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How to Use Bet365 With IPVanish?

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IPVanish’s simplistic interface lets you effortlessly use Bet365 by connecting to its servers in regions where the bookie is available before accessing the site.

The provider offers 2200+ servers in many Bet365-supported regions, including 62 in London, 69 in Amsterdam, and 56 in Frankfurt.

However, IPVanish’s servers are dynamic, so you won’t always connect to the same server, something you’ll want to prioritize on Bet365.

Luckily, I’ll share the best practices when setting up IPVanish for Bet365 and offer alternatives below.

How to Use Bet365 With IPVanish?

Follow these steps to unblock and securely access Bet365 with IPVanish from anywhere:

  1. Subscribe to a preferred IPVanish plan. Get the most value for your money with these discounts.
  2. Install IPVanish and log in with your details.
  3. Toggle the kill switch from the home dashboard.
  4. Or click Settings > Connection > toggle Kill switch.
ipvanish kill switch enabled
  1. Select a protocol. I recommend WireGuard for seamless live betting and sturdy security against Bet365 tracking. Go through Settings > Protocol.
ipvanish wireguard protocol
  1. Search and connect to a location that supports Bet365. I’ll use “Tel Aviv” for this example.
ipvanish ipleak test on israel server
  1. Ensure you have zero IP leaks. I use www.ipleak.net.
  2. Log in to Bet365 to bet on MMA, American Football, Alpha Legends, and more.
access bet365 with ipvanish connected to israel server

What’s the Best IPVanish Server for Bet365?

The best IPVanish server for Bet365 is the fastest VPN server that can reliably access the sportsbook. While the IP address of this server may change with time, stick to ONE location to avoid getting blocked or banned on Bet365.

I conducted a few tests with IPVanish’s WireGuard (its best protocol for Bet365 live streams) from Nairobi. Here’s a summary of the provider’s performance in five locations where Bet365 is available:

Location Download (Mbps) Ping (ms)
Nairobi (not connected to VPN) 4.81 32
Tel Aviv, Israel (optimal location) 3.38 236
London, UK 4.04 177
Frankfurt, Germany 2.63 263
Sao Paulo, Brazil 4.67 491
Johannesburg, South Africa (closest location) 4.23 138

Now, for Bet365 tests…

  • Tel Aviv, Israel: Bet365’s homepage loaded in eight seconds. However, things were faster once the site was up despite a 30% speed drop. It only took me a second to assess Marseille v Panathinaikos Asian Lines’ betting opportunities.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: I initially received a message to update my browser to view Bet365 despite doing so with several locations before and after. Once updated, the homepage was still loading after five minutes. Though I couldn’t access “Sports,” I got instant access to other pages like casino.bet365.com and games.bet365.com.
  • Frankfurt, Germany: My access was denied with the first four IP addresses used. The fifth server, fra-c16 (the last on the list), seemed not yet IP-banned but was still loading the homepage six minutes later. It, too, accessed other bet365 pages, such as extra.bet365.de, in just three seconds.
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil: Its performance was similar to the Frankfurt server.
  • United Kingdom: I tried 14 IPVanish servers (five in London, two in Glasgow, two in Manchester, and five in Birmingham), but all were IP-banned. However, the list of IPVanish servers in the country is extensive. So, you may find a couple that unblock the bookmaker.

As you can see, the fastest IPVanish server in a Bet365-supported location isn’t necessarily the best. If you wish to instantly unblock Bet365’s sports page from anywhere other than Tel Aviv, you’ll have to get hands-on with testing.

Are IPVanish's Dynamic IPs Safe for Bet365?

IPVanish occasionally changes servers to control weak connections. 

Though this ensures you stream matches or browse different games smoothly, it may be unsafe for Bet365 due to a potential server hopping ban.

After all, the platform thinks you’re accessing your account via multiple IP addresses, even though you may connect to the same server.

Therefore, the safest way to use Bet365 with a VPN is to get a static dedicated IP from decent IPVanish alternatives like NordVPN or PureVPN.

unblock bet365 with nordvpn

NordVPN lets you enjoy Blackjack, Baccarat, and other Bet365 casino offerings from four dedicated IP locations:

On the other hand, PureVPN allows you to exploit more earning avenues like the 4 Scores Challenge and Free4All using its single-user addresses in:

  • Malta
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Australia
unblock bet365 with purevpn

Additionally, PureVPN offers dedicated IPs in Canada and the USA, where some locations permit Bet365 use. For instance, you can wager only from Ontario in Canada, while US users have several states like New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado.

bet365 regional betting challenge

Unfortunately, PureVPN doesn’t let you select the state/province for your dedicated IP. So, whether you can legally access Bet365 with its Canadian and US dedicated IPs depends on where the “automatic city assignment” places you.

purevpn dedicated ip server countries
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Connect to your preferred Bet365-supported server on IPVanish with WireGuard and enjoy.

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