5 Best VPNs for Venezuela: Review and Comparison

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ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Venezuela, given its ultra-fast servers with obfuscation on all protocols. Thus, you can bypass speed throttling from CANTV, Movistar, and Intercable while preventing them from blocking your VPN traffic.

Since CANTV is mostly state-owned and can see what you do over the internet, I also chose other VPNs with solid data encryption like NordVPN and Surfshark.

Rounding up my top five VPNs for Venezuela are PIA and CyberGhost, also encrypting your internet traffic and unblocking censored content.

So, continue reading to learn how these VPNs compare, why they’re the best bet for Venezuela, and how to set up your VPN correctly for top-level privacy.

Top 3 VPNs for Venezuela (December, 2023)

Surfshark Devices

Encrypt your communications across unlimited devices without bandwidth throttling over a single Surfshark account. Enjoy premium protection against government data snooping, ISP data collection, and hackers on 3200+ secure servers in 95 countries.

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ExpressVPN different devices

Access local content without VPN blocks with ExpressVPN’s Venezuela IP address. Also, encrypt your internet session, bypass throttling, and defeat censorship with 3000+ ultra-fast servers in 94 countries.

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NordVPN opens up your internet access with premium unblocking abilities, bypasses throttling via its fast servers, and offers top-end encryption for your online privacy. Regain your online autonomy by connecting to any of its 5500+ servers in 60 countries.

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The Venezuelan government is notorious for throttling internet speeds during elections and protests. Thus, it can cripple information flow to the outside world and frustrate the attempts of citizens looking to make things work.

That’s primarily possible since the largest ISP in the country, CANTV, is now owned by the government. In other words, the government has unfettered access to your online activity, can collect your data extensively, and see everything you do online.

It gets worse!

A state-owned ISP allows blocking access to news sites (such as the Cronica Uno ban), social media networks, and other websites. Thus, the government can control every part of your online experience.

Fortunately, ALL of the VPNs that passed my tests for this list offer robust security, military-grade encryption, and ultra-fast speeds

You also get obfuscation to bypass any VPN traffic blocks the government set up through your ISP.

Thus, continue reading to learn how these VPNs compare for the best choice.

Want to Read Cronica Uno or Bypass CANTV’s Throttling in Venezuela? These VPNs Can Help!

Cronica Uno using ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN's Venezuelan servers unblocks Cronica Uno

Break out of the government-induced internet pigeonhole that restricts you from accessing the free internet, blocks access to social media sites, or throttles your bandwidth.

Some VPNs also offer Venezuelan IP addresses to encrypt your online activity while browsing the local web. Find out more below.

  • ExpressVPN – Combines obfuscation with ultra-fast speeds across 3000+ servers to bypass Venezuela’s ISP VPN traffic blocks and defeat harsh censorship. Also, you get Venezuela’s IP addresses to surf the local web securely.
  • SurfsharkEncrypt your online activity from CANTV, Digitel, and other Venezuelan ISPs across unlimited devices with Surfshark. Additionally, enjoy 3200+ local Venezuelan and global servers to bypass internet censorship.
  • NordVPN – Share files securely over-optimized P2P servers. Likewise, enjoy premium encryption across your internet activities from its 5500+ servers in 60 countries.
  • PIAUnblock content without throttling, get reliable obfuscation across all devices, and enjoy fast speeds with PIA’s speed-optimized servers. Plus, you get port forwarding for free on all PIA plans.
  • CyberGhost – Get secured Venezuelan P2P-optimized servers to encrypt internet access over the local web. Plus, you get 7900+ servers to bypass geo-blocks and unblock content from abroad.

While all of my top VPNs for Venezuela will get the job done, each one stands out in specific areas.

So, continue reading my comparisons and mini-reviews to make the best choice.

Mini-Reviews and Comparisons of the Best VPNs for Venezuela

I tested 20+ VPN providers for security, speed, premium unblocking, encryption protocols, and obfuscation, among other things. Of these, only five VPNs made this list, and they’re unique in how they make your Venezuelan internet experience more secure.

So, let’s discuss what each brings to the table.

