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How to Use Private Internet Access With Deluge?

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You can set up Private Internet Access for Deluge via the SOCKS5 proxy or the PIA app. You’ll also need to activate additional security features, such as the kill switch, for reliable torrenting protection.

Pairing Private Internet Access with Deluge ensures you get PIA’s anonymity features on top of Deluge’s robust functionality to securely download torrent files without your ISP or copyright trolls knowing.

How to Set Up Private Internet Access for Deluge?

I’ve shared stepwise guides to torrent privately with Deluge using Private Internet Access’ SOCKS5 proxy or app setup methods.

How to Set Up Deluge With PIA’s SOCKS5 Proxy?

  1. Sign up for PIA. Get these great deals to save big.
  1. Download the Private Internet Access app on your device. PIA has apps for both PC and mobile platforms; choose the one compatible with your operating system. For this guide, I’ll use macOS.
download private internet access for macos
  1. Launch the PIA app and log in with your account information.
  1. Connect to your preferred server location. I chose the Georgia server.
  1. Open the PIA app, and navigate to Settings > Multi-Hop.
private internet access multi-hop feature
  1. Check the “Multi-hop and Obfuscation” box to enable you to toggle the proxy section.
locating socks5 proxy on private internet access
  1. You’ll be required to input details such as Server IP address, Port number, and SOCKS5 login credentials (username and password).
entering socks5 proxy credentials on private internet access
  1. To get your Server IP address, enter the command “ping proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com” into your command prompt (Windows) or terminal (Linux or macOS). You’ll find the IP address in the response right after. PIA’s default port number is “1080.”
locating server ip address on macos command line
  1. To generate your SOCKS5 login credentials, go to your PIA member login area, and log in with your PIA username and password.
  2. Go to the “Downloads” tab and scroll down to “VPN settings.”
downloads tab on private internet access
  1. Click “Generate” to get your SOCKS5 username and password.
generate username and password for socks5 proxy on private internet access
  1. Fill in the details you have gotten into the Proxy section of your PIA app and click “Ok.”
selecting ok on added socks5 credentials
  1. Download and launch Deluge on your device. Go to Preference > Proxy.
locating preferences on deluge
  1. Choose “SOCKS5” as the proxy type.
locating socksv5 proxy on deluge
  1. Enter the host and port number provided by PIA. Here, the “Host” is the Server IP address you generated from your command prompt or terminal, and the port number is PIA’s default port, 1080.
entering host and port values on deluge
  1. Click “Apply” then “OK” to save the settings.
selecting apply and ok buttons on private internet access proxy settings
  1. Restart your Deluge app. Then, select a torrent to download, and monitor the progress.
torrenting with deluge

How to Set Up Deluge Using Private Internet Access App?

This is the easiest way to use Deluge with PIA.

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription.
  2. Download the PIA app for your preferred torrenting device. I’ll use my macOS for this example.
  3. Launch your Private Internet Access app and log in with your account credentials.
  4. Go to Settings > Protocols. Switch to the WireGuard protocol.
wireguard protocol on private internet access
  1. Head to the Privacy section under Settings and turn on “VPN Kill Switch.”
private internet access kill switch feature
  1. Select and connect to a VPN server from the main screen. I recommend a nearby P2P server for the best performance.
  1. Download and install Deluge if you don’t have it already. Then, launch the app with the PIA VPN still running.
  2. Go to a preferred torrent website and click the magnet icon beside a preferred file.
accessing piratebay with private internet access on uk server
  1. The download should start on Deluge under your VPN’s protection.
torrenting on deluge with private internet access on london uk server

How to Configure PIA’s Port Forwarding for Deluge?

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers Port Forwarding on P2P-enabled VPN servers.

