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5 Best VPNs for Chatroulette: Stay Safe, Anonymous

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I don’t want to know WHY you were banned from Chatroulette. But there is a way to bypass the ban – use a VPN.

My top choice is NordVPN, thanks to its premium security.

Or, if you’re trying to access Chatroulette from a country like the UAE, NordVPN can still help.

It flawlessly unblocks the platform anywhere.

Throw in blazing-fast speeds with zero buffering, and it’s easy to video chat with strangers.

But there are other VPNs, too. For example, ExpressVPN is fast and has automatic obfuscation on every server, ensuring your Chatroulette sessions are secure and buffer-free.

Keep reading to find the best VPN for Chatroulette!

Top 3 VPNs for Chatroulette (May, 2024)

ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN’s automatic obfuscation and fast speeds ensure your Chatroulette sessions are buffer-free, secure, and high-quality all throughout! This means there’s no worry of your government, ISP, or the person you’re chatting with getting your personal info.

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN boasts super-fast speeds, a giant server network, and premium security – great for unblocking Chatroulette worldwide or bypassing bans. Plus, with a Dedicated IP add-on, you can get your own private server to avoid blacklists due to other users!

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PrivateVPN devices

PrivateVPN is a unique VPN, thanks to its private dynamic servers included for free with any subscription. These are similar to Dedicates IPs, as they give you an unshared server, eliminating the risk of other users causing Chatroulette bans. Plus, PrivateVPN is fast and secure!

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Finding the most reliable VPNs for Chatroulette involved a lot of trial and error – not many VPNs unblock it.

Luckily, the five VPNs on my list do.

In fact, they were the only VPNs to unblock the chat site every time I tried.

They’re also fast and have essential security features to keep you safe while befriending strangers.

And let’s be honest – you can never be too safe on Chatroulette!

(Looking at you, dude. Put your pants back on.)

Ready to discover the findings of my investigation?

Let’s dive in!

Be Safe & Grab a VPN Before Connecting With Strangers On Chatroulette!

I get it – lockdown was brutal, and you’re desperate for human interaction.

But Chatroulette is dangerous without protection.

So, grab one of my top VPNs before connecting:

  • NordVPN – Best Overall + Premium Security for Safe Chatroulette Sessions
  • ExpressVPN – Lightning-Fast Chatroulette Speeds + Automatic Obfuscation
  • PrivateVPN – Free Dedicated IPs for Bypassing Chatroulette Bans
  • Surfshark – Static IPs & Lightweight Obfuscation for Fast Chatroulette Security
  • Private Internet Access – Combined MultiHop & Obfuscation + Dedicated IP

But after you make a friend, come back for the full guide before reconnecting.

I discuss info detrimental to your security (send it to your new friend, too)!

In-Depth Reviews of the Best VPNs for Chatroulette

In the following in-depth reviews, you’ll learn why each VPN is a great choice for Chatroulette, including unique features that might sway your decision.

You’ll also see numerous screenshots confirming that each VPN reliably unblocks Chatroulette!

Let’s get started.

NordVPN – Best Overall + Premium Security for Safe Chatroulette Sessions

NordVPN is the ultimate choice for any Chatroulette user.

First, it unblocks the site worldwide.

So, if you’re in the UAE, Iran, etc., you can still chat with strangers on Chatroulette using any of NordVPN’s 5,100+ VPN servers in 60 countries (second-biggest selection on my list)!

Plus, with NordVPN’s premium security, you can do so without concern that your government can see your activities.

Namely, 256-bit AES encryption secures your connection while NordVPN’s system kill switch cuts your internet if your VPN disconnects.

NordVPN kill switch

This is especially helpful if you’re anxious about getting in trouble, as the only people who will know you’re using Chatroulette are you and the person you’re talking to!

Alternatively, if Chatroulette banned you “for no reason at all, I swear,” NordVPN can help you bypass that ban.

All you have to do is switch to a new VPN server!

To be fair, if the ban is on the VPN IP you’re using, it’s probably due to another user violating the site’s ToS.

Luckily, the solution is the same (switch servers).

NordVPN switch servers

But if you’re a rule-follower and don’t want to risk bans at all (creating a new account is annoying), NordVPN also has a Dedicated IP add-on.

In other words, you can get an IP that only you have access to.