ExpressVPN – Fast Obfuscation With Venezuelan IP Address

ExpressVPN – Fast Obfuscation With Venezuelan IP Address
ExpressVPN's Venezuelan servers unblocks access to VTV

ExpressVPN impresses by being the only provider with P2P support and obfuscation enabled by default on all 3000+ servers in 94 countries.

This obfuscation makes it impossible for CANTV, Digitel, Movilmax, or other ISPs to detect and block your VPN traffic. Otherwise, you might be unable to bypass tough censorships and content restrictions with other standard remote servers.

On top of that, ExpressVPN provides a Venezuelan IP address on an obfuscated and P2P-supported server, no matter which protocol you’re connecting with.

ExpressVPN provides a Venezuelan IP Address

Thus, you don’t have to set up split tunneling to securely use your Venezuelan banking apps/other sensitive applications. 

Now, you simply connect to the local servers.

ExpressVPN Split Tunneling

Likewise, you can secure your online experience when connected to free Wi-Fi networks to browse the local web at Res Apure, the C. C Casa Mall, Café Ole, or anywhere else in Venezuela.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN encrypts your connections with AES 256-bit technology which can’t be cracked by any known technology. 

In other words, your government, ISP, or anyone else can’t hack your live traffic to see what you’re doing online.

So, you can download torrents, share sensitive files, communicate via secure channels, and send crucial messages without worrying about these interactions getting intercepted.

Still, ExpressVPN guarantees this encryption by adding a Network Lock kill switch to prevent IP/DNS leaks whenever the VPN connection drops.

ExpressVPN Network Lock Kill Switch

Also, I tested for IP/DNS leaks with ExpressVPN

I can assure you your actual details are always protected when connected to ExpressVPN’s remote servers.

IP/DNS Leaks Test with ExpressVPN

Perhaps one of the most vital points of ExpressVPN is its speed.

In fact, this provider developed a Lightway protocol from scratch to ensure the best security at the fastest speeds.

ExpressVPN Lightway Protocol

You’ll appreciate ExpressVPN’s speeds more when you recall it’s on obfuscated servers. Whereas other VPN providers suffer a massive speed drop once you enable obfuscation.

It’s also worth noting that ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, outside the jurisdiction of the Venezuelan government

Thus, your government can’t reach out to the VPN service to obtain data about what you’re doing online.

Even if it did reach out to ExpressVPN, the VPN provider has been audited for its strict no-logs policy claims twice. So, it won’t have any data on you to hand over.

Moving on, ExpressVPN’s premium unblocking ability means you can now

Likewise, you can access news websites like Cronica Uno, cryptocurrency platforms like Coinbase, and other services blocked in Venezuela.

However, ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPNs – but I think you can see why.

Fortunately, you can grab these ExpressVPN discounts to reduce the subscription costs.



Surfshark – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections With Venezuelan IP Address

Surfshark Virtual Server in Venezuela
Surfshark unblocks VPI TV via its Venezuelan server

Surfshark maintains a virtual server in VenezuelaThis means:

  • You can browse the internet via local Venezuelan IP addresses
  • You get faster speeds since the server is located in a faster country (not Venezuela)
  • You retain access to your banking apps, local online radio, and TV stations over encrypted connections
  • Venezuelan government can’t seize the server since it’s not located in its jurisdiction
Connected to Venezuela Server

Even if the server was located in Venezuela, Surfshark is also an audited no-log VPN provider. So, it doesn’t collect any data about you or what you do online to hand over to authorities.

One of the quickest wins Surfshark manages over ExpressVPN is its 3200+ servers in 95 countries.

Surfshark servers in 95 countries

However, Surfshark doesn’t offer obfuscation on all its servers even though they’re P2P-enabled. Also, Surfshark isn’t as fast as ExpressVPN, but it’s not slow either.

However, Surfshark bests ExpressVPN by allowing you to get Venezuelan IP addresses on unlimited devices without bandwidth throttling.

Here, ExpressVPN’s offer of five simultaneous connections dramatically pales in comparison.

Fortunately, Surfshark doesn’t cut corners to make this happen.