You’ll find this feature helpful in cases where you have to maintain a good upload ratio on private trackers, download torrents with a limited number of seeds, or seed torrents faster.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Log in to your PIA app using your account credentials.
  1. Locate the “Settings” menu. Go to Network > Request Port Forwarding. Check the box.
locating request port forwarding on private internet access
  1. Return to the server menu to choose a server that supports port forwarding. If a server doesn’t support port forwarding, it appears greyed out compared to the others.
unavailable port forwarding prompt on private internet access
  1. Once you turn on Port Forwarding, you can access your VPN IP and port number. Write down the 5-digit port number; you’ll need it to configure your network on Deluge.
  1. Open Deluge, then go to Preferences > Network.
network settings on deluge
  1. Uncheck “Use Random Ports” for both Incoming Ports and Outgoing Ports.
incoming and outgoing ports on deluge unchecked
  1. Enter the port number you got from the Private Internet Access app. Enter the same number for “From” and “To.” Also, ensure you leave the Interface area blank.
adding incoming port and interface on deluge
  1. Click “Apply,” then “OK” to save settings, and close the Preference window.
  2. Test your port forwarding setup: Under Preferences > Network, click “Test Active Port.” The port forwarding functions correctly if a green button appears on the right side.
test active port on deluge

PIA Not Working With Deluge? Troubleshooting Tips

Like every other VPN provider, you may occasionally encounter slight issues when using PIA with Deluge. Here are some of these issues and potential solutions:

Connection Drop

If you experience frequent connection drops while using PIA with Deluge, try these solutions:

  • Confirm that your internet connection is stable.
  • Check your anti-virus software or firewall to ensure it’s not blocking the PIA VPN or Deluge.
  • Connect to different PIA servers.

Incompatibility With Proxy

For proxy server issues when using PIA with Deluge, try these:

  • Confirm that you entered the correct proxy server setting in Deluge.
  • Check to see if the PIA proxy server is functioning correctly. You can do this by connecting to it through other applications.
  • If the issue persists, use PIA’s VPN service instead of the proxy.

Slow Torrent Speeds

If your download and upload speeds are slow when torrenting with PIA, you can try the following:

  • Ensure you have a fast base internet connection from your ISP. Otherwise, you won’t be giving PIA much to work with anyway.
  • Connect to a server closer to your physical location for better performance.
  • Check if your ISP is throttling P2P traffic. In that case, switching to the PIA app setup is best since it provides encryption to hide your torrenting activities and bypass ISP throttling.

Why Choose PIA for Downloading Torrents via Deluge?

There are several reasons why Private Internet Access is one of the best VPNs for Deluge. Here are some:

Robust Security

PIA provides advanced security features like a VPN kill switch, IPv6 leak protection, and DNS leak protection to protect your torrenting activities from the government, your ISP, copyright trolls, and other third parties.

​​Private Internet Access also masks your real IP address and assigns you a new IP address from its vast server network. This feature makes it nearly impossible for others to trace your online activities back to your actual location.

No-Logs Policy

PIA’s No-Logs Policy protects your privacy since the provider doesn’t record your torrenting activities on Deluge.

In other words, no information about the files you download, the peers you connect with, or any other details related to your torrenting sessions is stored by PIA.

Wide Server Network

PIA has numerous servers in 84 countries. This way, you can always choose a server nearby to improve your connections’ optimal performance, speed, and stability.

Split Tunneling

The split-tunneling feature enables you selectively route your torrenting traffic through PIA while keeping your other internet activities outside the VPN tunnel.

Hence, optimizing your torrenting experience by reducing network congestion and increasing overall speed.

Kill Switch

PIA app includes a VPN kill switch feature that helps protect your privacy if the VPN connection drops. In such cases, the kill switch automatically cuts off your internet connection to ensure that your real IP address isn’t accidentally exposed while torrenting.

Port-Forwarding & SOCKS5 Proxy

The port-forwarding feature on PIA allows Deluge to establish direct connections with peers, resulting in faster download and upload speeds.

private internet access multi hop feature

Likewise, you get its SOCKS5 proxy to prioritize anonymity without the speed drop via VPN encryption while using Deluge to torrent. However, note that your torrenting activities may still be visible over the SOCKS5 proxy server, even if your IP address is now hidden.

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Using Private Internet Access can potentially affect download and upload speeds in Deluge. The impact of PIA on your download and speed in Deluge varies depending on your choice of server, server load, and internet connection.

However, PIA can also help you bypass ISP bandwidth throttling to unlock faster P2P torrent download speeds.

You can use Private Internet Access with Deluge on multiple devices simultaneously. PIA lets you connect unlimited devices to a single VPN subscription and run Deluge on your computer, laptop, or mobile devices without bandwidth limits.

Final Words

Using PIA with Deluge is a breeze. By following the steps I’ve covered, you can turbocharge your torrenting while keeping your privacy intact.

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