Though, NordVPN’s Dedicated IP is expensive, especially compared to PIA, the only other VPN on my list with a Dedicated IP add-on.

NordVPN asks between $70 and $76 per year for its Dedicated IP (on top of your normal subscription).

And there’s no shorter plan.

NordVPN subscription plan

Meanwhile, PIA offers three plans, with major savings on the longer ones.

Even with no savings, it’s still cheaper than NordVPN.

Luckily, there are other reasons you might consider NordVPN over PIA (and the others).

For example, it’s the third-fastest VPN on my list.

Maybe that doesn’t sound impressive – but it should!

NordVPN barely fell behind Surfshark and ExpressVPN, with a speed drop of just 9.86 Mbps (base connection was 93.15 Mbps).

NordVPN Speedtest

So, it’s a lot faster than PIA, which scored last in speed.

And perhaps super-fast Chatroulette sessions are enough to overlook the discrepancy in the Dedicated IP costs!

NordVPN also has a no-logging policy verified by audits.

This means you can type out your political opinions in Chatroulette’s text box without worrying that the authorities will get copies and come knocking on your door.

And while all the VPNs on my list have no-logging policies, only two others were audited to verify those claims (ExpressVPN and Surfshark).

This gives NordVPN another leg-up on PIA.

Finally, as the last bonus, NordVPN has a split tunneling feature that lets you choose what programs your VPN affects.

So, you can enjoy your local connection on the rest of your device while NordVPN secures your Chatroulette sessions!

NordVPN Split Tunneling

NordVPN is also very affordable, especially if you opt for a long-term plan.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

But if you use my special discount link, you’ll save EVEN MORE!



ExpressVPN – Lightning-Fast Chatroulette Speeds + Automatic Obfuscation

There are many reasons ExpressVPN is second on my list of the most secure VPNs for Chatroulette.

But the biggest is its automatic obfuscation.

No matter what server you connect to or the protocol you use, ExpressVPN obfuscates your network traffic, securing your connection.

This means not even Chatroulette will know you’re using a VPN service, let alone your government or ISP!

And to stress just how amazing this feature is – ExpressVPN is the ONLY VPN on my list that offers it.

In fact, I can’t think of any VPN that has unrestricted obfuscation.

So, if you’re chatting up strangers in a country with heavy censorship, this VPN ensures no one ever knows.

ExpressVPN interface

And that’s not even the best part of the automatic obfuscation.

Rather, it’s the only obfuscation feature on my list that doesn’t impact speed whatsoever!

ExpressVPN actually scored second in my speed tests, with a speed drop of just 9.23 Mbps.

Honestly, that was a surprise.

It usually scores first!

ExpressVPN Speed Test

Moving on, ExpressVPN also (clearly) excels at unblocking Chatroulette.

Whether you’re bored at work or browsing the site in your college dorm, hoping Steve Kardynal will return, ExpressVPN guarantees entry at any time.

And yes, this includes bypassing bans.

Just don’t make a habit of doing “absolutely nothing wrong” that “somehow results in a ban.”

(I know, I know, Chatroulette is infamous for “random” bans…or so people say.)

Anyway, you have 3,000+ servers in 94 countries to choose from, so there’s no shortage of server options, even if the one you’re using is blacklisted due to another user misbehaving.

ExpressVPN also has other essential security features, including 256-bit AES encryption and a robust kill switch.

So, if your VPN disconnects, your Chatroulette activities stay hidden.

Though, that means your active Chatroulette session disconnects, too.

So… hopefully, the person you disconnect from isn’t a keeper!

In better news, like NordVPN, ExpressVPN also has a verified no-logging policy, ensuring everything you get up to on Chatroulette stays private (all non-bannable activities, I hope).

Another thing ExpressVPN has in common with NordVPN is a split tunneling feature that lets you use your VPN for Chatroulette and your local connection for everything else!

ExpressVPN Split Tunneling

But ExpressVPN has a major downside, and it’s the main reason it’s second instead of first.

It doesn’t offer a Dedicated IP add-on or any comparable feature.

This is really disappointing, as it’s the only VPN on my list without at least a relevant alternative, like Surfshark’s shared static servers or PrivateVPN’s private dynamic servers.

