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How to Change Netflix Region (On iOS, Android, PC, and Smart TV)?

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I use NordVPN to change Netflix regions whenever I need to stream content unavailable in my part of the world.

I choose NordVPN because of its massive server reach (5400+ in 60+ countries), which allows me to switch to just about any preferred region.

NordVPN is also fast for streaming and prevents DNS leaks, so Netflix doesn’t catch up to the region change and boot me off its platform.

In this guide, I discuss how to access Netflix from other regions with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and alternative methods you can explore, too.

Easiest Way to Change Your Netflix Region (Use a VPN)

VPNs allow you to change your Netflix country and get access to preferred content in mere minutes.

Find out how to use a VPN to stream Netflix by region across your mobile devices or PC below.

How to Change Netflix Region on Mobile Phones? (iOS or Android)

I started by looking for Final Account, a US exclusive title, on my Netflix account.

Since I am not currently in the US, my search results didn’t include this movie.

By changing my region to the US, I should get access to the movie. Here’s how I’d do that.

  1. Choose a reliable VPN Provider. I prefer NordVPN.
  1. Buy a preferred subscription plan from the NordVPN website.
  2. Search and connect to a preferred server location. In this case, I am connecting to the United States.
Connected to US Server
  1. Open your Netflix app on mobile.
  2. Search for the movie/show you want.
  1. You should now have access to that movie/show.

While I used the United States here, the show you want might be available in other regions instead.

If you’re interested in continuing with your local Netflix account overseas, your home country should be the preferred server location.

Change Netflix Region on PC

The process is the same for PCs.

I prefer to use the Google Chrome browser since it’s easy to set up.

Like I did earlier, I also searched for another title, Thunderbirds, which is a UK exclusive.

Netflix Streaming Movie Thunderbirds

Changing my region to Netflix UK should give me access to that title.

This is how I’d do that:

  1. Choose a trustworthy Netflix VPN. Again, I prefer NordVPN.
  2. Buy a preferred subscription plan from the NordVPN website.
  3. Launch your browser.
  4. Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  5. Search for “NordVPN” and install the extension.
NordVPN chrome
  1. Once installed, click on the NordVPN extension icon.
NordVPN Download
  1. Login to your account with your credentials from Step #2.
NordVPN login
  1. Choose your preferred country from the list. You can also search for your desired country if not on the Quick Connect list. (I’m choosing the UK here).
  1. Wait till you have a connection success message.
  2. Open Netflix in your browser again.
  3. Search for the titles you want.
Netflix Search Tab
  1. You should now have access.

What Are the Best VPNs for Changing Your Netflix Region?

NordVPN is my recommended pick for changing Netflix regions fast, but it’s not the only one.

Here are the 3 top VPNs I’d recommend and why you should consider them:

NordVPN – Best Value for Money

NordVPN Streaming Movie

NordVPN offers 5400+ servers in 60 countries, which is more than you need when changing your Netflix regions.

The US, UK, and Canada have the most extensive Netflix libraries, and NordVPN offers multiple servers in these regions.

If you just wanted to get the same content you had back home, there’s also a high chance your country is on the NordVPN server list.

You’ll also enjoy speed optimizations on the NordVPN app to stream content faster.

This is important when using a VPN connection since you don’t want it to slow your internet and ruin the streaming experience.

NordVPN Signup

Likewise, NordVPN promises DNS level protection, preventing your IP address or other identifying data from leaking during your Netflix streaming.

That way, the Netflix servers don’t pick up that you’re streaming from another location and kick you off the platform.

Allowing you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously on the same account adds a nice touch to an already great package.

You can choose to have multiple personal Netflix-enabled devices on the same VPN plan or share with your household, so they can also access their preferred Netflix content.

ExpressVPN – Best Premium Netflix VPN

ExpressVPN is another fast, highly reliable, and secure VPN provider that allows you to change Netflix regions successfully.

This VPN provider is well known for its proficiency with unblocking content, so bypassing Netflix servers won’t be an issue.

A huge reason it’s not the first pick on this list is the pricing, which is a little on the higher side.

Express VPN server location

Barring that, ExpressVPN boasts 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries.

