NordVPN Price: How Much Does It Cost?

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The Pricing Table

Price:$11.95 to $125.64
Discount:3-Year Plan + NordPass + 3 Months for $125.64
Free Trial:30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What Plans NordVPN Offer?

NordVPN is one of the most economical choices you can find on the VPN market.

The convenient prices and flexible subscription plans make NordVPN a desirable service provider and an excellent selection for people on a tight budget who want maximum security and privacy, endorsed with advanced VPN features for the ultimate online experience.

NordVPN has a few subscription plans that you can choose from:

  • 1-Month Plan -$11.95 per month
  • 1-Year Plan – $83.88 a year
  • 2-Year Plan – $119.76 every 2 years

NordVPN’s price plans differ based on the length of the subscription.

The more extended price plans have attractive black friday discounts, which make them very popular with VPN users. Nonetheless, no matter which one you’ll choose, they all come packed with premium VPN features that will keep you safe online.

Committing to NordVPN in the long term is the most affordable option for you, and also the best way to remain protected and anonymous on the internet at all times.

How Much Does NordVPN Cost?

The most popular NordVPN plan costs $3.49/month.

It’s the 3-year subscription, and it comes with all NordVPN features:

  • Advanced Security
  • Double Encryption
  • Zero-Logs Policy
  • Can Bypass Any Restriction
    Works With Netflix
  • Over 5000 Servers In 59 Countries
  • Six Simultaneous Connections
  • 30-Day Money-Refund Policy

NordVPN has a large number of features available in all of its price plans that you can take advantage of. From its excellent security and privacy solutions to a large number of servers and simultaneous connections.

You can get all of this and more for as low as $3.49/month!

Get NordVPN for FREE

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are not convinced? Why not try out NordVPN for free?

Although NordVPN does not have a standard free trial or a free plan, the service provider grants a valuable 30-day money-back guarantee to all new users, which is excellent if you want to try out the provider and see whether it fits your needs.

Chances are you are going to enjoy NordVPN, but in case you are not satisfied, the service provider will refund your money in the first 30 days.

How to Get a FREE Trial?

All of NordVPN’s price plans come with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, and getting your ‘free trial’ is as easy as it gets.

Click on the button below, pick what subscription plan you want to be on, and you’re ready to go!


How Much Is NordVPN Per Month?

NordVPN has several price plans. Their one-month subscription comes at $11.95. However, you can also choose one of the longer subscriptions, including their one-year, two-year, or three-year plan. They all come with discounts.

Are There Any Transaction Fees?

With NordVPN you only pay the total amount of the subscription cost, without any additional transaction fees. If you have been charged more, contact NordVPN customer support immediately.

Does NordVPN Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all of its price plans. Keep in mind, however, that if you purchase the app from Apple’s App Store, NordVPN can’t issue a refund. Instead, you will have to contact your App Store support to be refunded.

Is NordVPN Worth the Money?

NordVPN is definitely worth the money. Although there are cheaper alternatives, with NordVPN you get advanced features for market price. However, in case you are not satisfied with their service, you can get a refund within the first 30 days.

Special Offer:

How to Get a Special Price?

NordVPN has special coupons for the holidays.

However, the offer is limited, so hurry up and get yours right away.

With NordVPN’s special holiday discount you will get:

  • NordVPN’s full feature package with an 80% discount
  • 3 Months for FREE
  • Free NordPass

The 80% discount applies to NordVPN’s longest subscription of 3 years, and the one-time fee will cost you only $125.64!

In other words, you will get all of NordVPN’s features for as low as $3.49/month, plus 3 months of subscription together with NordVPN’s password management app for FREE, no hidden costs.

NordVPN’s limited offer will save you hundreds of dollars, and it’s one of the best deals you can find on the VPN market at the moment.

So make sure you get it before it expires!

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!
Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.
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