How to Use Bet365 With Private Internet Access?

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Private Internet Access allows you to unblock Bet365 reliably due to its extensive server network in multiple Bet365-approved locations. Just ensure you connect to a reliable server before accessing your account.

This VPN service provider has servers in Spain, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and Greece, where Bet365 is legal. So, if you’re traveling out of the country and would like to access your Bet365 account, PIA is a great option.

This guide will help you unblock and access Bet365 with Private Internet Access anywhere.

How to Unblock Bet365 Anywhere With PIA?

Private Internet Access allows you to securely hedge bets on your preferred sports teams and access Bet365 from anywhere, even in a country where it’s restricted.

Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to PIA VPN. Grab these discounts for HUGE SAVINGS!
  1. Download and install PIA on your device.
compatible devices on pia
  1. Launch the Private Internet Access app and log in to your account.
  1. Activate the kill switch to ensure your real IP address remains hidden even if you experience a connection drop.
    1. Go through Settings by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right side corner.
    1. Click Privacy > VPN Kill Switch and toggle it ON.
vpn kill switch on pia
  1. Close the settings tab and return to the homepage to access the PIA server list. To do this, click on VPN Server.
  1. Search for your preferred server location and connect to an area where Bet365 is legally permitted. I connected to the Spain – Madrid server.
  1. Open your browser in safe browsing/private browsing/incognito mode.
  2. Log into your Bet365 account and hedge your bets securely.
unblocking bet365 with pia on madrid server
  1. Have fun and wager responsibly!

What's the Best PIA Server to Access Bet365?

I tested multiple PIA servers to see which ones were the best to access Bet365, and here are my findings.

For context, here’s my base internet speed:

pia baseline speed test results

I first tested the London – UK Streaming server:

pia speed test results on london server

And then I switched to the Spain – Madrid server:

pia speed test results on madrid server

Neither caused a massive drop from my base speed since they were close to my location. So, I recommend testing servers, but it’s also best to stick to one server location so Bet365 admins don’t get suspicious!

Likewise, I strongly recommend getting PIA’s dedicated IPs since Bet365 is good at detecting VPNs. In this case, choose the Australia or UK dedicated IPs as they’re both fast and unblock Bet365 seamlessly.

I also tested PIA’s protocols, and WireGuard emerged as the best for Bet365 for its fast speeds and reliable unblocking anywhere. In fact, I enjoyed watching the Braga Vs. Panathinaikos UEFA Champions League qualifying match without a hitch.

PIA Server Not Working With Bet365? (Quick Solutions)

Private Internet Access may not work with Bet365 if you’re connected to a server in a region not supported by Bet365. It could also be because Bet365 has permanently blocked your PIA IP address.

Fortunately, there are some quick fixes to keep unblocking Bet365 from anywhere.

Change Servers

If PIA suddenly stopped connecting to your Bet365 account, the betting platform may have blocked the IP address you were using. Fortunately, Bet365 can only ban specific IP addresses from VPNs, not the entire VPN itself.

PIA has multiple servers in Bet365-approved locations, so switch to a new server in a supported region. This will give a new, unique IP address that Bet365 has not blacklisted.

Switch DNS Servers

PIA has a built-in resolver as a name server option. In this setup, a recursive DNS server is bypassed, and your computer directly contacts authoritative name servers to mask your internet traffic.

But that may sometimes not work with Bet365.

To switch from PIA DNS to Built-in Resolver, you should:

  1. Login to your PIA app.
  2. Go to Settings > Network.
  3. Change “PIA DNS” to “Built-in Resolver.”
locating built-in resolver on pia
  1. Reconnect PIA to a Bet365-approved server and relaunch the site.
That’s it!

Get a Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address helps you avoid security alerts and account limitations that may arise when your IP address changes. Additionally, you’ll spend less time completing CAPTCHAs and more time browsing using your unique IP address.

Here’s how to get a dedicated IP address with PIA:

  1. Login into your PIA dashboard.
  2. Go through Settings > Dedicated IP.
  3. Click “Get Your Dedicated IP.”
get your dedicated ip on pia
  1. Choose a location where Bet365 is legal. That includes Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. To be on the safer side, contact PIA support for assistance.
available locations on pia
  1. Return to your PIA app, then paste the token to activate your dedicated IP address.
paste your token here on pia
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Place Bets Securely With Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a fantastic option for unblocking Bet365 in restricted regions.

Its no-logs policy, port forwarding, advanced split tunneling, and kill switch protect you when placing your bets on Bet365.

This VPN service also has multiple servers in approved countries, ensuring uninterrupted Bet365 account access anywhere.

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