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Is Vuze Safe?

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Yes, Vuze is generally a safe platform to use for torrenting purposes.

Vuze may include unwanted bloatware with the files you download, but other than that, it’s considered a secure torrenting client.

One of the outstanding traits of Vuze versus other torrenting platforms is its inclusion of torrenting protection mechanisms to help bolster your security while downloading torrents.

Paid users can benefit from a built-in antivirus that checks torrents as they’re downloaded to ensure they don’t include malicious code.

They also have a torrent ratings and comments platform where users can verify a torrent’s legitimacy and safety before commencing a download.

If you’d like to find out more before installing Vuze or beginning a download, you’ll find everything you need to know to ensure safe torrenting further down this article.

How to Use Vuze Safely?

vuze bittorent client

Nobody wants to download the last season of Orange Is the New Black only to find it riddled with viruses, or worse, get caught by your ISP for copyright infringement.

Below, you’ll find a list of ways to ensure safe torrenting while using Vuze.

Use a Premium VPN

I never recommend anyone to download torrents with Vuze (or any other torrent client) without using a VPN.

Torrenting typically involves downloading content without the permission of the copyright holder.

Whether it’s a movie, TV show, a PC game, music, or a Windows application, your ISP will know you’re torrenting without the use of a VPN.

While that may not sound too bad, the copyright owner is also alerted, meaning you could get a copyright infringement notice or face prosecution for repeat offenses.

A VPN hides your IP address to ensure your ISP has no insight into what you’re up to online and you’re anonymous.

Below is a list of my top recommended VPN providers, each with unique features suitable for various budgets.

NordVPN does a great job at hiding your identity online and while using Vuze at a reasonable price.

It has useful features, like a built-in ad blocker and an internet kill switch to cut your connection if your VPN drops.

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN provider bundled with many features to protect you online, such as a PrivateDNS and split-tunneling support.

It has a large network of server locations that provide excellent speeds while torrenting.

Surfshark is by far one of the cheapest VPN options out there.

You’ll benefit from unlimited simultaneous device connections, a zero-logs policy, and a lightweight app.

CyberGhost takes optimized servers to a new level, with servers dedicated to specific tasks like BBC iPlayer or torrenting activities.

Speeds are super-fast, and full p2p support means torrenting with Vuze is hassle-free.

Private Internet Access has a massive server network with blazing-fast speeds.

It uses military-grade encryption to ensure your identity is never revealed online and simultaneously allows up to 10 device connections.

Use a VPN from the list above and avoid getting caught by your ISP.

Use a Freemium VPN

Atlas VPN header

If you’re not sure you’d like to pay for a premium VPN for the sole purpose of using Vuze, there are a couple of other ways to ensure your privacy remains hidden.

Firstly, you could use a freemium VPN provider such as AtlasVPN.

Unlike the providers listed above, AtlasVPN offers both a free and paid plan for all sign-ups.

If you only require a VPN to hide your online identity, shielding your IP address while using Vuze, AtlasVPN may be a good option.

With the free version of AtlasVPN, you’ll benefit from a small list of server locations, a zero-logs policy to ensure your activity is never recorded, and 256-bit encryption to prevent ISPs from viewing your activity.

Alternatively, if you’d like all-around VPN protection from a premium provider, you could take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Doing so allows you to purchase a subscription with a leading provider like NordVPN, and as long as you cancel before the 30 days are up, you’ll get all of your money refunded.

Install an Antivirus

avg antivirus

Torrents are shared by millions of uploaders (seeders) from around the globe, and you’ll never know who you’re downloading the files from.

As a result, the file you receive could come bundled with unwanted viruses, adware, or malware that can harm your device.

To avoid this, download and install an antivirus application to protect your system from dangerous infections.

Most antivirus applications have a free version, so you won’t have to endure any extra expenses.

AVG Antivirus and BitDefender both have free antivirus protection options.

Pay For Vuze Plus

If you intend to use Vuze regularly, you might consider purchasing the premium version of the torrent client.

Vuze Plus includes extra features, such as an ad-free experience, but you’ll also benefit from built-in antivirus protection.

The bundled Vuze antivirus should be enough to ensure no nasties reach your computer, as torrents are checked for malware (etc.) before they’re accessible on your system.

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Check Comments and Rankings

Vuze integrates a helpful comments and rating platform within the client where users can rate a torrent as good or bad, and they can also leave a comment if the torrent contains any harmful code or similar.

