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Do You Need a VPN for 9Anime?

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You need a VPN to stream anime on 9Anime. This ensures anonymity, safety from hacking, and unblocking anime content unavailable in your area.

9Anime is a free anime website with a vast library of Japanese anime ranging from One Piece, HunterXHunter, Gintama, and Grave of the Fireflies to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In this guide, we’ll look at how unsafe 9Anime can be and how to protect yourself with a VPN.

Why Do You Need a VPN for 9Anime?

You need a VPN to watch anime online on 9Anime and other streaming websites for the following reasons.

  • Your ISP could blacklist you: 9Anime is considered a piracy platform. You’ll be streaming copyrighted anime shows, which may cause ISP blacklisting or heavy fines from copyright trolls. Fortunately, a VPN encrypts your internet connection, so your ISP won’t know what you’re doing online.
  • There are a lot of mirror sites full of malware: Sites like 9Anime constantly get hit with DMCA takedowns. Thus, it sets up different mirror sites to beat these takedowns. However, hackers can sometimes create mirror websites to trick, dupe, and hack you.
  • You could get into trouble with the law for unlicensed content: In many countries, streaming unlicensed anime content is against the law. If caught, you may be fined, sentenced to jail, or both. Thankfully, a VPN obscures your IP address, making it hard for anyone to know your exact location or identity.
  • You’ll have to deal with many ads: 9Anime is ad-supported since it’s a free platform. These ads can be malicious and annoying, interrupting your streaming every few minutes. Fortunately, most premium VPNs are equipped with reliable ad blockers like CleanWeb (Surfshark), Threat Manager (ExpressVPN), and Threat Protection (NordVPN).
9anime homepage user interface

How to Use a VPN With 9Anime?

Using a VPN to stream 9Anime content is easy. Follow these steps.

  1. Download and install a VPN of your choice. I prefer ExpressVPN for streaming 9Anime.
  1. Launch the VPN, choose a server and connect.
  1. Open 9Anime on your preferred browser and start streaming anime.
streaming black clover with 9anime

3 Best VPNs for Streaming 9Anime

The best VPN for 9Anime must have military-grade encryption to counter hackers, multiple servers for virtual IP addresses, and fast speeds for streaming anime without buffering.

Here are my top three (3) VPNs for 9Anime.

ExpressVPN - Fastest VPN

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN for 9Anime, thanks to super-fast, streaming-optimized protocols and servers optimized for streaming any content.

Thus, it can handle up to 4K content quality without lag!

ExpressVPN is also well secured with a kill switch to prevent IP/DNS leaks for quick internet disconnection when your VPN is disrupted while streaming on 9Anime.

Also, the reliable AES 256-bit encryption keeps copyright trolls, your ISP, and government third parties out of your online business.

Furthermore, it has 3000+ servers to stream 9Anime from anywhere.

You also get an ad blocker to keep pesky ads from popping up every second when you’re using 9Anime.

Remember to grab your ExpressVPN deal before the offer runs out.

Surfshark - Cheapest VPN

Surfshark is the cheapest VPN I reviewed for 9Anime, and it comes with blazing fast speeds to watch anime in ultra HD quality. It uses 256-bit encryption to safeguard your internet traffic from snooping, an ad-blocker for countering ads and trackers, and 3200+ servers for unblocking 9Anime.

You can also connect an unlimited number of devices through the same account. Thus, allowing you to share the subscription and stream 9Anime with friends and family.

Get these fantastic Surfshark deals before they expire.

NordVPN - Safest VPN

NordVPN has 5500+ servers to access 9Anime from anywhere, military-grade encryption to support its reliable 9Anime content unblocking, and two kill switches to prevent IP leaks.

There’s also an ad-blocker that keeps pop-up ads at bay.

Luckily, it’s fast enough to watch anime series without buffering, even on mobile devices.

You can take advantage of these exciting NordVPN deals while they last.

Other Ways to Stay Safe on 9Anime

You can use alternative tools with a VPN service to stream anime safely on 9Anime. They include the following.

  • Incognito Mode: Set your browser to the incognito mode when using 9Anime to prevent saved browser cache and cookies from thwarting your privacy attempts. Incognito mode doesn’t save any cookies, so tracing becomes impossible.
  • Use Adblocker: Adblocker browser extensions stop ads from loading and interrupting your anime movie sessions. Most ad blocker extensions are free and available for all popular browsers. Fortunately, all three VPN recommendations have efficient, in-built ad blockers.
  • Install an Antivirus: Always have an antivirus installed on your device before opening sites like 9Anime. Antivirus software will stop malware from loading on your device and even warn you when they detect a threat.
  • Avoid Suspicious Mirror Sites: Check Reddit, Quora, or anime fan forums for updates on 9Anime URL changes. This way, you stay informed to avoid dangerous mirror sites by hackers.
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9Anime will only buffer over a VPN if you choose a crowded server, use slow base internet, or a free VPN. Premium options like Surfshark, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN are extremely fast, preventing buffering and unblocking your favorite shows up to 4K.

Like all free anime streaming sites, 9Anime doesn’t block VPNs.

It’s not a licensed platform, and VPN usage is encouraged to keep users from getting into trouble with the law and copyright trolls.


9Anime is one of many anime streaming sites, but it has a better reputation than most, having been around for a long time. It also offers dub and sub anime titles.

But like any other unlicensed anime site, it’s good to be careful when using it to prevent copyright notices, ISP bans, fines, or worse.

That’s why getting a good VPN like ExpressVPN is essential.

Alternatively, you can watch anime legally on Crunchyroll or via streaming services like Netflix.

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