For example, you get industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption on all protocols to protect your data from the prying eyes of CANTV, Intercable, and Movistar.

Surfshark VPN Protocols

You also get Camouflage Mode, an obfuscation model enabled over Surfshak’s OpenVPN protocols. But even though Surfshark’s obfuscation also bypasses tough censorships, it’s much slower than ExpressVPN.

Moving on, Surfshark also has a kill switch built into the settings on PCs and Android devices. Like ExpressVPN, the iOS kill switch is automatically enabled whenever you connect to any server.

Surfshark iOS Kill Switch

So, anyone closely monitoring your connection won’t see your IP/DNS/WebRTC details if you ever lose connection to Surfshark’s servers.

Surfshark Connection
Surfshark encrypts your IP and DNS to prevent leaks

Furthermore, Surfshark impresses with fast unblocking. 

You might not get 4K quality, but you can unblock these popular platforms in HD:

Simply connect to the server location where your preferred content is streaming, and Surfshark’s reliable systems will unblock your access.

For a VPN that offers premium unblocking, unlimited simultaneous connections, security, and decent speeds, Surfshark is still one of the most affordable VPN providers.

Luckily, you can still save more with Surfshark discounts and enjoy 30-day risk-free money-back guarantees too.



NordVPN – Reliable Encryption Across 5500+ Servers

NordVPN Reliable Encryption
NordVPN's US servers unblocks Efecto Cocuyo

So far, NordVPN’s tally of 5500+ servers is the highest, even though its haul of 60 countries is less than Surfshark and ExpressVPN. 

Overall, it’s only second to CyberGhost, which offers 7900+ servers.

However, it’s disappointing that NordVPN doesn’t include a Venezuelan server.

Thus, you’ll have to set up split tunneling to protect sensitive apps while allowing location-sensitive apps (like local online radio/TV and banking apps) to bypass the VPN.

NordVPN set up split tunneling

This is less-than-ideal if you want to encrypt your banking information, too, especially if you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network that may expose your banking credentials.

Also, it’s worth noting that Surfshark and ExpressVPN offer split tunneling in addition to their local Venezuela servers

So, that’s not a plus for NordVPN either.

However, NordVPN is committed to secure, faster browsing by building an in-house NordLynx protocol. That’s more than I can say for Surfshark, which relies on the native WireGuard instead.

In-house NordLynx Protocol

Also, NordVPN is reliable for faster unblocking than Surfshark. 

So, connecting to appropriate servers can get you abroad content from Venezuela over platforms like:

Regardless, it doesn’t manage the consistency of ExpressVPN’s speed performance.

NordVPN also offers obfuscation over its OpenVPN (TCP & UDP) protocols. So, you can read the latest news on Efecto Cocuyo and Cronica Uno, even though Movistar, Supercable, and Digitel block access to these sites.

NordVPN Obfuscated Servers

Also, NordVPN’s obfuscated speeds are faster than Surfshark but not close to ExpressVPN.

On top of that, NordVPN has a select few servers that can use obfuscation, defined under its specialty servers.

NordVPN Specialty Servers

Compared to ExpressVPN’s offer of obfuscation on all 3000+ servers, NordVPN falls short here.

Fortunately, whether you use NordLynx, the OpenVPN protocols, or others, you get the same AES 256-bit encryption across all servers

This way, NordVPN keeps the government, ISPs, or other actors out of your online data.

As a safeguard, NordVPN offers TWO kill switches: one for the entire internet connection and another for select sensitive apps you want protected.

NordVPN internet and app kill switch

Plus, it’s the only other provider besides PIA to offer such.

Furthermore, NordVPN has one of the best price offerings

It may not offer unlimited simultaneous connections like Surfshark, but its six-device count is better than ExpressVPN’s five.

Grab these NordVPN discounts to save more and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.



Private Internet Access (PIA) – Fast Speeds & Encryption With Venezuelan IP Address

Private Internet Access in Venezuela
PIA Unblocks TVES via its Venezuela server

PIA might not be vocal about how many servers it has, but they’re spread over 84 countries. Of these, there’s a local Venezuelan server, so you don’t have to set up split tunneling for your banking apps, some location-sensitive mobile games, and related apps.

