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Best VPNs for Indonesia (Paid & Free Services)

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Looking to circumvent censorship in Indonesia and avoid the on and off government restrictions on social media?

Or are you trying to unblock a streaming platform that’s not available in the country?

I’ve been reviewing VPNs for 5+ years, and in this post, I’m going to help you find the perfect VPN for your needs and budget.

I tested over 100 of the top providers, and the outright best VPN for Indonesia is NordVPN. It’s fast, secure, has servers in Indonesia, and allows you to get both local and foreign IPs.

Besides NordVPN, there are a few other contenders that impressed me. One of these can prove to be a better option for you.

Keep reading to find out!

Top 3 VPNs for Indonesia

ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN is worth a look if your number one consideration is streaming. The VPN works with all primary streaming services, and its fast speeds allow you to stream in HD.

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NordVPN devices

When it comes to security and privacy, NordVPN is simply outstanding. It offers servers in Indonesia, advanced encryption, and a no-logs policy, allowing you to browse privately.

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Surfshark Devices

Don’t like the idea of shelling out too much Rupiah on your next VPN? Then Surfshark is an excellent option. It offers affordable subscription plans without compromising on quality. You can get it for as low as 34,639 Indonesian Rupiah.

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Best VPNs for Indonesia at a Glance

Here  is a quick summary of the most reliable VPNs for Indonesia:

  • NordVPN – the best choice for Indonesia.
  • ExpressVPN – a reliable service with breakneck speeds.
  • Surfshark – the best VPN for Indonesia for multiple devices.
  • PrivateVPN – the best value VPN for Indonesia.
  • CyberGhost – a premium VPN for Indonesia with a free trial (no credit card needed).
NordVPN logo
NordVPN devices


Editor’s Choice

Thanks to its advanced privacy features, fast speeds, and extensive server network, NordVPN is my top pick for Indonesia. With the VPN, you can bypass government censorship and access any website on the internet.

Detailed List of the 5 Best VPNs for Indonesia

After extensive tests and putting each VPN into use, the providers below came out on top.

1. NordVPN - Top Choice for Indonesia

nordvpn connected to indonesia

NordVPN offers multiple servers in Indonesia, which you can use to get an Indonesia IP and access local websites and news feeds.

Its servers are stable and fast, enabling you to enjoy a smooth browsing and streaming experience.

With speeds of 38.9Mbps on a 45Mbs connection, I would rate it 9/10 in terms of performance.

nordvpn speed test result via indonesia server
NordVPN Speed Test - Surabaya, Indonesia Server

You won’t encounter any connection issues and with the VPN you can watch 4K content without buffering.

In total, NordVPN provides access to over 5400 servers in 59 countries, allowing you to bypass government censorship and unblock any website.

And since the provider has servers in neighboring India, you can do so with minimal impact to your standard internet speed.

NordVPN really impressed me too when I tried watching Netflix. Unlike most of its competition, the service unblocked the Netflix US version every single time I gave it a shot.

streaming netflix with nordvpn

When traveling abroad, you can also use it to access Indonesian Netflix and its 3rd ranked 6200+ Netflix titles from abroad.

NordVPN also gets 10 out of 10 when it comes to privacy. If you’re a blogger worried about government retaliation, then look no further.

The VPN offers impregnable security, with military-grade encryption. It also comes with an internet kill switch to protect against leaks in case your VPN connection drops.

The feature can help you avoid the accidental exposure of your identity to your ISP and the authorities and you can access it from the Settings window.

nordvpn kill switch option

NordVPN offers three protocols – OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard (NordLynx), a new, much faster protocol that’s perfect if speed is your top priority.

But you can’t customize the VPN since each app contains only one protocol.

For example, if you want to use WireGuard, you will need to install the VPN on Linux. The Mac app comes with IKEv2 while the PC client features OpenVPN.

That aside, I was pleased to see that NordVPN offers Onion over VPN.

This is an incredible tool that routes your traffic through the Tor network and is perfect for journalists looking for extra cover from the government.

nordvpn onion over vpn setting

Another thing I liked about NordVPN is that it keeps neither connection nor activity logs. This is critical if you don’t want your data falling into the wrong hands.

What’s more? The provider is based in Panama, which is a privacy-friendly jurisdiction with no mandatory data retention laws.

You don’t have to worry about the authorities forcing them to renege on their no-logs policy.

Whether it’s torrenting or accessing geo-blocked sites, I found NordVPN to be reasonably reliable.

I was also pleased by its level of compatibility as the VPN supports all primary devices, including routers.

NordVPN is reasonably priced, and a single subscription allows you to cover 6 devices at a go.

If you want to check it out, the provider has a 30-day money guarantee so that you can test the service risk-free.

