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How to Setup and Watch ABC iview With NordVPN?

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The best way to set up NordVPN for ABC iview is to connect to a NordVPN Australian server and unblock the streaming service on mobile or PC devices.

You can also set up NordVPN on your router to unblock ABC iview on your smart TVs or PlayStation 4.

While you can enjoy the international ABC iview version from anywhere, NordVPN ensures you can keep watching ABC TV, ABC TV Plus, ABC Kids, and other local broadcasts outside Australia.

How to Unblock ABC iview Using NordVPN?

You can unblock ABC iview using NordVPN on PC and mobile devices, smart TV sets, and gaming consoles like the PS4.

Here are guides to unblock the service on any of these units.

How to Unblock ABC iview With NordVPN on PC and Mobile?

The unblocking process is similar for mobile and PC apps since they have native NordVPN apps. Here’s how to access ABC iview outside Australia:

  1. Get a NordVPN subscription. Grab these discount deals to save more.
  2. Download the NordVPN app for your device. You can get the PC app (Windows, macOS, Chromebook, or Linux) from the NordVPN download page or the mobile app from your respective app stores. I’ll download the Windows PC app for this example.
get nordvpn app for windows pc
  1. Install and launch the NordVPN app.
  2. Sign in with your account credentials. These are your email and username details created in Step 1.
  3. Choose a connection protocol. I recommend NordLynx for fast streaming speeds. Go through Settings > Connection > VPN protocol > NordLynx.
nordvpn nordlynx vpn protocol
  1. Click the locations tab, then click the drop-down menu.
  2. Search for “Australia.” You can connect to the main server location (in green) to automatically get the best Australian server or click on a preferred city. I’ll choose the first option.
searching for australia server on nordvpn
  1. Wait for connection confirmation, then test for leaks. I’ll use www.ipleak.net to ensure my device now broadcasts an Australian IP address.
  2. Open the ABC iview website. Sign up if you don’t have an account or log in to your account.
  3. You can now stream all seasons of The ABC of… With David Wenham, watch The Adventures of Paddington or catch everything as it happens on the News Breakfast: Early from anywhere.
streaming abc tv with nordvpn on australia server

How to Unblock ABC iview With NordVPN on Smart TVs or PS4?

NordVPN offers devices without native VPN support, like your smart TV and gaming consoles, and its Smart DNS support to unblock content fast.

However, Smart DNS is partial to unblocking US content, which ABC iview isn’t.

Luckily, you can set up NordVPN on your router to unblock the streaming service on these devices. Here’s how:

  1. Get a NordVPN subscription. Use these discount offers.
  2. Set up NordVPN on a compatible router. I’ve included a video guide below. Ensure to choose an Australian server for the router setup.
  1. Connect your smart TV (Samsung TV, Hisense TV, or LG TV) or PlayStation 4 gaming console to the router network.
  2. Log in to your ABC iview account.
  3. Start streaming your preferred news, music, kids, educational or other content on ABC iview.

What Makes NordVPN Ideal to Unblock ABC iview?

NordVPN’s most significant selling point for unblocking ABC iview is its Australian server fleet, but it offers much more than that.

Australian Server Spread

NordVPN is home to 190+ Australian servers across Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney.

This ensures you can always get a free Oz server to watch your preferred ABC iview content without overcrowding. Likewise, you can switch servers if ABC iview catches up to any NordVPN IP address.

nordvpn australia servers

You can even go the extra mile to get NordVPN’s Australian dedicated IP server in Sydney. With that, you never have to worry about ABC iview catching on to your VPN usage!

Fast Streaming Speeds

NordVPN’s impressive server speeds ensure you can stream ABC iview in 1080p HD quality across your mobile devices, PCs, PlayStation 4 console, or smart TV sets.

Likewise, you won’t have to endure buffering when watching your favorite episode of Traces or catching up on the electrifying Hard Quiz.

Multi-Device Compatibility

NordVPN has a solution to unblock and stream ABC iview on your macOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, Android, and iOS devices. Even though it lacks native apps for Smart TVs and gaming consoles, its router support still makes it a compatible VPN provider to watch ABC iview on these units.

streaming adventures of paddington with nordvpn on australia server

The best part is that six users can simultaneously unblock ABC iview on multiple units from a single NordVPN subscription.

NordVPN Not Unblocking ABC iview? Try These 4 Fixes

NordVPN should unblock ABC iview seamlessly if set up with the above procedure.

But in the case of a glitch, try these fixes:

Switch VPN Servers

First, check that you’re connected to Australian servers, which are the best to unblock ABC iview.

If so, then ABC caught on to the NordVPN IP address you’re on.

So, disconnect from the server you’re on and connect to another NordVPN Australian server to try again.

Luckily, you have 190+ Australian servers to switch to at any time.

Check for Leaks

Ensure you’re not leaking your actual IP/DNS details.

nordvpn dns leak test results on australia server

An excellent way to check is by performing a leak test after connecting to the VPN.

You should get the VPN server’s IP address/location, not your actual IP address/location.

Otherwise, the VPN isn’t working yet. Disconnect and reconnect to the VPN, then try again.

Connect to the VPN First

Only access the ABC iview website or app after connecting to the VPN.

Otherwise, the website/app already knows your IP and DNS details.

In that case, connecting to the VPN might not unblock any content for that session.

Clear Cache/Cookies

Clearing your PC browser cache and cookies eliminates saved IP/location data, which may interfere with the VPN’s unblocking.

Alternatively, I recommend accessing ABC iview in your browser’s incognito/private browsing mode after connecting to the VPN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ABC iview doesn’t block NordVPN traffic specifically, but the platform is known to block known VPN IP addresses and traffic. Luckily, NordVPN’s robust technology and extensive Australian server fleet allow it to bypass such blocks to keep accessing the platform everywhere.

Now, You Be the Wizard of Oz!

NordVPN flies you to Australia in a matter of seconds, no matter where you are in the world, and gives you access to ABC iview again. There’s no smoother wizardry than that!

Thanks to its 190+ Australian servers in five cities, an ultra-fast protocol for HD streams, and reliable unblocking, you never have to miss your favorite news or entertainment content anymore.

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