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WTFast Review

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Overall Score:
8.6 / 10

A lag can be brutal when playing competitive games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

It can be the difference between landing a killer blow or getting whacked.

WTFast promises to help you to reduce latency and improve your gameplay.

Given all the hype around the service, I just had to give it a test run.

Does it really make your online gaming faster and smoother?

Read my WTfast review to find out!

Why WTFast Is Not Your Typical VPN?

wtfast.com website

WTFast describes itself as a GPN rather than a VPN.

Short for Gamers Private Network, the GPN is designed to optimize your online connections and only handles online gaming traffic.

It lacks basic encryption and, as such, cannot hide your online activity.

"Very important to note that WTFast is NOT a VPN. We use highly customized technology optimized for gaming; WTFast was specifically designed to not behave like a VPN."

WTFast identifies and channels your gaming traffic through the fastest and most reliable path to a game server resulting in lesser ping and packet loss.

Does WTFast Work?

Obviously, the best way to know if WTFast works is to test it, and that’s what I did.

In addition, I also crawled the web to see what other gamers were saying.

According to some, the GPN works like a charm.

Still, there were some claiming it’s nothing more than snake oil.

Why the difference in opinion?

It all depends on your location and the location of your game’s server.

If you have low ping times, the GPN’s performance may be less noticeable.

However, if your connection is slow, WTFast can significantly improve your gaming speed.

Personally, I had a great experience playing Grand Theft Auto V, and the service reduced my ping from 210ms all the way to 90ms.

In total, WTFast works with over 1000 games, including Albion online, world of warcraft, CSGO, World of Tanks, Grand Theft Auto V, and Team Fortress 2.

Supported Platforms

WTFast comes with native support for Windows only.

However, if you are a macOS user, you can still use WTFast by installing Windows via Boot Camp.

Apart from the native client, you can also access a selection of ASUS routers that come pre-installed with WTFast.

These include:

With the WTFast enabled routers, you can optimize not only your PC games but also Xbox and PS4 games.

Pricing & Plans

All pricing plans come with the same features, but you get a discount if you opt for a long term subscription.

WTFast also supports unlimited simultaneous connections, each at an extra cost.

Payment Methods

The provider accepts a wide range of payment options, which may vary from country to country:

Does WTFast Have a Free Trial?

WTFast offers a 7-day trial allowing you to try the service risk-free.

No credit card or payment details are required, and all you need to do is create an account.

Features and Benefits

WTfast games

As mentioned earlier, WTFast is not your typical VPN. It does not encrypt your game data or provide you with anonymity online.

Again, if you are looking for a way to circumvent regional restrictions, I suggest getting a traditional VPN like Surfshark or NordVPN.

That said, this service does pack a ton of features that are quite beneficial to gamers.

Usability & User Experience

Although WTFast may sound daunting if you are new to GPN, it’s actually quite easy to use. The service automatically chooses the best connection path for you, but if you’re looking for more control, you can select your server manually.

WTFast allows you to sort the servers by either location or ping, making it easier to find the best option.

Launching games is straightforward, as well.

You can pick from thousands available on WTFast’s list, or you can, alternatively, add a custom game through the “custom games” tab.

Customer Support

WTFast has an excellent customer support team that can help you in case you run into any issues.

Available support options are:

WTFast does not offer live chat support, which, to be honest, is kinda disappointing.

I was, however, impressed by their social media support.

Not many providers can respond quicker than WTFast does via Twitter. On contacting them, I got a response within 10 minutes.

Besides, WTFast has a well-maintained support center where you can find FAQs, setup guides, as well as information on account management and troubleshooting.

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WTFast isn’t tailored for privacy. It does not encrypt your data, and the provider admits to logging various information, including your IP address, the games you play, and how long you play those games.

WTFast is reliable and generally safe to use.

The GPN has been around since 2009 and been scandal-free since then.

WTFast does not work with Netflix. The service is strictly for gaming and can only handle gaming traffic.

As is the case with Netflix, WTFast does not with torrents either. For this, you need a VPN that provides robust data encryption and does not keep activity logs.

WTFast has over 230 servers spread across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

WTFast does not offer a money guarantee. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you should do it at least 72 hours before the next recurring payment to avoid being charged. After cancellation, your paid account will still continue to be accessible until your subscription expires.

Yes, WTFast allows simultaneous connections on a single account. In fact, you can add as many devices as you like, but you’ll need to fork out extra cash for each new connection.

WTFast lacks an internet kill switch and many of the others that you usually get with VPNs, including DNS leak prevention.

Final Word

WTFast is an incredible asset for any online gamer.

It offers great optimization features and can significantly improve your speeds and gaming experience. The service is compatible with thousands of games, and its servers are well distributed across the globe.

And although WTFast is relatively pricey, it does live up to its billing, and as such, I recommend it.

Try WTFast Risk-FREE!

The GPN® (Gamers Private Network) is fundamentally different than any other type of network solution. WTFast® only optimizes game connection data, and never masks or changes your IP address or network settings in any way.

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