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NordVPN Pricing & Plans in Your Currency

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NordVPN’s price per month ranges from $3.49 to $14.49, depending on the longevity of the plans you choose and under which of its package.

The best NordVPN pricing plans are on its multi-year deals, where you can get over 60% discounts on the introductory price. Likewise, NordVPN allows you to choose add-ons like NordLocker and NordPass with some bundle deals, saving more on your VPN plan and these additional options.

In the rest of this guide, I’ll take you through the diverse NordVPN pricing scale and help you save the most on any plan you choose.

How Much Does NordVPN Cost Per Month?

NordVPN pricing
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NordVPN’s best plan costs $3.49/month if you’re going for the multi-year deal without picking additional features like NordPass or NordLocker.

However, you might also pay up to $14.49 per month if you purchase the month-to-month plans with all the extras (NordLayer and NordLocker) attached to the account.

The table below indicates what NordVPN costs per month across different subscription packages.

  Monthly 1-Year 2-Year
Standard $11.99 $4.99 $3.49
Plus $12.99 $5.99 $4.49
Complete $14.49 $7.49 $5.99

The standard plans feature the VPN only, with all its features, and represent the cheapest across all tiers.

NordVPN Pricing Plans - What Can You Get For Them?

NordVPN offers three pricing tiers: Standard, Plus, and Complete.

Here’s what you get across them all.

NordVPN Standard Plan and Pricing

nordvpn standard

The NordVPN Standard Pricing plan starts at $3.49/month and offers the basic VPN.

Thus, it allows you to:

NordVPN Plus Plan and Pricing

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NordVPN’s Plus plan starts at $4.49/month on the two-year offering but can cost as much as $12.99/month if you’re buying it month-to-month instead.

This plan includes NordPass, a password management and data breach scanning tool, with everything else in the Standard Plan above.

Thus, you get a VPN and a dedicated password manager for even better online security.

NordVPN Complete Plan and Pricing

nordvpn complete

The NordVPN Complete plan is the most expensive, starting at $5.99/year for the two-year plan. If you pay month-to-month, you’ll have to shell out about $14.49 for this plan.

It contains everything you’ll get in the Plus plan and NordLocker, NordVPN’s secure file storage tool. This NordLocker offering gives you access to the following:

  • Secure file encryption; and
  • 1 TB cloud storage.

So, you get a secure VPN to stay safe and anonymous online, secure cloud storage to keep your sensitive files away from hackers, and a password manager for an extra line of cyber defense!

NordVPN Payment Methods

Here’s how you can pay for NordVPN packages:

  • A credit or a debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • iTunes or Google Play if you’re on mobile
  • Google Pay
  • Cash at retail stores (here is the full list)
  • AmazonPay
  • UnionPay
  • Prepaid cards registered to a name and an address

Note that NordVPN doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method. However, it uses Paddle software, which processes PayPal payments, for users who prefer PayPal.

That said, this option is only available to a limited number of European countries.

NordVPN Money-Back Guarantee

All of NordVPN’s pricing packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days of buying it.

However, you can’t get a refund directly from NordVPN if you bought it via the App Store or Google Play Store, but you can contact either store to get it.

Can You Get a NordVPN Student Discount?

NordVPN offers some student discounts throughout the year.

Here’s a couple of them:

  1. StudentBeans discount for UK university students aged 18-26. To activate this discount, you have to have a StudentBeans account. Currently, there are two discounts available – 76% off on the 2-year plan and 62% off on the 1-year plan.
  2. NordVPN Student Ambassador deal. If you’re a student in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or the EU with active social media, you might be eligible to become a NordVPN student ambassador. In that case, you get NordVPN for free.

Can You Get NordVPN for Free?

You can get NordVPN for free as a student ambassador with the brand, during which time you can also earn money for recommending the VPN to your friends.

Otherwise, NordVPN is not available for free and doesn’t have an official free trial, either. However, Android users can take advantage of the Google Play-offered free trial for 7 days.

The downside is that your payment is handled by Google, not NordVPN, so you can’t get a refund from NordVPN directly after the free trial ends. Instead, you’ll have to deal directly with the vendor (Google Play).

However, it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s what allows you to try NordVPN risk-free for a whole month and see whether it’s for you.

If you find that NordVPN isn’t the best option, you can get your money back.

But note that NordVPN cannot refund you if you buy it on the App Store. Instead, you need to buy via the NordVPN official link to qualify for a refund issued by the provider itself.

Plus, if you’re a NordVPN student ambassador, you can get NordVPN for free.

Is NordVPN Pricing in USD?

If you’re based in the United States, Canada, and some other countries, the NordVPN pricing is provided in USD and all the charges are executed in USD.

However, if you’re based elsewhere (e.g., the UK or the EU), the NordVPN pricing will be given in GBP or EUR.

pricing for nordvpn

Is NordVPN More Expensive Than ExpressVPN?

