Does NordVPN Work With BBC iPlayer?

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Many people love British TV series like Sherlock and Doctor Who, and want to watch them as soon as new episodes are released.

UK residents are lucky in that respect – they can just turn on BBC iPlayer and enjoy the shows.

Those outside the UK like me, however, have to use VPN services to access the episodes because that’s the only way to get a UK IP address if you don’t live there.

So, when I wanted to watch BBC’s newest masterpiece “The Capture”, I activated my NordVPN subscription to see whether I could bypass the geo-restrictions.

Let’s take a look at the results.

Does NordVPN Work With BBC iPlayer?

Technically, BBC iPlayer only works in the UK and has been known to blacklist certain IP addresses if it detects that you’re using a VPN.

This is due to rights issues.

However, the BBC only blocks the IP, not the actual VPN.

With the right configurations, NordVPN can be used to access BBC iPlayer’s content, even if you’re outside the UK.

Accessing the content is possible if you have a UK IP address, which NordVPN can provide you with.

Can NordVPN Unblock BBC iPlayer?

NordVPN service can unblock BBC iPlayer’s content.

However, there is more to access the content than just using a VPN.

TV License

According to UK laws, you need to have a TV license to watch television or stream TV shows. This license costs about £155 per year.

If you’re from the UK and already have a TV license, but are currently traveling outside the UK, you can just log in onto your BBC account when connected to NordVPN.

If you don’t have a license, you need to create an account whilst connected to NordVPN.

This is how I managed to configure my NordVPN to enjoy the BBC iPlayer content when traveling.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad With NordVPN?

First of all, you need to connect to a United Kingdom server.

I should point out that the further you are from the UK, the slower the connection speed is likely to be. I did have to endure some buffering before the episode loaded properly.

Second of all, I was able to speed up the buffering by switching my NordVPN protocols. You can do this by logging onto your NordVPN account, opening Settings on the start page, and clicking on “Advanced”.

You will see this:

Choose between TCP and UDP using NordVPN

As I have already mentioned in my previous “Does NordVPN Work With Amazon Fire TV Stick?” article, although NordVPN recommends using UDP (see screenshot above), TCP has really sped up the buffering.

TCP is a network layer connection-oriented protocol, which allows for data packets to be transmitted between your device and the server.

It numbers each data packet, which makes it reliable by design.

UDP, on the other hand, doesn’t have any overhead of the sort and doesn’t check for errors.

Its speed is good for live transmissions and gaming, but not for streaming.

Transfer methodPackets are delivered in a sequencePackets are delivered in a stream
Error detection and correctionYesYes
Congestion controlYesNo
AcknowledgementYesOnly the checksum

It doesn’t emphasize reliability, like TCP.

That’s why a TCP connection took less time to buffer – it was error-free.

For that reason, I recommend using the TCP protocol when watching iPlayer with NordVPN. Both protocols are equally secure, and you get the same no-logs service NordVPN offers in both cases.

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer’s content later, NordVPN has dedicated servers that allow you to use the Download feature.

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work on iOS devices.

NordVPN BBC iPlayer Troubleshooting

Have you done all of the above, but the BBC is nonetheless blocking you from enjoying its content?

You can try to do the following:


How Can I Watch BBC iPlayer With NordVPN?

Watching BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world with NordVPN is easy. You just need to download and set up NordVPN and connect to a UK server. For better streaming speed, choose a TPC connection in the Advanced settings menu on the VPN client.

Can BBC iPlayer Detect VPN?

BBC iPlayer uses strong IP detection tools that can detect and blacklist most VPNs. Your best chance of unblocking it is to use an advanced VPN with many servers and IP addresses, like NordVPN.

Is NordVPN Reliable?

Yes, NordVPN is a reliable choice. It provides you with the necessary privacy and security while enabling you with excellent server speeds and stable connection.


NordVPN can be used to access BBC iPlayer, even if you’re not in the UK.

You can even access Roku with NordVPN!

While it takes a little effort to configure it, if done correctly, the service does allow you to enjoy British TV when you’re abroad. I will be using the service from now on when I’m traveling to watch BBC iPlayer content.

The no-logs policy, combined with the large range of servers on offer and secure connections, make NordVPN my chosen provider for watching BBC iPlayer.

Get NordVPN today and tell us how it worked for YOU!

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