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Does PrivateVPN Offer SOCKS5 Proxy?

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Yes, PrivateVPN offers easy-to-setup SOCKS5 proxy support, especially if you know where to look for the PrivateVPN servers that support SOCKS5!

The SOCKS5 proxy is an improved proxy service to hide your IP address during torrenting and web scraping or to access geo-blocked content quickly.

Since it doesn’t use encryption, your connection will be much faster. 

However, it’s less safe than a premium VPN server.

Learn more about PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy and how to set it up.

How to Set Up PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 Proxy on Your PC?

The first step to setting up PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 on your device is to sign in to the provider’s website and retrieve the necessary information.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to PrivateVPN’s website and click on ‘Get PrivateVPN.’
  2. Enter your information and proceed to payment.
  3. Download and install the PrivateVPN app on your device.
  4. After installing PrivateVPN, log in to your online account to access the PrivateVPN SOCKS5 proxy information.

Once these details are ready, follow the steps shared in the guides below.

How to Set Up PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 Proxy on MacOS?

Follow these steps to use PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy on your macOS units:

  1. Go to “System Preferences.”
  2. Select “Network,” then “Advance.”
  3. From the dropdown menu, click “SOCKS5 Proxy.”
  4. Enter the proxy server address and the port number you got from PrivateVPN.
  5. Click “OK” to save your settings.

How to Set Up SOCKS5 Proxy on Windows?

Here’s a simple stepwise guide to activate PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy on Windows PC units:

  1. Go to the start menu and click “Settings.”
  2. Click “Network & Internet.”
network and internet settings
Bypass Internet Blocks and Enjoy Safe Streaming with PrivateVPN SOCKS5 Proxy
  1. Click “Proxy.”
proxy tab
Enjoy Safe Torrenting and Supper-Fast Speed With PrivateVPN SOCKS5
  1. Toggle the button (Use a proxy server) under “Manual proxy setup.”
manual proxy setup
  1. Enter the proxy server address and port number you obtained from PrivateVPN.
proxy server address and port number
Overcome Geo-Restrictions With PrivateVPN SOCKS5 Proxy
  1. Click “Save.”

How to Set Up PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 Proxy on Torrent Clients?

socks5 proxy on torrent clients
Most Reliable, Easy to Setup, and Easy to Use SOCKS5 Proxy from PrivateVPN

You can also configure PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy on torrent clients to secure torrent downloads without the VPN’s encryption.

I used Vuze as my torrent client for this demonstration:

  1. Subscribe to a PrivateVPN plan and set up an account.
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Launch Vuze and click “Tools,” then “Options.”
tools settings
  1. Click on the “Mode” tab and select “Advanced” under “User Proficiency.”
user proficiency
  1. Select the “Connection” tab and turn off the following under “Peer Sources:”
  • Decentralized tracking
  • Supplied by another peer
  • Added by a plugin
  • Incoming connection
peer sources
  1. Next, double-click on the Connection section to expand it.
connection settings
  1. Select “Proxy,” then mark the following boxes under “Tracker Communications:”
  • Enable proxying of tracker communications [restart required]
  • I have a SOCKS proxy
tracker communication
  1.  Open the PrivateVPN server page or click here.
privatevpn server page
  1. Copy your PrivateVPN SOCKS5 proxy server address, go back to Vuze and paste it into the “Host” field. In the “Port” section, enter 1080.
host and port
  1. Next, input your PrivateVPN username and password in the following tabs and click “Test SOCKS.”
test socks
  1. Once your test is successful, click “Save,” then restart Vuze.

How Does the PrivateVPN SOCKS5 Proxy Work?

privatevpn socks5 proxy

PrivateVPN’s SOCKS proxies are more adaptable than HTML proxies, passing any request launched from a connected device through secure proxy servers before it gets to its destination.

When you send a connection request to a SOCKS5 proxy server, the server evaluates the available authentication options and selects the best fit to secure the data transfer. 

If successful, the SOCKS5 proxy server alters the IP address of data packets that transit through it before they arrive at their destination.

However, the connection will be lost if the proxy server doesn’t support any kind of authentication. Likewise, SOCKS5 proxies don’t have reliable VPN data encryption security features.

If you’re interested in this extra privacy model, take advantage of our ongoing PrivateVPN discount to get the VPN and its SOCKS5 proxy option as a free add-on.

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Yes, PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy is safe because it offers better authentication over other proxy types. However, it doesn’t provide encryption like the VPN service, so your online data may still be visible over the proxy server.

No, the SOCKS5 proxy won’t slow down your speed. 

On the contrary, the SOCKS5 proxy offers faster speeds than the VPN service since it doesn’t use encryption protocols.

Yes, using PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy on smartphones is possible, but the process differs per device and target app. Thus, it’s best to refer to specific device guides, or app guides, to set up PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy on your mobile devices.


PrivateVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy will spoof your location, bypass local restrictions and website blocks, and give you a new IP address without losing better speeds. 

However, unlike the main VPN, the SOCKS5 proxy doesn’t provide privacy features against ISP and government snooping.

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