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5 Best VPNs for Texas (Get Texas IP Address in Austin, Dallas)

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NordVPN is the best VPN for Texas, offering 190+ servers in Texas with reliable security, premium unblocking, and speed-optimized features.

It’s closely followed by Surfshark, PrivateVPN, CyberGhost, and VyprVPN, which also boast Texas servers and all the relevant features you’ll need on your Virtual Private Network (VPN).

So, I’ll discuss what to consider in your Texas VPNs, why these ones made the cut, and how to set up a VPN for Texas.

Top 3 VPNs for Texas (April, 2024)

Surfshark Devices

Budget and group VPN buyers will appreciate Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections without bandwidth throttling. On top of that, you get Texas servers in Dallas.

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN boasts 190+ servers in Texas, expands on that with 1900+ servers in the US generally, and finishes off with 5500+ global servers. It backs that up with reliable unblocking, premium security, and encryption on all servers.

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PrivateVPN devices

PrivateVPN is secure over its Dallas, Texas servers, unblocking content and keeping your internet activities safe from hackers. It also packs free dedicated IP addresses you may need to avoid VPN account bans on sensitive platforms.

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Like the rest of the USA, Texas has more accessible internet than most places worldwide. But what happens when you must unblock anime, Australian Netflix, or other content unavailable in Texas?

Likewise, there are a lot of free Wi-Fi spots to connect to across Dallas, Austin, and other main Texas cities. However, how secure is your internet connection when connected to the Wi-Fi at your local McDonald’s, Starbucks, Macy’s, or the hotel you’re staying at?

Furthermore, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are notorious for blocking web content.

It’s common for Verizon to ignore your request not to use its content filtering technology. This is yet another case where VPNs come in handy.

So, whether it’s to secure your internet connection, bypass internet service provider (ISP) throttling, unblock Texas-specific content, watch blacked-out sports games, or download torrent files in Texas, these VPNs have you covered.

Want to Download Torrents, Gamble Online, or Secure Your Internet From Texas? Try My Top VPNs

nordvpn torrenting portugal server
Download torrents securely in Texas with NordVPN

Never worry about getting caught while downloading torrents, suffering from game blackouts, or traveling to Nevada before you can gamble online anymore.

Here’s how my top VPNs for Texas help:

  • NordVPN – Boasts 190+ servers in Texas to allow maximum user connection without overcrowding. The server library also consists of 1900+ US options and 5500+ global servers.
  • Surfshark – Get a Texas IP address in Dallas over unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • PrivateVPN – Enjoy Dallas servers, get FREE dedicated IP addresses elsewhere in the US, and unblock online gambling websites over PrivateVPN.
  • CyberGhost – You never lack options with 70+ Dallas and 1300+ US servers. Also, unblock content anywhere over the 8000+ optimized server network on CyberGhost.
  • VyprVPN – Offers fast obfuscation in rare cases where it’s needed, a Dallas server, and reliable global servers for content unblocking.

Now that you’ve seen what my top VPNs can do at a glance, how about learning how they compare?

Comparisons and Mini-Reviews of the Top VPNs for Texas

I tested 21+ VPN providers over the two weeks I spent in Texas.

I focused on ranking VPNs that offer reliable security over their servers, a local Texas IP address, numerous US servers, a substantial global server count, and fast speeds.

I also tested torrent download support and content unblocking over these VPNs.

Here’s how they fare and compare.

NordVPN – 190+ Texas Servers, 1900+ US Servers & 5500+ Global Servers

nordvpn dallas server

NordVPN offers the largest Texas VPN server count of all the VPNs I tested, with 190+ servers and hundreds of IP addresses.

This ensures:

  • Lower congestion when getting a Texas IP address.
  • Faster speeds on the Texas IP address, even if hundreds of users are connecting simultaneously.
  • Less chance of platforms logging and blocking NordVPN’s IP addresses in Texas.
  • Better performance on the Texas server since you’ll usually find one that works from the bunch.

The only downside is that NordVPN maintains all the servers in one city (Dallas). That’s unlike Surfshark, which provides more options in other cities.

tweet blackout restrictions and using vpn outside houston
An instance where it would be nice to have a NordVPN server in Houston

Still, that takes nothing away from NordVPN’s content unblocking or fast speeds in Texas.

There were times when I needed to access content not available in Texas.

