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Does Surfshark Work in Europe?

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Surfshark works in all of Europe. However, some European countries, such as Russia and Turkey, require extra legwork to get the VPN working.

For transparency, I tested numerous Surfshark EU servers, including British, Dutch, and Ukrainian servers, using two protocols. I also tested Surfshark’s NoBorders Mode.

Ready to make the most of Surfshark in Europe?

How to Connect to Surfshark in Europe?

To connect to Surfshark in Europe, follow these steps:

  1. Get a Surfshark subscription for all your devices.
  2. Log in to your account and click “Apps and Extensions.” Then, choose the Surfshark software for the devices you need.
apps and extensions tab on surfshark
  1. After downloading and installing the application, log in to your Surfshark account on the device.
  1. Choose your preferred server in the “Locations” tab. For instance, I wanted to check my Bank of Ireland balance, so I chose the Irish server.
  1. Wait until the VPN connection is established.
  1. If Surfshark doesn’t connect after eight attempts, try another Surfshark server or try again later.
  1. And that’s how you use Surfshark in Europe! The steps are the same for Windows, iOS/Android, and macOS.

How to Get a European IP Address on Surfshark?

If you want to get a European IP address on Surfshark to unlock your favorite Scandinavian TV thrillers or BBC iPlayer shows, here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a Surfshark subscription.
  2. Install Surfshark software on your device and log in to the app.
  1. Choose one of the 50+ Surfshark European servers to connect to. I opted for Surfshark’s Netherlands server.
  1. Once connected to Surfshark VPN, use IPLeak.net to ensure your current IP address is in your chosen Surfshark server location.
  1. And that’s how you can get a European IP address with Surfshark to access European content!

Does Surfshark Work in Every European Country?

Surfshark has servers and works well in most European countries.

However, it doesn’t have servers in some European countries with Internet restrictions, like Russia and Belarus. And occasionally, Surfshark users report issues in those countries, as confirmed by several online communities.

surfshark within russia

Reddit suggests using OpenVPN manual configuration as a workaround.

To confirm this, I checked with Surfshark support. The bot clarified that installing OpenVPN manually does the trick.

I asked my friends in Saint Petersburg to try this workaround, and they said it was successful.

Another workaround is to activate Surfshark’s NoBorders mode.

However, it didn’t work for my friend in Russia – although that’s not to say it won’t work in the future.

Moreover, the NoBorders feature can be useful for other European countries with Internet restrictions, like Turkey.

How to Use Surfshark's NoBorders Mode in European Countries Like Turkey?

Surfshark has servers in 50+ European countries, including those with internet restrictions, like Turkey, Ukraine, and Hungary. This is where NoBorders Mode comes in. 

For instance, if you’re traveling to Turkey and want to access blocked social media, follow these steps:

  1. Get the Surfshark subscription before traveling to Turkey.
  2. Download the Surfshark application on your devices and log in. Then, go to “Settings.”
  1. Click “VPN Settings” and scroll to “Advanced Settings.”
  1. Toggle the NoBorders feature to turn it on.
  1. Return to “Locations” and connect to your preferred server.
  1. Once it’s connected, that’s it! You can now browse safely in Turkey with Surfshark NoBorders mode keeping your activities private.

What's the Fastest European Surfshark Server?

The fastest European Surfshark server is the Dutch server with the WireGuard protocol.

To discover this, I tested the speed of five Surfshark servers in Europe using the WireGuard and IKEv2 protocols. Here are the full results:

Surfshark Server Speed With WireGuard Speed With IKEv2
UK (Edinburgh) 4 Mbps drop 6 Mbps drop
The Netherlands (Amsterdam) 3 Mbps drop 4 Mbps drop
Hungary (Budapest) 10 Mbps drop 4 Mbps drop
Serbia (Belgrade) 5 Mbps drop 4.5 Mbps drop
Ukraine (Kyiv) 4 Mbps drop 6 Mbps drop

So, the Surfshark server in Amsterdam had the smallest speed drop compared to my baseline.

But the other servers also performed adequately. In fact, the only European server with a speed drop above 9 Mbps was the Hungarian one.

Can You Get Surfshark European Dedicated IP?

You can get a Surfshark European Dedicated IP in London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

So, if you need a fixed IP address on top of staying secure while using your UK or German office’s corporate resources, you can get Surfshark Europe Dedicated IP.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Surfshark website and scroll to the footer. Click “Dedicated IP.”
dedicated ip on surfshark website
  1. Click “Get Dedicated IP.”
get dedicated ip on surfshark
  1. Enter your account’s credentials and click “Log in.”
  1. In the Dedicated IP menu, click “Upgrade.”
upgrade to get dedicated ip on surfshark
  1. Enter your payment information and click “Complete purchase.” After purchasing, choose one of the four Surfshark European Dedicated IP locations.
surfshark payment methods
  1. And that’s it! You’ve successfully activated a European Surfshark Dedicated IP.
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Surfshark has 50+ servers in Europe. That includes servers in 27 EU Member States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Andorra, the Balkans (except Kosovo), Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, and Greenland.

Surfshark’s Dynamic MultiHop feature is available for several server pairings in Europe. For instance, you can use Surfshark’s London server as the entry point and the Paris or Frankfurt servers as exit points.

Enjoy Secure Browsing in Europe With Surfshark

By now, you’ve seen that Surfshark works well in Europe – even in restrictive countries!

The Dutch VPN provider offers top speeds on all its European servers.

And if you’re traveling to a European country with Internet restrictions, there are several workarounds to keep your online activities secure.

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