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5 Best VPNs for Tinder (Change Your Location Smoothly)

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Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and your Cinderella love story is the lack of a VPN.

So, if you want to unlock Tinder and meet hot singles, get ExpressVPN right now!

I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with Tinder for a while.

I always wanted to match with Rihanna, but there’s a whole ocean between us, and air tickets are expensive…Luckily, that’s when I discovered VPNs.

I tested a lot of VPNs for this (I was very motivated) and narrowed down the list to the five best VPNs for Tinder, with Surfshark at the very top.

The key areas I focused on were:

  • The VPN’s ability to change your location to any part of the world you want.
  • The ability to unblock Tinder in restricted areas.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Ability to support simultaneous connections.
  • Speedy connections for stable video chats with your matches.
  • Reliable encryption standards for privacy and safety.

So, are you ready to unlock the next level of online dating?

Then strap in and read this to the end to get the real tea.

Top 3 Best VPNs for Tinder

Surfshark Devices

Surfshark supports unlimited device connections to help users access Tinder on any device they’re using with the same VPN subscription. Surfshark is very fast, too, and has a decent number of global servers to make access easier with more match options.

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ExpressVPN different devices

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN around, has fantastic security and amazing features, and is easy to use. It has support for mobile devices, boasts of amazing server options, supports 5 simultaneous connections, and has great unblocking abilities for places where Tinder is restricted.

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cyberghost supported devices

CyberGhost is lightweight, fast, and has over 7,600 servers in 91 countries – more than enough to take care of your matches. CyberGhost has a simple user interface, can be used on 7 devices simultaneously and is the best option for beginners.

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Besides these three; I’ll also explore NordVPN and Private Internet Access in detail.

By the end of this guide, you’ll understand how each VPN functions in relation to getting the best out of Tinder.

Here are the 5 Best VPNs for Tinder

Here’s a quick glance at the 5 best VPNs for Tinder and the attributes that make them ideal:

The Best VPNs for Tinder

So, what are the attributes that qualify a service as the best VPN for Tinder?

The following is a detailed breakdown of how each of the best 5 holds up.

ExpressVPN - Best Overall With Amazing Connection Speeds

ExpressVPN has a server network of over 3,000 in 94 countries.

Finding new matches from any region isn’t hard at all.

To make it easier, ExpressVPN has a Recommended servers list that you can tap on to quickly connect to the fastest server, saving you time.

It was refreshing to see my matches change to the new location, and this is the kind of access a VPN gives you with Tinder.

The VPN is also easy to use, especially the mobile version; a single tap on any function is all it takes to get things running.

Express VPN posted the best speeds during the test.

Not that the others were lacking since Tinder isn’t that demanding, to begin with, but having high connection speeds using ExpressvPN enhanced the experience further.

The app loaded fast, and I could play any video content without issues.

Another useful feature is split-tunneling.

If you don’t want to overload the VPN with traffic from all the apps on your device, you can set it to only reroute Tinder through the VPN, leaving everything else to use the regular internet.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your privacy when hopping from one server to another.

ExpressVPN is equipped with AES-256 bit encryption, just like the other alternatives on this list, ensuring your online activities are classified and shielded from being tracked by anyone as you use Tinder.

The privacy level is also one of the best, especially when dealing with Tinder restrictions.

Your traffic is rerouted through various servers, making it hard for anyone to track you as you swipe left and right.

Plus, ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs.

You’ve got a speedy kill switch that kicks into action the moment your VPN connections drop, protecting your identity and any sensitive information you may not want to be leaked or exposed.

After all, not everybody is comfortable with being seen using Tinder.

There’s also a Threat Manager for dealing with malicious sites and your apps’ unauthorized sharing of personal data.

ExpressVPN Preferences Threat Manager

ExpressVPN is compatible with Android and iOS, which is good since using Tinder on anything that’s not a phone or tablet doesn’t feel the same.

Furthermore, you can connect up to 5 devices using the same ExpressVPN account.

Still, if you choose to use Tinder on your desktop through the browser, ExpressVPN for PC will work just fine.

In a nutshell, you can use any device you’re comfortable with to land a match with the people you need.

The only stumbling block VPN users will meet with ExpressVPN is the price.

It is the most expensive VPN around and will only make financial sense if you use it for more than just Tinder.

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.



Surfshark - Affordable Price Plans + Unlimited Device Connections

If it weren’t for ExpressVPN’s amazing speeds, Surfshark could easily top this list, as it has every other feature the former offers and goes a step further.

For example, Surfshark has a beautiful user interface, and the first thing you’re met with is a connection button with a quick server you can start with.