ExpressVPN’s price is also a downside – it’s expensive, and there’s barely any savings on long-term plans.

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

But if you’re smitten with the VPN, you can still get a MAJOR discount with my exclusive link!



PrivateVPN – Free Dedicated IPs for Bypassing Chatroulette Bans

I couldn’t decide if PrivateVPN or Surfshark was more deserving of third on my list.

They have a lot in common but several key differences.

One particular difference swayed my decision in favor of PrivateVPN – its Dedicated IP servers.

These are unshared dynamic servers, so they’re a bit different from your typical Dedicated IP add-on.

But they’re also included for free with any PrivateVPN subscription, so no extra cost!

Private VPN Dedicated IP

Meanwhile, Surfshark offers shared static servers, the opposite of PrivateVPN’s unshared dynamic servers.

And after careful consideration, I decided the dynamic servers are more useful for Chatroulette users.

Namely, since you’re the only person using the server, there’s no risk of the IP getting banned due to another user violating Chatroulette’s ToS.

And there’s really no issue with never connecting to the same server, as Chatroulette isn’t known to ban users who connect via different IPs.

This makes accessing Chatroulette easy.

Private VPN Interface

So, PrivateVPN wins.

Of course, PrivateVPN excels in other areas, too.

For example, you’ll get 256-bit AES encryption and a reliable system kill switch, protecting your Chatroulette activities no matter what – for example, if you accidentally click an IP grabber.

Even if you’re in a country like Iran, PrivateVPN will keep you safe (and help you unblock the site).

Private VPN Kill Switch

You can also use PrivateVPN to bypass Chatroulette site bans, though the VPN’s server list is really small, with only 200+ servers in 63 countries.

That’s the smallest on my list, actually.

Luckily, the private dynamic servers make up for this since you connect to a new server every time.

And 63 countries is pretty expansive – more than NordVPN, at least!

A couple more downsides, though.

First, while PrivateVPN has a no-logs policy, it’s not verified by external audits.

There’s another VPN on my list in the same boat – PIA – but PIA is at least open-source, so anyone can review its code.

With PrivateVPN, everything is left to trust.

On the bright side, nothing has suggested that the VPN’s no-logs policy is misleading.

But that does leave hesitance for Chatroulette users in heavily-censored countries.

The next downside is minor – PrivateVPN scored fourth during my speed tests.

But even in fourth, it was just behind NordVPN, with a speed drop of 11.09 Mbps.

PrivateVPN speed test

So, you can still expect super-fast speeds while chatting with strangers (and zero buffering)!

Now for the final downside.

PrivateVPN doesn’t have a split tunneling feature.

Considering how basic this feature is, it’s disappointing the VPN provider doesn’t implement it.

Hopefully, they’ll consider doing so in the future.

In the meantime, Chatroulette users are forced to use their VPN across their entire device.

I do have some happy news to end things, though!

PrivateVPN is one of the most affordable VPNs on my list, even with its monthly plan.

privatevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

So when you throw in this HUGE discount, you’ll save even more!



Surfshark – Static IPs & Lightweight Obfuscation for Fast Chatroulette Security

Surfshark is a great VPN, so don’t let its place on this list confuse you.

As mentioned in PrivateVPN’s review, the only reason Surfshark is fourth is that its static IPs aren’t as useful to Chatroulette users as PrivateVPN’s dynamic IPs.

In fact, Surfshark’s static IPs are barely useful for chatting on Chatroulette.

The most you can do is use the same IP every time if you’re concerned the site will ban you for switching IPs a lot.

So, it’s still a nice feature to have to cover your bases.

Surfshark Static IP

But the catch is that Surfshark’s static IPs are shared – so the risk of another user getting the IP you’re using banned is always there.

On the bright side, Surfshark has other useful features for Chatroulette users.

For starters, you’ll get 3,200+ servers in 65 countries.

This makes it easy to unblock the site anywhere, even in countries like the UAE!

Of course, you can also use the large server park to access Chatroulette at school, work, etc., or bypass bans.

And considering how many times I’ve been banned from Chatroulette in the past, you can never have too many servers.

Surfshark Settings

(So maybe people weren’t lying about getting banned for no reason…

I’m just saying it sucks to be in the middle of a conversation, only for the other person to take their clothes off!)

Moving on, Surfshark also scored FIRST in my speed tests!

