Does Surfshark Support Port-Forwarding? (+Alternatives)

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Cutting straight to the chase, Surfshark doesn’t offer VPN port forwarding.

This is a bummer because the VPN shines in other areas, including security and online anonymity.

However, I’ve established which VPNs are the cream of the crop over the years.

So, I say with certainty that the best VPN for port forwarding is Private Internet Access.

PIA streamlined the complexities of port forwarding by adding the service to its user-friendly apps. You can connect to multiple ports within seconds!

You’ll also benefit from unlimited bandwidth, full P2P support for fast file sharing, a large server network, and a zero-logs policy ensuring online anonymity.

Read on to explore more options and see why PIA sits at the top of my port forwarding list.

Surfshark Alternatives That Offer Port Forwarding

Surfshark may be a no-go if you need a VPN service for port forwarding, but the good news is that there’s no shortage of alternatives.

Here are my suggestions for the best VPN services for port forwarding:

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access website

I’ll start with my favorite, Private Internet Access.

I’ve already highlighted why PIA’s my top choice. To add, it’s also one of the most affordable dynamic port-forwarding VPNs, which is quite surprising since it includes port forwarding over and above other specialty features. These specialty features include an automatic kill switch, split tunneling, and PIA Mace as an ad-blocker.

But I realize PIA might not be for everyone, so moving on!


If you’re looking for lightning-fast speeds, ExpressVPN’s your guy!

The VPN flaunts its exclusive Lightway protocol, which, when combined with the provider’s port forwarding feature, produces speeds impossible to compete with.

My only gripe’s that ExpressVPN’s port forwarding only supports recommended routers, and you can forget about setting it up on an app interface.


PureVPN website

PureVPN offers port forwarding as an add-on. You can access the feature for $0.99 per month via your web account portal.

Like PIA, the setup is easy to use, and you enable or disable ports via a checkbox and value field.


TorGuard website

I like TorGuard as a port-forwarding VPN because you can fine-tune the settings. 

However, the port forwarding settings are complex and are generally only understood by advanced users. So, I only recommend this VPN if you’re a VPN software or port forwarding whizz.

Why Does Surfshark Not Offer Port Forwarding?

Unlike other VPN providers, Surfshark explicitly states on its website that it doesn’t support remote or local port forwarding because of security concerns.

surfshark does not support port forwarding
The VPN provider continues to explain other port forwarding vulnerabilities, including web traffic side effects. It mentions the dangers of Port Fail, where a real IP address can leak. Surfshark says it protects its users and each VPN server by not allowing them to succumb to such exploits.

Yes, disabling port forwarding will inconvenience a few users. However, increased security is worth the tradeoff.

Will Surfshark Offer Port Forwarding in the Future?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Surfshark will offer port forwarding in the future.

I reached out to the provider’s support team for more information.

Here’s my agent’s feedback:

surfshark port forwarding in the future

My agent then mentioned a new section in the Surfshark web app called “Product Ideas.” You can upvote various suggestions and feature requests (such as port forwarding).

I went ahead and requested that port forwarding be added to the list.

Anyone wishing to upvote can do so!


You can torrent files using Surfshark even though it doesn’t have port forwarding. 

Port forwarding isn’t a prerequisite for torrenting; it just helps speed up the process.

Surfshark offers military-grade encryption, a no-logs policy, an automatic kill switch, and P2P on all servers. These features make it a good VPN for your torrent client.

You can technically seed torrents while using Surfshark, but you put your security at risk when doing so.

However, if you don’t enable port forwarding, you can only seed to peers with open ports. An open port can be dangerous and are often the gateway to malicious cyber attacks.

While Surfshark does provide VPN security, it’s not invincible when directly exposed.

Final Words

Surfshark’s a good VPN provider with several security features and quality VPN servers, so it’s a pity that it lacks port forwarding.

If you need this feature, I stick to my guns and endorse Private Internet Access for the best port forwarding functionality. You can grab it now and get an exclusive deal!

If you’d like to play the role of investigator and make your own conclusions, you can explore the 5 Best VPNs With Port-Forwarding.

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