If you have another location in mind, tap on the globe icon to open a list of over 3200 servers in 65 countries.

This ensures you can circumvent any Tinder restrictions with ease.

Finding new matches from regions outside your locality was also a piece of cake.

Surfshark Locations

The connection speeds were more than enough for Tinder.

There was no lag in linking up with different servers, and any videos played without issues.

Swiping left and right was also smooth and the matches loaded on the screen much faster.

Security is up to the task with AES-256 bit encryption that protects you from any threats and malicious sites, especially if you’re using the web version of Tinder.

Just like ExpressVPN, there’s a kill switch that stops any data leaks when the VPN connection is disconnected.

Malware threats and annoying ads are also a thing of the past, thanks to CleanWeb.

The ads are pretty aggressive on Tinder at times when you’re using a free account, and having a VPN that takes care of that is better.

Surfshark VPN settings CleanWeb

Another area where Surfshark excels is the simultaneous device connections; it is the only VPN that allows unlimited connections.

You can connect as many devices as you want simultaneously for Tinder.

Just like ExpressVPN, Surfshark has a split tunneling feature called the Bypasser that you can use to choose the apps that go through the VPN.

And speaking of apps, Surfshark has Android and iOS apps that can be downloaded from the respective stores.

There’s also a PC version for both Windows and macOS if you plan to use Tinder on the computer.

The price plans are very affordable, and you can further get Surfshark on the cheap by taking advantage of fantastic discounts.

The connection speeds are slower than ExpressVPN, and although they got the job done, there’s no harm in making them better.

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.



CyberGhost - Easiest to Use + Reliable Unblocking Features

CyberGhost is third on this list and comes with features that can enhance your Tinder experience.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and unblocks Tinder in any restricted region.

CyberGhost has a whooping 7,408 servers in 91 countries.

That’s higher than ExpressVPN and Surfshark combined.

You can find matches from all over the world; all you have to do is settle on your preferred location and start swiping.

The server setup is also easy to navigate on the CyberGhost app.

You can choose to connect to the best location by tapping on the connection button.

This automatically links you to the fastest server at that time.

But since you’re looking for specific places, make use of the search button to find the type of ladies and gents that meet your taste.

CyberGhost Servers

The speeds were slower than Surfshark and ExpressVPN, but I was still able to smoothly navigate through Tinder without any problems.

The need for improvement is always there, but you can also boost that up a little by choosing the fastest servers.

With AES-256-bit encryption, CyberGhost’s security is up there with the best, and you can take advantage of this to browse in peace through the web, whether you’re using the web version of Tinder or the mobile app.

Your IP address is also well masked to protect your digital footprint, especially when dealing with Tinder restrictions at work or school.

It will be hard for anyone to know what you’re up to, giving you the freedom to explore Tinder discreetly.

Split tunneling is also possible across all devices.

You can choose to dedicate the VPN for Tinder only, freeing the rest of the apps to operate as they always do, especially banking apps and PayPal that never work well with VPNs.

Furthermore, CyberGhost is equipped with an adblocker that keeps any malware and unsolicited ads on Tinder at bay, giving you the space to fully make use of the dating app without interruptions.

CyberGhost has an app for both Android and iOS and desktop versions for Windows and macOS.

Combine this with the seven simultaneous device connections, and you have good flexibility as far as running Tinder on multiple devices at the same time is concerned.

On the price front, CyberGhost is cheap.

It is still slightly costlier than Surfshark but a great bargain when compared with ExpressVPN, especially with these amazing discount deals.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on your subscription.

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.



NordVPN - Great Security + Reliable App Support

NordVPN is known for its large server network and reliable privacy, two necessary features to unlock Tinder in restricted areas or find matches from other regions.

But how did it hold up in other critical areas in the tests?

NordVPN has about 5,337 servers spread out across the globe, with 1900 of these located in the United States alone.

NordVPN servers

Finding a server that fits your needs isn’t that hard.

You can choose any server of your liking from the list of countries displayed, or you can manually search for a specific location.

With this, accessing Tinder in restricted regions or spaces is quick work, even for a newbie who has never used a VPN.

NordVPN’s speeds are elite.

They’re not as fast as ExpressVPN, but there was nothing it couldn’t handle.

The videos loaded quickly, and their images didn’t take too long to display either.

But again, there’s always room for improvement where speeds are involved.

NordVPN excels in security and privacy.

It is equipped with military-grade AES-256-bit default encryption protocol for protection against all threats that the internet has to offer, and it’s easy to lose focus for a moment when swiping right on Tinder, so having a VPN that takes the role of a trusted watchdog as you swipe around is a huge boost.

