Does NordVPN Work in Venezuela in 2020?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out if NordVPN works Venezuela, then the answer is YES.

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A lot of people traveling to Venezuela are concerned whether they’d be able to access their favorite streaming services or talk to their loved ones.

Indeed, the country’s restrictive Internet legislation and major disruptions make that very difficult. Some of my friends are planning a trip there and asked me to check whether it was possible to use a VPN service like NordVPN in Venezuela.

I did some research and spoiler alert – NordVPN works just fine!

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What I Discovered?

Accessing Netflix and Other Streaming Services in Venezuela

Any TV or sports fan would tell you that they’d be furious if they were to miss their favorite show’s new episode or an important game. Due to Venezuela’s Internet restrictions, such disappointment is a reality for many tourists.

A VPN that allows for streaming is a solution to that. NordVPN allows access to Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

Does NordVPN Have Servers in Venezuela?

Despite its extensive server network (5639 servers in 60 countries!), NordVPN doesn’t actually have servers in Venezuela. This unfortunately means that it would be impossible to securely access online services like banking from within Venezuela.

However, if you’re not intending to use the latter, the security features on offer at NordVPN make up for that fact. These features include:

  • Double VPN. This privacy solution sends your traffic through not one, but two servers, thus protecting it with a double encryption. It’s a very secure option for those concerned about logging of their activities. NordVPN does have a genuine no-logging policy, but if you want extra reassurance, your IP address changes by the first VPN server and the second server doesn’t have any information about your physical IP address. The ISP can’t see your final destination on the Internet either.

To enable the Double VPN option, choose “Double VPN” from the list of Specialty Servers on your NordVPN interface.

  • Obfuscated servers. This solution of dedicated servers is designed to help conceal your OpenVPN traffic and bypass Internet restrictions. I asked the NordVPN’s LiveChat bot the best way to use the service from a country with Internet restrictions like Venezuela. You can see from the screenshots below that it’s very straightforward thanks to NordVPN’s obfuscated servers feature:
Connecting from a country with internet restrictions
NordVPN live chat explaining
Obfuscated feature

You can also watch the video below for a more detailed explanation.

Why Does Venezuela Block Certain Resources?

The Internet is only the latest in the Venezuelan authorities’ censorship initiatives.

The 2017 “anti-hate” law was one of the most significant attempts to clamp down on free speech.

Below, I included some examples to illustrate the extent of censorship in the country and to highlight the need for a VPN service.


The Spanish version of the popuar American channel was first taken off air in Venezuela in 2017. This was allegedly done to restrict access to an anti-corruption investigation into fraudulent citizenship schemes.

Two years later, the government blocked CNN again, although is still active.

However, we still recommend using a VPN to access it i case of any unexpected disruption Venezuela is known for.


The British Broadcasting Service (BBC Global News) has also been taken off the air on Venezuelan territory. Usage of dedicated servers that we described above can help you access the iPlayer while you’re in the country.


This “walkie-talkie” app was initially blocked in 2014 by the Venezuelan authorities, but has nonetheless remained popular across Venezuela.

Known as “the app that’s fueling uprising”, Zello is home to several channels which people in Venezuela use to help each other.

Venezuelans outside the country also use the app to make sure their loved ones are safe.

Since it’s blocked, however, a VPN is the only way to access Zello in Venezuela.

So, Does NordVPN Work in Venezuela?

If you’re traveling to Venezuela, you should be using a VPN.

Based on my findings, the best VPN service provider in Venezuela for travelers is NordVPN. Not only does it allow you to stream your favorite programs, but it also has great security solutions, specifically tailored for restrictive countries.

Did you enjoy my review of NordVPN’s functionality?

Do you agree with my assessment?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments and if you liked this piece, please share with your network!

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