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5 Best VPNs That Support WireGuard [Tested]

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Many VPN users are showing a preference for VPNs that run using WireGuard.

It makes sense; this protocol has several benefits! My best VPN for WireGuard is NordVPN.

NordVPN combines with WireGuard to provide watertight security and speeds required for an uninterrupted VPN experience.

In this guide, I’ll connect you to an entire list of best WireGuard VPNs and discuss what you can expect from each service.

Continue reading for a detailed overview of my top WireGuard VPN picks.

Top 3 WireGuard VPNs

Surfshark Devices

Surfshark is one of few VPNs that offers unlimited simultaneous connections using one account. It also provides a different IP address each time a connection’s established, ensuring the protocol is consistent with Surfshark’s strict no-logs policy. 

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NordVPN devices

NordVPN was one of the first providers to add WireGuard to its features. It’s since refined the protocol by creating NordLynx, a WireGuard implementation with a double NAT system offering an extra layer of no-logs security.  

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Private Internet Access
pia devices

PIA is a cheap VPN that offers WireGuard across all platforms, including Linux. To keep its security and privacy consistent, the provider extended the WireGuard VPN tunneling kernel with RESTful APIs and a daemon that deletes connection data regularly.

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WireGuard is great for maintaining fast VPN speeds. But it has one flaw. 

The basic WireGuard configuration temporarily stores your IP. 

It also only distributes static IPs (not dynamic), which is a huge security/privacy risk.

So, the true secured WireGuard experience lies in how it combines with a VPN’s security features to create an ultimately safe connection where IPs can’t be tracked.

After several hours of researching and testing VPNs with WireGuard built into native apps, I found the best VPNs with features that enhance WireGuard’s ability to provide an excellent VPN service.

Let’s take a closer look!

My Pick of the 5 Best VPNs With WireGuard

Looking for a glimpse at my findings? I’ll feed your curiosity!

Here are my WireGuard VPN suggestions (with detailed reviews to follow):

  • NordVPN – Advanced WireGuard Support With Double Security
  • Surfshark – Budget-Friendly With Unlimited Simultaneous Device Connections
  • Private Internet Access – Cheap WireGuard VPN PLUS RESTful APIs Protection
  • CyberGhost – Fast, Privately Owned NoSpy Servers
  • VyprVPN – Fast & Owns & Manages All Its WireGuard Servers

Need information with more substance? Read to the end, and you’ll know exactly which WireGuard VPN you need.

Here Are My Tested WireGuard VPN Reviews

The following reviews contain information that brings each VPN’s best (and worst) features to light.

I’ll also include in-depth comparisons so you can sift the wheat from the chaff and decide the best VPN for your WireGuard needs

Here goes.

NordVPN - Advanced WireGuard Support With Double Security


NordVPN is my “best choice” WireGuard VPN because it took the protocol and polished it so that it works seamlessly with its service and enhances user experience. It even gave it its own name: NordLynx.

NordLynx uses new-generation technology to help connect to servers faster, ensuring no security gaps exist. 

One of the most defining features of NordLynx is its double NAT system. “NAT” stands for Network Address Translation, and NordVPN created two local network interfaces here.

One assigns a local IP address to each user, and the second assigns a unique IP address to each tunnel. See below for a visual.

NordLynx Double NAT System

Basically, the NAT system provides users with double security. 

It also ensures a user gets a different IP address each time, which means no data logs!

BTW – Surfshark is the only other VPN to use the double NAT system.

Add NordVPN’s Panama jurisdiction to the mix and two independent audits giving their no-logs promise an all-clear, and we have a recipe for military-grade online privacy!

But what’s really impressive is the VPN adds all this extra protection without compromising WireGuard’s reputation for speed.

WireGuard’s insanely lean architecture is supported by NordVPN’s adaption to speed.

This speed is mostly due to the reduction in time it takes TCP packets to travel between devices, VPN servers, and websites.