The country count is even more than NordVPN, so you have a higher chance of getting your local content with this provider.

Finally, there are neither connections nor DNS logs with ExpressVPN, so your data cannot be intercepted by Netflix or anyone else.

In this case, that means the chances of Netflix finding out you’re bypassing its servers is low.

Surfshark – Best for Unlimited Connections

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark was having issues with Netflix connectivity at some time, but all that is in the past.

Now, you can access Netflix from any of the 3200+ servers on Surfshark.

Besides streaming Netflix privately, the VPN can also help you keep track of your passwords to know if they haven’t shown up in any breach.

That way, you can keep your Netflix account (and other accounts) secure continually.

Surfshark Main

Perhaps the best part of Surfshark is that you can use it on any number of devices simultaneously.

This makes the VPN appropriate for larger households, students, and any other large group of collective users.

If you ever have any problems connecting to Netflix via Surfshark, simply choose from any of its other server locations in 65 countries.

It offers multiple server locations for regions like the US and UK, so you can cycle through till you find one that works.

How to Change Netflix Region on Smart TVs?

Unless you have an Android TV on which you can directly install a VPN, changing the Netflix region on your smart TV is tricky.

I recommend these three (3) methods if you want to watch Netflix for another region on your smart TV.

Method #1 – Install a Router VPN

Router VPNs are installed directly on the main Wi-Fi router, so every device connected to the router has VPN access.

This is a simple way to share the same VPN protection and unblocking features across multiple devices in a household.

Here’s how I’ll change Netflix regions on my smart TV with a router VPN:

Once you’re done with the setup, choose your preferred server location, and the router changes the IP of your Smart TV accordingly.

Before deciding to go this route, make sure:

  • Your current router is supported.
  • Your preferred VPN provider supports router VPN installations (NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN all do).
  • You know you don’t get access to all VPN features with a router.

Method #2 – Try SmartDNS

Instead of paying for SmartDNS alone, you get better value if you use the SmartDNS feature with your VPN.

SmartDNS changes your device’s DNS settings to access the web like it was in another location.

In the case of your smart TVs, changing the smart DNS settings will make Netflix servers behave like you were streaming content from another region.

Network Setting
DNS settings dashboard on my smart TV

Before trying this approach:

  • Make sure you can configure SmartDNS settings on your smart TV.
  • Know you won’t get all the protection features that usually come with a VPN here.

Once that is out of the way, look for your preferred VPN provider’s guide to obtaining a SmartDNS.

I have linked to the guides for my recommended VPNs below:

Method #3 – Share VPN via Hotspot

If you don’t have a compatible router for a VPN and don’t want to change your DNS settings, there’s still one trick up our sleeves.

For VPNs that support connection sharing via hotspot, you can change the Netflix region on your smart TV by connecting to a VPN-protected hotspot.

Note that:

  • Only the device with a VPN can enjoy all the benefits of the VPN.
  • You might not get fast internet speed on the smart TV.
  • You will need a Windows 10 device.
  • This will only work if your VPN provider supports connection sharing.

There are different (but similar) guides to setting up shared connections via hotspot, and they all almost rely on Windows 10.

Here are the relevant guides for the VPNs I recommend:

Get started with any of those guides, depending on the VPN provider you’re subscribed to.

How to Change Netflix Region on Gaming Consoles (PS4/PS5/Xbox)?

These gaming consoles don’t support native VPN apps either, which would have been the best bet

You can change the region on Netflix when streaming via PS4 or PS5 gaming consoles by using any of the methods recommended for smart TVs above.

Note that the same limitations exist across smart TVs and gaming consoles when using any method.

If you’re changing your DNS settings on the PlayStation or Xbox gaming console, please watch the relevant video below on where to find these settings:

Alternative Methods to Change Netflix Region

Using a VPN isn’t the only way to change your Netflix region.

It’s the most effective and straightforward method, but you can also try other approaches, like:

Use a Dedicated SmartDNS Service

While the recommended VPNs on this list offer SmartDNS in the subscription bundle, you can choose to buy a dedicated SmartDNS subscription.

This allows you to connect to the web via proxy servers that change your IP and give you access to the Netflix region you want.