See our in-depth NordVPN review to see why it’s our #1 VPN for Indonesia.



2. ExpressVPN - Best For Streaming

ExpressVPN is another VPN whose world-class performance makes it a popular go-to service for many in Indonesia.

The VPN delivered the fastest speeds in my tests, enabling me to watch HD content seamlessly.

I experienced a mere 7.8% impact on my 45Mbps connection from the UK.

ExpressVPN Speed Test - Jakarta, Indonesia Server
ExpressVPN Speed Test - Jakarta, Indonesia Server

As if that’s not enough, its Smart DNS feature, MediaStreamer allows you to unblock sites with zero impact on speed.

Need a 100 percent fast VPN? Then I recommend ExpressVPN for Indonesia.

But that’s not the only thing that makes ExpressVPN excellent for streaming.

The VPN works with Netflix US, enabling you to watch exclusives like Moxie that aren’t available in the Indonesian Netflix version.

streaming moxie on netflix with expressvpn

With the VPN, you can access over 3000 servers in 94 countries. The provider isn’t lax when it comes to security either.

ExpressVPN offers a complete security package with bank-level encryption and zero-logging.

The company is located in the BVI, which doesn’t have any intelligence-sharing agreement with Indonesia.

Unlike NordVPN, you get a choice of several protocols, including OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2, L2TP, and Lightway, allowing you to customize the VPN based on your needs.

expressvpn protocol options

More than that, the software bundles in split tunneling, which comes in handy if you need to selectively encrypt and route your app traffic.

That’s a huge plus since it allows you to access LAN devices like your printer while connected to the VPN.

Another unique ExpressVPN feature is TrustedServer technology, which utilizes disk-less servers.

That means data is stored in RAM and wiped clean with every reboot, making your information more secure in case of a physical breach in their Indonesian data center.

ExpressVPN has apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire OS. Also, it supports a wide range of router firmware.

Even better, using its Smart DNS feature, you can run the service on your smart TV, console, and other devices that lack built-in VPN capability.

If not for their high price, I would have given ExpressVPN a higher rating.

On the bright side, you can take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee and give it a test run.

Check out our detailed ExpressVPN vs NordVPN comparison to find out more about why I placed the VPN a close second for Indonesia.



3. Surfshark - Best For Multiple Devices

surfshark vpn app connected in india server

If you have many devices or a large household, then Surfshark is the perfect VPN for you.

The VPN allows unlimited connections, and with a single subscription, you can cover your friends and family.

Surfshark offers servers within Indonesia, allowing you to stream GoPlay and Genflix from abroad.

Its speeds are excellent and even from thousands of miles away, I was able to obtain great results while connected to the Jakarta server.

surfshark speed test result via jakarta, indonesia server
Surfshark Speed Test - Jakarta, Indonesia Server

The provider also has servers in 62 other countries, and its NoBorders mode allows you to bypass censorship with a single click.

You can find the feature by navigating to Settings>Advanced.

surfshark noborders advance setting

The VPN service works well with Netflix and other foreign streaming services.

Its distant speeds are excellent, which allows you to view exclusives from as far as the US and UK without interruptions.

streaming netflix while using surfshark vpn

To keep you and your data safe, Surfshark uses AES 256-bit encryption.

You should also know that the VPN does not keep activity logs, and has a kill switch and ad-tracking tool to give you an extra layer of protection.

Surfshark is one of the most affordable premium VPNs.

Although it’s not as cheap as PrivateVPN, I liked it better because of its unlimited simultaneous connections.

You can try all plans risk-free with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

See our detailed Surfshark review to see why I’ve included the VPN on this list.



4. PrivateVPN - Best Value for Money

PrivateVPN is a fantastic choice for Indonesia if you’re on a budget.

It’s the cheapest on this list and even though the VPN is very affordable, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

You still get a stable server in Indonesia and 150+ more in 60 other countries.

But I was a bit disappointed by their connection speeds.

The VPN doesn’t come close to the performance offered by ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

As shown in the screenshot below, I found that PrivateVPN cut my speeds by almost half.

privatevpn speed test result via jakarta, indonesia server
PrivateVPN Speed Test - Jakarta, Indonesia Server

Away from the cons, PrivateVPN offers enough protection to safeguard your data.

It does not keep logs and is located in Switzerland, a privacy haven.

With PrivateVPN, you can cover up to 6 devices simultaneously with a single subscription.

On top of its decent features, I was impressed with this VPN because it offers the best price of all top VPNs for Indonesia.

privatevpn subscription plans with prices

It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you would like to test it first.



5. CyberGhost - Best With a Free Trial

cyberghost vpn connected in indonesia server

If you’re looking for a premium VPN with a completely free trial, CyberGhost is the only premium option – and not just on this list.