For example, I couldn’t watch the Astros game in Houston, even though I could watch all Texas Rangers’ matches on MLB.tv.

Fortunately, connecting to one of the 1900+ US servers on NordVPN unblocked the game for me.

nordvpn us server 2

Sports content isn’t all you can stream on NordVPN’s US servers, though.

I’ve tested these servers, without issues, for content like:

Likewise, my time in Texas was a breeze because I got access to content in my home country and elsewhere. All I had to do was connect to any of the 5500+ servers in 59 countries. Then, I could unblock services like:

Even so, I sometimes prefer Surfshark and CyberGhost since they cover more countries in the African and Middle East Region.

So, they’re your best bet if you’re in Texas but want to unblock content from those areas.

available of server locations on nordvpn

Moving on, I was impressed by NordVPN’s connection speed.

It was most impressive in the evenings when it felt like Verizon was throttling my internet speeds. Simply connecting to a Texas server gave me better speeds, thanks to NordVPN’s unlimited bandwidth engineering.

In line with speeds, I checked NordVPN’s ping and speed across three major server locations on a 32Mbps base speed. The results are shared in the table below:

Location Ping (ms) Speed (Mbps)
US – New York 238 24.0
Canada 268 31.8
US – Dallas 284 18.3

Those numbers show that NordVPN is excellent for gaming, and I wasn’t disappointed when I tried it. Some of the titles I played over NordVPN include:

I got smooth gameplay on all mobile titles. If you’re playing on consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, use NordVPN’s SmartDNS to unblock other servers and play securely.

nordvpn smart dns

Fortunately, you also get NordVPN’s DDoS protection once you connect to the VPN for gaming. However, that’s lacking on the Smart DNS side.

Thus, using NordVPN with your router is best to protect your gaming consoles.

I also tested NordVPN for torrenting. I downloaded a few files and, so far, haven’t received any nasty copyright warnings from Verizon.

While I only used NordVPN with uTorrent and BitTorrent, I don’t doubt that it also works for qBitTorrent and other torrenting clients you prefer.

nordvpn p2p servers option
NordVPN's P2P servers are great for downloading torrents securely

The best part is that NordVPN is optimized for torrenting by providing:

  • P2P servers for faster file downloads.
  • Speed-optimized servers to bypass your ISP’s download speed throttling.
  • Reliable AES 256-bit encryption to prevent your ISP and copyright trolls from seeing your torrent activity.

On top of that, it unblocks The Pirate Bay and some other popular torrent sites blocked by Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and other ISPs.

Even at work, school, or on public Wi-Fi networks, NordVPN has you covered.

mint mobile throttling internet tweet
NordVPN is optimized for speed and can bypass ISP throttling in Texas or elsewhere

Finally, I ensured that NordVPN doesn’t log your internet activity nor has ties to the US government. Otherwise, that may be a problem when the US forces it to hand over data on what you’ve been doing online.

To back this up, NordVPN maintains a strict, no-logs policy that’s been audited by PwC. It’s also located in data privacy-friendly Panama, which isn’t in any data-sharing agreement with the US (or any other country).

150+ servers on nordvpn banner

If you’re getting NordVPN, know that you can use a single account on up to six devices simultaneously. That covers your smartphones, routers, smart TV units, PC devices, browsers, and compatible routers.

Even so, it’s an affordable VPN provider.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Get a better deal with these NordVPN discounts before they expire.



Surfshark – Texas Servers in Dallas + Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

available texas servers on surfshark

Surfshark beats NordVPN with servers in two Texas cities: Houston and Dallas.

Thus, Texans can still watch the Astros game on MLB.tv or get any other blacked-out content in Houston over the Dallas servers.

However, if you’re not getting the preferred content in Texas, Surfshark boasts 600+ US servers in 25 cities.

This US server count is less than you get with NordVPN or CyberGhost, but Surfshark manages the most US server locations.

I tested it across these locations and got reliable IP addresses in each state/city.

vpn for out of market games post
Surfshark can help unblock these out-of-market games if you're ever in these shoes

Besides getting US IP addresses, Surfshark unblocked US-specific content when connected to the servers. Some of the content I watched over Surfshark’s Texas and US servers include:

I also connected to these servers while at the Houston Public Library and Macy’s (in the Willowbrook Mall) to use their public Wi-Fi networks without fear. Otherwise, I may have fallen victim to session hijacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, hacks, sensitive login loss, and other public Wi-Fi risks.

