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How to Set Up and Watch ABC iview With PrivateVPN?

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PrivateVPN is an ideal VPN to stream ABC iview outside Australia since it offers Australian servers to unblock the streaming service on PC, smartphones, and Amazon FireStick.

Additionally, PrivateVPN offers ten simultaneous device connections, ensuring multiple household users can unblock ABC iview from the same account.

If that piqued your interest, I’ve created simple guides to set up PrivateVPN for streaming ABC iview anywhere.

How to Setup PrivateVPN and Watch ABC iview?

You can stream ABC iview on your Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Amazon FireStick. I’ll show you how to set up and watch ABC iview on these devices with PrivateVPN below:

How to Setup PrivateVPN for ABC iview on PC?

  1. Buy a PrivateVPN plan. Use these discount offers to save some money.
  2. Go to the “Download” page and select the device you want the PrivateVPN app for. My guide will show you how to do this for Windows, but you can choose macOS or Linux.
download privatevpn app
  1. Launch the PrivateVPN app and log in to your account.
  1. Select an Australian server. Do this by clicking “Change” to select one of the four Australian locations under “All Servers.”
privatevpn australian servers
  1. Open and unblock ABC iview easily. I streamed Interview With The Vampire in the best quality without buffering.
streaming abc iview with privatevpn connected to sydney server

How to Setup PrivateVPN for ABC iview on Mobile?

This is how to specifically set up PrivateVPN to watch ABC iview on your mobile device:

  1. Buy a PrivateVPN plan. You can use the same plan for your mobile and PC devices.
  2. Go to your device’s app store to download PrivateVPN. I’ll use my Android device (Google Play Store) for this demonstration.
  1. Open your VPN and log in with your credentials.
  1. Tap “Change” to open the server list.
  1. Select one of PrivateVPN’s Australian servers. You can pick the server showing the least ping.
  1. Open the ABC iview app and enjoy content like you’re in Australia!

How to Setup PrivateVPN for ABC iview on Amazon FireStick?

  1. Get a PrivateVPN subscription for your Amazon Firestick. Save more with these HUGE deals.
  2. Launch your Amazon Firestick, scroll to the top of the page, and select “Apps.”
amazon firestick apps menu
  1. Under “Apps,” select “Categories,” then “Utility.”
amazon firestick utility apps
  1. Search for “PrivateVPN” and download the VPN app.
privatevpn app on amazon firestick
  1. Click on the app and select “Open.” Then, log in with your account credentials.
open privatevpn app on amazon firestick
  1. Click “Choose Server Location” to get an Australian server and start watching ABC iview immediately.
privatevpn connected to us server location on amazon firestick

Why Is PrivateVPN a Good Choice for Accessing ABC iview?

PrivateVPN offers 4 Australian servers and additional private dynamic servers, making it even easier to unblock ABC iview outside Australia. These PrivateVPN features alone make it an excellent choice to access ABC iview, but it doesn’t stop there:

Dedicated IP Servers

PrivateVPN’s Dedicated IP servers, which include an Australian server, are free with the base subscription plan, whereas most VPNs make you pay extra.

They’re one of PrivateVPN’s best features for accessing ABC iview since they assign you a new, never-before-used IP address. Thus, reducing your chances of landing on a VPN server that ABC has blocked.

Go to the “Dedicated IP” tab to select the “Australia – Sydney” option, and you’re ready.

privatevpn dedicated ip addresses


PrivateVPN is easy to navigate to find the best server to stream ABC iview. 

No additional setup is needed after installing PrivateVPN to watch ABC iview. 

In other words, it’s a plug-and-play solution to unblock the streaming service outside Australia.

Multiple Device Connections

You can use PrivateVPN to stream ABC iview on up to 10 devices simultaneously, spanning PCs (Windows, macOS) and mobile devices (iOS, Android)

Although there aren’t Smart TV apps, setting up the VPN through a router will allow you to watch ABC iview from your connected TV.

In practice, this makes the affordable VPN even cheaper since multiple users can chip in to get it.

Fast Speeds

PrivateVPN’s ultra-fast servers unblocked ABC iview shows in HD, making it seem like I didn’t even layer my connection over the VPN. I tested its multiple Australian servers to see if they could all replicate this, and I wasn’t disappointed.

PrivateVPN Not Working With ABC iview? Troubleshooting Guide

abc iview video player error

I had no problems streaming ABC iview with PrivateVPN. But if you’re experiencing an issue, you may see an error screen like the one above. This type of error can be caused by a few things, which I cover below:

IP Blocked

ABC iview (and other streaming services) will block an IP if they believe it’s coming from outside Australia. Likewise, the service may block a VPN IP address, like the one you may be connected to, to keep people outside Australia away.

You can fix this by disconnecting from your current PrivateVPN Australia IP and reconnecting to the same or another Australian server to generate a new IP.

Data Leak

ABC iview may still get wind of your location if your browser’s cache and cookies have stored remnants of your IP data before connecting to the VPN. 

The best solution is to clear your browser cache and re-attempt unblocking ABC iview. Likewise, you should consider unblocking the service in Incognito/private browsing mode since it lacks cookies.

The Best PrivateVPN Alternatives to Stream ABC iview

I enjoyed my experience streaming ABC iview with PrivateVPN. 

Still, the VPN could do better with more AU server locations, additional device connections, and higher speeds.

So, here are some worthy alternatives to stream ABC iview and why they made the cut:

NordVPN - P2P-Optimized Servers for Faster Streaming

streaming abc iview with nordvpn connected to australia server

NordVPN has five Australian server locations (Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane) to stream ABC iview from.

Besides more Australian servers, NordVPN tops PrivateVPN with its fast P2P-optimized servers, making streaming ABC iview easier than ever.

Finally, its NordLynx (a custom protocol that improves on WireGuard) protocol rivals PrivateVPN’s OpenVPN, ensuring faster streaming speeds and reliable unblocking in the same breath.

Surfshark - Huge AU Server List

streaming abc view with surfshark connected to australia server

Surfshark’s vast Australian server count and unlimited device connections surpass PrivateVPN’s offerings.

With unlimited connections, multiple family members or friends can stream their favorite shows on different devices while protected by Surfshark.

Surfshark also has 90+ Australian servers in 5 locations.

You can connect an unlimited amount of devices simultaneously with Surfshark. 

More connections allow you to set up and watch ABC iview on as many devices as you or your family wants.

ExpressVPN - Fast Obfuscation Servers to Bypass Restrictions and Stream ABC iview

streaming abc iview with expressvpn connected to australia server

ExpressVPN offers six Australian server locations, more than the others, in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Woolloomooloo. The best part about these servers is that they get ExpressVPN’s fast and automatic obfuscation which aids in unblocking under the toughest restrictions.

This obfuscation makes it possible to bypass VPN traffic blocks on ABC iview and evade firewall restrictions to the site on any network. The best part about ExpressVPN’s obfuscation is that it comes with high speeds, unlike other providers where you get a massive drop.

PS I recommend the ExpressVPN Lightway – UDP protocol for the fastest obfuscation with reliable unblocking.

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ABC iview won’t ban you for streaming its content with PrivateVPN as it has no rules against VPN usage. However, it may ban specific IPs, including overused VPN IP addresses, from accessing its content.

Stream ABC iview With PrivateVPN Today!

PrivateVPN is an easy-to-navigate VPN with dynamic, dedicated IP servers to unblock ABC iview flawlessly. Furthermore, its native apps make streaming on popular devices like PC, mobile, and FireStick easier.

So, grab this fantastic PrivateVPN deal today to start streaming your favorite ABC iview content and channels like you’re in Oz.

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