NordVPN Smart DNS
The downside of using a SmartDNS service like this one is that it:
  • Takes longer to set up than
  • Might not work if Netflix isn’t normally available in your region.
  • Neither hides your IP nor encrypts your connection.
The biggest advantage of using SmartDNS used to be the better speeds it offered since it doesn’t encrypt your internet traffic. VPNs nowadays are highly optimized for speed, so you’d not notice the decline at all – and you get advanced data privacy on top of that.
Quick Setup:

  1. Subscribe to a preferred SmartDNS service. I recommend NordVPN since it comes with its own SmartDNS.
  2. Check your SmartDNS provider’s guide on obtaining your SmartDNS configuration. (Check the NordVPN SmartDNS guide).
  3. Configure your device with the SmartDNS details.
  4. Stream Netflix from your preferred region.

Try Web Proxy Servers

Web proxy servers also change your IP address to give you access to Netflix content in other regions.

The problem is that most web proxy servers are malicious.

They will log and store your data while using them, using that data for nefarious purposes or selling it to the highest bidder on the black market.

Proxy Network

Netflix and other large corporations also know about these web proxy servers.

Hence, most of those servers have been blacklisted, so they won’t work anyway.

Even if you could find a good proxy server, it doesn’t hide your data from government surveillance, tracking, or hackers.

That makes it even more dangerous if you’re not on a personal internet connection.

Finally, you’d be frustrated by unstable web proxy connections, which make you lose access to Netflix at intervals.

That doesn’t provide a good streaming experience, so you’re better off with a VPN anyway.

Quick Setup:

Watch the video below to set up a web proxy server connection:

Interesting Reads:

What’s the Best Netflix Region?

The United States is the best Netflix region, with 5800+ total Netflix titles consisting of 4035 movies and 1844 shows.

It’s closely followed by Canada with 5730 total titles with the top three rounded up by the United Kingdom with 5673 total titles.

A breakdown of the top 10 Netflix regions in the world is shown in the table below:

Country/Region Total Netflix Titles Movies Shows
United States 5879 4035 1844
Canada 5730 4043 1687
United Kingdom 5673 3831 1842
India 5591 3781 1810
Australia 5349 3615 1734
Ireland 5249 3708 1538
Slovakia 5077 3419 1658
Japan 5065 3518 1547
Czech Republic 5064 3413 1651
Hungary 5062 3409 1653


You can only change Netflix regions with VPNs that offer multiple server locations that haven’t been backlisted by the Netflix system.

Your choice VPN should also have supported servers in the region where you want your Netflix account to stream from.

These are reasons to choose reliable vendors like NordVPN who are constantly adding new servers, replacing blacklisted servers, and expanding their server reach.

Connect to your preferred Netflix region from your NordVPN account to stream local content in that region. You can do this via the native NordVPN app for Android and iOS or by installing Netflix on your PC browser.

Use the NordVPN SmartDNS to change Netflix regions on your smart TV or gaming consoles (PS4, PS5, or Xbox). Alternatively, install NordVPN on your router and broadcast the VPN connection to your smart TV and gaming consoles.

Free VPNs don’t offer enough server locations for switching Netflix regions appropriately.

Some of the servers on free VPNs have also been blacklisted by Netflix’s systems, making them less-than-ideal in this case.

Likewise, some free VPNs are notorious for collecting and selling user data, using poor encryption protocols, and not taking care of DNS leaks appropriately.

It’s best to focus on premium VPNs like NordVPN and SurfShark, which are highly affordable and offer great value for money.

Watch Every Show and Movie You Want

The methods above guarantee you a Netflix region switch that either brings back your local content (if you’re traveling/away from home) or unblocks access to the entire Netflix library if the service isn’t available in your location.

If you choose a VPN, now might be the best time to enjoy a massive discount off the NordVPN 2-year deal across multiple devices.

Even if you’re home and Netflix is enabled in your region, you can still use these region-switching methods to access content in other region libraries unavailable in yours.

No matter your reason, I’m sure you’d have found the best way to solve this Netflix problem across all of your streaming devices.

Try NordVPN Risk-Free!

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