Private Internet Access Venezuelan Server

Likewise, PIA offers obfuscation on its servers via the OpenVPN (UDP & TCP) protocols for bypassing tougher website censorships.

So, unlike ExpressVPN, obfuscation isn’t available on all PIA protocols. Also, you have to enable this feature rather than have it automatically working once you connect, like ExpressVPN.

Additionally, PIA suffers massive speed drops (compared to ExpressVPN) when you obfuscate your internet traffic.

Fortunately, you can choose between 128-bit and 256-bit encryption when using OpenVPN protocols for obfuscation over PIA. 

With 128-bit technology, you get lesser speed drops. 

However, you’re at a higher risk of your ISP or the Venezuelan government hacking your live traffic.

Private Internet Access Protocols

So, while both encryption models work well with the tunneling protocol, 256-bit is safer and recommended in a harsh clime like Venezuela’s. Also, I tested the encryption technology and didn’t find any IP/DNS leaks.

Private Internet Access IP/DNS Test

Like NordVPN, PIA also offers a dual kill switch system:

  • A VPN kill switch to prevent data leaks whenever the VPN connection drops
  • An Advanced kill switch to keep your device from connecting to the web when the VPN isn’t connected or open
Private Internet Access VPN Kill Switch

Thus, you won’t leak your real IP address to your ISP or the government over this provider.

Also, PIA is one of the fastest VPNs on this list. It even gets close to ExpressVPN on the WireGuard protocol without sacrificing security. 

That makes it suitable for unblocking Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.

Speaking of unblocking, PIA will also get you access to banned online platforms, such as

  • News streaming sites like EVTV Miami
  • News websites like Cronica Uno and Efecto Cocuyo
  • Crypto trading platforms like Coinbase

Fortunately, you can enjoy these fast speeds, security features, and unblocking across ten devices simultaneously under one PIA subscription. And it’s one of the most affordable VPN providers I reviewed.

Plus, you get PIA discounts with a 30-day money-back guarantee to enjoy your first purchase.



CyberGhost – 10+ Secure P2P Servers in Venezuela

CyberGhost Servers in Venezuela
CyberGhost unblocks EVTV Miami from a Venezuelan server

CyberGhost is the most impressive in server count, giving you access to 7900+ servers in 91 countries.

For travelers to Venezuela, this means:

  • A better chance of finding your country on the list to unblock local content like home
  • A higher chance of connecting to a less crowded server

On top of that, CyberGhost provides 10+ P2P-supported servers in Venezuela. These servers make it possible to:

  • Share files faster and securely over a P2P connection without an interception
  • Communicate securely over the local web without losing data to hackers, the government, or your ISP
  • Operate banking, crypto, and other sensitive apps without getting a VPN location block
CyberGhost in Venezuela

However, for all the good that CyberGhost does, it doesn’t offer obfuscation. So, suppose CANTV or other ISPs monitor and block VPN traffic to any online platform. In that case, you won’t get access with CyberGhost.

Fortunately, you have the other VPN providers on this list to make up for such cases.

Luckily, CyberGhost doesn’t cut corners on security by providing industry-standard AES 256-bit grade encryption on all servers and protocols. Plus, it brings a kill switch setting (built into the iOS app) to the PC and Android apps.

Also, I tested the encryption for leaks and didn’t get any.

CyberGhost encryption leaks test

In addition, CyberGhost provides automatic public Wi-Fi protection on untrusted networks.

CyberGhost automatic public wi-fi protection

So, whenever you’re connected to public Wi-Fi at Edf. 77, Kilomania, Hotel Presidente, or the Apple Store, the VPN automatically kicks in to encrypt your online traffic.

Moving on, CyberGhost is impressive for unblocking content too. 

In fact, the PC app comes with streaming-optimized servers to get the fastest speeds with streaming services like:

Overall, CyberGhost might not offer obfuscation, but the decently-fast VPN provider helps you secure seven devices simultaneously.

That, and it’s not expensive.