That’s a pretty big reason to consider Surfshark over the others – it’s a big enough feat just to beat ExpressVPN.

SurfShark Speedtest

Specifically, Surfshark gave me an 8.72 Mbps drop, resulting in buffer-free and high-quality Chatroulette sessions.

This made it easy to disconnect and reconnect to a new person when the clothes started flying.

And no, it wasn’t Steve Kardynal performing Wrecking Ball!

Besides, the updated version of Chatroulette makes it hard to do stunts like this. ☹

But that doesn’t mean it’s a super-safe platform!

So, you also need Surfshark’s essential security features to guarantee your safety at all times, such as its reliable kill switch and 256-bit AES encryption.

Surfshark Kill Switch

Plus, like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, Surfshark has an audited no-logs policy, confirming that no one will ever know what you talk about on Chatroulette.

This means if you want to discuss a crazy conspiracy in your heavily censored country, you can do so in a safe online environment!

But if you want to be even safer, you can use Surfshark’s lightweight obfuscation featureCamouflage Mode.

Out of all the VPN features on my list, Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode comes the closest to ExpressVPN’s automatic obfuscation.

This is because it’s automatic with either OpenVPN protocol, obfuscates all servers, and has a very minimal speed impact.

Surfshark Protocol

In other words, if you want the utmost security and speed while chatting on Chatroulette and you don’t want to spend the money on ExpressVPN, Surfshark is your next best option.

Just consider that your speeds won’t be as fast with Camouflage Mode!

Last but not least, Surfshark also has a split tunneling feature, Whitelister, and is super affordable.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

But if you want to save the MOST, click here!



Private Internet Access – Combined MultiHop & Obfuscation + Dedicated IP

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the last VPN on my list, but don’t overlook it!

There are a couple of reasons it’s last, but first, let’s discuss why it made my list at all.

PIA has a unique feature that no other VPN on or off my list can claim – a combined double VPN and obfuscation feature that uses a proxy.

PIA calls this “Multi-Hop.” The summary is your VPN traffic is rerouted through a proxy (SOCKS5 or Shadowsocks).

This decreases the speed loss typically associated with either feature without sacrificing security.

Private Internet Access Multi Hop

And considering Multi-Hop is a combination of both features, that’s quite impressive.

So, if you’re using Chatroulette in a country like the UAE or Iran, you can do so without worrying about your government finding out.

PIA also has essential security features like 256-bit AES encryption and a reliable kill switch.

This means no stressing if you accidentally click a sketchy link and the person you’re chatting to starts blubbering about having your IP.

Private Internet Access Privacy Setting

Another thing that pushes PIA ahead of the other VPNs on my list is its massive server network.

The last known number is 30,000+ servers in 84 countries.

That’s the catch, though – “last known number.”

I recently spoke to a PIA support agent, who said there was no updated number right now, but they’d update the site when they were done acquiring new servers.

Either way, you’re guaranteed to find thousands of servers to unblock Chatroulette or bypass bans.

And 84 countries means you’ll find nearby servers for the fastest speeds (that’s the second-biggest server coverage on my list)!

Program using Private Internet Access

But while we’re on the topic of speed, let’s discuss why PIA is last.

It had the biggest speed drop in my tests12.91 Mbps.

That’s not a terrible loss, but if you need to use PIA’s Multi-Hop feature, expect that number to jump higher.

Private Internet Access Speed Test

On the bright side, I barely experienced any lag during my Chatroulette video calls.

The worst was the beginning of chats, where it took the video a few seconds to stabilize.

And PIA has other pros!

For starters, it’s the only other VPN on my list with a Dedicated IP add-on – and it’s super affordable!

There are three plans to choose from, ranging from 1 month to 3 years.

And every option is cheaper than NordVPN.

Private Internet Access Subscription Plan

You’ll even get up to 25% off on longer plans!

Private Internet Access Dedicated IP

All of this means your government and local authorities are very unlikely to get your Chatroulette activities, even with a subpoena.

And as a final bonus, PIA is another affordable VPN!

So, if you want to enjoy Chatroulette without the risk of other VPN users getting your favorite server blacklisted, PIA’s Dedicated IP is a very affordable option.

PIA also has a split tunneling feature, making it easy to choose which programs your VPN affects while chatting.