When I tested it, NordVPN with NordLynx delivered a download speed of 21.91 Mbps. This is just a 14% drop from my base speed (25.74 Mbps).

Base Download Speed
NordVPN with NordLynx download speed

Often, speed is a determinant of server quantity. The more servers a VPN has, the faster each server will be. This is because servers are unlikely to be overloaded.

NordVPN’s server quantity isn’t the greatest compared to other VPNs on my list. There are 5,100+ servers in 60 countries (PIA has the most, with the last known number being 35,000+ servers in 84 countries).

This may be another reason why its speed wasn’t the best.

What it does offer is a broad selection of specialty servers.

Other than P2P servers, which many top-tier VPNs offer, NordVPN also offers Double VPN and Onion Over VPN servers.

nordvpn vpn servers

These servers connect to NordLynx so you can download torrents, game, and stream safely.

Speaking of streaming. NordVPN has a reputation for having faultless unblocking qualities. This means you can use NordLynx servers to access geo-restricted content globally.

NordLynx can easily unblock the likes of Netflix US, Hulu, and HBO

I know this because I tested it myself!

In case you didn’t know, all these streaming services are blocked in South Africa, where I live. But by connecting to VPN servers in the US, I was able to quickly unblock each site.

I could watch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (not available in SA) without a hassle. There were also no obstacles while creating my US account.


Not available in region


Movie available in region after using VPN

The same goes for Hulu and HBO. Without connecting to a US server, I’d receive pop-ups saying, “Sorry, HBO isn’t available in your region yet,” or “Hulu isn’t available to watch in your location.”

But then – guess who got to binge Hulu’s “This Is Us” with the other half!

Access to Hulu This is Us

After a soppy dose of drama, I was ready for action! HBO (and NordLynx) for the win!

Access to HBO The Matrix Resurrection

To be fair, most of the VPNs I share unblock well, barring Surfshark, which gave me a hassle, and VyprVPN, which completely failed to access US Netflix.

NordLynx is also very generous and, like PIA, stretches its service across a diverse selection of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Not all WireGuard VPNs cater to all devices. For example, VyprVPN lacks a native app for Linux.

Each app is easy to use, and NordLynx is the default protocol for all devices. If your protocol has been switched, follow these easy steps to activate NordLynx again:

  1. Click on: Settings > Auto-Connect.
  2. Ensure the auto-connect toggle is off.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu.
  4. Select “NordLynx (Recommended).”
Steps on activating NordLynx VPN protocol

Where NordVPN gets stingy is with its multiple device support. 

It only caters to 6 connections at once. This takes a hard knock by Surfshark’s unlimited simultaneous connections – and VyprVPN’s 30 connections!

This provider is also not shy to charge an arm and a leg, albeit for the cream of the crop services.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

For you, I’ll share my exclusive discount so you can save more!



Surfshark - Budget-Friendly With Unlimited Simultaneous Device Support

surfshark vpn homepage

As mentioned, Surfshark is the only other VPN on my list to follow NordVPN’s footsteps by implementing double NAT. 

The double NAT system enhances WireGuard by issuing two local network interfaces for each user. The assigned dynamic IP addresses also ensure that Surfshark’s no-logs policy remains intact.

Speaking of no-logs, Surfshark has a clean no-logs slate

This is good, as it’s based in the Netherlands – a 14 eyes country.

Like the other VPNs I listed, it also uses the best encryption tools (AES-256-GCM).

But maximum privacy isn’t Surfshark’s only highlight.

This VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections using a single account. This makes it an excellent choice for office or home environments where several internet users need protection.

In this scenario, Surfshark as a WireGuard VPN is a budget-friendly option.

Surfshark Unlimited Devices

While I’m on the topic of devices, Surfshark has WireGuard apps for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

It also recently launched a Linux GUI app that supports WireGuard (note that the manual configuration doesn’t offer support).