Plus, you can save more on CyberGhost with these HUGE DISCOUNTS, with a 45-day money-back guarantee.



How I Chose the Best VPNs for Venezuela? (4 Critical Criteria)

I narrowed a list of 20+ VPN providers down to the top five by following strict criteria that ensured speed, unblocking ability, online security, encryption, and convenience for use in/outside Venezuela.

So, read on to find out how to pick the best VPN for Venezuela. 

Or save yourself the time and select one of my recommended picks above.


A privacy-focused VPN provider is vital in Venezuela since the government has significant access to user data and online activity.

CANTV is a state-owned ISP providing internet access to about 2/3 of the entire market. This means it can see everything that most of its online population is doing on the internet, collect sensitive data about your internet activity, and map specific online actions to you.

Government spy reported
The government can spy on whatever you do on the internet if you don't use a VPN

Even the private-run ISPs are being strong-armed by the government, and they can give up data collected on you. After all, they’re within Venezuelan jurisdiction.

So, choose VPN providers that aren’t in Venezuelan jurisdiction and have an audited no-logs policy.

Here’s how my chosen VPNs compare:

VPN Provider Country No-logs? Audited?
ExpressVPN British Virgin Islands Yes Twice (PwC and Cure53)
Surfshark Netherlands Yes Once (Cure53)
NordVPN Panama Yes Once (PwC)
PIA United States Yes None
CyberGhost Romania Yes None


An ideal VPN for Venezuela uses reliable encryption technology to keep CANTV and independent ISPs from deanonymizing you online.

In this case, the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption is the least security you should settle for across all servers and protocols on your chosen VPN.

Spy on Venezuelans
With reliable encryption, you're secured against government and ISP spying attempts

Furthermore, check that there’s a kill switch.

Most VPNs have a toggle-able kill switch in their Android and PC apps but build it into the iOS app. Confirm it’s there before connecting at all.

Likewise, you need multiple protocols for different purposes.

For example, IKEv2 and IPSec are great for mobile connections and help with faster reconnection.

Multiple Protocols for Different Purposes
ExpressVPN's protocols for a balance of speed and security on different devices

Most VPN providers offer obfuscation over OpenVPN (UDP & TCP) protocols

So, ensure that’s available too. Finally, WireGuard (or its equivalents) is the best for bypassing ISP throttling.

You get these protocols and more if you’re going with my chosen VPN providers. Learn about these protocols in the table below.

Protocol Significance Best For? Offered by?
WireGuard Fastest protocol with robust security Bypassing ISP throttling, unblocking content, and streaming media securely PIA, Surfshark and CyberGhost
Lightway (UDP & TCP) ExpressVPN’s alternative to WireGuard, offering faster speeds and improved security Bypassing ISP throttling, unblocking content and streaming media securely, and obfuscating VPN traffic ExpressVPN
NordLynx NordVPN’s lightweight protocol built on WireGuard Bypassing ISP throttling, unblocking content, and streaming media securely NordVPN
IKEv2 Mobile-friendly protocol that works best on some networks Unblocking content faster but not at the same security level as WireGuard ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, PIA, CyberGhost
OpenVPN Used for obfuscation on most VPN providers Bypassing harsh censorships and content blocks ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, PIA, CyberGhost

VPN Server Locations

When considering VPNs for Venezuela under server count, look for:

  • Country count. So, you can find your country on the list (as a traveler) to unblock local content like home. Or another country’s server where specific content can be unblocked from.
  • Server count. With a massive server count, you avoid server overcrowding since you can always connect to multiple servers in a single location.
  • Local servers. That way, you can access Venezuelan content via these local servers without leaking any data about your online activity to the government or your ISP.
  • Global servers. Best for unblocking content abroad, getting access to content in your country, or defeating content censorships in your region.

In the table below, you can see how my top VPNs for Venezuela compare.

VPN Provider Venezuelan IP/Server? Global Server Count Countries
ExpressVPN Yes 3000+ 94
Surfshark Yes 3200+ 95
NordVPN No 5500+ 60
PIA Yes Undisclosed 84
CyberGhost Yes 7900+ 91


The underfunded web infrastructure in Venezuela already contributes to poor connection speeds. On top of that, CANTV throttles the internet during protests, presidential speeches, and other sensitive political situations.