Furthermore, NordVPN has a no-logs policy, meaning nothing is logged no matter how further down the swiping rabbit hole you go.

Combine this with a kill switch, and all your sensitive information is safe even when your VPN connection suddenly gets disconnected.

NordVPN Preferences Kill Switch

NordVPN has mobile apps as well as desktop apps and browser extensions, so you have the choice of using any device that fits your needs and preferences.

You can connect up to 6 devices at once, and there’s a split tunneling feature that lets you choose what you need to go through the VPN.

NordVPN isn’t as expensive as ExpressVPN, but it still costs higher than Surfshark and Cyberghost.

So the choice here comes down to how much you’re open to spending without feeling a pinch…but there’s little that can stop a man or woman looking for love, so go for it.

NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

These exciting discounts should also give a cause to celebrate if you choose to go with NordVPN.



Private Internet Access - Huge Server Library

Wrapping up our review is Private Internet Access, known for having the largest number of servers.

As far as granting users the most options for getting matches through Tinder, Private Internet Access takes the cake.

Private Internet Access VPN has it all, and as far as using the Tinder App goes, you’ll have a blast of a time.

Just like CyberGhost, once you launch PIA, you’re met with a connection button that automatically links you to the fastest server.

This can save you time, but it may not give you the server you need since it selects the best one at random.

If you want to narrow your search to a fake GPS location you want, make use of the search button and click on the server once to connect and start using Tinder right away.

In terms of speeds, PIA performed well, and there were no issues with how profiles were loaded or the speed at which new matches were found.

On the security front, PIA is equipped with industry-standard AES-256-bit encryption for dealing with any kinds of threats associated with using Tinder.

Furthermore, it comes with two kill switches, a regular one and a more advanced one, for double the security in case your VPN connection drops.

Private Internet Access Kill Switch

PIA VPN services also offer official Android and iOS apps that can be downloaded and installed directly from their respective stores for those who love using Tinder through their mobile phones.

You can also use Tinder on your desktop whether you’re on Windows or macOS, so the choice of device is yours.

Additionally, PIA has a split tunneling feature that you can make use of to only reroute Tinder through the VPN without affecting anything else on your device.

Speaking of devices, Private Access Internet can connect up to 10 devices at the same time.

So if you have friends who want to match with hot singles from another timezone, simply hook them up to the same PIA account.

PIA has fair price plans that range from 3-year subscriptions to 1 month.

So, find the one that suits your pockets well and take advantage of ongoing discounts to save some extra coins for something else.

Just like other alternatives on this list, PIA needs some slight improvements in the speeds department.

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.



Choosing a VPN for Tinder: Factors to Keep In Mind

With the 5 best VPNs for unlocking Tinder in mind, how do you make a choice based on the features each has in relation to your needs?

The following are quick pointers you can pay attention to.

  • Ability to Unblock Tinder: There are regions and specific places where you can’t use Tinder, especially schools and workplaces, for obvious reasons. If you have to use a VPN for this, it must unblock Tinder by using fake IP addresses located in other countries. Pay attention to the number of servers a VPN has to know how efficiently it would pull this off.
  • Number of Servers: The more servers, the better and more diverse the matches. Tinder works by showing you people you share an interest within your location. This can be limiting since there’s a maximum distance of 100 miles. The only way to get around this is to use a VPN, and the one with more servers offers you more options.
  • Connection Speeds: Tinder has videos, and you may also require to video chat with your matches at some point. For this to be seamless, you need a VPN with unlimited bandwidth and good speeds without any buffering or lags.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: You can use Tinder directly on the web on your desktop. However, most users prefer their phones and, for this reason, go for a VPN that has mobile support. Fortunately, almost every VPN around has an Android and iOS version, with some even equipped with extra features.
  • Price Plans and Bonus Uses: If Tinder is all you need, a cheap VPN like Surfshark makes more sense. But if you feel like ExpressVPN appeals to your taste, then think of other things that need a VPN for this price to make sense.
Interesting Reads:

How to Set up a VPN With Tinder?

You can set up a VPN for Tinder on your phone or desktop computer in the following easy steps:

  1. Sign up and download ExpressVPN on your preferred device.
  2. Connect to your preferred server where you wish to score your matches from.
  3. Launch Tinder and start checking out the matches that show up, and enjoy your experience.

How to Avoid Getting Banned on Tinder?

Tinder is one of the strictest platforms that never hesitate to ban people who break its rules.