You can use it without providing a credit card or creating an account. And yes, you get to enjoy all its premium features, including blazing fast speeds and Netflix access.

cyberghost vpn speed test result via jakarta, indonesia server
CyberGhost Speed Test - Jakarta, Indonesia Server

CyberGhost provides multiple servers in Jakarta, so you are covered on that front.

Overall, you can access an unbelievable 7000+ servers in 91 countries, which augurs well for you if you’re looking to beat geo-restrictions.

cyberghost network

The only thing of concern with CyberGhost is its background.

Its parent company, Kape, doesn’t exactly have the best track record and was previously known as Crossrider, whose reputation included malware distribution.

That said, CyberGhost claims they operate independently, and my malware checks came out clean.

CyberGhost’s clients are simple and intuitive, which makes it perfect for users of all levels.

They offer an industry-leading 45-day money-back guarantee, for long-term plans.

Plus, the VPN is reasonably priced and you get 7 simultaneous connections so you can protect multiple devices.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans with prices

See our CyberGhost vs NordVPN comparison to get a deeper look at how the CyberGhost compares to our #1 pick.



Can a Free VPN Protect Online Privacy in Indonesia?

Free VPNs cannot protect your online privacy in Indonesia.

Although tempting from a budget standpoint, free VPNs are never truly free and come at the cost of your privacy.

Many collect your data, including your browsing history, and sell it to third parties.

What Is the Best Free VPN for Indonesia?

AtlasVPN is the best free VPN for Indonesia. It matches providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN in privacy, with a strict no-logs policy.

The VPN also uses military-grade encryption to keep your data safe.

But that’s where the perks end. The free version is usually overloaded and, as a result, very slow.

Still, AtlasVPN is a good choice if you’re on a tight budget.

But to enjoy benefits like fast speeds, Netflix access, and servers in Indonesia, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

Guide to Buying a VPN for Indonesia

The best VPN for you will more or less depend on your needs.

Are you looking to bypass censorship, avoid ISP throttling, or unblock streaming services like Netflix?

In my opinion, the best VPN for Indonesia should offer all that.

When examining the various services, I also looked at security and privacy features. I also checked whether the provider has servers in Indonesia.

Overall, here are the most important aspects you should look at when picking a VPN for Indonesia:

Online Privacy

Whether you live or are traveling to Indonesia, you don’t want to be browsing the internet without a VPN.

Surveillance runs rampant within Indonesia. And, the government doesn’t take lightly to criticism and often misuses the defamation clause of the ITE Law to silence critics.

But what kind of aspects make a VPN great for privacy in Indonesia?

The first is the privacy policy. Always read the fine print to make sure that the provider has strict no-logging policies.

I recommend providers that have had their logs policy verified by independent auditors.

Almost all providers will claim to have a zero logs policy. But often, that has proven to not always be the case.

Some providers have been caught handing over their logs to the FBI and other government organizations.

That said, there are a few VPNs that live up to what they claim on the tin.

ExpressVPN proved that in 2017 when the Turkish government seized their servers only to find the provider didn’t keep logs.

Other providers like NordVPN and Surfshark have had their no-logging policy audited and verified, which is a huge plus.

In addition, I recommend picking a VPN that’s based in a country that lacks mandatory data retention laws.

Security Features

If you’re looking to protect your web traffic and keep your IP address and the websites visited away from the prying eyes of the INP?

Then you need a VPN that uses AES 256-bit encryption, which is virtually impenetrable.

But that’s not all I look at when reviewing VPNs. While good encryption is necessary, I also test each VPN to make sure it does not leak your IP and browsing history through DNS queries and WebRTC.

WebRTC enables browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge to communicate but also creates a loophole that can expose your identity.

In my tests, I examined IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks to make sure all VPNs in this list are secure.

For that, I used IPleak.net, IPleak.org, and IP8.com to test for leaks as well as Virus total.com to check for Trojans and other malware.

Lastly, it’s also essential to make sure your VPN has an internet kill switch. This tool automatically stops internet access when your VPN connection drops, ensuring your identity and activities stay hidden.

Server Network

When it comes to servers, the question is often whether a VPN can access the major streaming services.

But in Indonesia, that’s the least of your worries since many sites and types of content are banned.

Generally, you want to look for a VPN with servers in less restrictive countries nearby, such as India.

On top of unblocking content, this will also allow you to get low latency and faster speeds.

Another thing you want to look at is if the VPN has servers in Indonesia. This will allow you to get an Indonesian IP and access local news and search results on google.

If you want to access Netflix US, Hulu, and other streaming services that aren’t available in Indonesia, then you should make sure your VPN has servers in the US.

Fortunately, all VPNs in this list have American servers and in my tests, all worked with all the popular streaming platforms.