I enjoy Surfshark’s clean user interface on all its apps, and WireGuard is easy to enable. The steps are as simple as:

Settings > VPN Settings > Protocol > WireGuard

Enable WireGuard

Moving to speed.

WireGuard’s sleek code pairs with Surfshark’s optimized servers to create a faster than usual VPN experience.

Compared to my original base speed, there was just a 4% drop when connected to a local WireGuard server.

Download speed when connected to Surfshark WireGuard

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Surfshark’s WireGuard speeds to be better than NordLynx. Perhaps I caught the latter at a bad time, or it could be the former’s 1Gbps port-connected servers (meaning the servers can handle a lot of traffic).

Interestingly, Surfshark has fewer servers than all the VPNs I listed, including NordVPN. BUT! Out of these VPNs, it caters to the most countries.

There are 3200+ servers in 95 countriesLocation-wise, only CyberGhost enters as a close second.

This broad location coverage means Surfshark can be used to unblock content around the world.

I could easily use Surfshark’s WireGuard servers to unblock Netflix libraries in the US, UK, and Canada. HBO Max was easy to unblock, too. Hulu gave me a bit of uphill, but a quick change of servers sorted the issue. 

Here I am streaming “30 Rock,” an American Netflix exclusive comedy show:

Streaming American Netflix Exclusive Comedy Show

I’ve already touched on Surfshark being a budget-friendly VPN. 

While PIA is the cheapest, Surfshark will go easy on your wallet.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Use my super discount to save even more!



Private Internet Access – Cheap WireGuard VPN PLUS RESTful APIs Protection

private internet access vpn homepage

While NordVPN and Surfshark maintain privacy by running WireGuard using double NAT, PIA extends the WireGuard VPN tunneling kernel by combining RESTful APIs protection (protected by RSA certificates) with daemon deletion.

RESTful APIs protection ensures no legible client information is stored when you’re active online. It does this by applying Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

A daemon then deletes connection data at regular intervals.

Rest API Model

This is PIA’s way of providing layered security.

You’ll see below that CyberGhost also uses this method to mitigate privacy concerns.

The question is: is this method better than double NAT systems?

Both have pros and cons.

With a double NAT system, user data isn’t stored in the first place

But it does have a more complex system, which theoretically results in a larger attack surface for hackers to target.

With PIA and CyberGhost’s approach, user data is encrypted, stored on the server, and then erased. If by (slight) chance data made its way to a server without sufficient encryption, the interval before deletion can be a “window of opportunity” for cyber-attacks.

However! Any mishap during the TLS encryption process will likely be curbed by PIA’s military-grade 256-bit AES encryption cipher.

One pity is that PIA offers a SOCKS5 proxy – but only when using OpenVPN. SOCKS5 is a multi-hop feature like Surfshark’s MultiHop and NordVPN’s Double VPN – both of which sync with WireGuard, giving these two providers the upper hand in this regard.

Also, PIA is rooted in US legal jurisdiction. The location falls under Five Eyes surveillance, which means a quick subpoena will have PIA handing over its logs. While no VPN-protected activity is stored, your account email and payment info are logged, which can be passed to authorities. 

Something positive. PIA has a huge selection of servers across 84 countries.

Private Internet Access huge selection of servers

PIA is currently updating its server network, so I can’t give you an exact quantity of servers. I know the last count was 35 000+, and I expect it to hover around that mark. Even if this server count is halved, it still exceeds the server count of my other best VPNs for WireGuard.

With so many servers (all with unlimited bandwidth), channels should remain unclogged, which means faster speeds.

I put PIA’s WireGuard speed to the test.

Again, I didn’t expect PIA to be faster than NordVPN. 

NordLynx has such a good reputation for speed. Maybe I was on the wrong server at the wrong time?

There was a 13% drop between my base speed and my speed on a local PIA WireGuard server.

Not bad.

Download speed on local PIA WireGuard

After my speed test, I jumped over to a US server (Houston) to see how well it unblocks restricted content.

