding on a single server, a significant distance between your physical location and your connected server, or reduced base network speeds.

You’ll either need to switch to a new server, select a location closer to you, or troubleshoot your base speeds to ensure they aren’t too slow to use PIA with Discord properly.

What Makes PIA Suitable for Discord?

PIA is a fantastic VPN for Discord due to its fast speeds, unlimited device connections, and vast server network, among other things. Plus, you’ll also get the following:

Large Server Network

With thousands of servers in 84+ countries, you can easily access Discord with PIA and even unblock Discord in restricted countries like China or Iran.

It was recorded that nearly 229 million Discord visits came from the US in July 2022. Luckily, PIA has servers in all 50 US states, making it easier to choose one of the best Private Internet Access Discord servers to access the service in those regions safely.

High Speeds

Discord requires high speeds, especially when streaming your screen or on a voice call. PIA’s servers provide superfast speeds so Discord users can use the app without stuttering.

Although PIA has been tested thoroughly, I still decided to try PIA’s speeds while on a Discord voice call. My download speed dropped by only 26%, but my upload speed stayed the same.

My base connection speed:

base internet connection speed

My connection speed while on PIA’s nearest server:

internet connection speed with pia

Unlimited Devices

PIA offers unlimited connections, so you can simultaneously use Discord on multiple devices. I wanted to try this, so I opened Discord on my PC to watch a video stream. 

I also used my phone to scroll the Discord chat log while connected to another PIA server, all without issues.

Additionally, PIA has native Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS apps, router support, and SmartDNS. To unblock Discord on your gaming console, simply set up PIA on your router or use its SmartDNS.

Browser Extension

pia browser extension

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading the app, you can always use PIA’s browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) for Discord.

However, note that you’ll only get PIA’s protection on the Discord website, not the app, if you use the PIA extension. That’s why I recommend the PIA app setup instead since it provides all-encompassing coverage on all apps and browsers.

Kill Switch

Having a kill switch is essential for users using PIA with Discord from a restricted country. After all, you could get in trouble for using Discord in places with solid censorship laws.

PIA’s kill switch will cut your internet if it detects your server connection has disconnected. Hence, preventing third parties from seeing you were using Discord.

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Discord will not ban you if it detects you use PIA or any VPN while on its servers. Nothing in Discord’s Terms of Service restricts VPN usage, but Discord may ban your account if it thinks you’re using a VPN to get around an IP ban.

Set Up Private Internet Access With Discord Today

You can find the best Private Internet Access-Discord server since options exist in 84 countries. Hence, you can bypass IP bans, stay anonymous while using a Discord server or get the service in countries where it’s banned.

Not to mention with PIA’s fast speeds, app compatibility, and unlimited device connections, you’ll seamlessly set up and use Discord anywhere.

Grab one of Private Internet Access’s deals to save more on this reliable provider and use Discord from anywhere.

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