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PrivateVPN Servers List: Locations, States & Types

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Sweden-based VPN provider PrivateVPN has over 200 servers in 63 countries and claims to offer “the most secure, rapid connection of its kind.”

I went through the PrivateVPN server list to compare and test their features.

In this article, I’ll provide an overview of the servers and what they can offer you.

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What Are the Different PrivateVPN Server Categories?

Whilst PrivateVPN doesn’t have as many servers as other providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, it still offers a decent range of servers, all of which passed my DNS Leak tests.

There are Standard servers and Dedicated IP servers.

PrivateVPN Standard Servers

PrivateVPN Standard servers are VPN servers that obscure your IP address by changing its location, making it appear as though you’re somewhere other than where you actually are.

A PrivateVPN representative confirmed to me that the IPs provided by those servers are static shared public IPs.

You can use PrivateVPN standard servers for everyday browsing to stay secure or for P2P file sharing.

PrivateVPN Dedicated IP Servers

PrivateVPN has Dedicated IP servers in 16 countries.

They’re included in all of PrivateVPN’s pricing packages at no extra cost and offer dynamic Dedicated IPs with all ports open.

You can find them on the “Dedicated IP” tab of the app.

privatevpn dedicated ip servers

Unlike standard server IPs, Dedicated IPs offer you a unique IP address that nobody else is using.

PrivateVPN allocates you one from their bank of dynamic, dedicated IPs every time you connect.

PrivateVPN Dedicated IP servers also allow for port forwarding.

This makes for easier streaming and P2P file sharing.

A PrivateVPN representative confirmed that streaming is only possible on its Dedicated IP servers.

P2P is possible on both Standard and Dedicated IP servers, but the latter’s static incoming open ports make it easier.

Therefore, you can use PrivateVPN dedicated servers to unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms and for P2P file sharing.

The provider doesn’t currently offer static dedicated IP addresses, unlike NordVPN.

PrivateVPN Server Locations

Several PrivateVPN server locations have at least a couple of servers.

A company representative confirmed to me that the only way to find out the exact number of servers in each location is to trace the Online Ping.

I’ve done that with each PrivateVPN location.

Here’s the full PrivateVPN Server list by region:


You can choose from 75 PrivateVPN European servers, about a quarter of which are located in Sweden across three locations – Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Kista.

Here’s the list of PrivateVPN servers in Europe:

Location Number of servers Type of servers
Austria (Vienna) 1 Standard
Belgium (Brussels) 1 Standard
Bulgaria (Sofia) 1 Standard
Croatia (Zagreb) 1 Standard
Cyprus (Nicosia) 1 Standard
Czechia (Prague) 1 Standard
Denmark (Copenhagen) 2 Standard
Estonia (Tallinn) 1 Standard
Finland (Espoo) 1 Standard
France (Paris) 4 Standard, Dedicated IP
Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt) 4 Standard, Dedicated IP
Greece (Athens) 1 Standard
Hungary (Budapest) 1 Standard
Iceland (Reykjavik) 1 Standard
Ireland (Dublin) 1 Standard
Isle of Man (Ballasalla) 1 Standard
Italy (Milan) 4 Standard, Dedicated IP
Latvia (Riga) 1 Standard
Lithuania (Siauliai) 1 Standard
Luxembourg (Steinsel) 1 Standard
Malta (Qormi) 1 Standard
Moldova (Chisinau) 1 Standard
Netherlands (Amsterdam) 4 Standard, Dedicated IP
Norway (Oslo) 1 Dedicated IP
Poland (Torun) 2 Standard, Dedicated IP
Portugal (Lisbon) 1 Standard
Romania (Bucharest) 1 Standard
Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk) 3 Standard
Serbia (Belgrade) 1 Standard
Slovakia (Bratislava) 1 Standard
Spain (Madrid) 2 Standard, Dedicated IP
Sweden (Gothenburg, Kista, Stockholm) 17 Standard, Dedicated IP
Switzerland (Zurich) 2 Standard, Dedicated IP
Ukraine (Nikolaev) 1 Standard
United Kingdom (London, Manchester) 7 Standard, Dedicated IP

The Americas

If you’re in the Western Hemisphere, you can choose from the following 34 PrivateVPN servers, over half of which are located in the United States:

Location Number of servers Type of servers
Argentina (Buenos Aires) 1 Standard
Brazil (São Paulo) 1 Dedicated IP
Canada (Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver) 6 Standard, Dedicated IP
Chile (Santiago) 1 Standard (Virtual)
Colombia (Bogota) 1 Standard (Virtual)
Costa Rica (San Jose) 1 Standard
Mexico (Mexico City) 1 Standard (Virtual)
Panama (Panama City) 1 Standard (Virtual)
Peru (Lima) 1 Standard (Virtual)
USA (Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Phoenix, Seattle). 20 Standard, Dedicated IP