Connection Speeds

While all VPNs will impact your internet speed, the best VPNs for Indonesia keep the impact to a minimum.

This allows you to still enjoy fast and stable connections.

As I do with most of my reviews, I test each VPN from the UK using an Ethernet connection.

Because speeds can vary based on distance, I ask my partners across the world to do the same speed tests so I can provide you with the most transparent and accurate results.

Since different VPNs use different default protocols, I conduct the tests using OpenVPN since it offers the perfect balance between speed and security.

While I do understandably prioritize download speed, I also test upload speed along with ping (latency).

I do this with and without a VPN and calculate the difference so I can gauge the impact and make the best recommendation for your needs.

Apps & Supported Devices

Let’s say you want to use a VPN on your smart TV but don’t have a router or a laptop; what then?

You will have to get a VPN that supports your smart TV.

Different VPNs support a different range of devices.

You should always check to confirm your preferred VPN is compatible with your device.

Customer Support

Good customer support can bail you out of technical or billing issues and save a whole lot of hassle and time.

I recommend services that have 24/7 live chat support, but options like emails are also helpful.


Lastly, you want to look at the value of money. The last thing you want is to spend a fortune on a VPN service when you can get the same or better performance on the cheap.

Generally, the lengthiest subscriptions offer the best savings in the long term.

But if you’re looking to spend less in the short term, monthly plans are more affordable.

2 Main Reasons Why You Need a VPN in Indonesia

Right now VPNs are becoming a must-have in Indonesia. But why exactly is that so?

There are several reasons why:

Bypass Censorship

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of sites that are banned in Indonesia.

Freedom House gives Indonesia a 51/100 (partly-free) rating, and it’s for a reason.

While the country may not be a China or North Korea in terms of censorship, it has strict restrictions.

Their internet censorship system uses an AI to block all content that is deemed unsuitable by the government.

For instance, if you are visiting the country and want to play online poker, you won’t be able to.

That’s because the Indonesian government blocks both local and foreign gambling websites.

Additionally, the government has an unpredictable pattern of banning social media sites. It also blocks legitimate blogs and news sites under the guise of dealing with fake news.

VPNs encrypt your traffic, making it impossible for your ISP to know block access.

Access Geo-Blocked Streaming Content

Streaming platforms use geo-blocks to comply with copyright and licensing agreements.

Sites like Hulu and HBO Max are available in the US only and cannot be viewed from within Indonesia.

While Netflix is accessible in Indonesia, the local catalog is very depleted.

A quality VPN can allow you to expand your Netflix catalog and access exclusives like Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

All you need to do is connect to a server in the country where these services are available.

How to Get an Indonesian IP Address With a VPN?

First, make sure you get a VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark that provides servers in Indonesia.

By connecting to an Indonesian server, the VPN will hide your real IP and assign you a different one from Indonesia.

Here is a quick walkthrough:

  1. Launch your VPN app.
  2. Go to the server locations and navigate to Indonesia.
  3. Click to connect.

One, two, three, easy as ABC!

How to Set Up & Use Your VPN in Indonesia?

Setting up and using a VPN in Indonesia is straightforward and won’t take much of your time.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service (I recommend NordVPN – It’s fast, secure, and has servers in Indonesia).
  2. Download and install the app on your device.
  3. Sign in to the app with your VPN account credentials.
  4. Connect to your preferred server, and you’re good to go.


Are VPNs Legal in Indonesia?

Yes, VPNs are 100% legal in Indonesia. There are no laws barring VPN use.

So, you won’t get into any trouble with the authorities for using a VPN.

That’s said, what you do when connected to the VPN is still your responsibility and using one to commit illegal activities can land you in legal trouble.

Which Is the Best VPN to Watch Netflix Libraries in Indonesia?

The best VPN for watching Netflix in Indonesia is ExpressVPN.

It unblocks the platform with ease and delivers fast connections, allowing you to watch in HD without buffering.

The provider also offers a Smart DNS feature that you can use to stream Netflix on smart TV.

What's the Cheapest VPN for Indonesia?

PrivateVPN is the cheapest choice for Indonesia. Its most affordable subscription plan costs $2.08 per month.

It’s billed for the first 12 months and lasts 24 months.

After taking into account the 12 free months, it means the VPN will only set you back $1.04 a month.

Which VPNs Have Servers in Indonesia?

There are several VPNs that offer servers in Indonesia, allowing you to obtain an Indonesian IP.

My top picks include:


Using a VPN in Indonesia will help you avoid content restrictions.

It will also protect you from surveillance, and since VPNs are legal, you don’t have to worry about using one.

After testing hundreds of different options, I found NordVPN to be the best for Indonesia.

Want to check it out? You can do so affordably with our exclusive NordVPN deal.

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