I had no issue unblocking US Netflix, HBO, and Hulu using the same server during the same connection session.

Looking for motivation, I tuned in to Netflix America’s exclusive broadcast of Forrest Gump.

Access to Netflix America Forrest Gump

So, for streaming using WireGuard, PIA has you covered.

You can also use it to stream and continue with the rest of your online activities using a broad selection of devices. 

PIA with WireGuard has apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also has browser extensions with WireGuard for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

PIA is not as stingy as NordVPN regarding simultaneous WireGuard device coverage and caters to 10 devices at a time

This is still nothing compared to Surfshark’s generosity.

I found the user interface on my Windows desktop was difficult to navigate. It took me a while to determine where to select my preferred servers.

PIA also defaults to OpenVPN, which means you need to switch to WireGuard as soon as you open your app. You can do this by clicking on:

Settings > Connection > WireGuard

Switching to WireGuard

Pricewise, PIA is cheap. It’s one of the cheapest VPNs on the market and certainly the most affordable on my list (unless you need VPN coverage for several devices, in which Surfshark pans out cheaper).

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Grab an exclusive discounted deal here!



CyberGhost – Fast, Privately Owned NoSpy Servers

cyberghost vpn homepage

Like Private Internet Access, CyberGhost ensures its audited zero-logs policy remains intact by running WireGuard with RESTful API (also protected by an RSA certificate).

It then uses a daemon to assign dynamic IP addresses so that no VPN-protected activity can be traced back to the user. 

This same daemon then deletes every IP address at short intervals to ensure no data is stored.

CyberGhost also offers 256-bit AES encryption and DNS leak protection as a standard.

As a plus, it also has trustworthy jurisdiction. The provider roots itself in Bucharest, Romania – a location known for friendly privacy values.

Added security can then be found on CyberGhost’s servers.

Its fleet consists of 7,900+ servers in 90+ countries

All servers connect to WireGuard and are categorized for streaming, gaming, and torrenting – and are optimized as such. 

A very convenient feature!

There are also NoSpy servers. These servers are owned and managed by CyberGhost and situated in Bucharest. This means no third parties are involved in the handling of the servers. Privacy, security, and support are thus enhanced. 

CyberGhost VPN NoSpy servers

CyberGhost currently has dedicated WireGuard apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It also has WireGuard support for Linux.

Like PIA’s complex interface, I found CyberGhost’s Windows app to be “messy” and a little harder to navigate.

But linking to WireGuard was easy enough:

Settings > CyberGhost VPN > VPN Protocol > WireGuard

CyberGhost VPN linking WireGuard

Trying to outdo NordVPN, CyberGhost offers just one more simultaneous connection than this competitor. That is, subscribers can use one account to connect 7 devices to a WireGuard VPN server simultaneously.

With CyberGhost’s WireGuard servers, you can use these devices to unblock Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and more!

The proof is in the pudding.

In the mood for a good laugh, I used Billy on the Street as my test dummy (a Netflix US and HBO exclusive).

Streaming Netflix US and HBO Exclusive

Both Netflix and HBO unblocked easily using a US WireGuard server.

With Handmaid’s Tale debuting a new season in September, I used Hulu to recap a few shows. CyberGhost unblocked this without a hassle.

Unblocked using WireGuard server

*Remember, I’m based in South Africa. So, I can’t access any of the above libraries without the help of a quality unblocking VPN!

Note that I used one of the provider’s Media streaming servers so that I could stream in full HD without interruptions.

But CyberGhost’s WireGuard speeds will support streaming no matter which server you choose.

I tested it on a general local server to see.

CyberGhost VPN Download Speed

I got the download speed consistent with PIA, Surfshark, and VyprVPN – but still faster than NordLynx (?).

Cost-wise, CyberGhost falls somewhere in the middle.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Don’t forget to claim my exclusive discount when you sign up!



