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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use a VPN While Visiting Canada

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Do I Need a VPN in Canada?

Yes, you need a VPN in Canada, because VPN will give you more control over the information you reveal on the Internet by re-routing your traffic through their own secure servers.

Although Canada is liberal with internet laws and censorship, there are still many websites that Canadian residents and visitors cannot access.

Imagine that you are an ardent fan of Pandora or CrunchyRoll and can’t afford to miss an episode of your favorite shows because of your IP address.

Or maybe you’re visiting Canada and can’t get access to content on some UK websites like the most popular iBBC Player or Channel 4.

You will need a VPN to keep your identity secure, give you access to restricted sites, and provide high-speed, reliable connections.

Even though accessing restricted online content is why many people choose a VPN, there are also some other important reasons too.

5 Important Reasons to Use a VPN in Canada

1. Browse in Privacy

Anyone accessing the Internet over an open Wi-Fi connection—like in a hotel or café—is vulnerable to security threats. If your traffic is being logged by your service provider or even network “sniffing” tool by anyone else, you will effectively be using an open network. For visitors who need to access certain types of sensitive content online, using a virtual private network is vital.

A VPN will give you more control over the information you reveal on the Internet, and to whom — just ensure that you get a trustworthy provider who will not track or log your browsing data.

2. Access Inaccessible Websites

Some visitors to Canada want to access still some websites that are not accessible from inside the country.

With a VPN, you can access restricted content and won’t have to miss out on any TV time just because you are visiting Canada.

The VPN will bypass geo-restrictions and provide you with a new virtual location that will make it look like you are still in your home country.

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3. Access Online Streaming Services

Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and other online streaming services cannot broadcast outside the US because of copyright agreements.

When you visit Canada, many of these sites will still restrict your access because of your foreign IP address. Using a VPN with a US IP address will give you access to these sites.

4. Avoid ISP Logging

In Canada, internet service providers are legally bound to log your internet usage.

Using search engines without having your traffic and history logged can be achieved with a Canadian VPN.

Your computer’s IP address on a VPN is nontrackable, leaving you free of any snooping and keeping your private searches private.

5. Secure Your VOIP Calls

Voice-Over-IP calls are reasonably easy to listen in on.

Services like Skype, Lync, or other online calling services can be kept private with a VPN. This may be especially useful if your business calls are sensitive and you want to protect your customer’s information.

If you are a staunch believer in privacy and decide to visit Canada, you do have the right to keep your online activity private and free from surveillance.

Pick a provider with fast servers and one that respects your need for privacy. With rising identity theft and account hacks becoming more rampant, a VPN is a solid choice for protecting your personal and business information.

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