Since I visited Westview McDonald’s and Scarsdale Burger King a lot during my visit, I’m grateful for Surfshark’s auto-connect feature.

It automatically activates whenever my device connects to the public Wi-Fi networks in these regions to protect my internet data better.

trusted wifi networks feature on surfshark

You can also add your trusted Wi-Fi networks and never worry about online security or restrictions on public Wi-Fi anymore.

While Surfshark may not be as fast as NordVPN everywhere, it impressed better in my speed tests (results in the table below).

That wasn’t surprising, though, given that Surfshark optimizes its servers for 1Gbps – 10Gbps speeds.

Surfshark impresses the most in its provision of 3200+ servers in 99 countries. The server count may be less than NordVPN’s, but the country count is over a third more.

available server locations on surfshark

In fact, I got access to servers in many European, African, and Middle Eastern countries that NordVPN doesn’t cover.

Thus, you can:

  • Unblock content from those areas.
  • Connect to local servers in those areas for lesser ping while gaming.
  • Retain access to banking apps and other location-sensitive services in your region.

Speaking of games, I tested Surfshark with the same titles as NordVPN.

I unblocked hidden servers and had the most fun while playing:

Since the gaming speeds are impressive, I decided to check what ping values Surfshark returns. So, I tested it on the same servers as NordVPN:

Location Ping (ms) Speed (Mbps)
US – New York 290 30
Canada 239 22.9
US – Houston 295 25.3

Like NordVPN, Surfshark provides DDoS protection on all servers and protocols. You’ll also get a Smart DNS feature for gaming consoles (like PlayStation and Xbox) that can’t download a native VPN app.

ddos promo on surfshark

Furthermore, I downloaded torrents over Surfshark and waited a few days but never got copyright notices. I tried it over the public Wi-Fi in my hotel and my Verizon SIM card without problems.

However, it’s equally not great for seeding torrents like NordVPN.

That’s where PrivateVPN shone better in my tests.

torrenting on surfshark using argentina server

But there’s a concern.

Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, a part of the 14 Eyes Alliance countries with the USA. Thus, US police can ask the Netherlands government to force Surfshark to give up data on your internet activity.

That’s scary, but Surfshark’s audited no-logs policy is the saving grace.

So, you can rest assured it doesn’t collect any data about you and won’t have any to share with any government/the police.

compatible systems on surfshark
Get unlimited simultaneous connection over these devices on Surfshark

With that out of the way, Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections combine with its affordable price to make it the best-budget VPN service

In fact, I didn’t have any problems sharing the subscription with my Texas travel group, and we all got unlimited bandwidth.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Even so, get these Surfshark discounts to save more on your preferred plan purchase.



PrivateVPN – Dallas Servers, 200+ Global Servers + FREE Dedicated IPs

dallas server on privatevpn

PrivateVPN only offers a modest 200+ servers. Even so, it beat some of the other 20+ VPN providers with thousands of servers I tested with its Texas server location offering.

PrivateVPN mimics NordVPN by concentrating its Texas servers in Dallas alone. That shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but choose Surfshark if you want servers in Houston instead.

Fortunately, PrivateVPN’s Texas server isn’t just for show.

I connected to it, and unblocked streams on:

None of these content streams lagged, indicating good streaming speeds with the provider. PrivateVPN’s speeds also translated to smoother gaming for me.

privatevpn speed results server locations

Here, I appreciate seeing the secure VPN server ping values before connecting. Thus, you can always choose the closest, low-ping servers for the best performance.

Despite that, I conducted server ping tests to ensure the VPN provider wasn’t just providing favorable numbers for itself. It compares to my top recommendation (NordVPN) on similar servers.

Location Ping (ms) Speed (Mbps)
US – New York 660 24.0
Canada 415 21.5
US – Dallas 613 22.8

So, fast enough but not nearly as fast as Surfshark and NordVPN.

In fact, the ping values are almost double what these other VPN services manage.

But there’s more.

PrivateVPN’s small server count makes it look like the least capable VPN. 

However, it’s the ONLY VPN I reviewed with a New Jersey server in the USA. That server is handy to gamble online from Texas or anywhere else in the US without traveling to Nevada.

new jersey server with speed result on privatevpn

I tried it myself, along with other members of my travel group, and we unblocked accounts on:

I didn’t try other popular online gambling services since I don’t have an account with them. Even so, I’m confident you’ll get access with the New Jersey servers.