There is one last downside, though.

PIA has a no-logs policy, but it hasn’t been audited.

In fact, PIA said in 2019 that it was looking into external auditors but never followed up.

But there’s good news! PIA was subpoenaed twice for logs and had nothing to turn over either time.

Plus, PIA is open-source, so anyone can look through its code for vulnerabilities.

Private Internet Access Description

All of this means your government and local authorities are very unlikely to get your Chatroulette activities, even with a subpoena.

And as a final bonus, PIA is another affordable VPN!

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Which makes THIS EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT even more tempting!



What to Look for in a VPN for Chatroulette?

Chatroulette is a fun site to meet new friends.

But there are risks in chatting with online strangers.

This is why a VPN isn’t just “nice to have.”

It’s a necessity.

If you’re not satisfied with the VPNs on my list, that’s fine.

But don’t go without one!

Instead, use this section to help you find the perfect VPN for your Chatroulette needs.

Uncover Your Eyes & Study This Checklist Before Committing to a VPN for Chatroulette

The first step in securing your Chatroulette session with a VPN is reading through my checklist.

You’ll find criteria you don’t want to miss!

Server Network + Country Coverage

First, look for a VPN with a big server network in many countries.

A general rule of thumb is 3,000+ servers in 60+ countries.

This ensures you can connect to a nearby server for your Chatroulette sessions, increasing the likelihood for fast speeds, stability, and high-quality calls.

This also helps you unblock Chatroulette worldwide or bypass as many bans as necessary.

Of course, ensure your VPN can actually unblock Chatroulette first!

I recommend using a money-back guarantee to test the VPN and, if it doesn’t unblock Chatroulette, get a refund.

Super-Fast Speeds

A big server network isn’t a guarantee for super-fast speeds.

Many factors influence your speed, from your device and base internet speed to your distance from the server and possible server congestion.

For this reason, it’s essential to test your VPN’s speeds before committing.

You can use a money-back guarantee for this, too.

Specifically, test your VPN’s speed with Chatroulette.

Ensure your video chats have no stutters and are stable throughout.

Alternatively, grab one of my super-fast VPNs for Chatroulette.

Need a reminder of their speeds? Here’s a table!

VPN Provider: Speed Loss:
NordVPN 9.86 Mbps
ExpressVPN 9.23 Mbps
PrivateVPN 11.09 Mbps
Surfshark 8.72 Mbps
PIA 12.91 Mbps

Baseline Internet Speed – 93.15 Mbps

Premium Security

Chatroulette might have an updated, slightly-more-secure interface…but that doesn’t make it safe.

In fact, I confirmed during my tests that there are still many sketchy individuals out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting users.

This is why your VPN must have the best security features, including 256-bit AES encryption and a reliable kill switch.

Additionally, look for lightweight obfuscation features that don’t terribly impact speed.

Finally, an extra feature to consider is split tunneling.

While not essential for security, it helps separate what programs your VPN affects while chatting.

Dedicated IP

One of the biggest risks in using a VPN for Chatroulette is that another user can get the server you’re using blacklisted, resulting in a ban for everyone.

This isn’t a huge deal if your VPN has many servers you can switch to, but it is annoying – especially if you’re disconnected from a potential new friend!

The solution is finding a VPN with a Dedicated IP addon or a similar feature, like PrivateVPN’s private dynamic servers.

That way, you’re the only one using the server.

And if it’s a Dedicated IP add-on, you can use the same IP every time you chat on Chatroulette!


Finally, research, review, and compare several VPN plans before committing.

Some VPNs are all talk and don’t deliver on promises.

To repeat earlier advice, utilize money-back guarantees whenever you can.

These are perfect ways to test a service (promises, claims, etc.) without risking your hard-earned money.

Can I a Bypass Chatroulette Ban With a Free VPN?

Bypassing a Chatroulette ban with a free VPN is risky.

There are only a handful of trustworthy free VPNs I recommend using for starters.

And the likelihood of those free VPNs’ limited servers already being blacklisted is high.

On top of that, their security isn’t up to par with premium providers, nor are their speeds.

And other free VPNs? Not worth it.

Most free VPN providers will sell your data or worse.

Some are even malware!

Instead, stick to a premium VPN with affordable prices, like PrivateVPN or Surfshark.

