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How to Use Bet365 With PureVPN?

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You can access Bet365 using PureVPN by connecting to a suitable server before logging into your online betting account.

PureVPN has servers in countries where Bet365 is legal, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany, ensuring you can unblock the service from anywhere.

It also features IP/DNS leak prevention to keep Bet365 from knowing you’re in another region. Plus, you get a Kill Switch that disconnects your devices if the VPN connection breaks.

Read on to learn how to use PureVPN to access Bet365 from anywhere!

How to Access Bet365 With PureVPN Anywhere?

PureVPN allows you to hide your online betting activities from your ISP or network provider (employer or school). Likewise, you can access Bet365 anywhere, even in a region where it’s blocked, using PureVPN:

  1. Choose your preferred PureVPN subscription plan. Grab this exclusive discount for more savings.
  1. Download and install the PureVPN software on your preferred device.
purevpn device compatibility
  1. Log in to PureVPN using your credentials.
purevpn log in
  1. Turn on the Kill Switch to prevent accidental exposure. Go through Settings > General > Enable IKS > Toggle Icon on PC.
enable purevpn internet kill switch
  1. Open the PureVPN server list and connect to a region where Bet365 is legally available. I recommend the UK, Norway, Spain, or Canada.
purevpn canada server
  1. Access the Bet365 website to open a new account or sign in with an existing account.
bet365 web log in
  1. Wager your bets securely and have fun!
access bet365 with purevpn on toronto server

Bet365 Not Working With PureVPN? Here Are Some Quick Fixes

While it’s easy to unblock Bet365 from abroad using PureVPN, there are a few instances where it may fail to access your account. Some of the reasons include:

  • Your location has been detected: This may happen when you access the Bet365 website before connecting to PureVPN.
  • You’re using servers in a location that isn’t bet365-approved: Bet365 only works in select countries. Connecting to a server outside these countries won’t work.
  • The Bet365 site has spotted and blocked your VPN: This happens when Bet365 blacklists the VPN server you’re using.

Fortunately, there are a few fixes you can implement. They include:

  • Clear your cache/cookies: The PureVPN application may not function as intended if your cookies or internet cache contain data about your location. Therefore, clear them before connecting to the VPN service to access Bet365.
  • Update your VPN: Ensure you’re using an updated version of PureVPN. If so, update it to the latest one.
  • Change your browser: Bet365 is compatible with Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. If one doesn’t work, switch to another and try again.
  • Connect to a server in a bet365-approved location: Some Bet365-approved countries include the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Kenya, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Japan.
  • Contact the VPN support team for further assistance: PureVPN offers 24/7 customer support, so consider using the live chat option.
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Using PureVPN with bet365 won’t cause payout problems if you’re not violating Bet 365’s Terms of Use or the law.

It’s, however, wise to use third-party payment services like PayPal, as sending payouts to foreign bank accounts could result in Bet365 freezing your account along with your winnings indefinitely.

Secure Your Bet365 Account With PureVPN

PureVPN is an excellent option for unblocking Bet365 in restricted regions due to its military-grade encryption and robust security features.

This VPN also offers a selection of servers in Bet365-approved countries, giving you multiple location options.

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