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Does Private Internet Access Allow Port Forwarding?

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Private Internet Access supports port forwarding, allowing you to route incoming internet traffic to a specific port on your VPN server.

PIA’s port forwarding optimizes your internet connection, helps bypass school or workplace firewalls, and improves your online experience, whether you’re playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare or torrenting files on ThePirateBay.

However, the PIA port forwarding feature is limited, offering only one randomly assigned port number per connection. This means you can’t get more than one port to forward.

If that’s not a dealbreaker, here’s how to use it.

How to Set Up Private Internet Access Port Forwarding?

Here’s the stepwise guide to enable your PIA port forwarding feature on Windows and Mac computers:

  1. Buy a Private Internet Access subscription (get a discount here).
  2. Download the PIA app to your device. I’ll use the Windows PC app for this guide, but the process is the same across supported devices.
  3. Log in” to your PIA account.
private internet access account log in
  1. Click the three vertical menu icon to access “Settings.”
private internet access settings
  1. Click “Network” and check “Request Port Forwarding.”
private internet access request port forwarding
  1. Close the “Settings” menu and connect to your favorite PIA server.
private internet access vpn ip address and port number

How to Use Private Internet Access Port Forwarding on Linux? (Manual Configuration Script)

PIA allows Linux users to set up manual port-forwarding connections through scripts. The process is geared towards tech-inclined users who can work around complex setups.

Linux users towing the manual configuration path will need to have these packages:

  1. curl
  2. jq
  3. wg-quick and WireGuard kernel module (for WireGuard setup)
  4. OpenVPN (for OpenVPN setup).

Once the dependencies are installed, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the PIA manual install script here.
  2. Open a terminal interface and navigate to the folder containing the downloaded scripts.
  3. Run the “sudo ./run_setup.sh” command.
  4. Enter your computer’s password to unlock the system administrator.
  5. Input your PIA username and password. Please note that the password tray will remain blank as you type. PIA admits it’s a security feature to prevent password theft.
  6. Input your connection type and connect via OpenVPN or WireGuard protocol to enjoy port forwarding on PIA.

You can manage your VPN connection on Linux by entering “wg-quick down pia” in your terminal for WireGuard connections or “sudo kill 1234” for OpenVPN connections.

How to Fix Private Internet Access Port Forwarding Not Working?

Sometimes, your Private Internet Access Port Forwarding feature may not work. 

This could be due to one or more of the following errors. I’ve included the fixes, too.

“Port Forwarding Is Not Available for This Location” Error Message

Certain PIA server locations, especially US servers, don’t support the port forwarding feature. You can bypass this by choosing servers in neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico.

private internet access port forwarding not available

Change your server location using the server selection button on the VPN client dashboard.

VPN Not Connecting

Your VPN not connecting is likely due to internet connection issues or device setup problems. I recommend fixing this problem by disconnecting and reestablishing your internet connection. You can also restart your device and reconnect to the internet before using the PIA port forwarding feature.

“Incoming Port Is Closed. Check Your Firewall Settings” Error Message

This error message pops up when using an incorrect port number. 

Open your PIA app and check the port number assigned to you. Enter the port number in the app you’re forwarding to.

Firewall Blocking Connection

This happens when your native firewall flags your VPN connections. 

Fix this by exempting PIA from monitored traffic in your firewall setting.

Here’s a video showing how you can do so on Windows:

Port Forwarding API Not Working or Script Issues

Linux users may face script issues when they use older scripts. If that happens, access PIA’s newest port forwarding scripts here.

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Private Internet Access lets you use its Port Forwarding feature over OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. So, you can choose the most preferred protocol for seeding torrents or playing Fortnite while opening desired ports.

It is safe to use PIA’s port forwarding feature since the VPN service provider is big on security with its AES 256-bit encryption, kill switch, and anti-DDoS servers. However, only share open ports with trusted sources, as this may create a backdoor for experienced malicious actors looking for a way into your network.

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