VyprVPN – Owns and Manages All Its WireGuard Servers

vyprvpn page

VyprVPN’s website doesn’t explain how it implements WireGuard. 

So, I used the Live Chat feature to fish for details.

My support agent, Yas, was quick to help.

VyprVPN live chat

According to VyprVPN support, the provider offers NAT Firewall, an extra layer of security that prevents your activity from being scanned for information. 

The difference between a NAT and a double NAT system is that the former uses a single router to do its bidding, while double NAT directs traffic through two routed networks.

The double NAT system is better for security, but this extra tunnel can slow your speeds, which may be why PIA, CyberGhost, and VyprVPN outdid NordVPN in the speed department (just a thought).

My speed test result for VyprVPN:

VyprVPN speed test result

NAT Firewalls also assign each user a unique private IP address, with the idea of masking your whereabouts.

The downfall of this supportive WireGuard implementation is your uniquely assigned IP address can still be tracked by the VPN provider or any third party they share this information with.

So, while no logs are stored, and your real IP address and online activity remain encrypted, there’s still a speck of trackability.

This concern can, however, be counteracted by VyprVPN’s Swiss jurisdiction. Switzerland scores 96/100 on Freedom House, making it one of the most privacy-friendly locations in the world. 

Chances are, the request for any of your information (even your account email and payment details) will be denied.

Freedom house

FYI – A Swiss auditing company also audited VyprVPN’s zero-logs policy, giving them the “all clear” after intricately studying the VPN service.

Additionally, VyprVPN also uses a daemon to delete information almost immediately, narrowing the gap for trackability even further.

Enable NAT Firewall

As for servers, VyprVPN owns and manages every server in its fleet.

The only other VPN on my list that own all servers is PIA. 

NordVPN, Surfshark, and (supposedly) CyberGhost own some servers. 

Altogether, the provider has 700+ servers in 70+ locations

This is not many servers, but since the company owns them, I think it’s safe to assume they’re putting quality before quantity.

And yes, WireGuard works on all servers.

One gripe is that I couldn’t get VyprVPN’s WireGuard servers to unblock Netflix.

New Netflix anti-VPN updates may have been applied at the time of testing.

Hulu and HBO, on the other hand, unblocked easily.

Here, I’m in the Hulu library (Future Man’s been a favorite):

Unblocked Hulu Library

Shenanigans with Nucky Thompson is the name of the game on HBO.

Unblocked HBO

One of VyprVPN’s other pitfalls is its failure to release a WireGuard app for Linux.

But there are dedicated apps for Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android

A generous number of 30 simultaneous connections is allowed.

That’s where the provider’s generosity stops.

VyprVPN is the most expensive option on my list

It costs even more than NordVPN’s premium package!

vyprvpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

If you really want VyprVPN but need to pinch pennies, get an exclusive VyprVPN discount here.



Find an in-depth VyprVPN overview here.

What to Look For in a WireGuard VPN? A Complete Buyer’s Guide

WireGuard on its own is a protocol to be reckoned with. It offers almost watertight security and speeds other protocols battle to reach and then maintain.

But how it integrates with each VPN truly defines its potency.

To narrow my list down to the 5 best WireGuard VPNs, I focused on key features that enhanced WireGuard while keeping VPN privacy policies intact.

Here they are:

  • Privacy. A VPN’s features must fit together to create a system that adheres to its promises. Therefore, I chose WireGuard VPNs where no-logs policies remain intact or, even better, are enhanced.

I studied how each VPN implemented WireGuard and whether this implementation secured the privacy of the VPN tunnel.

From double NAT systems (NordVPN and Surfshark) to RESTful APIs Protection (PIA and CyberGhost) and NAT Firewalls (VyprVPN), all my listed VPNs use WireGuard without compromising the quality of privacy and security they claim to offer.

  • Speed. Factoring speed is important for those who want to enjoy a fast, uninterrupted VPN service.

