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How to Get and Use the NordPass Student Discount?

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You can get a NordPass student discount from its official website to save more and get an extra month for free on your subscription. You’ll need to submit to an eligibility check, after which you’ll get your student discount code to access the savings.

Continue reading to learn how to apply for a student discount, the eligibility criteria to get a student discount, and more.

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting a NordPass Student Discount

Here’s how to get a student discount on your next NordPass subscription:

  1. Go to NordPass’s website.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Student Discount” under “Promotional Offers.”
nordpass promotional offers
  1. Click “Sign up/Login.”
nordpass premium plan sign up
  1. You’ll be requested to generate a code; click “Continue.”
generate nordpass code
  1. Again, select “Sign up/Login.”
  2. Create a Student Beans account by entering your email and password. Then, enter your details (name, DOB, pronouns), and set your email preferences.
create student beans account
  1. On the resulting page, select your graduation year and enter your student email address if you have one.
  1. Otherwise, select “Use a different method.”
  1. Select your country and the institution you’re studying at, and click “Continue.”
  1. Enter your student email address to receive a link or upload a proof document, such as the ID card, and click “Continue.” I’ll select “Upload proof” for this demonstration.
  1. Upload the file and click “Submit.”
  1. NordPass will take 24 hours to review your ID.
  2. Once your ID has been verified, you’ll receive a code in your email.
  3. Go to the checkout window and click “Got a code?
  1. Enter the code in the “Enter coupon code” box, select your payment method, and proceed to payment.
add coupon to nordpass order summary

That’s it! You can save unlimited passwords and sensitive information like credit card details more securely thanks to NordPass’s advanced encryption, XChaCha20.

Who’s Eligible for the NordPass Student Discount?

Students over 16 years of age and studying in college, university, high school, or sixth form, as well as those in apprenticeship programs, are eligible for the NordPass student discount.

Likewise, the NordPass student discount is available for students in China, Iran, Turkey, and other countries where NordVPN is restricted. However, it’s unavailable in Uganda and North Korea.

What Do You Get With the NordPass Student Discount?

Here’s what’s available to you with a NordPass student discount:

  • You get 1 extra month on the 2-year NordPass premium plan.
  • The two-year plan costs $37.25/year or $1.49/month instead of $1.69 per month or $40.56/year.

Was NordPass Breached in the Past?

NordPass is a fairly new password manager on the market and hasn’t faced any breaches.

Unlike other password managers, NordPass uses advanced encryption algorithms like XChaCha20, and your passwords are encrypted and stored on your device

That way, even NordPass and its employees can’t decrypt or view your passwords or other details that you’ve stored on the service.

Furthermore, a hacker would need your device for the decryption key to unlock and view your passwords. This makes it impossible to hack your accounts with/without your knowledge remotely.

On top of that, NordPass has been audited by a German security firm, Cure53, and has passed the SOC 2 Type 1 audit. In other words, NordPass is encrypted strongly to protect users’ sensitive information.

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You can’t combine your student discount with a NordPass coupon code to get a more significant discount. Instead, you can add a student discount or a coupon/promo code to enjoy either.

Stay Secure, Everywhere

The NordPass Password Manager offers unlimited password storage and lets you save your banking details, credit/debit card information, and IDs in an encrypted vault. 

That gives you one less thing to worry about as you concentrate on the daily bustles of schooling.

However, if your student ID was rejected or you aren’t a student, you can save more with our NordPass subscription discounts to enjoy the premium password manager!

Try Nordpass Risk-Free!

Don’t let weak passwords compromise your online security. Sign up for Nordpass now and safeguard your accounts with ease!

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