Pricing, per month NordVPN Pricing ExpressVPN Pricing
1 month plan $12.99 $12.95
6 months plan N/A $9.99
1 year plan $4.59 $8.32
2 year plan $3.29 N/A

NordVPN is cheaper than ExpressVPN. The latter’s 1-year package is almost twice as expensive as NordVPN’s.

With that in mind, plus the fact that NordVPN offers more connections than ExpressVPN, you can say that NordVPN is also better value for money than ExpressVPN.

Is NordVPN the Cheapest VPN?

NordVPN isn’t the cheapest VPN as it’s costlier than options like IPVanish, PrivateVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost.

However, NordVPN beats these other VPNs in multiple areas, including speed, server locations reach, security features, protocols, jurisdiction, and privacy.

On top of that, the price difference between NordVPN and these providers is negligible, as you’ll see below.

  Speed (Mbps) Unique Protocol(s) Servers Countries Specialty Servers Extra Security Best Price
NordVPN  33.12 NordLynx 5500+ 60 P2P servers; Obfuscated servers; Onion over VPN; Dedicated IP; Double VPN Threat Protection; Ad Blocker; Malware scanner; Data breach scanner $3.49/month
Surfshark  39 None 3200+ 100 Static IP; Multi-Hop Ad Blocker (CleanWeb) $2.49/month
CyberGhost  38.51 None 9000+ 90+ Streaming; Gaming; Torrenting Ad Blocker (Block Content) $2.11/month
PrivateVPN  43.08 None 200+ 63 Dedicated IP None $2.00/month
IPVanish  62.27 None 2200+ 55+ None None $3.33/month

What Is NordVPN's Pricing in India?

Since NordVPN doesn’t have a server in India anymore, I connected via another provider’s India server and got this pricing:

The pricing for India is in USD. Currently, it’s the same as the USA pricing – $12.99 per month, $68.85 per 12 months, and $88.83 for the first two years.

What Is NordVPN's Pricing in Canada?

I connected to NordVPN’s server in Montreal to see its Canadian prices. Here is what I found:

NordVPN’s pricing in Canada remains the same as the universal USA pricing, costing $12.99/month, extending into $68.85 yearly for some savings on the one-year plan and giving the best savings (at $88.83) for two years.

What Is NordVPN's Pricing in the UK?

To learn the pricing of NordVPN for the United Kingdom, I connected to its UK server. Here are the results.

Currently, NordVPN Standard pricing for the UK for one month is GBP 10.89.

The 1-year package costs GBP 56.85, with GBP 3.79 as the monthly rate. That way, you save 44%.

Finally, the 2-year package is GBP 72.63, with GBP 2.69 per month, for up to 60% savings on any of the other plans.

What Is NordVPN's Renewal Pricing?

NordVPN’s renewal pricing goes back to the initial VPN price, without the discounts, after the expiration of the current plan.

Thus, it’s best to purchase a multi-year deal that allows you to lock in the VPN price for years to come, rather than face higher prices at the end of your current plan.

Likewise, you can continue taking advantage of NordVPN’s discounts by creating a new account to enjoy a multi-year deal after the expiration of your current deal.

What's the Best NordVPN Pricing?

Because every NordVPN pricing package has the same offerings, the best NordVPN pricing is the one that allows you to save the most money. If you buy a 1-year subscription today rather than one every month, you’ll save 44%.

And if you buy a 2-year NordVPN subscription, you can save 60%.

Therefore, the best NordVPN pricing is its 2-year plan.

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What Is NordVPN’s Cheapest Country?

NordVPN doesn’t have a country where its plans are the cheapest, as it doesn’t use price discrimination on its page.

In fact, the VPN prides itself in being able to help you beat price discrimination after you purchase it. Thus, it doesn’t engage in such shady tactics itself.

However, you can get a better deal via NordVPN’s hidden three-year deal by entering a unique discount code. You can follow this NordVPN 3-year deal guide to get the VPN plan for longer while saving more simultaneously.

What Is NordLayer Pricing?

The NordVPN product NordLayer, formerly known as NordVPN Teams, is a security solution for business customers based on the zero-trust security model.

It currently offers monthly and yearly pricing packages.

NordLayer Monthly Prices

NordLayer Yearly Prices

As you can see, the current monthly price for the NordLayer basic package is $9.00 per month, and the advanced one is $11.00 per month.

With the yearly packages, users can save 22% with the basic package by paying $84.00 per year ($7.00 per month) and 18% with the advanced package to pay $108 per year ($9.00 per month).

Users also have the option of customizing their package to their own needs.

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NordVPN offers a few pricing packages. However, the best one is the 2-year package, as it allows you to save up to 60% while locking the price and benefits in for 2 years.

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