All VPNs will slow a connection. They must do this to produce a secured tunnel. However, WireGuard’s sleek code and fast encryption shouldn’t drastically reduce a line’s base speed.

Here, I looked for VPNs that didn’t drop my base speed by more than 20%.

  • Ability to unblock. Many users rely on VPNs to access geo-restricted content. Since I’m in South Africa and can’t access media libraries such as US Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, I used these platforms as my test dummies.

The best WireGuard VPNs will unblock sites easily.

*I’m aware that VyprVPN didn’t provide access to US Netflix at the time of testing, but it made the cut because of its exceptionally fast speeds. 

Plus, it will probably work in the future once all VPN blocks are curbed.

  • Device coverage. This is important if you want an excellent WireGuard VPN that actually works on the device/s you own!!

I’d especially pay attention to this feature if you work with Linux since most VPNs (VyprVPN included) don’t have dedicated apps for this operating system.

Also – how many devices do you want to protect using a single account? 

I’ve included a list of variations.

  • Ease of implementation. I understand not everyone is tech-savvy, which makes having a VPN that easily implements WireGuard important!

The VPNs I found all have apps that allow you to quickly switch to a WireGuard protocol without a fuss (albeit some of the user interfaces weren’t to my liking). 

Some even have it as a default setting (Nordlynx).

At the end of the day, it was important for me to settle on the best WireGaurd apps with prices that paired with the services they offer (okay, VyprVPN is a tad overpriced)!

WireGuard VPN Comparison Table

I’ve shared stacks of intricate information with you – so if you feel overwhelmed, I get you!

To help make sense of it all, I completed the following WireGuard VPN comparison table.

This should help you get your ducks in a row:

  NordVPN Surfshark PIA CyberGhost VyprVPN
WireGuard Implementation Double NAT (NordLynx) Double NAT RESTful APIs Protection RESTful APIs Protection NAT Firewall
Jurisdiction Panama The Netherlands Colorado Bucharest Switzerland
Servers 5,100+ servers in 60 countries 3200+ servers in 95 countries unknown (last count was 35 000+) servers in 84 countries 7,900+ servers in 90+ countries 700+ servers in 70+ locations
Speed Test Result 21.91 Mbps 24.61 Mbps 22.18 Mbps 22.07 Mbps 23.50 Mbps
Default Protocol NordLynx (WireGuard) Automatic OpenVPN WireGuard WireGuard
Unblocking Test Results Unblocked Netflix, Hulu, & HBO Max Unblocked Netflix, HBO Max, & Hulu (after switching servers) Unblocked Netflix, Hulu, & HBO Max Unblocked Netflix, Hulu, & HBO Max Couldn’t unblock Netflix. Unblocked Hulu & HBO Max
WireGuard Apps Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, & Linux Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, & Linux GUI Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, & iOS. Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, & Opera. Windows, macOS, iOS, & Android. Support for Linux is temperamental Windows, iOS, macOS, & Android
Simultaneous Connections 6 Unlimited 10 7 30
Price Best Deal Best Deal Best Deal Best Deal Best Deal

WireGuard vs. Other VPN Protocols

You’re searching for WireGuard VPNs because you’ve heard good things about this protocol. Maybe that it’s the best?

To spare you from more detailed reviews, I created a table so you can easily compare features and decide for yourself if WireGuard truly is all the rave (I think you’ll find it is).

Protocol: WireGuard OpenVPN Lightway IKEv2/IPSec PPTP
Code Open source Open source Open source Closed source Closed source
Security No dynamic IP managementent Dynamic IP management Dynamic IP managment Static & dynamic options Static & dynamic options
Speed Super-fast Fast Super-fast Fast on mobile devices only Slow
Unblocking Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Support Available on most VPN apps Available on most VPN apps ExpressVPN only Available on most VPN apps Available on some apps only

WireGuard’s only competitor that matches it in excellence is Lightway. 

However, Lightway is exclusive to ExpressVPN, which means you must commit to this provider if you want access to the protocol.