Streaming Services Venezuela
Internet disruptions and throttling during sensitive broadcasts

Likewise, it’s been observed that Caracas enjoys better internet speeds than Falcon, Merida, Apure, Tachira, and other states.

So, you need a VPN with ultra-fast VPN servers for

  • Lesser connection drops over the VPN connection
  • Bypassing ISP throttling
  • Getting better local speeds for downloads, streaming, and web surfing

My choice VPNs are ultra-fast, but ExpressVPN is the fastest

Likewise, you can browse the local web faster by connecting to servers in Caracas, proven to enjoy the best speeds in the country.

How to Get a Venezuela IP Address?

You can get a Venezuelan IP address by browsing the local web from inside the country or connecting to a remote server location in Venezuela over a trusted VPN provider.

If you’re

  • A Venezuelan traveling outside the country who wants to keep getting local content
  • A Venezuelan citizen or resident who wants to browse the local web securely
  • Anyone else who needs a Venezuela IP address…

…follow the guide below.

  1. Choose a preferred VPN provider with Venezuela servers. I recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Launch the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Click the three horizontal dots beside the current location.
Click the three dots
  1. Search for Venezuela.
Search for Venezuela
  1. Double-click the server location.
Double-click server location
  1. You’re now connected to Venezuela.

To be sure, you can perform a leak test via ipleak.net after connecting. 

If you get the Venezuela IP address back, you’re browsing the web securely like you’re in Venezuela.

Can I Watch Venezuela TV With a VPN?

You can watch VTV, TVes, Globovision and other Venezuelan TV channels abroad with a VPN if you don’t have access to your standard internet connection.

Here’s how.

  1. Buy a reliable unblocking VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN to unblock Venezuelan TV channels.
  2. Search for the Venezuela server location.
Search for Venezuela Server Location
  1. Connect to the Venezuela server location.
Connect to Venezuela server location
  1. Open your browser in Incognito Mode/Private Browsing.
Open incognito mode
  1. Enter the address of your preferred Venezuela TV channel. I’ll use Tves for this example.
Venezuela TV Channel
  1. You should now have access to the TV content.

How to Setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Venezuela?

You can set up your VPN to unblock content, bypass ISP throttling, encrypt your online data from the government, or defeat censorship.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Choose the Right Protocol

Select the VPN protocol that best represents what you’d like to do. 

As a quick reminder:

  • Lightway/WireGuard/NordLynx: Surf the web securely, unblock content fast, and stream media content.
  • OpenVPN/Lightway: Obfuscate your internet traffic to avoid VPN traffic blocks set up by CANTV, Digitel, Movimax, or other ISPs.

Otherwise, leave it to Automatic if your VPN has that setting enabled.

Enable the Kill Switch

Most VPN providers have a kill switch in their PC and Android apps. 

The kill switch is built into the iOS app on most providers, so you can’t manually toggle it. Still, check to know the case with your device’s app to ensure it’s enabled.

Connect to a Preferred Server

Once you’re done with the above, follow the steps below to connect to a preferred server.

  1. Launch the VPN app. I’ll use ExpressVPN for this example.
  2. Click the three horizontal dots to choose a location.
ExpressVPN app
  1. Search for a preferred server location.
ExpressVPN preferred location
  1. If available, look for preferred cities within the chosen server country.
  2. Otherwise, double-click on the server location.
  3. Wait for connection confirmation.

Can I Use a Free VPN in Venezuela?

Free VPNs poorly encrypt your data. Thus, CANTV or other ISPs still see everything you do online, can collect information on your internet activity, and identify you for arrests.

Similarly, free VPN services are slow, so they don’t help you bypass throttling.

On top of that, they collect and sell your data to third-party vendors, making you a commodity rather than protecting your privacy.

Thus, it’s best to commit to an affordable and budget-friendly paid VPN like Surfshark if cost is an issue. Luckily, you can secure unlimited devices with one Surfshark subscription to enjoy all its premium benefits at a low cost.