I took my tests further with torrent download tests a few days after trying the other two VPNs. That way, I would know what VPN failed the test if I got a copyright notice.

privatevpn leak test results
Zero IP leaks while downloading torrents

Till I left (after two weeks), no copyright trolls were onto me.

PrivateVPN also supports seeding, giving it an extra point over NordVPN and Surfshark.

Texans traveling abroad will enjoy the FREE dedicated IP addresses from PrivateVPN to unblock US PayPal, banking apps, Swagbucks, and other region-sensitive apps without risking account bans.

available server locations on privatevpn

It’s not that the other VPNs don’t provide dedicated IPs, but those come at a cost.

However, there’s a dealbreaker:

The VPN provider is based in Sweden – one of the 14 Eyes countries – and doesn’t have an audited no-logs policy. It does claim it operates a no-logs service, though, and it hasn’t been involved in any data leak scandal.

Still, an audited policy would have done more to keep users at rest.

post about vpn for gaming outside texas
PrivateVPN's relatively low ping and decent gaming speeds make it ideal to solve these problems

If you’re getting PrivateVPN, you can share its unblocking, protection, and speed on ten devices simultaneously. There’s router support, but missing Smart DNS capabilities, which would have made it extra compatible with smart TVs and gaming consoles.

But you can’t argue it’s affordable for the price, offerings, and valuable extras it brings for Texas.

privatevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Here are some PrivateVPN deals to save more on your purchase.



CyberGhost – Dallas Servers + 1300+ US Servers & 8000+ Global Servers

dallas server on cyberghost

CyberGhost offered the highest server count of all the VPNs I tested, recorded at 8900+. However, these would have meant nothing if the VPN provider didn’t have Texas servers. So, I was happy to find 70 servers in Dallas, Texas alone.

So, you can connect to these servers when in Texas, the USA, or elsewhere to:

  • Watch blacked-out games in other regions
  • Connect to local Texas services to get region-specific content
  • Secure your public Wi-Fi connections in Texas without losing local content access
  • Unblock US content from abroad
  • Get a fast-gaming server for a lower ping if you’re in Texas, or close
server locations on cyberghost

Given the massive server count on CyberGhost, it’s the best VPN to access more content in remote and often overlooked countries globally.

Its presence in 91 countries is just a little behind Surfshark and miles ahead of every other listed provider.

I ensured the servers weren’t just there for show and unblocked content.

So, I connected to the US server and got access to:

I also tried unblocking content from other countries.

Some of the most notable ones I got access to over CyberGhost is:

Fortunately, CyberGhost also packs a dedicated public Wi-Fi protection feature that came in handy at the hotel, small shops, and other establishments I visited in Texas.

saved wifi networks feature on cyberghost

Whenever I’m not connected to my portable travel Wi-Fi router and my device picks up a strange Wi-Fi network, the VPN automatically kicks in to protect my internet traffic.

When I got to test the VPN for gaming and torrenting, I noticed it already has specialty servers for these. This shows me that the VPN is optimized for both activities.

Even so, I still tested both features.

CyberGhost helped me download game updates and other files on torrenting websites at blazing fast speeds without copyright issues.

I got low ping values for gaming, and the abundance of servers meant I was never overcrowded on any.

For context, here’s how CyberGhost compares to NordVPN on ping values from the same servers:

Location Ping (ms) Speed (Mbps)
US – New York 296 19.0
Canada 282 18.5
US – Dallas 274 14.4

It fares better than PrivateVPN on ping values but falls behind on actual speeds. Still, the connection drop isn’t serious enough to prevent HD games and content streams.

tweet about content geo-blocking texas
Content geo-blocking in Texas? Don't worry. Connect to CyberGhost and you're good to go.

The only major downside with CyberGhost is it’s also unaudited for its strict no-logs policy. However, it maintains that it has such a policy, and it’s never been in violation of user data. Plus, the VPN provider is based in Romania – a data privacy-friendly location.

On top of all that, you get seven simultaneous device connections on your CyberGhost account. This lends further credence to the VPN’s affordability.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Save more with these CyberGhost discounts and get a 45-day money-back guarantee.



VyprVPN – Get Texas IPs in Austin and Fast Speeds Over 700+ VPN Servers

Every other VPN provider I tested offered servers in either Houston or Dallas. 

