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Does NordVPN Work With 4chan?

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No, NordVPN doesn’t work with 4chan at the time of writing, try PrivateVPN instead.

Despite 4chan being an anonymous platform that allows users to post images and comment on others without entering personal details, you have to agree to terms and conditions before posting.

In those terms, it states that the use of VPNs is prohibited.

Although NordVPN fails to bypass the restrictions set by 4chan, that’s not to say other VPNs can’t get around these blocks!

Our recommended VPN for bypassing 4chan’s restrictions is PrivateVPN, which has servers capable of avoiding 4chan’s VPN scanning technology at the time of writing.

4chan page

If you’re looking to learn more about how 4chan blocks VPNs from commenting on posts and posting images, you’ll find everything you need to know further in this article.

Why Does NordVPN Not Bypass 4chan?

NordVPN doesn’t bypass 4chan restrictions because its IP addresses have been identified and blocked for use on the 4chan website.

When you access 4chan with NordVPN, you’ll get as far as accepting the terms and conditions, viewing posts, and generating a comment.

When you successfully pass the Captcha verification, you’ll receive a message like the one below saying that you were blocked.

Now, you should note this isn’t you being blocked personally, but the IP address you’re using.

When you connect to a NordVPN server, you’ll be assigned a different IP address to the one you’re allocated directly.

This is to hide your identity from your ISP and other prying eyes.

4chan uses GPS and IP address scanners to detect VPN usage, and if it identifies a mismatch between your physical GPS location and your IP address, it blocks the connection.

Why Should You Use a VPN With 4chan?

You should use a VPN with 4chan because of the information it collects about you.

Although 4chan allows you to post anonymous comments and images without leaving a name or any other details, this is only hidden from other users and is completely visible to the teams behind the 4chan website.

4chan employs “Janitors,” similar to moderators, to oversee the content uploaded to the platform.

However, these moderators cannot keep track of every comment, so they rely on other users reporting malicious comments and content by flagging them to the Janitors.

4chan blocked ISPs, IP, and countries fromposting

In the same way that you should use a VPN with services like Omegle, your IP address is collected by 4chan from the moment you agree to its “rules.”

Once you agree, any “anonymous” comments or posts you add to the website can be traced back to you.

Using a VPN with 4chan hides your actual IP address, so even if 4chan captures your IP, there’s no way of tracing it back to you.

VPNs That Work With 4chan

NordVPN might not be up to the task of bypassing 4chan, but there’s a handful of other providers who access the website and post comments and images without a problem.

Check them out below:

ExpressVPN’s ability to unblock 4chan isn’t all it has going for it.

You’ll get a wealth of extra privacy features, such as DNS leak prevention to ensure your online activity is never revealed, along with a kill switch that cuts your connection if your VPN drops.

CyberGhost lets you post comments and add images to 4chan without any problems.

It includes a network of specialized servers, allowing you to switch servers depending on your online activity, i.e., servers for streaming, browsing, P2P, etc.

IPVanish’s servers are great at smashing through 4chan scanners, and along with lightning-fast speeds across its network, IPVanish operates a zero logs policy.

Hence, you know your activity is never recorded.

PrivateVPN is one of the newer providers on our list that immediately opens access to 4chan with zero hassle.

PrivateVPN uses military-grade encryption and a Stealth Mode to obfuscate your traffic, making it harder to detect VPN usage.

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How to Evade the 4chan Ban?

To evade the 4chan ban, you’ll need to access the website using a direct connection or a VPN with IP addresses that aren’t blocked.

ExpressVPN, for example, can access 4chan and post comments and images without an issue, and this highlights that it has IP addresses that are not yet banned by 4chan – ultimately letting you use the service however you like.

The alternative way of avoiding a ban is by becoming a 4chan Pass member, meaning you become a paid subscriber to use the service without limits.

Does 4chan Log IPs?

Yes, 4chan keeps logs of user IP addresses.

Although 4chan doesn’t explicitly mention that it collects IP addresses (but rather personal information), it states the following in its FAQ section:

“We value the privacy of our users and will not make private information such as IP addresses available to others, except to comply with court orders or to cooperate with law enforcement agencies when appropriate.”

Why Do I Keep Getting Banned From 4chan?

You may keep getting banned from 4chan if you’re using an IP address that has been blocked for use.

That’s not to say it’s because you’re using a VPN with the same IP each time, as 4chan also blocks some ISPs and countries, meaning any IP under that umbrella would face a ban.

accessing 4chan with nordvpn

4chan states, “Users are temporarily blocked from posting when there is a pending ban request placed on their IP.”

4chan blocked ip


NordVPN cannot bypass 4chan restrictions at this time, and anyone using a blocked IP address will be presented with a screen stating they’ve been banned.

Fortunately, other VPN providers can access 4chan without any hassle.

My top recommendation is PrivateVPN, which effortlessly evades 4chan bans, allowing you to post images and comments on boards as often as you want.

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