Remember, you can get a discount on both if you use my special links!

Click here to try PrivateVPN risk-free, and click here for Surfshark!

Why Can’t I Access Chatroulette?

There are several reasons that Chatroulette might be inaccessible for you.

First, if you’re in a country with heavy censorship laws – like the UAE or Iran – the site might be blocked.

This is typically due to Chatroulette hosting content your government deems inappropriate.

Of course, there are also other reasons Chatroulette might be inaccessible.

If you’re using public WiFi at college, work, etc., your network administrator probably blocks access to the site for productivity and/or privacy reasons.

But the most typical reason users can’t access Chatroulette is that they’re banned.

This is usually easy to see – a giant text will appear on your screen saying, “You’ve been banned for [reason here].”

Why Was I Banned From Chatroulette?

Many users report getting banned from Chatroulette for no reason at all.

This is somewhat believable, as I’ve been banned a lot in the past as well.

However, my bans were mostly due to using ManyCam to Rick Roll people.

On the other hand, I was never banned during my Chatroulette tests for this guide.

So, all in all, if you follow Chatroulette’s rules, you’re unlikely to get banned.


  • Don’t disrespect any user you connect with. This includes name-calling, threats, racism, and any other despicable behavior.
  • Don’t take your clothes off without explicit consent from your video partner. Seriously, refrain from unasked for nudity!
  • Don’t use a webcam emulator, like ManyCam. Even if you want to Rick Roll people. This also includes using someone else’s picture or a pre-recorded video.
  • Don’t spam. Don’t fill the text box with links to your website or Discord server. Please refrain from sending your blog to anyone you can. Etc.

But there is another way to get banned, and it is sometimes unfair.

Someone can report you and, if Chatroulette thinks their report worthy of a ban, you’ll get banned.

On the bright side, you can appeal your ban (sometimes).

But that’s hit-or-miss.

Instead, I recommend using a VPN to bypass your ban.

I’ll discuss how to do that next.

How to Use a VPN to Get Unbanned From Chatroulette?

Ready to bypass your Chatroulette ban in 6 easy steps? Here you go:

  1. Choose one of my recommended VPNs (or a VPN you found after thorough research) and purchase a subscription.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device(s).
  3. Open the VPN app and sign in to your account. Enable the kill switch and any other feature, like obfuscation.
kill switch button
  1. Click the Connect button for the fastest server near you. Or, if you have a Dedicated IP, connect to that. Likewise for a feature like PrivateVPN’s private dynamic IPs.
  2. Open your browser and check for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.
  3. Navigate to Chatroulette, create an account, and enjoy securely talking with strangers!
VPN settings
Interesting Reads:


You’re unlikely to get banned for using a VPN with Chatroulette.

I couldn’t find any reports of users getting banned specifically for using a VPN, nor did I get banned during my Chatroulette tests.

You’re more likely to get banned for violating ToS, like using a webcam emulator or disrespecting your chat buddy.

That said, not every VPN will unblock Chatroulette.

This isn’t on Chatroulette’s side – it has to do with your location and how reliable your VPN is at bypassing censorship.

Chatroulette is frequently blocked in Middle Eastern countries, like Iran, the UAE, Kuwait, etc.

That’s not to say the site is blocked all of the time, but you’re more likely to struggle than have unlimited access.

This is usually due to the government linking Chatroulette to inappropriate content that goes against their beliefs.

This is why it’s essential to use a VPN with obfuscation in such countries.

You don’t want to unblock sites with minimal security, or you risk the consequences of getting caught.

You can technically use a proxy to bypass your Chatroulette ban.

However, a proxy has none of the security that a VPN does, so your data and identity aren’t safe from sketchy people looking to take advantage of you.

And that’s if your proxy even bypasses the ban – there’s a chance another user already got the proxy IP blacklisted.


If you made it this far, you’re officially ready to start befriending online strangers on Chatroulette – without jeopardizing your safety!

My top recommendation is still NordVPN.

You’ll get all the necessary security features, blazing-fast speeds, and a stable chatting experience all the way through.

Plus, you can buy a Dedicated IP if you don’t want to risk sharing a server with other users!

Here’s that SUPER discount again! Grab it now and get chatting.

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!
Protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service.
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