But if you want Texas servers in Austin, VyprVPN is the one to get.

However, it doesn’t have servers in other Texas cities like Surfshark, with two Texan server locations. That’s not an issue, though, given that the Austin server is more than enough to get a reliable Texas IP address.

In fact, I used it a few times to secure my public Wi-Fi connection back at Monsoon Inn & Suites and the public libraries I frequented.

Thankfully, I relied on the Public Wi-Fi Protection feature on VyprVPN to automatically protect my internet data whenever I connected to untrusted Wi-Fi networks.

Besides encrypting my banking activities and online payments, the Texas servers were also great at unblocking content. Along with other US servers on VyprVPN, totaling 8 server locations, I unblocked:

  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • DAZN Sports
  • YouTube TV (US)

VyprVPN also has 700+ servers providing 300,000+ IP addresses in 70+ server locations. These are lesser servers than all other providers (except PrivateVPN), but they’re reliable enough to unblock content anywhere.

streaming voot with vyprvpn using india server
VyprVPN unblocks Voot from the USA, over its Indian servers

The most surprising part with VyprVPN was its incredible speeds, rivaling CyberGhost’s top-notch speeds. Thus, I had no issues downloading torrent files or playing resource-intensive games.

There’s port forwarding support on this VPN, just like PrivateVPN, for better torrent download speeds and security. However, I’m not convinced with the feature since you must turn off the NAT firewall to use it.

That makes it more unsafe than necessary.

enabled nat firewall on vypervpn

Speaking of gaming, my ping tests (compared against NordVPN’s) yielded the following results.

Location Ping (ms) Ping (ms)
US – New York 247 22.4
Canada 243 21.2
US – Austin 292 17.0

The audited no logs VPN provider offers 30 simultaneous connections that work across PCs and smartphones. It’s also based in Switzerland, one of the most privacy-friendly locations globally.

However, it’s the most expensive VPN provider I reviewed.

vyprvpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

So, I recommend you get this VyprVPN discount deal to save more.



How to Setup a VPN for Texas?

Setting up a VPN for Texas is as easy as choosing the correct VPN protocol, enabling the VPN kill switch, and connecting to a preferred server.

I’ve detailed how to do that below:

  1. Purchase and download your preferred VPN. I choose NordVPN.
  2. Log in to your VPN with your account credentials.
  3. Enable the kill switch. Go to Settings > Kill Switch > toggle Internet Kill Switch.”
locating nordvpn kill switch features
  1. Choose a preferred VPN protocol. I recommend NordLynx for speed and security.
locating nordlynx protocol on nordvpn
  1. Search and connect to a preferred server. Alternatively, click on any countries in the Quick Connect bar to get the best/fastest server in those popular locations.
successful connect to us server with nordvpn
  1. Wait for the connection confirmation.
  2. Test for leaks (go to www.ipleak.net).
  3. Surf the web securely and without limitations.

Is a Free VPN Provider Advisable in Texas?

Free VPN providers aren’t advisable in Texas. They lack Texas IP addresses, won’t unblock out-of-market games, have severe speed limitations, and steal your online data. They’re also notoriously bad at protecting you against DMCA notices while downloading torrents.

tweet about free vpn warning
Cos free VPN providers are notorious for stealing/exposing sensitive user data!

Thus, getting a no-logs VPN provider like NordVPN that’s optimized for speed, secure torrent downloads, content unblocking across 5500+ servers, and top-notch security is best.

Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions

VPNs are legal in Texas, as in all parts of the USA. However, keep within VPN providers’ ToS, which doesn’t allow you to use the app for anything illegal. 

Otherwise, the software provider may give you up for breaching its ToS.

Even so, don’t choose a VPN located in the USA or any of the 14 Eyes alliance countries unless it was audited for no logs. Otherwise, your data may be shared with the government when it asks.

It’s not illegal to access content streams over a VPN in Texas.

While some content streaming services block VPN traffic, they only do so to keep in line with licensing laws. Thus, they won’t actively restrict you from unblocking content from out-of-market regions with a reliable VPN that’ll bypass its geo-blocks.

Enjoy Security as Big as Dallas

I know that’s a tall claim, but my recommended VPNs are capable.

Whether it’s to unblock the local Astros game when blacked out, access content on another side of the world, or secure your internet experience, NordVPN is my top pick.

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