Asia Pacific

PrivateVPN also has some servers in the APAC region, including India, Australia, and New Zealand – a total of 20 servers:

Location Number of servers Type of servers
Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) 4 Standard, Dedicated IP
Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China route) 2 Standard
India (Bangalore, Mumbai) 4 Standard, Dedicated IP
Indonesia (Jakarta) 1 Standard
Japan (Tokyo) 1 Dedicated IP
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 1 Standard
New Zealand (Auckland) 1 Standard
Philippines (Manila) 1 Standard
Singapore (Singapore) 1 Standard
South Korea (Seoul) 1 Standard
Taiwan (Taipei) 1 Standard
Thailand (Bangkok) 1 Standard
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) 1 Standard

Africa and the Middle East

And finally, what makes PrivateVPN stand out from other providers is its servers in Africa and the Middle East.

In total, PrivateVPN has 6 servers there:

Location Number of servers Type of servers
Israel (Tel Aviv) 1 Standard
Nigeria (Lagos) 1 Standard
South Africa (Johannesburg) 2 Standard
Turkey (Istanbul) 1 Standard
UAE (Dubai) 1 Standard

Does PrivateVPN Work With Netflix?

Yes, PrivateVPN works with Netflix – but only with Dedicated IP servers.

Here’s how to connect to the US Netflix library on your desktop if you’re outside the US:

  1. Login and connect to PrivateVPN.
  2. Click on “Change” next to the server name below the “Connect” button.
  3. Navigate to the “Dedicated IP” tab and scroll down to “USA – Los Angeles” or “USA – New York 1.”
  4. Select one of those servers and connect to it.
  5. Open Netflix and enjoy!
streaming netflix with privatevpn

Does PrivateVPN Allow P2P?

Yes, PrivateVPN allows torrenting on both Standard and Dedicated IP servers.

If you’re located in a country where PrivateVPN has a Dedicated IP server, we recommend using that for torrenting, as all of their incoming ports will be open.

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Which PrivateVPN Server Is the Best One?

The best PrivateVPN server depends on where you’re located.

However, if you’re just looking for extra speed and security whilst browsing, we advise connecting to servers in your country or nearby.

If you want the best streaming experience whilst using PrivateVPN, we recommend connecting to a dedicated IP server closest to you.

I tested the speed of three PrivateVPN servers to see which one was the best:

Baseline (my location):

speed test result without privatevpn

PrivateVPN Sweden (Kista):

speed test result with privatevpn sweden server

PrivateVPN UK (Manchester):

speed test result with privatevpn manchester server

Private VPN USA (New York):

speed test result with privatevpn new york server

Private VPN India:

speed test result with privatevpn india server

As you can see, my best PrivateVPN server was a Swedish one.

And chances are, if you’re in Europe, especially Northern Europe, one of the 17 PrivateVPN servers in Sweden will be optimal for you too!

Does PrivateVPN Have Servers in Russia?

Yes, PrivateVPN has 3 servers in Russia.

They’re located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Krasnoyarsk.

Unfortunately, they’re not Dedicated IPs, meaning they don’t work with Netflix.

However, you can use them to browse the Internet without letting your ISP know where you are in Russia.

You can also use them to torrent.

If, however, you want to access LinkedIn from Russia, you can’t do that by connecting to PrivateVPN’s Russian servers as LinkedIn is blocked by the Russian government on the country’s territory.

To access LinkedIn from Russia with decent speed, use any nearby server – for example, in Latvia or Ukraine.

Which PrivateVPN Servers Work With Netflix?

Only PrivateVPN’s Dedicated IP servers work with Netflix.

There are 16 locations for you to choose from, including the US, the UK, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Poland, France, and Germany.

Can You Use PrivateVPN Servers for Free?

You can try PrivateVPN for free for 7 days.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means that you can try using PrivateVPN servers for free for a week, risk-free, and then buy a package you like, test it for 29 days and get a refund if you don’t like it.

Technically, you can use PrivateVPN Servers for free that way.

What’s the Fastest PrivateVPN Server?

There are no set speeds for VPN servers.

Your Internet speed whilst you’re connected to a PrivateVPN server depends on how fast your Internet is and how close your chosen server is.

The closer you’re physically located to the server, the faster your connection will be.

So, there’s no fastest VPN server – but if you’re located in New York, for instance, your fastest PrivateVPN server would be one of the five in NYC.


We hope that this PrivateVPN server list breakdown was helpful to you.

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