What to Do if Your VPN Isn’t Working in Venezuela? (Troubleshooting Tips)

If your VPN isn’t working, it’s likely due to an outdated app, not choosing the correct protocols, or other issues.

Apply the fixes below (in no particular order) to get to the root of the problem.

  • Choose a reliable VPN provider. A reliable VPN provider solves over 95% of your “VPN not working” issues. When unsure, ExpressVPN is a solid all-around VPN for Venezuela.
  • Setup your VPN correctly. Ensure to enable the kill switch, create VPN configurations (usually done automatically), and don’t skip any part of the VPN setup. Providers like ExpressVPN almost need no extra setups, though.
  • Update your VPN app. An outdated VPN app may not work correctly due to bugs in the system. Look for an update in your official app store, and download and install it.
  • Connect to another VPN server. Sometimes, nothing is wrong with your VPN. The server you’re on might be overcrowded, blacklisted, or simply malfunctioning. Connect to another one, and you’ll be on your way.
  • Enable the kill switch. If your IP/DNS details leak when your VPN connection drops, the kill switch might not be enabled. Ensure to check that box.
  • Switch VPN protocols. You can unblock some content over regular connections (WireGuard/NordLynx/Lightway protocols). In contrast, others require the big guns of obfuscation (OpenVPN/Lightway protocols). So, switching protocols can help you get the VPN working again.
  • Speak with the VPN customer support. Fortunately, all my top VPNs for Venezuela have 24/7 live chat support. So, contact customer support, and you’ll find someone to help you with the issue.
Interesting Reads:

Frequently Asked Questions

ExpressVPN works in Venezuela, bringing local Venezuela servers to secure your local web browsing and global servers to access international content.

Likewise, ExpressVPN offers obfuscation on all servers so you can bypass VPN traffic blocks from CANTV, Digitel, Movimax, Supercable, and other ISPs.

There are no laws against VPNs and VPN usage in Venezuela.

However, the country is known to ban access to content unblockers and VPNs, even though premium services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN bypass such bans.

Thus, you can use a VPN to secure your internet experience, regain online privacy, and bypass ISP throttling in Venezuela without fearing legal consequences.

NordVPN doesn’t have Venezuelan servers, but it provides 5500+ servers in 60 other countries to unblock international content and bypass harsh Venezuelan censorship. However, ExpressVPN is preferred for local Venezuela servers to access banking apps, play games on local servers, or encrypt other online activities.

ExpressVPN is better than NordVPN in Venezuela for offering Venezuelan IP addresses, obfuscation on all servers to bypass VPN traffic blocks, and ultra-fast servers to defeat ISP throttling.

Likewise, ExpressVPN provides a lightweight yet secure Lightway protocol not built around WireGuard to offer Venezuelan users a balance of higher security and speed.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for iOS and Android users in Venezuela due to its easy-to-use app, intuitive user interface, and slew of security features to protect its users on the go.

Likewise, ExpressVPN offers obfuscation on all ultra-fast mobile servers.

So, users can play games faster with less ping, unblock media content seamlessly on their phones, and bypass harsh ISP censorships.

ExpressVPN’s easily-navigable PC (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook) app offers 3000+ ultra-fast servers with obfuscation enabled on all protocols.

Thus, it’s the best VPN for PC in Venezuela.

It also provides local Venezuelan IP addresses to browse the web locally without setting up split tunneling and not losing any internet data to Venezuelan ISPs.

Additionally, you can secure your browser experiences better with dedicated Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge extensions on PC.

Start Browsing Securely and Privately

Stop the government from dictating what content you see online by bypassing internet filtering and harsh censorship with a reliable VPN. 

Also, encrypt your online connections to keep your ISPs, hackers, and public Wi-Fi admins out of your online business.

Thanks to ExpressVPN’s fast obfuscation on all 3000+ servers, enjoy premium protection, unblock content, and ensure your ISPs don’t know you’re using a VPN.

Don’t forget to grab these ExpressVPN discounts to save on your purchase and get a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

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