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Does PureVPN Offer SOCKS5 Proxy?

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l recommend NordVPN, PIA, or IPVanish if you want a solid SOCKS5 proxy for super-fast P2P sharing, streaming, gaming, and more.

But don’t give up on PureVPN too quickly!

PureVPN still bypasses internet blocks with lightning-fast speeds and protects your online privacy with industry-leading security.

Plus, it offers port forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, and P2P support to download torrents quickly and securely.

Read on to learn more.

Does PureVPN Have SOCKS5 Proxy Alternatives?

PureVPN doesn’t have direct SOCKS5 proxy alternatives.

However, it offers port forwarding as an add-on for $0.99/m. This feature can mimic the speed, security, and unblocking capability of a SOCKS5 proxy.

By default, port forwarding redirects incoming torrent connections to the specified IP/port on a private network.

As a result, it increases torrent download speeds and makes seeding easier.

purevpn port forwarding

PureVPN Alternatives With SOCKS5 Proxy

Some major VPN providers offer SOCKS5 proxy on top of the main VPN service. 

Here are my suggestions for the best PureVPN SOCKS5 proxy alternatives:


NordVPN is the best SOCKS5 VPN, with several SOCKS5 proxy servers, including in North America, Europe, and the British Isles. This lets you choose nearby servers for faster connection speeds.

On top of that, it offers dedicated P2P servers optimized specifically for fast and secure file sharing across all P2P platforms.

Best of all, NordVPN’s SOCKS5 is easy to set up, no matter which torrent client you use. Just choose your preferred SOCKS5 proxy server, type the port number, and fill in your NordVPN username and password!

Private Internet Access

PIA has SOCKS5 proxy servers in the US, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, and Japan, among other countries. Thus, you can bypass geo-blocking and unblock all major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

Better yet, PIA combines its SOCKS5 proxy with Multi-Hop, which sends your traffic through obfuscated servers for an extra layer of security. You’ll hardly notice any speed loss when using the VPN’s Multi-Hop.

The best part is that PIA offers P2P support on every server, which makes transferring and sharing files much easier. You can even enable port forwarding on some servers for increased speed and protection during torrenting.


IPVanish website

With 25+ SOCKS5 proxy servers across 14 countries, including 13 in the US, it’s easy to see why IPVanish is an excellent choice for unblocking torrent websites and geo-blocked content.

Most importantly, IPVanish is spectacularly fast over its SOCKS5 servers. 

You can quickly download large files or watch your favorite streams in HD.

My only gripe is that IPVanish is based in the United States, which has worrying data retention laws. Luckily, a strict no-logs policy ensures that the VPN doesn’t store records of your online activity.

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It doesn’t appear PureVPN will offer SOCKS5 proxy support in the future. 

Actually, the VPN provider hasn’t stated anywhere on its website whether it’ll include it in the future.

However, that’s not a hard pill to swallow, considering other established VPN providers, including Surshark and ExpressVPN, also don’t support SOCKS5 proxies.

To Sum It Up…

PureVPN doesn’t offer SOCKS5 proxy support, nor has it stated on its development roadmap that it’ll roll it out soon.

The good news is that PureVPN offers fast and secure connections even without a SOCKS5 proxy. Plus, you can grab my exclusive discount to sweeten the deal further.

Meanwhile, defer to NordVPN if SOCKS5 proxy support is necessary.

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