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Does NordVPN Work in Europe?

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NordVPN works in most of Europe.

To verify this, I tested NordVPN European servers in Germany, France, Poland, and more while traveling the continent and had seamless results!

For instance, I used NordVPN’s Swedish P2P servers to quickly and securely download files in France. I also used its UK servers to access BBC content.

Keep reading for the details of how to use NordVPN in Europe!

How to Connect to NordVPN in Europe?

Here’s how to connect to NordVPN in Europe:

  1. Get a NordVPN subscription and download NordVPN for your device. I’ll use my Windows device to illustrate!
nordvpn app for windows pc
  1. Install NordVPN on your device and log in.
  1. Choose any server to connect and click it. For example, I’m in the UK, so I’ll connect to a British server.
nordvpn connected to united kingdom
  1. Wait for it to connect to the VPN server, and that’s it! You can safely use NordVPN in Europe! If one of the European servers (e.g., the UK) doesn’t work, try another one or connect to a server in a nearby country.

Does NordVPN Work in Every European Country?

NordVPN has 44 server locations in 38 EU countries.

However, while NordVPN works seamlessly across the EU, it doesn’t work in some European countries.

For example, NordVPN works very poorly in Russia due to censorship restrictions.

Support agents confirmed that only NordLynx protocol works and suggested using specific Belgian, Dutch, or Greek servers.

According to my colleagues in Moscow, this fix worked in the past, but no such luck now. Reddit communities also confirm that it’s a matter of getting lucky with the right servers.

However, that doesn’t mean this or another workaround won’t work in the future!

Another example is Belarus. VPNs are restricted in that country, and NordVPN support specified that some ISPs in Belarus block NordVPN.

For instance, some friends had issues using Beltelecom ISP with NordVPN.

Here’s an overview of European countries where NordVPN doesn’t work or is restricted:

Country Restrictions
Russia Restricted
Turkey Restricted
Belarus Restricted, depends on the ISP

What’s the Fastest NordVPN Server in Europe?

To find the fastest NordVPN Europe server, I tested the speed of five servers using the NordLynx protocol. Spoiler alert – it’s in a Nordic country!

Here are my results:

NordVPN Server Speed
UK (London) 0 Mbps drop
Germany (Frankfurt) 0.2 Mbps drop
Sweden (Stockholm) 2.3 Mbps increase
Latvia (Riga) 1.9 Mbps drop
Croatia (Zagreb) 3 Mbps drop

As you can see, NordVPN’s Swedish server is the fastest in Europe.

The server overcame my ISP’s throttling, and my Internet speed even increased as a result.

nordvpn swedish server speed test

The UK and German servers also showed great results – no surprise since I’m in the UK, and Germany isn’t too far.

Does NordVPN Have P2P Servers in Europe?

NordVPN has several P2P servers in Europe, including in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey.

I tested the performance of NordVPN’s P2P servers in the UK and Sweden with my qBittorrent client.

Using the UK server, I downloaded “The House I Live In.” 

The 3.27 GB file was downloaded in 19 minutes, with an average speed of 2.6 Mbps.

torrenting using nordvpn uk server

I tested the Swedish P2P server by downloading “Popeye the Sailor” in 1080p, which gave similar results. It downloaded in 11 minutes, with an average speed of 1.1 Mbps.

Can You Get a NordVPN European Dedicated IP?

NordVPN has European Dedicated IP servers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Therefore, you can get a NordVPN European Dedicated IP.

nordvpn dedicated ip locations

You can purchase the NordVPN Dedicated IP add-on when you purchase a subscription. The add-on price depends on your NordVPN plan.

Once you buy the plan, choose your European Dedicated IP location, depending on your needs. For example, if you need a dedicated IP address to unlock UK resources, choose NordVPN’s London Dedicated IP.

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NordVPN has European servers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, Czechia, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Luxembourg, Iceland, Croatia, Cyprus, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, and North Macedonia.

NordVPN has specialty servers in various European countries. 

For example, its P2P servers are in Germany, Sweden, Italy, and other EU countries.

NordVPN also offers Obfuscated Servers in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy.

Meanwhile, NordVPN’s DoubleVPN servers are available in the UK, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Finally, NordVPN has two European Onion Over VPN servers in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Secure Your Travels With NordVPN in Europe

As you can see, NordVPN works in Europe!

In fact, you get over 40 NordVPN European server locations, plus 4,000+ servers outside Europe to access content.

So, if you’re learning German or Spanish, you can tune in to NordVPN’s relevant servers to watch the content in whatever language. Or, if you want to torrent securely in Europe, you can choose any of the P2P servers closest to you.

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