OpenVPN is good, and with some set-ups, it can still match/surpass WireGuard in speed.

IKEv2/IPSec is still a popular protocol for mobile use, but PPTP is somewhat outdated.

Still keen on WireGuard? If yes, you’ll find my next section helpful.

How to Use a WireGuard VPN?

There are many ways to use a WireGuard VPN, some more complex than others. However, the easiest way to connect to this protocol is to choose a VPN service provider that supports it.

But let me walk you through the step-by-step process of using a WireGuard VPN:

  1. Choose a VPN from my list above that offers WireGuard as a protocol. Remember to confirm the VPN you’re about to purchase supports WireGuard on your operating system.
  2. Create an account with your chosen provider and pay for your preferred subscription plan.
  3. Download and install the app from the provider’s website (or the application store on your device).
  4. Once your VPN app is installed, and you’re signed in, check to see if WireGuard is the default protocol. If it’s not, do a quick switch.
  5. Connect to a server.

Now you can enjoy the speed and reliability of WireGuard!

Interesting Reads:


WireGuard is generally better than OpenVPN.

WireGuard’s architecture is leaner, with just 4,000 lines of code compared to OpenVPN’s 70,000 lines. This makes the former lightweight, faster, and more auditable. It also makes the attack surface smaller, with fewer opportunities for hackers to infiltrate secured tunnels.

The encryption of both WireGuard and OpenVPN is excellent. 

But WireGuard’s one flaw is it doesn’t assign dynamic IPs, giving OpenVPN the advantage in this regard.

Yes, WireGuard is free, and the open-source code is available for anyone.

However, you’ll need to install your own VPN server or subscribe to a VPN service to access WireGuard-supported servers.

The best VPNs charge a subscription fee, meaning you’ll indirectly pay for a WireGuard service.

WireGuard works on Android; there’s even a WireGuard app that syncs well with this operating system!

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the official WireGuard website.

But note that the easiest way for a layperson to use WireGuard on Android is through a VPN service (like the ones I listed). This option doesn’t require complex configurations or the need to embed lines of code.

WireGuard is safe to use when it’s paired with a quality no-logs VPN.

The protocol offers a lean code structure and ChaCha20 encryption, making it fast and safe to use.

The only gripe is that WireGuard lacks dynamic IP distribution. 

It also stores the IP you’re assigned. This means your location can still be traced.

The best way to use WireGuard as a protocol is through a no-logs VPN service. This not only enhances WireGuard by combining it with the provider’s privacy features, but it also makes it easier to use.

Yes, WireGuard can be blocked by internet service providers, websites, and governments trying to restrict content access.

WireGuard traffic can be detected using “Deep Packet Inspection” or DPI. 

Some sites will automatically block this traffic by blocking the connection’s UDP port.

The good news for WireGuard users is that the protocol is clever enough to bypass most blocks by quickly switching to another UDP port.

Based on my experience, WireGuard is the fastest protocol that caters to various VPNs.

However, I have found Lightway to be a faster protocol. The issue is that it’s exclusive to ExpressVPN and is not currently available on other VPN apps.

There have also been some instances where OpenVPN performed better, too. 

But this is the exception to the rule.

Overall, WireGuard remains the fastest VPN protocol!

WireGuard uses UDP to pass traffic. It doesn’t support TCP at all.

UDP is a faster, more efficient protocol (mostly due to its continuous packet stream) – and that’s why WireGaurd has given it preference.

The WireGuard default is 51820/UDP.

Signing Out!

Online privacy is important. And that’s why I’m all for sharing my list of tested (and proven) WireGuard VPNs.

I’ve placed NordVPN at the top of this list purely because its security is unparalleled. It’s also fast – although not the fastest.

You can try NordVPN for yourself or download one of the other VPNs I suggested. They’re all excellent at linking you to WireGuard and the speed and security it offers.

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!
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