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Does Surfshark Have a New Jersey Server?

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Surfshark doesn’t have a New Jersey server. But I discovered three reliable alternatives.

ExpressVPN is my first choice since it offers 3 super-fast New Jersey servers

Thus, it protects your data on public WiFi at Hidden Grounds Coffee in Jersey City and unblocks local New Jersey content worldwide.

But ExpressVPN is expensive, so I’ve listed other trustworthy VPNs with New Jersey servers. Keep reading for more info or…

Surfshark Alternatives With New Jersey Servers

In the next sections, I’ll discuss the best Surfshark alternatives with New Jersey servers and any relevant features. Here’s a preview:

VPN Provider New Jersey Servers
ExpressVPN 3
Atlas VPN 1
PureVPN 74


ExpressVPN has three New Jersey servers that unblock local content like News 12 live streams and US streaming sites like Netflix US and Hulu.

I connected ExpressVPN’s New Jersey 2 with Netflix US and streamed “Mean Girls” without playback interruptions or buffering.

streaming netflix with expressvpn

Moreover, ExpressVPN’s New Jersey server performed exceptionally regarding speed. With my 20 Mbps connection, I had a download speed of 16.41 Mbps.

expressvpn speed test

ExpressVPN’s New Jersey servers also support P2P, allowing NJ residents to torrent securely without alerting Verizon Fios, Optimum, or other Jersey ISPs.

Finally, ExpressVPN’s kill switch protects your data when you switch from mobile data to public Wi-Fi at Starbucks NJ cafe, keeping your sensitive documents and online transactions secure.

Although ExpressVPN is pricer than the other VPNs, you can get our discounted prices for longer commitments.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections, providing access to the New Jersey server on all devices concurrently. That means you can torrent on your laptop while using services like your Bank of America account on your phone!

To test the server’s unblocking capabilities, I accessed 4chan at New Jersey College, where it’s blocked, and enjoyed unrestricted browsing.

using atlas vpn for 4chan

The downside – during my speed tests, Atlas VPN’s New Jersey server had a download speed of 10.58 Mbps, almost a 50% decrease. However, this decrease won’t be as noticeable on faster internet plans.

atlas vpn speed test

In better news, AtlasVPN doesn’t store online activity logs, including your IP address, browsing history, or traffic data. This means the NJ state police can’t obtain your private online activities, as Atlas VPN has nothing to give.

Moreover, AltasVPN pricing plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it risk-free.


PureVPN is an affordable VPN with New Jersey servers, perfect for Jerseymans saving for the Tri-County Fair, New Jersey Film Festival, or other local events.

In fact, PureVPN has 74 New Jersey servers, so even if many users connect simultaneously, you won’t experience a slowdown or lag.

I tested its New Jersey server #316 with DraftKings while in Pakistan (where it’s blocked) and accessed it immediately.

unblock draftkings with purevpn

PureVPN also allows 10 simultaneous connections to New Jersey servers, ideal for families who want to access local New Jersey content concurrently.

That said, when I tested PureVPN speed on my 20 Mbps connection, I measured 6.07 Mbps. But my colleagues had better luck.

purevpn speed test

Finally, PureVPN offers affordable subscription plans with significant discounts and a 31-day money-back guarantee.

purevpn pricing
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Access New Jersey Servers With ExpressVPN

There are great VPNs that offer New Jersey servers. I still recommend ExpressVPN because It has 3 reliable, lightning-fast NJ servers that unblock local and international content.

Moreover, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day refund policy. So, you can try its New Jersey servers risk-free. Ready to bite?

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