There are no formal avenues where users can appeal their ban. This means once you’re kicked out, it’s permanent.

So how do you avoid getting banned on Tinder?

  1. Using a fake profile with misleading information. This includes using a profile picture that’s not yours as well as names.
  2. Consistently using inappropriate or foul language. This will result in other users reporting your account, leading to an automatic ban if you keep it up.
  3. Forgetting to switch your VPN server back to the location associated with your Tinder account is another quick way to get banned, as that goes against the rules.
  4. Sharing sensitive information about other users or even yourself. This may endanger the safety of those involved, and it’s against the rules.
  5. Using Tinder to promote or solicit sex. As much as the platform is for connecting people looking for all kinds of relationships, prostitution or any other form of sex work isn’t allowed.

What About Shadowbans?

A Tinder shadowban is another beast altogether.

Rather than being completely banned, a shadowban is a form of expulsion where you can access the app, but your account is forever hidden from other users due to minor infractions.

Therefore, you can’t appear in searches anywhere. In a nutshell, you become a ghost that nobody sees.

A shadowban is imposed if you break certain rules like inappropriate language, sketchy personal details, or any other suspicious activity that goes against the rules.

How do you know you’re shadowbanned?

By observing the following signs:

  • Your matches become fewer and fewer as days progress until you stop seeing them altogether.
  • Lack of response and slow interest from people you’re trying to match with. This includes messages going unseen or unread despite getting positive feedback in the past.
  • Seeing the same profiles you swiped before making a comeback in your searches.
  • You receive a warning from Tinder the moment you breach any of their community guidelines. These warnings usually pop up several times before the issue escalates to a permanent ban.
  • Creating a new account with the same details as an active older one. Duplicate accounts are considered suspicious activity, and you’ll be confined to the cold, cold shadowban corridors where the warmth of a woman’s touch will never reach you.

Tinder VPN Not Working? How to Fix It!

Running into connection troubles when you use a VPN to access Tinder happens all the time.

If this is the situation you’re in right now, follow this troubleshooting guide:

  • Begin by checking the Tinder servers through Downdetector. Sometimes the problem may not be with your device or the VPN but the Tinder servers.
  • If the servers are okay, try switching off the VPN and turning it on again. This could be an accidental glitch that may be causing connection issues.
  • Deactivate automatic VPN launch when you switch on the device. Sometimes this can cause issues with the internet connection.
  • Restart the device to see if the problem will go away.
  • Check to see if the Tinder version you’re using is up to date. Using an outdated version is a recipe for connection issues.
  • Clear the cache if you’re using Tinder for Android. Too much data accumulating over time will start affecting the performance of the phone and the app itself.
  • Uninstall and reinstall both Tinder and the VPN you’re using. If this doesn’t work, then report the issue to the respective developers for further help.


VPNs work with Tinder, and you can access the platform worldwide as long as you have a premium VPN and a good internet connection.

You just have to sign up, download the respective app for your phone, and start swiping.

The best VPN for Android is ExpressVPN.

It is fast, easy to use, has great security and privacy, and you get over 3,000 servers to choose from.

The only drawback is the price.

Other potential alternatives include Surfshark, NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and CyberGhost.

Tinder has no problem with VPNs; just ensure you don’t jump around too much when switching locations.

Remember to switch back to the location Tinder knows you for when using a VPN.

Using a free VPN for Tinder isn’t recommended because they’re not secure, and they lack a lot of essential features necessary to make Tinder safe and enjoyable for you.

To get the best out of Tinder where it’s restricted, go for a premium VPN.

Surfshark is a prime example of a cheap VPN that has all the crucial features to keep the network admin out of your business.

Reversing a Tinder ban is impossible since Tinder doesn’t have a way for people to appeal bans.

Therefore, even if you bring a VPN into the picture, you still can’t access your account once the ban is in effect.

The best you can do is to create a new account with different login details and start afresh.

It used to be easy in the past to spoof your location and trick Tinder with a fake GPS location.

But the creators and developers of the app created a workaround for that to force people to subscribe to premium for them to change their locations.

So, currently, it is hard to change Tinder Location even with a VPN.

The easiest way is to subscribe to a premium plan.

Final Word

That wraps up our detailed guide on the 5 best VPNs for Tinder.

They’re all capable of giving you what you want; it all comes down to personal choice, which for me remains ExpressVPN.

Despite the price tag, ExpressVPN has excellent features that impressed me during the tests, and I’m confident you’ll find it efficient the moment you start using it with Tinder.

The good news is there are exciting discounts being offered right now that you can take advantage of to get ExpressVPN at a bargain!

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