Although this system alone shouldn’t be relied on for safe torrenting, it complements the other methods of a secure torrenting experience detailed above.

Vuze Alternatives

utorrent client

Plenty of other platforms are up to the same task of downloading torrents like Vuze, although not all of them are safe or legit.

Below are some of my recommended torrent platforms.

uTorrent uses a lot less memory than Vuze, which means you can leave it running in the background while you get on with other uninterrupted tasks.

uTorrent can run faster than Vuze but cannot download as many torrents because of this.

BitTorrent is limited to the capabilities of the core application unless you upgrade to BitTorrent Pro.

In contrast, Vuze allows you to add an army of plugins and extensions to enhance your torrenting experience.

qBittorrent is available free without ads, unlike Vuze, which requires you to disable ads manually or upgrade to Vuze Plus.

Vuze, however, includes a search function so you can find torrents directly in the client.

qBittorrent doesn’t have this.

Vuze Not Working? Try These Fixes

Although Vuze works great most of the time, there are occasions where the client doesn’t work as expected.

Check out the tips below to see if they resolve the issues you’re facing.

Using a VPN? Switch Servers

If you’re using a VPN to secure your Vuze activity and files aren’t downloading, try switching servers to see if that makes a difference.

For example, if you’re connected to a NordVPN server in the US, like Miami, try switching to a New York server instead.

Download the Latest Version of Vuze

New versions of Vuze are released monthly or quarterly to iron out any bugs that might affect the app’s functionality.

If the app is crashing or you experience errors, download the latest version of Vuze.

Check the Torrent

Torrents are never 100% reliable due to many variables between the uploader (seeder) and the end-user (the peer).

Factors such as connection stability, the availability of the seed, and download speeds play a key part in getting the download from point a to b.

If a download doesn’t start or takes forever to finish, try a different torrent source to see if it makes a difference.

Can You Block Ads on Vuze?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to block ads on Vuze by adjusting a few settings, so there’s no need to upgrade to Vuze Plus.

The steps below detail how to stop seeing annoying ads in the client.

  1. Download and install the Vuze application.
vuze app download
  1. Run Vuze and head to Tools > Plugins > Uninstallation Wizard.
vuze uninstall wizard
  1. Look for the Promo View option and check the box.
vuze promo view uninstall
  1. Click on the Finish option.
  2. A new prompt will appear with an option to Uninstall. The hard drive location of the plugin will be listed. Click Remove to continue.
remove promo view
  1. Restart the application once the uninstall prompt finishes. You’ll notice the Vuze ads box has disappeared.
If you don’t feel comfortable editing files, the safest way to prevent ads from showing in Vuze is by upgrading to the paid Vuze Plus service.
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No, Vuze is not any safer than uTorrent, and both platforms are of equal security.

Upgrading to Vuze Plus enables a built-in antivirus to check torrent downloads before they are accessible on your device.

Likewise, uTorrent Plus is a paid version of the application which enables antivirus protection, among other added benefits.

Vuze and uTorrent’s safety features are almost identical, as they both allow downloads over the BitTorrent network, and it is the torrents themselves that indicate whether your download will be a safe one or not.

Yes, Vuze is an open-source torrent client used for transferring files over the BitTorrent network since 2003.

Vuze uses the Azureus Engine written in Java under the GNU (General Public License) and continues to be developed by the original coders of the BiglBT project.

Yes, Vuze is entirely safe for use on Mac operating systems.

The only safety implications are associated with the torrents you download while using Vuze.

You can edit your settings within Vuze to ensure that completed downloads don’t begin seeding (uploading) automatically if you’re concerned about safety.

It is unnecessary to enable encrypted connections within Vuze, as this will limit your download speeds and means Vuze can only connect to encrypted peers.

To ensure peers aren’t restricted, the more effective option is to use a VPN.

A VPN will ensure your IP address is hidden so that the connection on your chosen device remains anonymous.

Enabling the encrypted connections setting within Vuze is only needed if you use a direct connection while downloading torrents.


Vuze is considered a safe platform for torrenting so long as your connection is encrypted to avoid copyright infringement.

Vuze Plus is a worthwhile upgrade if you wish to solidify your system protection and don’t already have antivirus protection.

I recommend encrypting your connection with a VPN before commencing any torrent downloads with my top VPN provider, NordVPN.

You can grab a massive discount on NordVPN today to ensure your torrenting activity is invisible to your ISP.

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