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How to Stream France TV With NordVPN?

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If you’re thinking about streaming France.TV from abroad with NordVPN, you’ve come to the right place.

Like most countries, France uses geo-blocking to prevent users from accessing regional content from outside the country.

If you attempt to access services like France.TV with a direct connection from another territory, you’ll typically be met with an error message.

Fortunately, NordVPN takes care of those frustrating errors by using a French IP address to smash through the geo-restrictions – allowing you to access France.TV from anywhere in the world!

Below you’ll find a quick guide on how to get France.TV up and running with NordVPN.

But if you want something a little more in-depth or need help with any issues you might be encountering, keep reading.

How to Watch France.TV With NordVPN Now?

If you want to get up and running with France.TV fast instead of reading my full article, this is the place to be.

Check out the steps below to start streaming the French TV service in a matter of clicks.

  1. Sign up for a NordVPN account here.
  2. Download and install the NordVPN app for your chosen device.
  3. Run NordVPN and connect to a France VPN server.
  4. Head to France.TV and start streaming (you’ll need a France.TV account if you don’t have one already).

Congratulations on setting up NordVPN to watch France.TV from abroad!

An In-Depth Guide to Watching France.TV With NordVPN

If you need something a little more detailed, we’re here for you.

Below, you’ll find a more substantial guide to help you get up and running with France.TV from anywhere in the world.

  1. Sign up for a NordVPN account today.
  2. Download the NordVPN app for your chosen device.
  3. Once the download finishes, run the setup file and proceed through the installation steps.
  4. Click Start and scroll down to the NordSec folder. Click NordVPN to run the application.
  5. Click Login and enter the credentials used during sign-up (typically your email address and a password of your choosing).
  6. Once you log in successfully, you’ll be taken back to the NordVPN app. Click a France server from the left-hand menu to enable your connection.
  7. A success message saying “Connected to France” will appear, showing you successfully connected to a French VPN server.
  8. Head to TV and select a stream. You’ll need to set up an account to watch any content on the platform, which you can do by clicking “I’m Registering.”
streaming france.tv
  1. You’ll need to provide a French postcode to continue (you can use the Eiffel Tower to get past this).
france.tv registration
  1. After successfully creating an account, you’ll be logged in, and the content you were on previously should play automatically.
Congratulations, you successfully set up NordVPN to watch France.TV from anywhere in the world!

Having Issues Watching France.TV With NordVPN? Try These Fixes

Although we can access France.TV effortlessly, there are times when streams don’t load, or you encounter an error.

Check out the tried and tested fixes below to see if it resolves your issues.

Swap Servers

When you select a NordVPN France server, you’ll automatically connect to the faster server.

If you have issues, try selecting a different France server.

For example, if you’re connected to a Paris server, try Marseille.

nordvpn fastest servers

Check Your Internet Connection

If you’re encountering endless buffering but no error messages, it may be worth checking your connection speed at Ookla.

Are you using wifi?

If so, there could be some interference causing lag on your connection.

To counter this, it’s advisable to connect via a cabled connection (ethernet).

Clear Your Browser Cache

Your browser stores temporary internet files, and if you tried accessing France.TV via a direct connection previously, it could be stored within your browser history and prevent the connection.

Clear your browser cache to see if it resolves the problem.

Ensure NordVPN Is Up-To-Date

NordVPN regularly releases app updates to iron out any bugs or glitches.

If you’re not running the latest app version, it could impact your connection.

Check the NordVPN apps page to ensure you’re up-to-date.

Are you still having issues?

Contact NordVPN support to see if they can step in.

NordVPN Alternatives That Work With France.TV

If you’re having problems with NordVPN connecting to France.TV or it doesn’t include the features you’re looking for, there are several tried and tested alternatives that unblock the service (and all include a money-back guarantee).

ExpressVPN offers one of the most extensive ranges of server locations of all the VPNs we’ve tested, with servers in France that easily unblock France.TV.

It also offers DNS leak protection to ensure zero data leaks of your online activity, and an internet kill switch cuts your connection should your VPN drop.

Surfshark is our most affordable VPN pick that bypasses France.TV geo-restrictions and includes unlimited simultaneous connections, letting you stream France.TV from as many devices as you’d like.

CyberGhost’s geo-restriction beating software provides fast servers to eliminate France.TV buffering and includes over 250 servers in France alone.

PrivateVPN packs its lightweight app with servers in over 63 countries, including France.

It’s among the simplest VPNs to use, perfect for beginners who want to get on and watch France.TV.

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Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch France.TV?

No, you can’t use a free VPN to watch France.TV, as most free VPNs don’t have strong enough geo-unblocking capabilities.

In addition to that, free VPNs are often unsafe, as they don’t provide strong enough encryption to protect your internet activity.

Free VPNs may also steal your data and sell it to third parties for marketing purposes as a way of paying for server maintenance.

Is It Legal to Watch France.TV Abroad?

Yes, it is legal to watch France.TV outside of France, but the legality depends on the country you attempt to access the service from.

Although installing a VPN isn’t illegal in most regions, some activities are prohibited and considered illegal.

It’s unlikely you’ll be caught streaming France.TV with NordVPN due to the advanced level of encryption it uses, but it’s worth checking the country’s laws if you’re concerned.


NordVPN is excellent at unblocking France.TV, providing smooth streams from anywhere on the globe.

Check out our NordVPN review here.

If you’re after a NordVPN alternative that works well with France.TV, my recommendation is Surfshark, as it allows you to watch France.TV from as many devices as you’d like.

What are you waiting for?

Open access to France.TV is only a few clicks away!

Grab a NordVPN discount and start watching France.TV abroad today.

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